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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Large black animal
- Andrew (29th Sep 2018 @ 07:33:53)

Again I have seen this animal . I was walking through the square about 2.30 am and it darted across top of Longmoor Rd and went into bottom of Royal Anchor garden .. about size of Fox but moved like a cat ..anyone else seen it

Re: Large black animal
- Puss (29th Sep 2018 @ 15:31:18)

Oh defo The Beast of Longmoor.
No doubt a scary mysterious creature here to taunt us, just visible yet elusive. Only the chosen believers can see it, the rest are worthless skeptics.

Re: Large black animal
- Richard (29th Sep 2018 @ 17:16:41)

The mysterious black panther is again roaming around Liphook!

Re: Large black animal
- Slimetime (30th Sep 2018 @ 07:29:36)

The lynx from The Links?

Re: Large black animal
- Puss (30th Sep 2018 @ 08:06:04)

Beware at The Square, or you'll meet The Pug of The Pub.
Listen carefully for the roar of The Anchor, especially around the back there be The Kruger National Car Park.

Re: Large black animal
- liz (30th Sep 2018 @ 20:19:20)

There are black foxes (not just the pub!) but very rare. More likely someone's wayward Labrador!

Re: Large black animal
- Adrian (2nd Oct 2018 @ 16:12:58)

If only this was America we could all grab our guns and hunt the beast down.

Re: Large black animal
- Julian (3rd Oct 2018 @ 12:16:39)

Its true y'know. There is a history of it ...

Big black cat seen - 8th Feb 2012

Panther in Liphook ? 29th Mar 2013

big cat - 18th Jan 2015

Giant fox - 26th Nov 2016

Re: Large black animal
- Louis Flushman (3rd Oct 2018 @ 17:00:23)

I saw this black cat last week around 2.30am as I drove out of Liphook along Portsmouth Rd. In the distance I saw a large tail less cat like creature eating what looked like a large rat by the entrance of the Moss Court retirement flats. As I approached it looked towards my vehicle and I could see its large blue/white eyes. It then fled into the mist in field opposite.

Re: Large black animal
- Paul Robinson (3rd Oct 2018 @ 17:33:27)

Is it possible that this might be a deer?

We have Muntjac deer hereabouts and they are little bigger than a fox when fully grown.

Not all dear look like the Monarch of the Glen.

Re: Large black animal
- Ken Barlows (3rd Oct 2018 @ 19:55:11)

There are a few prowling about. There was also a big cat mentioned on Corrie tonight and they also have a paw print photo.

Re: Large black animal
- Julian (3rd Oct 2018 @ 20:42:08)

Definitely a large black cat with a long tail. Rather Puma like.

Here is an historical reference from 1964 so its possible that they have been in the area for a while.

Re: Large black animal
- Helen (3rd Oct 2018 @ 20:51:42)

But deer are vegetarian creatures and not likely
to visit an area like Moss court when they can
stay in the fields opposite their eyes are brown too.

Re: Large black animal
- Juan (3rd Oct 2018 @ 21:07:41)

I was walking my dog in Radford Park and saw a large hump in the middle of the pond, Nessy could be visiting!!

Re: Large black animal
- James (8th Oct 2018 @ 21:42:07)

A big cat was ran over in halying island ,no one knew where it come from 'jungle cat' here's your proof

I definitely do not believe Lions or tigers or pumas are loose but I strongly feel Lynx's are,not in great numbers.There territory's are vast and they scent mark and nocturnal and very elusive.

Re: Large black animal
- Debbie (19th Oct 2018 @ 13:04:27)

Don't worry it's gone north!

Re: Large black animal
- Dawn Hoskins (20th Oct 2018 @ 11:19:05)

James, I don't think there is any evidence that Lynx are in the UK?
If you know of any I would love to see it.
Lynx are the most beautiful animals with (unfortunately for them) beautiful pelts. In the UK we literally hunted them into extinction because we wanted their 'pretty fur' to decorate our clothes!!!
Also, there is historical evidence of them being 'the farmers' friend' - growing up with sheep herds and other domestic animals and becoming fiercely protective over them - killing foxes etc that try to attack the sheep.

humans are so disgusting

Re: Large black animal
- Simba (24th Oct 2018 @ 15:46:19)

I have seen this too... looked like a big panther to me. Near Tunbridge Lane... maybe its hunting season....

Re: Large black animal
- Misc (25th May 2019 @ 21:47:33)

Just seen a large black cat near Champneys wondering across the road.. definitely cat like and big - definitely not the size of a large mog puss

Re: Large black animal
- Garfield (28th May 2019 @ 16:32:15)

I saw what I thought was a panther on Portsmouth Road the other night... Like you, too big to be a regular cat... It's getting closer to the village again..

Re: Large black animal
- Andrew (28th May 2019 @ 18:51:15)

Well I now live 90 miles away but glad someone else has seen it..... I am back working there tomorrow so will keep a eye out .. seems to come out later in the evening!!!

Re: Large black animal
- Headley Road resident (29th May 2019 @ 21:36:26)

Have seen it twice in recent months, walking high in the hedges at the bottom of the garden. Both times early in the morning, around 6am. It has a daily route.....! Huge. Not a domestic cat.

Re: Large black animal
- Sam (30th May 2019 @ 14:17:20)

Definitely exists,I saw with my own eyes a lynx in a tree whilst playing golf at old thorns,pointy ears and big back legs definitely a lynx in broad day light I see it for about 1miniute before it jumped down (about 10 years ago) and disappeared when it saw me ,I can not figure out why no one has investigated this ,there must be evidence

Re: Large black animal
- Isabel (2nd Jun 2019 @ 08:32:13)

In May my mum was driving from Rake to Liphook. I looked out of the window and saw a black animal it was bigger then a dog and and had blue and white eyes. It looked like it was scratching a tree . At first I thought it was a bear and I said to my mum I think I just saw a bear or a cat. it was midday . Since then we have seen these posts . Please tell me if you have seen any thing like this.

Re: Large black animal
- Kev (2nd Jun 2019 @ 11:34:30)

I saw it walking across straight across the middle of the driving range at old thorns about 11.30am Saturday morning..
Large cat, too big to be a house pet, more like the lynx looking animal people have described

Re: Large black animal
- e (2nd Jun 2019 @ 22:37:51)

Look at the new thread/post by the BBC if indeed it is genuine. They are interested in the sightings.

Re: Large black animal
- Jesse (3rd Jun 2019 @ 02:43:41)

This Beast as been good to me and my muscal career..I saw it about 4 years ago up a tree I thought I was going mad,walking on the downs and I heard screaming when I got closer I saw a deer with half it’s leg off ,I didn’t know what to do ,as I got closer it was in a bad state but still standing and managed to run off ,I looked round and saw something big and black in a tree looking down,,,I quickly ran in the opposite direction,,every one thought I was first I thought it was a dog attack..any way after this it’s been on my mind every day ,,,I wrote a song about it and it got played on ITVs This Morning and then my other songs got played on radio 2 lots because of this and Jools Holland ,,so I have this Beast to thank ,,,links here,,my story about my fellow liphookolians and Our feelings about this Beast thing :) ...

Re: Large black animal
- Dirk (3rd Jun 2019 @ 18:54:34)

I had a similar experience about 4 years ago driving towards Rake about 1pm and saw an animal cross from the woods close to the school. It crossed in front of me about 200yds away. It was a large black sleek looking animal, cat like but larger than a dog. Also approx 3 weeks ago We were walking our dog early over Weavers and came across a half eaten large deer with both its hind legs and part body eaten. It was a fresh kill and puzzled at what would take a large animal down. The next morning the carcass had completely gone!!! This is completely genuine and on seeing this thread thought we should comment.

Re: Large black animal
- BT (4th Jun 2019 @ 08:31:23)

About 3 weeks ago I was driving up the road towards the turn for Linchmere and about fifty yards in front of me two animals crossed the road at speed.Both were the size of a small deer. One of the animals was black.

Re: Large black animal
- Elizabeth (4th Jun 2019 @ 08:46:09)

Love your song Jesse. Saw it on Liphook Rants - are you still looking for ideas re video?

Re: Large black animal
- Jude (4th Jun 2019 @ 13:42:53)

Love your song Jesse. Well done!!

Re: Large black animal
- Paul (5th Jun 2019 @ 10:40:11)

What surprises me about all these sightings is that we live in a digital age and there isn't one credible photograph!

I live locally and run regularly in almost all the areas people have claimed their sightings, and in the last 15 years that I've been here I've never seen anything.

If anyone has a photograph supporting what they've seen can they post it?

Re: Large black animal
- Rick (8th Jun 2019 @ 12:35:27)

Re:- Photogragh, we don't all walk around with mobile phones glued to our ears. Some people keep them in there pockets or bags. !!

Re: Large black animal
- Paul (8th Jun 2019 @ 14:57:38)

@ Rick - that's my point! Nearly everyone IS walking around with a camera phone and yet despite years of 'sightings' there is not one credible image!

Re: Large black animal
- Simba (11th Jun 2019 @ 16:40:35)

Re: Paul - The cat seems to live on the edge of Liphook... Almost always spotted by those driving past... As far as I last hear driving whilst on your phone is illegal and those few people who saw it whilst walking probably arent glued to their phones.

Next time you go running I expect you to have your phone in your hand ready to photograph something you only see for a few seconds (extra challenge to turn on your camera AND click capture in those few seconds), or even get fined for photographing it whilst driving...

Good luck! Make sure to share the photographs here for us all to see - we would do the same, but unfortunately we like to not drive dangerously and not have our phones out photographing everything all the time :)

Re: Large black animal
- Paul Robinson (11th Jun 2019 @ 19:52:40)

This is your local bookseller.

For what it is worth I have just listed a book by Monica Edwards called 'The Wild One' about a puma found roaming around Punchbowl Farm.

Spooky or what?

Paul Robinson

Re: Large black animal
- Georgie (11th Jun 2019 @ 21:34:30)

The Surrey puma was very well known when I was growing up 50 years ago. It's country stretched at least from Frensham to Hambledon. Maybe the one round here is a grandchild...

Re: Large black animal
- JamesP (11th Jun 2019 @ 23:54:59)

Michael Bond wove the Surrey Puma into one of his Olga Da Polga stories in the 1970's. He wrote them while living in Farnham Lane in Haslemere and there were plenty of stories about these big cats circulating at the time.

Re: Large black animal
- Sean Higgins (12th Jun 2019 @ 09:30:45)

A few years back out in the middle of Woolmer forest I saw an animal moving around in the distance. It moved in a cat like way, which is nothing like a deer, except it wasn't black,but a sandy colour. Also we frequently find dismembered deer, with random legs being a favourite of our dog.

Re: Large black animal
- Rob (13th Jun 2019 @ 10:25:25)

There's certainly enough deer around here to keep a large cat well fed.

The number of them roaming around in the 70's was due to the licencing of dangerous wild animals that was made law in 1976. There were several instances of animals reportedly released into the wild rather than being destroyed or licenced by their owners.

However unless they managed to find each other and breed they would have died out by now. Most big cats only live to around 15 years old, so we're looking at 3 generations by now.....

Re: Large black animal
- Paul (13th Jun 2019 @ 12:40:09)

@Simba - wow! That escalated quickly! You've turned my point about a distinct lack of photographic evidence in the age of modern camera phones, CCTV and dashcams into something of a rant about illegal use of mobiles while driving!

Here's hoping someone will produce a photograph of what they've spotted - so we can all see - I'd genuinely be interested if there was a large black cat unique to Liphook.

If I ever see anything I'll take a photo. But as mentioned, 15 years of off-road running and I've not seen anything remotely interesting, let alone the infamous black cat of Liphook.

Keep smiling!

Re: Large black animal
- Sean (15th Jun 2019 @ 07:22:22)

Agreed,it would be great to see photographic evidence.As someone who regularly attempts to take wildlife photos while out walking,unless a animal freezes as deer sometimes do,you have to be very quick,its not that easy.That would also be the reason there's no photos of the 19 or so ghosts that wander around Bramshott,and they must be slower than a large cat?

Re: Large black animal
- Michelle Cracknell (22nd Jun 2019 @ 07:16:23)

I have photographic evidence. Here is the Maine Coot (big black animal) in my garden.

Re: Large black animal
- Garfield (25th Jun 2019 @ 15:07:14)

Michelle - Lovely video, but the cat I saw was a lot bigger than that! Looked the size of a tiger or something (although obviously not a tiger..)

Re: Large black animal
- Kat (25th Jun 2019 @ 17:17:21)

Search google for the following “size of a Maine Coon cat vs moggy cat” go to images & you will see how HUGE these beautiful & very domesticated cats can grow to be.

Re: Large black animal
- Michelle (26th Jun 2019 @ 09:35:06)

Yes the animal that I saw was the size of a small tiger. The video was taken a long way away but the oak tree in the picture that he walks to is very big

Re: Large black animal
- Kate (26th Jun 2019 @ 10:15:36)

Hi Michelle,

Would you be able to make another video from the same point but put something of standardised size into the frame to give an idea of the scale in the other video?

Could you also give an approximate location if you don’t mind?

Many thanks

Re: Large black animal
- Michelle (27th Jun 2019 @ 12:44:48)

If I see it again, I will take another video but my technology capability does not extend to putting a scale on it. The animal is the size of a medium size dog. The video was taken in my garden and I live on the edge of Weavers Down

What they were asking for was another video from the same location without the cat but with something of a known scale at the location the big cat was seen. So that we can all verify the size of the animal you filmed. See Father Ted explains perspective

Re: Large black animal
- k (27th Jun 2019 @ 14:38:49)

The animal in the video is definetly large domestic cat please see below for dsecription size of Maine Coone
:Biggest Domestic Cat — Maine Coons are the largest domestic cat breed. They're big boned and muscular, with males weighing up to 18 pounds. Maine Coons can be up to 40 inches in length and come in 75 different color combinations. They're also called the American Longhair.

But from what I see being explained doesn't seem this is the medium dog animal referred to by many spotters!

Would love to see it!

Re: Large black animal
- Paul (28th Jun 2019 @ 17:41:10)

I've seen that cat a few times around Liphook, it's just a large domestic cat!

And here's me thinking we were on about something the size of a panther :)

Re: Large black animal
- Jo (30th Jun 2019 @ 20:38:12)

A story my husband told me. About 11 years ago he found a dead deer which had been hit by a car. He placed it in our garden (we live close to the Deers Hut). He said it was a young stag so reasonably big. It was early morning so he needed to leave for work. He left the deer at the back of the garden towards the woods.
When he returned after work, the whole head had been eaten off the deer. Later that evening, at dusk, he went back to look for it and the remaining deer had gone. Grass tracks were visible where it had been pulled into the woods.
As my husband said if you have ever seen a cat eat a mouse,, they eat the head first.

I think it is very possible that large cats which have escaped private collectors or indeed been around in small numbers for many years, still live wild.

Re: Large black animal
- giant moggy owner (4th Jul 2019 @ 09:25:19)

i have two huge maine coons

yes they are bigger than domestic moggies, but limit their hunting to birds and rodents (in the garden i must add), which I must add they are awesome at catching ..... daily ..... sigh

even my two hunters would not attempt to munch a deer head !
i find this story fascinating

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