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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Passfield Defibrillator
- Stu (22nd Feb 2020 23:27:56)


I’m a Passfield resident and I’ve noticed that we don’t have a Public Heart Defibrillator in the village.

Liphook has 7, Conford and Lindford have 1 each, but if you have a heart attack in Passfield, you’ll have to wait for medical assistance.

In the UK alone figures show that approximately 200 people per day suffer an unexpected cardiac arrest. A large clinical study showed for every minute that passes, the chances of survival decreases by more than 20%. Time is of the essence. AEDs need to become as common as fire extinguishers in all public places and work environments.

I am raising money in partnership with the Community Heartbeat Trust, and am running the Hampton Court Half Marathon on the 15th March to fund a public defibrillator to be placed at the Passfield Stores, hopefully within the telephone box, and to run a number of CPR courses within Passfield Village.

The amount required is £2000 for the defibrillator, and includes the heated cabinet, installation costs, maintenance and extra CPR training.

If you would like to donate, please click on the link below:

If you would like more information on Community Heartbeat Trust:

Many Thanks
Stu Mckane

Re: Passfield Defibrillator
- John (23rd Feb 2020 00:03:31)

If Liphook has 7 then I guess a life will be saved if any of us knew their locations please ???

Re: Passfield Defibrillator
- Debbie (23rd Feb 2020 03:44:50)

Hi Stu

I have donated and good luck .
I cannot believe there isn’t a defib machine in passfield
This is something close to my heart too with family members
With heart problems and also myself .
You never know when someone may need one and I just feel it’s odd there not being one .


Re: Passfield Defibrillator
- Editor (23rd Feb 2020 07:18:45)


The nearest to Passfield is in Conford at the moment.

The full list can be seen in this older thread.

Defib in Village

Re: Passfield Defibrillator
- Debbie (23rd Feb 2020 10:52:18)

Hi I wonder if we could have a board up somewhere or a couple of boards around the village so we know exactly where the defibs are
And can just browse as we walk past so have a few dotted around I know there’s one by co op but if I was anywhere else I wouldn’t be able to remember where other ones are .

So having a map where they are placed would be good for public knowledge. Reminder every day when walk past . I don’t know where
Maybe one by the shops by co op and then one in village
One near Haslemere road or near Sainsbury’s

Just so everyone knows !!!! No good having these things scattered about if no one can remember where they actually are if I’m home I know but if I’m other side of village I won’t know .
Just a thought !!!

Re: Passfield Defibrillator
- Di (25th Feb 2020 17:15:54)

A great idea & I’ll definitely be donating when I get paid at the end of the month!

Re: Passfield Defibrillator
- Karla (25th Feb 2020 22:30:06)

Download the “Save a life” app- shows you exactly where they are , wherever you are.

Re: Passfield Defibrillator
- S (26th Feb 2020 11:10:56)

Have you thought about approaching Bramshott & Liphook Parish Council for a grant to go towards the cost of this? I work for a local authority in another area and we would always look favourably on an application of this nature, and usually award matched funding.

Re: Passfield Defibrillator
- Stu (26th Feb 2020 21:41:05)

Many Thanks for your donation Debbie.

'S' - Thanks for your suggestion and we are looking into it.

Re: Passfield Defibrillator
- Stu (3rd Mar 2020 09:14:20)

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far, training is going well (ish) for the half marathon, and we have raised over half the money required.
As per a previous post, the Parish Council are aware and appear very supportive.
If you wish to donate please visit:

Thanks again, stu

Re: Passfield Defibrillator
- Stu (14th Mar 2020 19:50:22)

Hello all,
Thank you for your donations so far, we are 75% of the way there. Just a reminder for you who have forgotten to donate for our very own Passfield Defibrillator, the ‘giving’ page is on the previous post.
Tomorrow is the big charity run, and I’ll let you know how I get on.
Thank you all again,

Re: Passfield Defibrillator
- Stu Mckane (18th Oct 2020 13:44:42)

You may have noticed that Passfield now has a defibrillator housed in the telephone box outside the Passfield Stores.

Thank you to everyone who donated, and I am delighted to say the defib is now fully operational. The ‘999’ Ambulance Service has the code to the cabinet, if ‘heaven forbid’, we ever have to use it.

Don’t forget, always call ‘999’ first to get help on the way.

The defib is ‘top of the range’ and includes a video on the front panel which will play automatically once the ‘on’ button is pressed giving the very simple usage instructions.

The telephone itself is looking a bit tired, but once there is a break in the weather, and I get a day off from work, I’ll crack on with painting and sorting out the glass panels.

Thank you again, and thanks to the Parish and District Councils for their contributions and support, and also the Community Heartbeat Trust.

Cheers Stu

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