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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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600 houses consultation
- Eric Benson (5th Sep 2019 - 17:15:33)

The formal consultation for ‘Large Sites’ by East Hampshire District Council has now opened, see

There was a presentation in Alton yesterday and there will be further presentations in Alton, Whitehill/ Bordon and Horndean [but not Liphook] in the coming 6 weeks, apparently EHDC does not have the staff for any other meetings.

For Liphook what is proposed is the complete development of the land from Highfield Lane to Chiltley Lane then north to the railway and across Devil’s Lane to the Haslemere Road. 600 houses on a site much smaller than the Berg estate through which access will flow if it is not using an entry point in Highfield Lane or in the dip by Greensands. No suggestion yet as to how the road system is going to cope, Haslemere Road and Highfield Lane are both narrow and busy now…

600 houses or to put it another way say an extra 1200 new villagers, with say 1000 cars all on the fringes of the village and further away from services than ever.
How does Liphook intend to cope?

Eric B

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Phil (5th Sep 2019 - 21:13:22)

Let's not panic.

EHDC have declared a climate emergency. Why commit an environment crime by permitting a new housing estate that is not viable without 1000 cars being needed (because without them residents are stranded in the middle of nowhere).

A recent report has concluded that even electric cars do not fix the environmental challenge. Future residential developments must reflect the crisis and be located near community transport hubs so cars are not required.

Councils are not filled with cretins, I am sure someone in authority has a glimmer of intelligence.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- liz (6th Sep 2019 - 13:51:41)


You would think so - but they are building c4000 new houses at Bordon I believe, with no new public transport infrastructure.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- K (7th Sep 2019 - 07:55:57)

I believe (hope) Phils comment is tongue in cheek.
EHDC declaring a "Climate Emergency" smacks a little to me of jumping on a band wagon and being seen to do the right thing.
EHDC have to plan for 1000s of new homes in their part of the District (not in the SDNPAs area) and aren't proposing any major upgrades in infrastructure.
The 600+ site proposed in Liphook is completely isolated from the centre of the village by the railway line with no new upgrades proposed for our overstretched road network and no new footpaths or cyclepaths to try an minimise the use of cars.
To suggest that the proposal would have any benefit to our existing community is laughable, the only groups to benefit will be the landowners and builders who will make millions and EHDC who will fulfill their government (all parties included) quotas.
I implore all residents of Liphook and it's surrounding hamlets to get involved and submit their comments (either for or against with supporting evidence where possible) via the EHDC website before the consultation ends in October.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Penny Williamson (7th Sep 2019 - 10:12:24)

K, You say that the EHDC will benefit from building houses as it will fulfill their government quotas. I do not think the word "benefit" applies in this case because local councils do not have a choice and this applies across the country. Local councils are told by National Government the quota for houses that must be built in their area by a specific date. They then have to find suitable sites – a thankless task as no one wants houses built in their backyard.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- John (7th Sep 2019 - 11:47:43)

K what I think you are saying is houses south of the railway line in Liphook are unsustainable. How do people manage then who already live south of the line? There are masses of houses there already. Gunns farm and the Berg estate and the wheatsheaf enclosure spring to mind. Is it not just an extension to exsisting estates?

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Anon2 (7th Sep 2019 - 12:21:05)

Perhaps you don’t realise that once a neighbour plan is in place Councils get £2500 from the developers for every house built. That’s why Liphook is trying to get the plan out fast!!

Re: 600 houses consultation
- K (7th Sep 2019 - 16:00:24)

John. Yes I am saying more housing south of the railway line in Liphook is unsustainable.
All the existing housing you mention was built between around 70 to 45 years ago, it was relatively low density and at a time when car use was much less and planning rules much slacker.
With current building densities far more houses will be built in this one proposal than exist already in that part of our community. The proposal shows no improvements to walking, cycling and driving routes to facilities and will certainly have a massive negative impact on the village centre, due to even more congestion and it's resultant pollution, not forgetting that area is a conservation area and EHDC should be trying to do the opposite to what this proposal will achieve.
Therefore YES any more development on the south side of the railway line is unsustainable!

Penny. EHDC will be a benefactor from this proposal due to the reason you (and I) mentioned so I have no disagreement with you.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- James (7th Sep 2019 - 16:54:25)

Anon2 - where do you get your figure from please?

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Anon (7th Sep 2019 - 18:46:09)

From the Parish Council.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- John (7th Sep 2019 - 23:14:09)

600 houses could be seen as unsustainable anywhere though, except very close to the village centre and there is not a plot big enough in the conservation area. All the estates which were built in the 60s and 70s outside of the village centre with big driveways means that those driveways probably house 2 cars now instead of the one that they were intended to have, which in turn makes those estates themselves part of the unsustainability equation, adding more traffic to the roads in the same way a new estate would.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Ashley (8th Sep 2019 - 11:02:11)

I read a number of weeks ago in the Petersfield Post, EHDC are not permitting new planning or construction. This is due to the fact that because of all the recent new builds going on, there are to many chemicals getting into the water sources. Just something I read, that's all

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Phil (8th Sep 2019 - 12:21:52)

This proposal is an extinction event for the current Liphook and everyone needs to appreciate this. Whatever quality of life you have here, its going to degrade. This is not a minor proposal for a few extra houses, its is a massive extension that will affect everyone.

1. There are currently between 220 and 250 houses south of the railway. There are no shops or facilities of any kind. This 600 house proposal will result (at minimum) in a 200% increase in the housing in this area all of whom will be dependent on going north of the railway but with only one realistic way of doing so. (Devils lane is not a practical route for this volume of traffic).

Everyone from Chiltley, Station Road and onto the Sainsburys estate will be directly impacted by the traffic

We will be adding an estate 2-3 times the size of the Sainsbury estate but it will be in the middle of nowhere.

2. People living north of the railway will also be considerably affected. The reason for the phased release is to enable the people of Liphook to adjust to the daily queues and disruption to their lives.

This prposla will increase the population of Liphook by 15-20%. Liphook was until a few years ago a village, it cannot become a medium sized town without a serious infrastructure upgrade. Lipook will have about the same population as Haslemere but crammed into a smaller space and without the same facilities. Where is the local sports centre, proper medical centre etc. It will need a serious upgrade but nothing is proposed. Where is the town centre parking to accommodate all of this.

3. The nearest schools to this development are almost 1.5 miles away. Forget footpaths! What parent is going to make their 5 year old walk that distance in the morning. In time that will be at least another 200 cars queuing at 8.10am onto the mini roundabouts for 20 minutes to do the School drop off. Anyone wishing to leave Liphook for the A3 will also take this route.

To address this congestion they will ultimately have to demolish some of the properties and widen the roads at this choke point. The conservation area will be sacrificed.

4. If you are concerned about the empty shelves in Sainsburys then you should now panic, imagine queuing to park and then finding all the shelves empty because of the extra population

5. Because of the distance and probable age profile we will probably seen a 20-25% increase in parents having to drop their children off in their cars outside the local infant school another 10% at Bohunt.

It is by any measure one of the most unsustainable developments ever proposed and it will irreparably affect the lives of everyone in Liphook.

In summary - wake up people of Liphook, someone has just proposed to overwhelm you.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Anon (8th Sep 2019 - 12:28:36)

Is it time to reconsider a lessor amount on the land at Bohunt which may assist with the construction of a relief road? Just s thought but the writer is aware of the history, local passions and sensitivities. Let's not put essential housing and infrastructure for future generations ahead of our idealism and own selfless reasoning

A special protectied Status should be given, guaranteed and policed for the site immediately adjoining Bohunt Manor lake in order to protect the wildlife as per part of Lady Holmans bequeathment. This may bridge an impass with the SOS Bohunt supporters.

WWF Brian Cox and other local significant landowners, (you know who you are) stop ignoring your commercial usurpation of land gifted to you to protect, resulting in you receiving proceeds of. Crime and Tort !

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Anon (8th Sep 2019 - 13:49:17)

Correction - let us not put idealism and selfishness, ahead of much needed infrastructure and future generations housing needs etc....

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Phil (8th Sep 2019 - 13:52:31)

Hi Anon,

Can you get off this thread please. It's clear that you have a different agenda so do your own posts under a different thread.

A relief road at Bohunt has no bearing whatsoever on a development in Highfield lane and a thousand people trying to access or leave liphook who live there.

Accusing people of wrong doing does not assist.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- oldie (8th Sep 2019 - 15:30:25)

It's a case of build it and they will come. There are not currently 1,800 people waiting for houses in Liphook (assuming 3 people per dwelling on average).

A quick read and a few of the proposals talk about 'potential improvements' (have we heard those words before?) like putting bus stops in the development (in case anybody ever decides to run a bus through there), having a couple of hectares for offices (is this really a good spot for commercial premises?) aspiring that Devils Lane could become a quiet lane for cyclists and walkers (I thought it already was), a new road linking Haslemere Road and Highfield Lane (was that our priority?), Midhurst Road could be upgraded for a cycle route (could be), that perhaps a footpath could link to the Sainsburys Estate through Manor Fields or the Berg Estate, or both, a site for travelers, 40% affordable houses (what is affordable and to whom?), a new school, a football pitch, a new play area for people of all ages (does that include oldies?), a mix of houses and blocks of flats, some lovely pictures of meadows and bandstands and things, another new fitting gateway for the National Park etc.

I'm not against a well planned residential site in principle, but knowing that we are designated a growth town by EHDC and they have a poor record of providing us with meaningful social amenities even with all the big developments we've already had (remember the Sainsburys Estate swimming pool anyone?), I must doubt if this 'biggest of the lot' new estate will result in enough new amenities that we already need, even just to keep up with the influx (ie the 2 doctors surgeries are already very busy), at least I wouldn't hold my breath too much.

Also one new estate may not be enough once EHDC gets going, the less of a village we become the easier it is for them to justify more estates. This large proposal should be a concern (one way or another) to everyone.

Finally, a quick calculation, 600 homes at say half a million each (average) = three hundred million pounds. I read once that with new builds about a third goes on cost of land (wow there's a profit to be had), a third on building costs and a third on developers profit, plus all the extra council tax revenue, if that's true, let's hope all that money buys us more than just a few bus stops and a painted cycle lane or two, time for a wish list.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- John (8th Sep 2019 - 17:25:29)

There is no proven need for 600 houses anywhere, you are right Anon
the local Authority have been tempted by the developers contributions on offer. I had thought that the local plan for 100-120 houses on the Chicken
Farm site would be enough on top of Loseley Farm.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- K (9th Sep 2019 - 07:34:31)

I agree with most of Phils observations, this proposal will affect everyone in the village.

I too have no problem with well designed new developments in the right place but this proposal, although appearing to be well designed, is in the wrong place and will have a major impact on all the existing infrastructure within the village.

Liphook has had around 500-600 new homes built/being built already in the last 5-7 years with no improvements in the village. If this proposal goes ahead then that would be another 600+ homes (note the + in the proposal, it's a large site so could be even 700 or 800?) with no improvements.

Why doesn't Liphook get any improvements with its new developments? Look at all the money being spent in Bordon, admittedly they are getting 1000s of homes but a new by-pass, school, sports centre, town centre. All the major roadworks at the Butts Bridge in Alton costing millions of pounds is being funded by development for around 400 homes. It seems Liphook has to just accept houses with nothing given back.

I say enough is enough and the time has come for us to say no unless our community gets its fair share of upgrades.

Please go to the EHDC events and complete the online consultation questionnaire and make your feelings known. If no one comments then the developer and EHDC will assume there's no issues and it will become part of the new Local Plan.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- oldie (9th Sep 2019 - 10:08:15)

"The first phase of the new town centre will include up to 27 new shops and restaurants across 71,000 sq.ft, a 20,000 sq.ft supermarket, theatre space and a six-screen cinema, alongside a start-up business hub, 19,000 sq.ft of office space, an indoor market place, heritage centre and 178 new homes. Buildings will be set in new landscaped public spaces and gardens, plus a town centre square."

(Don't forget swimming pool complex and bypass too, where the old branch line used to be)

K, Bordon may be getting over 2,000 new homes overall but they're getting a lot of bang for their money. By the time you count up all the new homes we've got in the same time frame (if this one get's the go ahead) it won't add up to much less, we've got nothing. Don't forget Bordon also built on army land, in doing so demolished many older homes and lost a lot of service personnel, so their net growth is actually a lot less than it sounds.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- John (9th Sep 2019 - 10:40:32)

K there is really no " right" place in Liphook for these extra houses? But how much influence do we really have? There was a vocal opposition to Lowsley Farm?

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Rob (9th Sep 2019 - 13:46:39)

The Sustainable Alternative Natural Greenspace is a con, that land is very old woodland and is already part of the South Downs National Park.
The "possibility" of a satellite/primary school is presently just that, a possibility, the play areas seem rather small for such a large development. The possible bus route, is never going to happen.
The bridge over the railway line would imho need to be improved (rebuilt) as it has trouble coping with current levels of traffic to add an extra 1200 car journeys per day is asking for trouble. There does need to be something done about the square already, the sensible option would seem to me to be to put in a circulatory (one way) system and put a road through from the library, through the frankly tatty bit of land where the car park and skate park is to join it up. Leave the rec untouched. If this development were to go ahead then some other crossing of the railway for pedestrians linking to Sainsbury's estate might be a good idea too.
It seems a very large development considering how many extra houses we've had in the last few years with 126 at Silent Garden and 330 at Lowsley Farm, with another 600 that would take us over a thousand extra homes with no improvement in infrastructure. It's too much.
The schools won't cope, the roads wont cope, Sainsbury's already can't cope, SWR won't cope, it's crazy!

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Another resident (9th Sep 2019 - 16:26:45)

This must have been in the pipeline for some time. It would be a travesty if this development were to be built. It is completely in the wrong place and would decimate the south east of Liphook.
This is not just 600 houses, there was talk of 900 at a meeting in the Millenium hall. The only sensible place is the Bohunt land and this was the two proposals at this meeting. It does beg the question as to why the SDNP and some councillors were SO against this . This land is perfect and not on anybody's doorstep and is closer to the village.
The amount of traffic that these homes would generate would be extortionate , no body in their right mind could condone this.
But money talks and the people who are proposing this have plenty. The saying I smell a rat comes to mind.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- RC (9th Sep 2019 - 16:59:23)

I know, let's have a local referendum to decide this issue.
Oh no, wait a minute..........

Re: 600 houses consultation
- john (9th Sep 2019 - 20:34:25)

Another resident do not play into the hands of developers. Do not build houses on one site but please pick another? The urgency for houses is not proven anywhere. The choice will not be ours to make, even if houses were allowed at Bohunt, the need for more on the Highfield site would soon arise. Look what happened at Lowsley, more are still thought to be needed, but are they? It is not Parish Councillors who decide on the policies of the National Park. If it were then other rural areas of the National Park would be crammed with housing estates surely!

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Phil (9th Sep 2019 - 21:07:54)

So Liphook is to be the new Leigh Park, a sink estate for Hampshire but without infrastructure.

A failure to fight or unite with one common aim will leave Lipook as the place people live because they have been priced out of Bordon or Aldershot.

When a donkey craps at your feet you can't push it back!

If you don't fight now you can't change your mind later.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- liz (10th Sep 2019 - 12:20:33)


I'm not quite sure what you are saying. Why should it be a sink estate anymore than a development elsewhere in Liphook?

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Robin (10th Sep 2019 - 19:53:17)

Whilst I would encourage as many people as possible to complete EHDC's questionnaire regarding this proposal, it is essential to follow their guidelines which can be found amongst the various documents on the website link. Personalised NIMBY rants sadly will be put in the bin without any consideration. Carefully structured responses to each area are far more likely to be read.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Yellow Bannanna Adrian (11th Sep 2019 - 10:02:47)

Can I just correct some errors with some posters on this site, the comments about Bordon there are not 2,000 houses being built but over 4,500 and rising, basically any housing development will get approval and so much is already being built. The new school is just a replacement for Mill Chase which will be knocked down for housing. The so called by pass is just a road for the new estates, they haven't even started building the town centre and the theatre idea has already been dropped, the bus service has been improved with a 50% cut in services.
Bordon has been promised lots but little delivered.
That said your Liphook council needs to fight to keep developer contributions in the village, I heard a large chunk of the last lot went to Gosport for social housing, great help for Liphook.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- George (13th Sep 2019 - 19:29:09)

The parish council's planning committee meet to discuss the proposal for 600 houses up Highfield Lane this coming Monday 16th. Please bombard them with your comments over the weekend

Re: 600 houses consultation
- D (13th Sep 2019 - 19:49:20)

What is wrong with the Bohunt Manor site? Being on the very edge of the South Downs National Park does not mean it can't be built on. Is it forbidden to build in national parks? I don't think so, it goes on in all of them. Interesting how only a very small part of Liphook ended up in it, I wonder who engineered that. Strange how the supporters of the park want this new development right on the other side of town, don't want any expansion in THEIR direction.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- D (13th Sep 2019 - 23:22:55)

I didn't appreciate how big this development is until I saw the plans from the link Eric gave in his opening piece. It's not a new estate, it's a new town, it is HUGE. It is nearly as large an area as the current Berg estate and the O.S.U. site (Sainsburys) put together. These are green fields and lanes which really make Liphook, not a recently invented "gateway to a national park". Gateway? Just carry on down the A3.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- K (14th Sep 2019 - 07:57:57)

Yes D this is a major development for our village.
A huge number of homes on the edge if our community right up to, and part of it is actually inside, the South Downs National Park. The two main access points are onto roads that are in the SDNP with no improvements to any roads, footpaths and infrastructure planned for the wider parts of our village, that will be affected dramatically.
If anyone feels strongly that this proposal, in its current form, should not be included in the East Hants Local Plan then please make your comments to EHDC via its online questionnaire. If you can also make BLPC aware at the meeting on Monday 16th then please attend.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- D (14th Sep 2019 - 08:40:55)

The glossy information pack on this claims "There are no other suitable sites in Liphook due to the constraints of the South Downs National Park". Then redraw the boundary. If only a very small piece of Liphook is in this "park" should we be in it at all. Is Liphook actually in the South Downs? Near it yes, but are we actually in it?

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Alan (14th Sep 2019 - 09:02:12)

D - or alternatively build them somewhere else with better infrastructure - near Petersfield for instance.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Helen (14th Sep 2019 - 09:04:56)

Hi K which roads are in the National Park? Highfield Lane is not it is the other side of it ? Do not fall into the trap of thinking we need these houses so they must be built on Bohunt instead?

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Gilly (14th Sep 2019 - 10:25:30)

Does anyone know where and when the planning committee meeting is on Monday, and if it is open to the public please?

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Another Resident (14th Sep 2019 - 10:42:04)

Having scrawled through the EHDC website I eventually found what I thought was the questionnaire. It appears it can only be opened by having word which I don't have. It is more of just put down in words what you think.

It seems to me that this is hidden well and for those that have no access to a computer will not even know what is happening under their nose.

I believe the council should be sending every household in Liphook this information.

Put back the Bohunt development on the tablet and put it to a vote. But no they wont do that as they know what the resounding outcome will be.

This is being put forward by stealth, no other word for it.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- D (14th Sep 2019 - 10:51:59)

I think it will be in the parish council offices in the Midhurst road car park, they start around 7ish. I have emailed them asking but no answer yet.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Gilly (14th Sep 2019 - 11:26:33)

Another Res - I am happy to print it off for you if helpful? You can fill it in online and send it by email tho

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Markie (14th Sep 2019 - 12:49:25)

Re D,
Not in the national park,but on the boundary.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Another Resident (14th Sep 2019 - 13:33:35)

Thanks Gilly I have managed to find it. I have copied and pasted some instructions. Not mine, but this helped me.
Hopefully it will help others to do it.

Here are details of two choices, either
via their online portal, or
by downloading and completing their questionnaire, and either emailing it to them or sending it via post.
Using the Online Portal is tough. Certainly not user friendly. You’ll see the “Register/Login” buttons at the top right hand corner. If you have used the system before, login using your email and password, otherwise you have to register first. Then click on “via our online portal”, and “Large Development Sites”. You are faced with a long contents list of subjects in blue type, three quarters of the way down is “Land South East of Liphook”. Click on that and it takes you to the right section. The thing that is not obvious is that to lodge a comment you have to click on the blue pen symbol next to the issue you want to comment on. A separate dialogue box opens up inviting you to Support, Object or Comment on that section.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Another Resident (14th Sep 2019 - 16:01:38)

Well well,
If it is alright in Steep why not in Liphook, on the Bohunt land. We are told no developments in the park. Double standards I think.

Steep Village Hall open space – FOR SALE
I can’t believe it….. how?
Steep Parish Council and the Steep in Need Charity are imminently about to sell the open space next to the village hall to a fat cat developer. Part of the land was originally given to the community by Bedales in 1920 for the commemoration of the village boys and men who died in the First World War. The other part was given to the village for allotments.

The recently adopted South Downs National Park Local Plan has sanctioned the site for development following lengthy public consultation but requires that any development must have at least 20% public open space; none of the site has been generally accessible to the public since 1867 (at least).
SDNPA policy also states that any development must have a proportion of affordable homes.
Any specific proposals on this important site in the heart of Steep will, of course, be subject to local consultation.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- K (14th Sep 2019 - 16:24:41)

Looking at all the maps I can find the boundary of Hampshire and West Sussex runs along the western (Liphook) side of Highfield Lane and at the bottom of the hill the boundary goes straight across the land in front of you as the road bears right (that land is part of the development proposal). The boundary then goes across that land towards the railway bridge (where one of the access points is proposed).

As far as I'm aware the SDNP boundary follows the boundary of Hampshire and West Sussex at this point therefore both access points will put vehicles into the SDNP and one point (Haslemere Road) will actually be fully in the SDNP.

I don't believe that Liphook actually needs 600+ more homes (The area of East Hampshire that EHDC are responsible for planning does need to find them though) but if Liphook as a community does need 600+ more homes then any site within the village which is closer to facilities, schools, shops, A3 access, can provide benefits to the community, is sustainable and won't increase our already gridlocked peak time traffic congestion in the conservation area Square, would get my vote (no matter if it's within the SDNP or not).

This site is not the right site and we don't need 600+ more homes in Liphook.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Eric Benson (15th Sep 2019 - 10:45:52)

Adding to the contributions from fellow Liphook villages it could be suggested that, the proposed new village on the chicken farm (where development has been turned down on appeal already) and fields in Highfield/Devils/Chiltley Lanes by adding a further 480 houses as a ‘bid’ is some sort of conspiracy – Add in now 600 houses, re-trench after the furore has died down and forgo 480 units to let 120 through on the chicken farm site as a ‘compromise’/sigh of relief?

Those who live on the south east side of the village are concerned, and rightly so, that 600 houses on the South eastern edge of the village would totally mess up in all sorts of ways the village atmosphere so far enjoyed. I will not go into all of those here but they include such things as major development away from the centre of the village and services, lack of infrastructure, effects on the local road system - Highfield Lane, Haslemere Road and the Midhurst Road are all narrow and certainly busy enough as it is.

Is it not now the time to get East Hampshire District Council and our elected representatives to bite the bullet and say to South Downs National Park that the inclusion of the lands around the Bohunt Manor area (probably only within the park because of WWF links from the past) was a mistake and they should be released from SDNP control and added to EHDC’s area of activity? Anyone looking at a map of Liphook for realise that SW quadrant (basically from The Links through to the Deers Hut) is a chunk missing out from the central village area. Indeed rather than doing a simple straight line from the Deers Hut to The Links a slightly less obvious but equally useful site could be produced by running from The Links up to the Eastern side of the Bohunt Manor driveway, basically the field with planning consent for a new GP doctors surgery, and then heading North and West from that point through to Griggs Green, with a relief road along the site’s SW edge linking Longmoor Road with the Portsmouth Road.

Eric B

Re: 600 houses consultation
- D (15th Sep 2019 - 12:31:36)

Hear hear, thankyou Eric for bringing this issue to our attention, I would never have known about it otherwise. Thanks.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Another Resident (15th Sep 2019 - 13:44:00)

Eric. I could not agree with you more. I attended a meeting in Midhurst a few years ago where this land was debated. Some of our District councillors gave support to this development as did a doctor who thought the Health centre would be of great benefit to the village. On the planning portal members of the public were for this to be developed other than anywhere else.
All neighbourhood plan meetings that were held the people came to the same agreement but were shot down for even thinking it.
Unfortunately some parish councillors where vehemently against it, and the last meeting held the SDNP would not budge.
Yes googling Liphook it makes total sense to use these two fields. I think it is time people in Liphook wake up to the huge mistake that would be made if the 600 homes are built. We should not be ignored as we have been ever since the Bohunt development was put forward.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- George (15th Sep 2019 - 15:57:42)

There are so many people in the village who know nothing about this proposal. The word really needs to be spread as quickly as possible.

It seems quite extraordinary that there is no public consultation in Liphook when all the other 'large sites' have them. This could result in very few adverse comments being received by EHDC with regard to the Liphook site.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- MJR (15th Sep 2019 - 17:10:07)

I have been reminded about the public meeting held in Liphook when the proposal to build houses on the Bohunt Manor site was debated.

The overwhelming majority of Parish residents at the public meeting held in July 2013 objected to the proposal to build on the Bohunt Manor site; as can be viewed if you follow this link to the BBC South Today Report on the meeting BBC South Today excerpt 9th July 2013 PM previously posted on Talkback Bohunt Manor - curious (28th Aug 2014 @ 16:20:17)

BBC South Today excerpt 9th July 2013 AM - part 1

BBC South Today excerpt 9th July 2013 PM - part 2

There is no need to build 600 houses on the site to the south east of Liphook nor the Bohunt Manor site.

I recently visited the exhibition and noted that the Consortium claim that they had been in discussion with Bramshott & Liphook Neighbourhood Development Steering Group [NDP] about the Consortium’s proposals. I understand that no meetings have taken place although the Consortium did make presentations at the public forums. The implication that the NDP has had meetings with the Consortium is wholly incorrect.

Setting this aside I have the following additional observations:-

I assume that the proposal supersedes the EHDC preferred Chiltley Farm site which is in its self a poor site for development due to sustainability concerns as recognised by EHDC when they refused planning permission last year.

No Strategic Environment Assessment [SEA]has taken place for the Liphook site. This is surprising because I would assume that on the original call for sites this should have taken place.

Access to the A3 will only be possible via the restricted railway bridge adjacent to the station or by the Haslemere Road. This will cause major traffic congestion.

The construction of a primary school within the site is unlikely to progress without long term funding from HCC and will also cause traffic congestion at peak times.

The location of a potential SANG so far from the development is strange especially as this area is already open to the public via rights of way and permitted paths. I believe SANGs are supposed to be located nearer to the development sites for the ease of use for the residents.

The Consortium state that the cycle & pedestrian routes would be improved. The routes outside the proposed development site are already established and in use.

The walking distance to the railway station is 1200 metres not 800 metres as indicated on the Consortium’s site considerations document.

I concluded that the site at Liphook was wholly unsuitable for development because of infrastructure problems, sustainability issues, etc.

The infrastructure issues include the capacity of the existing sewage system which is already causing problems with flooding of raw sewage in various locations,

Most of the other 9 proposed sites outside the Parish are more suitable than 'South East of Liphook' with far better sustainability especially with closer links to the major road system.

I am also surprised that the residents of Liphook have to travel so far to visit the consultation events as there isn’t one arranged for Liphook. There will be many in our community who will be unable to attend for many reasons such as lack of public transport, disability, etc. together with a lack of publicity apart from on the internet. Maybe the Inspector will take a dim view of this omission?

I have forwarded my comments to EHDC.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Another Resident (15th Sep 2019 - 18:36:43)

Whilst I agree with MJR on his post I would urge him to look at the planning application on the EHDC website
Many people commented on this proposal were in favour, as
the public are not stupid enough to think that we will not be made to accommodate land for new developments, we know the government have been pushing this, but we need to have them in the right areas. So far they have got it very wrong. The new development along the Longmoor road with that ridiculous roundabout. Not in walking distance to Sainsburys, or the station. Also more traffic passing Bohunt school, dangerous.
I suggest the District councillors start getting leaflets out to every household in Liphook.
To all those people who use Devils Lane and Chiltlee Lane please be aware what is going on

Re: 600 houses consultation
- D (15th Sep 2019 - 19:00:15)

Forgive my ignorance but there are nine other proposals not far from us, is it a case of just one of these being chosen or are there ten proposals all together?11

Re: 600 houses consultation
- George (15th Sep 2019 - 20:29:28)

Another Res. Do you think, perhaps, the district councillors are in favour and that's why they've done precisely nothing to tell us about it? Very worrying

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Gilly (16th Sep 2019 - 11:07:42)

According to the parish council website, the planning sub-committee meet at 7.30pm today in the office in Midhurst Road. The large site proposal is towards the end of the evening's agenda.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- George (16th Sep 2019 - 22:10:54)

Is anyone able to update us on what was said at this meeting please?

Re: 600 houses consultation
- D (16th Sep 2019 - 22:47:34)

Not much really, a member of the consortium was there putting his case (which to be fair he did well given the circumstances) but no definite opinion either way on the part of the council (I don't think anyway). When asked where else could six hundred homes go an attempt was made to silence me immediately by a member of the parish council when I said Bohunt Manor. Won't bother going again.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- D (16th Sep 2019 - 23:42:28)

One thing that did stick in my mind was when a reference was made to the provision of surgeries in Liphook and a parish councillor made a comment to the effect of people don't use surgeries anymore. Having a relative with stage four cancer I can assure her they do.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- jaybee (17th Sep 2019 - 08:53:23)

Thank you for your report on last nights fiasco, sorry Parish meeting.
I had studied the plans and the proposals, visited the exhibition and the sites and planned to attend this meeting but checking out the venue of the meeting THE HASKELL CENTRE I came to the conclusion that they were not wanting many of the public to attend so I didn't
When I did attend a meeting re. THE CHICKEN FARM site some time ago I came away with the feeling the councillors attitude was " If it doesn't affect me personally it can go ahead

Re: 600 houses consultation
- George (17th Sep 2019 - 08:56:11)

Thanks for your report D. What a ludicrous comment that we don't use surgeries any more! Our councillors do seem strangely removed from reality.

There's clearly an agenda over the land at Bohunt Manor...

Re: 600 houses consultation
- k (17th Sep 2019 - 11:46:41)

Looks to me likes it's going to be goodbye ( if not already ) Liphook village - hello Dysfunctional Liphook town with no community services, no infra- structure medical facilities, starving hundreds - no food at Sainsbury's & lots & lots of crime & anti social behavior - Liphook can't cope as it is let alone with more housing -oh & possibly even longer queues to escape the dreadful place.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- George (17th Sep 2019 - 14:06:16)

Struggling to find the humour here K

Re: 600 houses consultation
- D (17th Sep 2019 - 14:33:17)

Look at a map of Liphook and you'll see the land between the old A3 and Longmoor Road is largely untouched. It is farcical squeezing houses in anywhere possible when all this land is being kept sterile by the South Downs National Park. It wouldn't be so bad if this new proposal included things for the existing residents like a surgery and another supermarket (another forbidden topic it seems!) The only thing I can see on these plans for locals is a community orchard. So we get an apple each, whoopee!

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Chiltley Lane Resident (19th Sep 2019 - 07:00:48)

Just a reminder there is a drop in session later today in Bordon if anyone wants to go down and see what this is all about. I have taken this from EHDC's news release:

Consultation to open on Large Development Sites for Local Plan

Some of the largest potential development sites in East Hampshire will be the subject of a special consultation in the autumn.
The consultation, to be held from 3 September – 15 October, will focus on ten large sites, of which two will be included in the Local Plan.

Run by East Hampshire District Council it is another step towards producing a new Local Plan.

The Local Plan provides guidelines for future development in parts of East Hampshire outside the South Downs National Park.
The six-week process, called the Local Plan Large Development Sites Consultation, will put the ten possible sites to the public and invite comments and information.

Residents will have the chance to give the council information about sites that might affect its suitability for development and to say what infrastructure is needed in that area.

The responses received will be used by the council along with technical information and evidence from other organisations to decide which two sites will be included in the plan.

It will not include other policies and sites already considered in the draft Local Plan.

The consultation will last six weeks and include six drop-in events, all in September.
Alton Assembly Rooms - Tuesday 3, 4-7pm
Barton Hall, Horndean - Saturday 7, 10am-2pm
Alton Assembly Rooms - Saturday 14, 10am-2pm
Forest Community Centre, Bordon - Thursday 19, 4-7pm
Barton Hall, Horndean - Monday 23, 4-7pm
Forest Community Centre, Bordon - Saturday 28, 10am-2pm

Cllr Angela Glass, Portfolio Holder for Planning, said: “The council is committed to working with the local community to deliver a new Local Plan.
“Developing a Local Plan is like having a conversation - we listen to people’s thoughts, consider them and respond accordingly.
“We are particularly keen to receive representations from across the community and involve local people as early in the process as possible.”

A broad consultation was held on the Local Plan in February and March. During that process the council received more than 2,000 comments.

Cllr Glass said: “The overriding message from those responses was concern about infrastructure and the impact of new development on existing communities.
“We therefore intend to consult on all potential large development areas, to gather further information and ensure local communities are engaged and aware from the early stages.”

The results of the consultation will inform the council’s decision as to which sites will be included in the Local Plan. The council will not be taking comments on polices and sites not included as part of this consultation.

The ten sites under consideration are:
Northbrook Park, Bentley
Whitehill & Bordon extension
Chawton Park Farm, near Alton
Land East of Horndean Extension
Land South East of Liphook
Neatham Down, near Alton
Four Marks South
Land west of Lymington Bottom Road, South Medstead
South Medstead
Winchester Road, Four Marks

Detailed plans of the sites will be available during the consultation at
Media Contact: Will Parsons, EHDC Communications Officer, 01730 234030

Re: 600 houses consultation
- George (19th Sep 2019 - 19:59:15)

Having just attended a public consultation in Bordon, people may be (not) surprised that our Parish Council appears to be failing in its moral obligation as our representatives. EHDC's Planning Policy Manager told me that ALL parish council's were informed in full about these large sites in June, and they were expected to disseminate said info to parishioners.

It was glaringly obvious that Liphook is the one site that locals are woefully ignorant on - there weren't any people at the other stands as they've all had parish meetings already!

We still have time to organise a public meeting in Liphook and EHDC will happily arrange for developers and planning consultants to attend.

Would there be interest if this was organised? Unless we show a much larger presence, we are not going to stop this proposal.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- D (19th Sep 2019 - 21:14:35)

At Monday's parish council meeting I came away with the impression they weren't really bothered, more interested in refusing Osbourne House's planning application for french windows. Poor value for money comes to mind. I was concerned by the consortium representative when he made the remark "now it's Liphook's turn!" I've looked at all the proposals and they are all better presented, this one looks like some sort of student exercise. Full of pretty pictures but little content.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- D (19th Sep 2019 - 21:32:33)

Everyone else probably knows this already but one of the delelopers on this proposal is the same one who wanted to build on the chicken farm a few years back and got refused. Looks like somebody is having another go. Ooh-aar!

Re: 600 houses consultation
- K (26th Sep 2019 - 09:15:58)

Can I please remind everyone that the last Consultation Event will be held this coming Saturday 28th September at the Forest Community Centre, Bordon between 10am and 2pm.

Once you've visited the Consultation Event, and even If you can’t get to it or haven’t made it to the others, you still need to register your comments on these proposals via the EHDC portal. Full details of how to do that are to be found below.

If you want to stop this proposal to develop 600+ houses, please, please, please make your voice is heard. It is vital that as many individual people as possible register their comments and/or objections.
Closing date for comments is midnight on Tuesday 15th October 2019.

Consultation documents can be found here:

Scroll down and you will see the section “Land South East of Liphook”

To register your comments, use the same link above and you will see “How to respond to the consultation”.
There are two choices, either:
a) via their online portal, or
b) by downloading and completing their questionnaire, and either emailing it to them or sending it via post.

Using the Online Portal is tough. Certainly not user friendly. You’ll see the “Register/Login” buttons at the top right hand corner. If you have used the system before, login using your email and password, otherwise you have to register first. Then click on “via our online portal”, and “Large Development Sites”. You are faced with a long contents list of subjects in blue type, three quarters of the way down is “Land South East of Liphook”. Click on that and it takes you to the right section. The thing that is not obvious is that to lodge a comment you have to click on the blue pen symbol next to the issue you want to comment on. A separate dialogue box opens up inviting you to Support, Object or Comment on that section.
Alternatively, if that is too much you can download and complete a Large Development Sites Questionnaire (Word version). After completing it you can either return a copy by email to or by post to Planning Policy, East Hampshire District Council, Penns Place, Petersfield, Hampshire, GU31 4EX.

Please make your views and comments known to EHDC. If you feel strongly that Liphook shouldn't have 600+ more homes in this location, with no infrastructure upgrades or facilities, now is the time to let them know!

Re: 600 houses consultation
- D (27th Sep 2019 - 11:43:28)

Can't I just write a letter? They seem to make objecting to something as hard as possible.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- K (28th Sep 2019 - 08:34:03)

Last reminder to everyone that the final Consultation Event will be held today, Saturday 28th September, at the Forest Community Centre, Bordon between 10am and 2pm.

Once you've visited the Consultation Event, and even If you can’t get to it or haven’t made it to the others, you still need to register your comments on these proposals via the EHDC portal. Full details of how to do that can be found in previous posts.

If you want to stop this proposal to develop 600+ houses, please, please, please make your voice is heard. It is vital that as many individual people as possible register their comments and/or objections.
Closing date for comments is midnight on Tuesday 15th October 2019.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- P (28th Sep 2019 - 20:53:37)

If you are not planning to object because you hope there will be a sports centre, bus service, medical centre, bypass or anything else then please think again.

The approval of this site is not tied to any contractual commitments to new facilities nor is it contingent on a relief road as recommended by the Liphook Steering Committee.

There are no commitments from the Council, the NHS or anyone else who provides such services. The proposal of a satellite school is merely the consortium's vision of what could happen.

This is a brilliant text book example of selling the dream but delivering the nightmare. For instance the plan sows the seed of bus services to circumvent certain sustainability issues. Unfortunately in the real world the community will be small for the service to be economically viable so there will be no bus service.

This site doesn’t have to proceed. EHDC have identified their preferences and this is not one of them. Unless however there is a lot of resistance (a meeting in Alton was attended by over 400 people) then in desperation the Council may select it as a site because it is the path of least resistance.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- D (28th Sep 2019 - 22:07:37)

Credit where it's due, I listen to programmes like Countryfile and the farming programme on Radio 4. In both these programmes the farming community always claim they make little money, EEC subsidies are never enough and they stay in farming out of a sense of duty and to preserve the countryside for future generations. A member of the consortium (a Liphook farmer) made the comment that "anything is for sale at the right price". He's the only farmer I've ever met who admits he's in farming for the money. Ooh aar!

Re: 600 houses consultation
- D (28th Sep 2019 - 22:29:17)

I've read the consortium's proposal as well and yes it is the Utopian dream. If a village idiot like me can spot the impossibilities of this proposal such as Devils Lane as a point of entry and turn it into a priority road, and providing employment premises when some of those on the OSU site are still empty, then I'm sure our planners at EHDC can. I personally think this proposal was only done to make up the ten.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Resident (30th Sep 2019 - 16:16:27)

I have just spent some time trying to work out how to comment on this proposal. They don't make it easy, think that might be deliberate....

For those that are keen to comment, I went into the EHDC website and did it through the online portal. 'K' above has given instructions on how to do this, which once you are in it is quite straightforward and doesn't need to take long.


Re: 600 houses consultation
- oldie (30th Sep 2019 - 21:11:42)

I've had a quick look at the plan, Devil's Lane isn't down as the main entrance to the estate, I'm not sure what will happen to it, possibly closed to traffic from the bridge and left as a cycle route, from what I can see there will be a new access road off Haslemere Road south of the railway bridge and another access road diagonally across the farmland between Highfield Lane linking to Chiltley Lane. I'm not sure if they'll link up as a 'through route' or be separated so that the whole estate is a series of dead ends or not. It's not clear but I guess these would be wide roads to accommodate vans and lorries for the offices/ light industrial units. Plus there would need to be parent access for the school (although I think school is only 'aspirational' so may not happen).

It's funny because so many people were up in arms when travellers moved on and parked some caravans on the 'gorgeous fields' but now we may get a sort of mini town, it's called 'settled progress' I guess!

Re: 600 houses consultation
- D (1st Oct 2019 - 07:35:30)

Ref. Devils Lane, page 11 paragraph 4.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- K (1st Oct 2019 - 10:56:54)

Update regarding submitting your comment on the Large Site Proposals.

I've been advised that at last nights BLPC meeting Cllr Angela Glass (Portfolio Holder for Planning and Liphook EHDC District Councillor) told the meeting that letters or emailed comments will be accepted as responses to the proposals.

This means that if you're having problems using the online portal or the online questionnaire (like myself) you are able to write you comments in a letter (posted or handed in to EHDC at Penns Place) or write them as a word document and attach them to an email sent to:

I'd suggest you relate your comments/response to the questions asked on the questionnaire (Questions LP1 to LP6) and you must clearly state that the response is related to Land South East of Liphook and include your full name and address and, if possible, email address.
If you're also able to highlight which are the preferred sites out of the 10 proposed, and reasons why, then even better.

You have until 15th October to submit any responses.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- oldie (1st Oct 2019 - 11:00:31)

Thank you D. yes I see the two new access points (Haslemere Road and Highfield Lane) would produce a through route capable of carrying buses (though I suppose that would mean diverting the Haslemere bus away from the Haslemere Road to the detriment of existing users) and a new access road off Willow Gardens to serve part of the estate. Devils Lane would become a 'quiet lane' (page 14) so unless I stand corrected that means it will remain open to all traffic (much as is now)?

Re: 600 houses consultation
- D (1st Oct 2019 - 13:35:53)

That's how I see it yes. If all the vegetation on the bridge were cleared two vehicles could pass easily so it's not impossible for Devil's Lane to be widened to two lanes for it's whole length.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- MC (1st Oct 2019 - 15:05:21)

This development will be a disaster for Liphook and all residents. The infrastructure will not be able to cope.
I have just registered my objection online and cannot stress how important it will be for other local residents to voice their opinion before it is too late (14th October).
Please note that it looks like the majority of the other proposals will have significantly less effect on local residents.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Eric Benson (4th Oct 2019 - 21:48:18)

Question - a detailed,, erudite and polite thread but no
serious contribution from any of our local District and Parish councillors of note. Why not?
Eric B

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Marz (12th Oct 2019 - 10:29:21)

I've submitted my response today. Don't forget the deadline is 15th October!

Please can everyone make an effort to read the proposal and provide a response before we find fields being removed to make way for 600 high density new houses in a totally impractical place.

Thank you

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Keith Bingham (12th Oct 2019 - 11:12:01)

Just to remind everyone if you haven't made your comment known to EHDC, with regard to the Large Site 600 Home proposals, you have until midnight on Tuesday 15th October to respond.

Go to the EHDC website and use the online portal or questionnaire (neither that easy) or put your response in writing and email it to
Recommend reading the EHDC Large site website to familiarise yourself with the proposals. Something to do on this very wet weekend if you've no other plans.

Please don't think everyone else will do it so I won't bother.
It's important the whole community voices it's opinion to ensure EHDC understands how our community feels.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Jayne (13th Oct 2019 - 20:32:40)

Yes, just objected to this today and used email address mentioned by Keith in previous post - thanks for reminding us that this is an option Keith. Much easier than the dreadful EHDC portal.

Please make your feelings known on this ridiculous proposal by deadline of midnight Tuesday!

Re: 600 houses consultation
- D (13th Oct 2019 - 20:55:48)

Does anyone know when the decision will be made, and when and how we find out? Thankyou.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- R (14th Oct 2019 - 11:50:28)

If you check the EHDC website under Local Plan you can find most of the info you need.
Looking on the website it appears the next Draft Plan isn't published until March 2020.
If you sign up for notifications from EHDC (found under the local plan section) you actually get plenty of info sent direct to you.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Resident (14th Oct 2019 - 12:19:03)

putting 600 + houses at Highfield Lane and Chiltley Lane will be a traffic nightmare. Too far away from Bohunt School for most and this will mean car journeys through the village, especially when it is raining. A TRAFFIC NIGHTMARE, making the rush hour congestion we have a t the moment seem like a picnic ! The same for shopping and other services, this is just plain daft and EHDC councillors should rethink their priorities IMO.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Re (14th Oct 2019 - 12:43:26)

Resident Please Please put your concerns to EHDC .Very easy to do email to website Kieth put on this thread.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- D (14th Oct 2019 - 12:45:53)

Than you R. Having looked at all the other proposals I'm not as worried because they are all far better proposals in every respect. At the risk of repeating myself I return to a comment made by a member of the consortium at the parish council meeting "now it's Liphook's turn!" I think he was just getting carried away because there were strong words between him and a gentleman with the parish council but it does beg the question:- has it been decided already? One hopes not.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Di (14th Oct 2019 - 14:03:29)

The football club seem to have been wooed by the promise of their own ground within this development. That could mean a big pro vote.

I am not a footballer

Re: 600 houses consultation
- D (14th Oct 2019 - 17:32:31)

I wouldn't worry, I can't see the community orchard, Churchers school extension, or the travellers site happening neither.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Resident (14th Oct 2019 - 20:56:11)

D, you say:

' Thank you R. Having looked at all the other proposals I'm not as worried because they are all far better proposals in every respect'

but where do we see details of the 'other' proposals and what are they ?

Re: 600 houses consultation
- John (14th Oct 2019 - 22:33:51)

Hi I think what is meant by other proposals is the proposals in the other locations
Eg in four marks, Alton etc not near Liphook. Apparently 2 out of the 10 will go forward in EHDCs local plan.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- D (15th Oct 2019 - 06:37:30)

I know, John. I asked that at the parish council planning committee meeting. Did you go?

Re: 600 houses consultation
- D (15th Oct 2019 - 07:31:48)

RESIDENT, if you follow the link on the very first post of this thread kindly posted by Eric you will find all ten proposals. Maps, details, everything the ten relevant consortiums produced.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Local Resident (15th Oct 2019 - 08:55:52)

EHDC website seems designed NOT to accept comments on this consultation. I have given up and emailed…!

Surely we should push through our – understandable – local concerns, and support ALL possible proposals to build new housing in our district? We all know that the nation is the grip of a catastrophic housing crisis. Local authorities have lost the ability to build sufficient social housing, property values as a consequence of this and related decisions are so high that young people simply cannot get on the property ladder and are forced to rent privately, with all of challenges that can bring. Something like 50% of marriages now end in divorce, which puts even more pressure on housing stock. A bit more traffic on the Headley Road isn’t really a big deal, surely, in the great scheme of things? At some point people will give up and walk/bike/car share/take the bus, which might not be a bad thing? I speak as a resident of the Headley Road, BTW.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Jo (15th Oct 2019 - 10:27:09)

What's Headley Road got to do with the new town being proposed along Highfield Lane?

Re: 600 houses consultation
- RE (15th Oct 2019 - 10:57:35)

Local Resident you seem to have not got the right development 600 houses on the wrong side of our conservation square.

It will completely destroy our town centre all 6 roads coming through our centre are completely gridlock at peak times now.

Hampshire County Council three years ago said Liphook square was at capacity at peak times. So 1200 more traffic movements cannot be accepted.

No more development on that side of Liphook until the roads have been sorted.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- John (15th Oct 2019 - 11:08:27)

In answer to D no I could not attend the meeting I was away.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Re (15th Oct 2019 - 13:10:57)

Sorry Resident should have been wrong development.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- D (15th Oct 2019 - 14:21:48)

What you wrote originally was correct;- "not got the right development" is the same meaning as "wrong development". I think...

Re: 600 houses consultation
- RF (15th Oct 2019 - 15:33:56)

Last emailed against proposal.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- RE (15th Oct 2019 - 16:31:56)

Yes D silly me in to much of a hurry.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Local Resident (15th Oct 2019 - 18:25:17)

I was making a general point about ALL of the proposals. I am very aware of the geography of what is being proposed specifically for Liphook. And for sure - any development will just feed more traffic into the centre of Liphook which will back up onto the Headley Road. Hence my comment about the Headley Road.

My general point was - I can put up with a bit more traffic chaos if it means more homes are built.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Mandi (15th Oct 2019 - 20:32:09)

Its only the owner of highfield who will win he doesn't care about anything except money .i remember years ago he was building a swimming pool for the public to use but that was all lies.hes a greedy man

Re: 600 houses consultation
- George (15th Oct 2019 - 20:49:24)

Mandi - my understanding is that this proposal is being driven by the man who owns Graduate Landscapes. He lives in the property by the railway bridge on Haslemere Road and hopes he'll get lots of houses allowed on his land in exchange for offering access to the site.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Resident (15th Oct 2019 - 22:50:53)

D, thank you understood now.

It seems that Graduate Landscapes don't really care about Liphook, only the profit they will make.

I guess they will just up sticks and move elsewhere once they have got the houses built on their land and walk away with their millions.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- John (15th Oct 2019 - 22:50:59)

An article in the Sunday Times claimed that due to brexit there will be a downturn in house building, developers will not build houses if they think people will not buy them.

There are plenty of bargains to be had in the second hand homes market. I think the so called demand for homes is overstated at the moment. All the houses in Oak Park have not been built yet.

R E no one is going to pay for new roads in Liphook. Planners assume people will walk or use public transport so do not care if roads are congested. The square is only congested in term times at 8.30 and

Re: 600 houses consultation
- D (16th Oct 2019 - 08:47:47)

I wonder who will get the contract for landscaping this new development, GRADUATE LANDSCAPES perhaps? I've only ever noticed this company because they are such bad drivers. At least I know who to complain to now next time they scrape my motor. I wonder who is the boss of this consortium, the gardener or the chicken farmer? Ooh-aar!

Re: 600 houses consultation
- George (18th Oct 2019 - 07:55:57)

Now that the deadline for comments has passed, perhaps the person who posted signs over and around Linchmere Common could kindly remove them.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- RE (18th Oct 2019 - 13:25:19)

John I agree we do not need all of these houses. As said wimpy can not sell there houses and they are at the lower end of the market. But I don’t agree with you about developers not willing to put in infrastructure ie roads. Bohunt and The Northcote Trust Developers included the link Road Longmoor Road to Portsmouth Road in their plans. With an enormous amount of infrastructure even land for Bohunt to have outdoor classes. Viewing areas for the public to see the National Park witch is not possible at the moment because it is Private Land. The nett gain for Liphook is 100% more than any other developers.Even if they only give us 50% of what they promised . Its time EHDC and The National Park acknowledges this . And allow this development to go ahead for it’s by far the best development site in Liphook.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- John (18th Oct 2019 - 13:55:41)

RE the road was included but there was no promise to pay for it as a public highway. If there was a road through it would have been a residents access only.

Remember the Surgery idea? That again was in the plans but the Bohunt developers were not going to pay for it?

I spoke to one of the Cox brothers when the plans first came out, they said all they would be providing for the community would be the land, not payment for infrastructure. Where main roads go is up to Hampshire Highways anyway.

If you remember the football club? They turned away from the Bohunt plans because they had to pay for the access road in? It would probably be like the private access roads in any estate unless the local authority agreed to pay for it.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- RE (18th Oct 2019 - 17:17:48)

No John the road would be a public highway with a spur in to bohunt school .If you attended the neighbourhood plan meeting when the Northcote Trust presented their plan you would know.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- John (20th Oct 2019 - 15:31:03)

Even if it is a public road in the proposal umless the local authority agree to pay for it the developers will not be. The developers are only offering the land.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- RE (20th Oct 2019 - 16:37:10)

There you go again just surmising no proof at the meeting they said they would put the roads in.Give the land for all the other infrastructure ie football pitch cricket pitch allotments . Viewing areas for the national park outside classroom for bohunt school.Included in the development where rural work units so as said by far the best site for development.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Another Resident (20th Oct 2019 - 19:19:42)

The Bohunt development was by far the best put forward, and everyone knows it.
But was the land South East of Liphook already a dream of the wealthy land owner and Graduate Landscapes back then?
It makes no sense to me and many others that the SDNP have denied the use of the land for this. I have little trust in anything democratic now and find this extremely fishy. Everyone can make their own conclusions on this, but I have lost any respect for the SDNP
If these 600 houses are allowed to go ahead then there is no hope for Liphook and we might as well get rid of our Parish Council. I have seen how they work.
I do know that one of our District Councillors finds this development a very bad idea and I have the utmost respect for them. Trouble is money talks and morals fly out the window.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Terry (20th Oct 2019 - 19:52:56)

I personally support the development. I think it is a good idea to increase the growth of Liphook and change it up a little, yes there are problems such as traffic, shops, public transport and maybe even schooling but this is what Liphook needs, we need change to get change.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- er (20th Oct 2019 - 20:25:10)

Opinion: People desperately want houses, housing estates with good access and walking and cycling routes at affordable prices, businesses and work places, shops etc are better than closed off fields which only benefit the owners. Stop moaning about everything we have a station here, we have the A3 and the Hindhead tunnel if people still must drive (but we are trying to get away from that), the square is only busy for a short period, we don't need any more bypasses, we have a supermarket and good schools, all that we need right here, people coming into Liphook can only add to that, we shouldn't worry about it, we don't own this place it's everyone's. One housing development should not preclude the other, as long as they offer us something. All these developments are promising in their own way, but the ones in the South Downs National Park aren't looking likely to happen anytime soon, as national parks are protected a lot, a bit too much you may think, sadly. The bits outside the park should be developed anyway to get it going, it will bring those area into the 21st century.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Another Resident (20th Oct 2019 - 20:57:29)

Oh we have some Burcow supporters now involved in the debate . 600 hundred houses South East of Liphook suddenly seems like a good idea. To whom may I ask?

Re: 600 houses consultation
- D (20th Oct 2019 - 21:21:59)

They've entered the debate a bit late haven't they? TERENCE, assuming you've studied the proposal you'll see it offers the Promised Land, a positive Utopia. If it's approved, (which I can't see because compared to the other proposals it's positivley comical) the reality will be more akin to Little Britain. (You have studied all the proposals have you?)

Re: 600 houses consultation
- D (20th Oct 2019 - 21:43:56)

One of the biggest laughs is the promise of a "Suitable alternative natural green space" (or SANG). What's funny? They're not giving us a suitable alternative natural green space because IT'S THERE ALREADY! It's ancient woodland, not something Utopia PLC is going to create and give to Liphook. Think of a town of 600 houses, Terence, and no roads leading to it. Can you see a problem?

Re: 600 houses consultation
- John (20th Oct 2019 - 23:24:13)

I too have been to forums and presentations ER, spoken to developers and at no time have they said they would pay for a public road. That is not how the planning
system works. Offering land is not the same as paying for infastructure to go in.
As regards to the National Park it is not all some conspiracy which prevents the land being built on, the park does not need to find as many houses to build as other local authorities so the estates are built in the exsisting urban or brownfield sites rather than in the countryside undeveloped areas.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- D (21st Oct 2019 - 09:07:59)

I'm surprised no-one has mentioned the possibility of a travellers site being included in this proposed development (last paragraph page 19). I would have raised it earlier but then I would have been lambasted for being prejudiced against the "travelling"community. Given how there is already a travellers site on Devil's Lane the developer should have no trouble expanding it I suppose.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Grant (21st Oct 2019 - 17:28:02)

Don't panic.
IF! this ever happens it will not be for along time.
10 years at least and it will have to be signed off at Government level.

Just consider how long the Oak Development took to go through. This is double the size and the highways would not support the app in my humble opinion.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- George (21st Oct 2019 - 19:09:56)

EHDC website implies 2022, so not so far away Grant

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Terry (21st Oct 2019 - 20:51:06)

First of this is specifically for D - who's 'TERENCE'? If you are referring to me then I am Terry not 'TERENCE', and their is no need for the caps, In case you didn't know using capitals on the internet means you are shouting and there's no need for that, is there now?

No, I have not joined the debate a bit late. Given the fact that this discussion is still open, I am more than welcome to join the debate whenever I feel fit.

For the SANG, I do not see any concerns with this. They have realised that having a green space is important to us residents, and they have taken that into account in their planning and have found a suitable area for it. Your house is built on ancient woodland, how do you feel about that?

It will be a part of Liphook not a separate town.

This development is a fantastic idea, it will help get Liphook on the map. We moan about that fact that teenagers have nothing to do and that they are causing trouble, to stop that there needs to be change. We moan about the speed of cars, to fix that we need change. We moan about Sainsburys green bananas to fix that we need change. In conclusion we need change to fix this broken, boring, anti-social community.

Page 19 extract:
It has been agreed with the Council that the site could in principle accommodate a number of gypsy and traveller pitches and travelling showpeople plots, but further investigation is required to determine a suitable location for the pitches and plots within the site boundaries. Discussions with East Hampshire District Council are required to determine the scale of the need for each type of accommodation in this area.

D no-one has mentioned it because it doesn't affect them. I feel like you have brought this up to get more attention, and more people on your side. Gypsy and travellers need somewhere to stay, what is wrong with including everyone with this development? Liphook needs to become more diverse and this is a great way to make it happen.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- D (21st Oct 2019 - 21:48:11)

TERENCE, I think you're missing the point of this whole thread.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- D (21st Oct 2019 - 22:03:53)

Terence, If Liphook is such a broken, boring, antisocial community then why don't you.........leave?

Re: 600 houses consultation
- George (21st Oct 2019 - 22:04:51)

What's broken in our community Terry and why do we need to become more diverse?

Re: 600 houses consultation
- D (21st Oct 2019 - 22:28:37)

I think Terence is trying to hijack this thread to send it in a different direction when what he should be doing is starting a new thread supporting the idea of another 600 houses in Liphook. I'm not rising to his bait.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Eric Benson (3rd Nov 2019 - 11:23:28)

A final note on this thread from Eric Benson.

The last few weeks has seen the thread on “600 houses" work its way up and down the list of subjects within Liphook Talkback. The comments for the most part have been sensible and constructive. There are continuing concerns as to why EHDC decided to have this extra ‘Large Sites’ review given the extensive consultation on the Draft Local Plan which ended in March this year. There are also questions to be asked of our local district councillors as to why they did not take a more proactive role in bringing the attention of the consultation to the community – for instance they did not call any public meetings in the village, in stark contrast to the councillors for the Four Marks/Medstead areas. Be that as it may the next stage will come all too soon and we will all be on the march anew to seek sensible plans longer term for Liphook and not ones not worthy of consideration at all, such as the 600 idea.

I would say ‘thank you’ to everyone who contributed to my thread on this subject - over 100 responses - and hope that you have found it useful and interesting and worthwhile in terms of what is or is not going to happen in our village.

Kind regards

Re: 600 houses consultation
- D (12th Jun 2020 - 17:25:56)

Has anyone else received the same e-mail from EHDC Planning that I just have?

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Mrs M (12th Jun 2020 - 20:51:55)

Yes, I’ve had an EHDC email this afternoon. Seems that after consultation, extra housing is going to Bordon.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Marz (12th Jun 2020 - 21:19:13)

Hi there.

I filed a formal comment through the planning website, not an email, but haven't had anything official through in response. It also doesn't appear in my spam folder.

Please could you share a brief summary?

Thann you so much

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Bill Mouland (12th Jun 2020 - 21:40:55)

Whitehill & Bordon site identified for development
East Hampshire District Council has identified a site in Whitehill & Bordon for large scale development.
The site will deliver up to 1,300 additional homes, totalling 3,350 homes overall as part of the town’s transformation into a Green, Healthy and Connected town.
The decision has been made following the council’s Large Development Sites consultation held in 2019, which put ten sites to public comment.
Except for the land at Whitehill & Bordon, none of the other large development sites considered in the recent Local Plan consultation are technically ready for allocation.
Therefore, instead of allocating another large development site in the district, the council intends to identify a ‘broad area of search’ along the A31 corridor.
The allocation of a Large Development Site is a major part of EHDC’s Local Plan, a document that sets out the priorities and policies for development in areas of the district outside the South Downs National Park.
An up-to-date Local Plan is a vital tool in the council’s armoury against speculative development.
The further work on sites around the A31 will take time, so identifying a broad area of search, rather than a specific site, allows the council to make progress on the Local Plan.
Cllr Angela Glass, EHDC Portfolio Holder for Planning, said: “To have a completed Local Plan we need to have a clear idea of where future development will go.
“We have been able to do that in Whitehill & Bordon but there is still work to do to identify another site.
“We are confident that we will be able to allocate suitable land along the A31 in a future Local Plan and by committing to investigating this further we can get on with working on the rest of the plan.
“Delaying the Local Plan would risk opening our district up to speculative development. Taking this approach means we can move forwards with the plan without a risky delay.”

Whitehill & Bordon Prince Philip Park
EHDC has identified a site in Prince Philip Park for the development of up to 1,300 homes. This is part of the ongoing transformation of Whitehill & Bordon into a Green, Healthy and Connected town. This award-winning project sees additional residential and employment-related development bringing with it the infrastructure required to make the town a place where families can live and work.
It is anticipated that the regeneration will see 3,350 new homes and 5,500 new jobs. This development would deliver up to 1,300 of those homes and a significant number of jobs and follows the development strategy envisaged by the council’s existing Local Plan.
Work must also be done to ensure the protection of habitats and species that are of international importance. Through the provision of new areas of natural greenspace and related initiatives, it is possible to avoid any significant adverse impacts. Work is on-going between the council, Natural England and the Whitehill & Bordon Regeneration Company to investigate this matter in detail.

The broad area of search along the A31
A broad area of search is a wide geographical area, often larger than a settlement and perhaps roughly defined by landscape features such as valleys or other landforms. In this case the council and its partners will be looking at seven sites along the A31 corridor proposed during the Large Development Sites Consultation. Each site has its own benefits and comes with its own issues that need to be resolved. A lot of work is still to be done to evaluate the different options but by identifying this broad area of search, work on other areas of the plan can also progress.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- I (12th Jun 2020 - 21:57:20)

In other words, not in Liphook for the time being

Re: 600 houses consultation
- D (13th Jun 2020 - 07:12:37)

I would love to know what "not technically ready for allocation" means.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Joe (13th Jun 2020 - 08:28:40)

It means that there are enough houses allocated in the local plan but the site for 600 houses will be earmarked for when the local authority next need to find some building land in the area. The whole exercise I think was to find a reason NOT to allocate the Highfield Lane site, by concluding that there were better sites available.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- D (13th Jun 2020 - 10:49:12)

So long as none of the land is sold to new owners in the meantime who might not want to sell for building purposes, in which case the local plan counts for nowt.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Long-term resident (13th Jun 2020 - 16:11:31)

What a shame they did not consent Bohunt Manor years ago, we would have had a new surgery, which would have been fantastic given our current coronavirus crisis.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- D (13th Jun 2020 - 19:05:17)

Given we are on the brink of the worst recession ever, who is going to have money to buy a house?

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Marz (13th Jun 2020 - 21:44:57)

Thank you Bill M.
Really appreciated.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- linda morris (15th Jun 2020 - 09:25:50)

thank goodness they are not going to build in Highfiled lane. This is the wrong place and would be a traffic nightmare for us, especially when the schools, and especially Bohunt School re-opens.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Another Resident (15th Jun 2020 - 10:13:57)

Instead the council have allowed Highfield stables ten caravans and outbuildings. Sheer madness for this little lane. It also looks they have the land to add many more. EHDC should be ashamed of themselves, especially as the lane has become an ideal walk.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- linda morris (15th Jun 2020 - 11:28:53)

I am confused about the surgery mentioned above ? anyone advise ?

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Gilly (15th Jun 2020 - 12:43:46)

Another Resident - where is Highfield stables please?

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Joe (15th Jun 2020 - 13:36:53)

Although the 600 houses may not go ahead the 100 houses on the chiltley lane chicken farm site is included in the local plan forLiphook.
With regard mention of the surgery that was an idea stemming from the developers of Bohunt Manor. That has had permission for many years but the developers will only release the land there if there is permission for a large housing
Estate in the National Park in return. Also there was only one liphook surgery interested in moving there, the local authority wanted both surgeries to merge. Also the Area health authority would not lend money to build it. It would not have
been a 3rd surgery but a merger of 2 exsisting ones.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- er (15th Jun 2020 - 14:26:54)

There was no surgery, the land was a bit of a sop, like 'if you let us build houses we'll leave this little strip of land for the village where the town elders could build something, or not, it's their problem', the surgery was just a suggestion as part of the marketing photos and the council made it very clear they didn't have enough money to build anything here!

A bit like the amazing swimming pool by the Sainsburys estate, where is that? but still it got them planning permission for toy town!

Bordon is the correct choice from now on, they're getting a shed load of proper new facilities paid for by government and contractors as part of the national 'green town' initiative, not just new housing estates, great decision by the authorities for once, leave little old Liphook alone now when we have a new city being created just up the road, it's close enough for our kids to live and still see us, it has jobs on trading estates and if you need a proper job come to Liphook and get the train to London, park wherever you can, or move to Haslemere ha ha ha!

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Another Resident (15th Jun 2020 - 14:28:06)

Gilly, up Devils Lane.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Long-term resident (15th Jun 2020 - 15:19:18)

You are wrong about the surgery. I was told last year that the doctors are desperate for it and the land owner offered them the land free, but the NHS don't have any money to build it because they spent their budget at Bordon.

Perhaps one of the doctors could comment ?

Re: 600 houses consultation
- D (15th Jun 2020 - 17:58:33)

Joe, I thought the 100 houses was turned down on grounds of inadequate access? The owner of said land was at the Parish Council meeting concerning the 600 last year.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Joe (15th Jun 2020 - 18:41:46)

Long term resident the surgery has permission the landowner offered the land free
YES but only if the houses got permission at the same time. No money forthcoming to build it either.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Dawn Hoskins (15th Jun 2020 - 20:15:42)

We are all being affected by the number of new houses in Bordon with no facilities in sight. Now they have just approved a FURTHER 1,300 houses in Bordon. Obviously EHDC doesn't give a shite about where the new homeowners are going to get the train from......

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Joe (15th Jun 2020 - 21:02:21)

The plan was turned down but the fact EHDC has put the chicken farm site into the local plan for the future means they will try and overcome access difficulties if and
when they need more houses built. It may be that there is a lesser number of houses applied for. Being in the local plan means the local authority have preferred that site over other sites which came forward for liphook. The local plan includes a
Change to the H9 designation of the Berg Estate which would make the policies for the area more conducive to add onto the estate with access through the Berg.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- D (15th Jun 2020 - 21:44:48)

What's "H9"? I was surprised it was turned down cos it has excellent access through the Berg, there's even a nice access gate there.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Jor (15th Jun 2020 - 23:24:58)

It was a former planning policy for the berg and area which ensured the berg estate kept character by retaining their low housing density. By altering the policy
new houses can be built in the area with a higher density ratio.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- D (16th Jun 2020 - 07:14:40)

I see, I've often wondered why Berg is so open and spacious. So I suppose in theory if H9 were removed, a developer could purchase several properties in a row as they become available, knock them down and build twice as many homes on the same area?

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Local (16th Jun 2020 - 10:04:44)

You are all missing the point. EHDC and HCC doesn’t give two hoots about Liphook it’s all about Petersfield.

Latest information they want to pedestrianise Petersfield Centre and to widen Liphook’s pavements and to have more cycling ways do they not realise we have six roads going through our square and no way round it.

With all the new homes in Bordon being built more cars to Liphook station. They gave us six relief roads around Liphook not one has been built. The most important two Headley Road to Longmoor Road around the Wimpy estate and Longmoor Road to Portsmouth Road behind Bohunt School would have made a massive improvement.

Yes it would mean houses but houses in the right place with infrastructure, Yes land for doctors surgery football ground ,outside class rooms for Bohunt and much much more. But unfortunately all they want to do is build houses in the wrong place it doesn’t matter what the community thinks. If they don’t do something soon we will have miles of tail backs on all six roads all day long.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- joe (16th Jun 2020 - 11:24:36)

The H9 policy seems not to be abandoned completely but softened, eg instead of saying as at the moment no subdivision/ demolition of individual houses on the Berg, in future the special design of the estate would be recognised and questions asked whether any new builds would " fit in with the special character".

Re: 600 houses consultation
- joe (16th Jun 2020 - 11:35:30)

"local" no one gave us 6 relief roads around Liphook. The study was paid for by the developers of Oak Park, because the public were against doing the " improvements " in the square they suggested. At no time did Hampshire Highways promise a relief road. They looked at six options and concluded which would be the most feasible, in the event all options would have had to have been funded by a developer building houses. The option behind Bohunt would have to have been built through the SDNPA. so that body would not have seen the need for it in their area of legislation. All proposals so far for a massive housing estate in the Park have also been refused.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Local (16th Jun 2020 - 12:58:23)

Yes joe quite right , HHC highways were involved the plans were put on the table at the planning meeting at Penns Place for the oak park development at the last minute. Highways would over see any road. Yes of course houses would have to pay for any roads. Wimpy are building 300 they should have been made to put that road in. Bohunt Manor and The Northcote Trust would put that Road in for 400 houses ,much better than 600 on the wrong side of the town.As for it being national park its unused farm land Not Open to the Public.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Eric Benson (18th Jun 2020 - 14:58:25)

As originator of this thread I’m glad to see it re-opening even if the comments of EHDC Councillor Mouland are a bit of a curate’s egg.

See this week‘s Liphook Herald for what is or is not changing in the Draft Local Plan/Large Sites call.

For Liphook sites SA1 - Land at Lowsley Farm, south of the A3, 175 dwellings, SA2 - Chiltley Farm, Liphook, 100 dwellings, SA3 - Land west of Headley Road, Liphook 36 to 40 dwellings, and SA4 - Land adjacent to Billerica, Church Road [hard by the A3], community use are all still in the mix.

A bit of history

1 The proposed GP surgery complex opposite Station Road received planning permission as long ago as the 11th of June 2010. That was an EHDC consent granted at a time before the South Downs National Park had come completely into being. At the time it was a joint venture involving and fully supported by what was then Ship House Surgery, Station Road Surgery and the landowner, the idea being that the two surgeries would occupy one wing each of the new surgery building with there being a shared reception/administration/treatment rooms hub in the middle. For reasons which there is not time nor space to go into here the idea failed , in part because in September 2016 the South East Hants Clinical Commissioning Group/ Joint Primary Care Commissioning Committee rejected it as worthy of a full business case being made. SEH CCG, now a part of the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Partnership of Clinical Commissioning Groups, has still not supported in any concrete or positive way the new Health Hub which is key part of the Whitehill/Bordon Green Town plan – ask EHDC Councillor Ferris Cowper if you wish to know more about that idea.

2 ‘As any fule kno’ if Liphook needs to be developed further then the arc between the Links pub on the Portsmouth Road round to the Deer's Hut pub on the Longmoor Road and up to the boundaries of Bohunt School would be the most sensible site to use for extra housing and community services, such as a new ‘fit for purpose’ GP surgery/medical centre, playing fields etc., particularly if a link road between the two public houses or adjacent thereto was installed, thereby relieving pressure on The Square at rush hour and school opening/closing times. The South Downs National Park, being the Planning Authority for that part of Liphook, will not contemplate that, on what has to be said are dubious policy grounds, given the perceived need/requirement for Liphook as a settlement to develop over time.

3 The Chiltley Farm site SA2 has already been the subject of a planning application, one turned down on appeal in May 2016 reference Appeal Ref: APP/M1710/W/15/3129981. The grounds of that rejection have not changed overall; the site is included in the EHDC Draft Local Plan of 2019 as much because it was offered by the landowner in an EHDC ‘call for sites’ a year or 3 ago as anything else. The primary access roads to this site off of both Chiltley Lane and Devil’s Lane are not up to it, the Berg estate roads would suffer from all the extra traffic. As part of the reasons for including SA2 in the draft local plan a SANG will be needed. The current ‘suggestion’/ offering is Radford Park, nearest access point about a mile away by road!

EHDC has made a decision that there will be no Large Sites for Liphook as proposed in the extra consultation process. However, it continues to propose the sites SA1 to SA4. A revised Draft Local Plan is well overdue. When will it be issued? Don’t hold your breath

Will it reflect the true results of the comments made by many in Liphook in response to the Regulation 18 process? Somehow I doubt it.

Eric Benson

Re: 600 houses consultation
- A.R (18th Jun 2020 - 18:35:37)

Local and Eric. This argument that the Bohunt land is in the SDNP has become tiresome and somewhat pointless. What is it that they are hoping to save? Why has there been so much hostility to this from the Parish council over the years ?
Anyone with an ounce of of common sense and the understanding of Liphook knows that there is a desperate need to use that land to the advantage of this village, dare I call it that now ?
Having a combined surgery would have made things easier for Liphook residents, instead we have two surgeries that often send you out of the village, which doesn't make sense at all. Allotments and a football pitch were mentioned, footpaths to the lovely walks could have been made, so much could have been done here.
Instead we have developments down the Longmoor road that are so out of the way that they need their car to clog the road up even more to get to Sainsburys, oh but we have a rather awful roundabout down there, thank you for that !
At some point we have to have Councillors who REALLY want to help and not try to thwart the developments that would ultimately help Liphook.
It springs to mind that those in certain areas of power have no common sense at all.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Local (18th Jun 2020 - 20:12:35)

Yes A R on the button .As for Radford Park as a sangs that was thrown out by The Parrish Council under great pressure from the public so EHDC cannot call on it for any development. The Chicken Farm cannot use the berg as a way out because the road over the station bridge is to narrow and the exit on to Midhurst Road is to dangerous.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Joe (19th Jun 2020 - 09:10:09)

I get it, the investors in Bohunt want their investment in Bohunt Manor land want return on it, I get it, the residents of the Berg do not want an adjoining estate, but we have seen these same people over the years tell us Liphook does not need more new houses. In one post, Eric tells us there was no new money for a new surgery. In the same post, he tells us that building houses on Bohunt would somehow miraculously achieve a new surgery. How, if there is no money? The developers have only offered land. The football club pulled out, as they could not raise the money for the infastructure needed? The permissions were given and no one has progressed the community facilities. The developers has never promised that with or without houses. The policies have been in place for 10 years, we have to live with them.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Alain (20th Feb 2022 - 12:37:59)

As discussions started in Sep-2019, what is today's situation in 2022 ?

I suppose that you refer to the land SE of Liphook along Highfield Ln and Haslemere road (source on

We're about to become residents in Liphook and therefore it is of interest to us

Re: 600 houses consultation
- joe (20th Feb 2022 - 15:09:46)

A good place to look is EHDCs local plan for housing. It will show where they think houses should be built in the area for the next 10 years. When I last looked they had picked a site for approx 100 houses off Chiltley Lane known locally as the Chiltley farm site. The 600 houses you give the link for did not get the go ahead, they picked a site over near Alton for a large development.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Old res (20th Feb 2022 - 18:11:52)

Better place would be longmoor camp next to a3 new village

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Resident (20th Feb 2022 - 18:17:04)

I think the 100 houses at the chicken farm is a no go because they cannot supply a sangs their back door for that fell through trying to have Radford park as a sangs the Liphook people saw through that scam. And of coarse any development on that side of the square is a no go because all the traffic would have to go though the square witch HCC has said is at capacity now traffic wise. I think there would be a huge outcry if any developers put in for houses on that side of the square.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- joe (20th Feb 2022 - 18:57:26)

The fact it has been put into the local plan means that EHDC have endorsed it. It will not be a question that local residents could stop it? look at Oak Park and all the opposition to that. The Sangs is only one issue which they can overturn by offering money towards upkeep of the nearest green space. It is near to Linchmere Common and Iron Hill and other natural green spaces. Traffic through the square? who will be able to afford petrol soon?

Re: 600 houses consultation
- D (21st Feb 2022 - 08:31:27)

Hello Alain. The proposed development you refer to was one of ten possibilities considered by East Hampshire District Council. Two sites were chosen, namely Alton and Horndean. The reason for the Liphook site not being chosen was that it is "currently undeliverable". Make of that what you will, I don't know.

This means that even though unsuccessful this time it doesn't mean it might not come about in the future. Given how this is the only large site in Liphook not retarded by the South Downs National Park boundary, it probably will be built on sooner or later. If this is a major factor in your decision as to whether to move to Liphook or not, personally I wouldn't. Hope this helps.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- M (21st Feb 2022 - 09:07:03)

The Chicken Farm is a reserved site for 100 homes in EHDCs draft local plan. It is not a forgone conclusion that it will happen but if the plan is approved then pretty certain it will.

It's strange that EHDC rejected the application a few years back, and also fought the appeal, and won, to stop it from happening then, and now go and put it in their new plan.
Makes you wonder why they bothered refusing it in the past, spending all that money fighting it and then roll over a few years later and basically rubber stamp the same application before it's even submitted?

With regard to the SANG Joe the whole point of the SANG is to stop residents pets from using the commons as they are protected areas. BLPC refused the developers application to use Radford Park as a SANG so they will need to negotiate for somewhere else.

A much more concerning issue is the BLPCs Neighbourhood Plan steering group have voted to include the next field to the Chicken Farm as a development site for houses and sports pitches. That field is much bigger than the Chicken Farm, possibly could take 300 homes????

Check out the minutes here:

How do they propose to access the site, through the Chicken Farm and The Berg estate or via the sunken lanes (Devils Lane and Chiltley Lane). Either way isn't really suitable and it's miles away from the schools, so will cause even more congestion through the square.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Re (21st Feb 2022 - 11:31:37)

Liphook is a lovely place to live great community loads of volunteers doing a magnificent job. The biggest problem is EHDC planning they will not listen to the community they put out questionnaires to ask people were they would like to see development take place and were not then totally disregarded it. This has been going on for years other posters have highlighted the faults total disgrace the chicken farm saga. The Liphook community have pleaded time and again for something to be done about the traffic in the square goes back years the centre of our village is being ruined by traffic and it’s a conservation area. Years ago HCC Highways after doing several surveys and saying the square was at capacity at peak times came up with 5 suggested options to relieve traffic to be implemented in conjunction with development EHDC had their first chance with oak park option 4 Headley road to Longmoor road should have been implemented with that development . I was at that planning meeting they discussed the road but nothing was done about that road and the chairman pushed the development through as quickly as possible. Joe I think you may be right money talks if this is the case it’s corruption at its worst.There SHOULD be NO development on that side of our village until roads have been built to get traffic on to the A3 around the square.EHDC planning should be investigated because they are making some very bad decision’s which affects all of us.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Joe (21st Feb 2022 - 13:08:06)

thanks for the link M devils lane is not great in terms of road access very narrow.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- D (22nd Feb 2022 - 14:13:37)

Correction to my earlier post:- "currently TECHNICALLY undeliverable." Don't ask I ain't got a clue.

Re: 600 houses consultation
- Joe (22nd Feb 2022 - 15:36:34)

Hi D possibly because they do not have a proven “need’ to build 600 houses in the Liphook area? They have to stick to their housing numbers or it could be a reason for refusal of the site.

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