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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Bohunt Manor
- curious (28th Aug 2014 - 16:20:17)

So what is happening at Bohunt Manor, two great big holes, or is this just to keep the planning permission alive.?

Re: Bohunt Manor
- bdavies (29th Aug 2014 - 08:55:55)

They had to break ground so that the planning permission would not lapse. What we are left with is an eyesore and a mess. The NHS will not be funding the building of the Medical Centre so we could be stuck with this for years.

Re: Bohunt Manor
- liz (29th Aug 2014 - 11:10:40)

I thought they only had outline planning permission - in which case I don't think breaking the ground makes any difference. No doubt they are trying to make it look as unnattractive and 'brownfield' as possible to try and influence the planning decision for the housing estate. Presumably that was the reason they bulldozed the outline of the proposed roundabout even though there are no plans for it at present.

Re: Bohunt Manor
- Rob (11th Sep 2014 - 18:56:01)

I see they have put up signs now that it will be the New Surgery. As stated the NHS will not pay the £2 million needed to build it, so who is, or just a developers ruse again.

Re: Bohunt Manor
- stacey (11th Sep 2014 - 20:54:48)

What does the sign actually say? I am convinced that the developers never intended this to be given to the current village doctors, rather to be an all purpose building offering homeopathic medicine, and chiropractors and such like.
I have researched around the subject, and they were at one point trying to interest the princes trust in the development, and the Princes Trust did raise health service funding to build for this purpose in other locations. This funding stream has now ceased, due to there being massive fraud, and the person at the Princes Trust was jailed for his part in the scheme. As the government has withdrawn this funding, Bohunt Manor developers are left with building the centre themselves or persuading some other developer to build it, and then offer it out on a rental basis. It is a ridiculous way to go about getting planning permission for houses.

Re: Bohunt Manor
- liz (12th Sep 2014 - 09:07:17)

Do they actually have full planning permission for this or only outline? I think they are trying to hoodwink people into believing that the development of this land is a 'fait accompli'.

Re: Bohunt Manor
- bdavies (12th Sep 2014 - 09:13:32)

Absolutely the sort of thing that Liphook needs - sort of similar to the much demanded Gospel Hall.

Hardly supports the argument that this is the best site owing to infrastructure returns.

Watch out for a change of use scam.

Re: Bohunt Manor
- GM (12th Sep 2014 - 10:08:39)

This should help explain some reasons behind it

“Use it or lose it”

"Developers with the benefit of an extant planning permission which is in danger of lapsing will now have to think carefully about an implementation strategy. Although it is often not difficult to dig a trench or to do other minimal works to implement the permission for the purposes of keeping it alive, this has to weighed up against the burden of discharging all pre-commencement conditions and the risk of triggering any CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) liability or any section 106 payments. The pressures in ensuring that the funding for the development project is in place at an early stage is likely now to be even more intense."

Re: Bohunt Manor
- stacey (12th Jan 2015 - 22:14:59)

Bohunt Manor's application on the SDNP website is now live. If you wish go make any comments the SDNP is the place to do it. and the time to do it is NOW!

i personally wish to protect the national Park from development of this kind, it is not needed with the other large applications in Liphook as well. This would add extra to the 175 needed at present to fulfill quotas.

Re: Bohunt Manor
- bdavies (13th Jan 2015 - 09:05:10)

Does anyone know the planning application reference?

Re: Bohunt Manor
- Keith (13th Jan 2015 - 10:33:16)

Planning reference is


You can find it on SDNP website by going here

and then searching for it.

Re: Bohunt Manor
- liz (13th Jan 2015 - 13:21:25)

It says no comments can be made at this time. Does anyone know when they can be?

Re: Bohunt Manor
- dawn (13th Jan 2015 - 13:28:56)

South Downs National Park Authority Telephone 0300 303 1053

contact them and find out

Re: Bohunt Manor
- stacey (13th Jan 2015 - 15:33:23)

Hi Liz are you looking at the one at the top of the page recently validated? there are already 29 comments posted on there? have you tried today? it may be a problem with their website if you cannot comment.. I will try myself and see later on today. Good luck. You could alternativelu write comments by post to them?

Re: Bohunt Manor
- stacey (13th Jan 2015 - 17:05:46)

I have today managed to register a comment on the current Bohunt Manor Application, it is neccessary to register though to do this. The application was registered on the 5 th Jan. It appears they are asking to submit comment from the public grouped into 3 areas, noise, amenity value or traffic.

Re: Bohunt Manor
- SOS Bohunt Manor Community Action Group (13th Jan 2015 - 18:01:05)

As mentioned on previous Talkback Posts the outline planning application [Reference SDNP/14/06426/OUT] for Bohunt Park has now been lodged on the South Downs National Park’s web site

The application can be viewed by following this link

The SOS Bohunt Manor Community Action Group are currently assessing the contents of the planning application by GVI Ltd. They will be responding in detail to the application to accord with the Group’s aims and objectives which are; to protect Liphook’s gateway to the South Downs National Park and uphold the principles of the Park ensuring the cultural heritage, landscape, beauty and wildlife are preserved for future generations. The SOS Bohunt Manor Community Action Group was formed following the public meeting on 9th July 2013 where the attendees overwhelmingly opposed GVI Ltd’s plans to develop the Bohunt Manor Estate.

Further information can be found on

Re: Bohunt Manor
- SOS Bohunt Manor Community Action Group (16th Jan 2015 - 16:37:22)

Our web site,, has been updated with further information in respect of the Outline Planning Application to construct 140 dwellings on the Bohunt Manor Estate.

This update includes some key reasons for registering objections to the proposals.

Re: Bohunt Manor
- bdavies (16th Jan 2015 - 16:43:22)

I see the Chicken Farm has been rejected as a site for housing.

Re: Bohunt Manor
- Martin (16th Jan 2015 - 17:44:15)

It is really good to see all of the positive support for the Bohunt development on the SDNP website.

Hopefully people will look at the bigger picture and appreciate the benefit that this will bring to our community in the future, and not be influenced by the minority who seem intent on objecting to everything that is proposed.

Re: Bohunt Manor
- Col (16th Jan 2015 - 23:12:48)

I cannot believe how people have been blinded by the development proposal of the site... again... It\'s a bit like day ja vue with regards to the planting of trees down Bohunt Manor.

Yes its lovely the developers are 'offering' some amenities alongside all of the housing but let\'s not be narrow minded here. Developers don't give away land for no reason, its a sweetener to get more houses on the plot! Either that or the 'amenity' plot will lay empty for a couple of years (much like the rest of the OSU site) nobody will put the money upfront, and the developers will see fit to put some more lovely houses on the plot (again much the dormant OSU site, which has recently been developed on, which was supposed to be left aside for 'local businesses')

Most people who want the proposal seem to either live down the Haslemere Road, or in a completely different village! Hmmmm... Smells fishy...

Well if the proposal is accepted, I'm sure in another 5 years people will be moaning on this website about how bad the traffic is in Liphook, and how the village is at a complete standstill at peak times. Liphook, and the network roads into the Square at present are at standstill at peak times now. When the Portsmouth Road was open normally, on a school day, the traffic would be queuing from the Square down to the Bohunt Manor entrance. The addition of the roundabout, housing and \'sweeteners\' on the Bohunt Manor land would only worsen the congestion, surely?

Having lived in Liphook for over 50 years, I think it\'s fair to say that Liphook is not a village anymore, and all this overdevelopment of precious 'greenfield' South Downs land will eventually happen one way or another sadly, and maybe sooner rather than later. What is the point of the South Downs protection scheme if we just ignore it and carry on building on it? Completely defines the object of the scheme. I know one day, if not sooner rather than later, the land will get built on because of the persist developers, (which I'm sure would have disgusted Lady Holman, especially as she left the land to the WWF).

Well Liphook residents the power is in your hands... Vote 'Approve' for more traffic, more soulless boxes, and the destruction of a large segment of the South Downs, or vote 'Oppose' to help stop the over urbanisation of Liphook, and help preserve the scenic countryside that attracted us all to live in Liphook in the first place!

Re: Bohunt Manor
- Martin (16th Jan 2015 - 23:16:27)

Does anyone know if there is going to be another consultation meeting again regarding the development of the South Downs land?

Re: Bohunt Manor
- stacey (17th Jan 2015 - 00:30:08)

I do not think so, the best thing to do is put your comments on line, and the weight of opposition should surely make the planners realise that the community does not need a development in the National Park, especially with so much other development planned for Liphook.

Re: Bohunt Manor
- A. Ryan (18th Jan 2015 - 13:47:07)

I do believe Stacey, may have not been to any Council meetings or the exhibitions that were held last year to find out public opinion,of what would be of benefit to Liphook, and what would not.
The Chiltley Farm proposal was hugely opposed to for lots of different reasons by Liphook residents, yet I saw with my own eyes how certain members of the Council agreed with this land being designated for housing and how members of the public were quieted for trying to voice their disapproval.
At the LIPS exhibition it was starkly obvious that residents preferential area for new development was the Bohunt land, and for very good reasons.
But, I do fear, after having talked to certain Councillors that this potential area will be overlooked.
Perhaps these same Councillors could spend more time worrying about our truly beautiful land surrounding this town and make sure that that is saved for future generations. We have stunning walks around us that is what we must be aiming to keep.

Re: Bohunt Manor
- Jaybee (18th Jan 2015 - 18:36:07)

A. Ryan
I entirely agree with your comments. I understand that both the Chair & Vice chair of the B&LPC planning committee, who appeared to be in favour of the Chiltley Farm proposal both live in the north of the village and would not suffer the traffic problems in the village unless they wanted to visit Sainsbury's. .Furthermore one of these has filed an objection to the Bohunt proposal as a private indivual

Re: Bohunt Manor
- liz (19th Jan 2015 - 08:37:34)


I agree, some people are easily fooled!

Re: Bohunt Manor
- SOS Bohunt Manor Community Action Group (19th Jan 2015 - 09:23:41)

Reference the earlier post we are printing for general distribution a leaflet encouraging members of the public to register their objection to proposed development on the Bohunt Manor Estate.

In the leaflet is an explanation on How to Object either by post or online. A copy of the leaflet can be downloaded by following this link. SOS_bohunt_2015_leaflet.pdf

Further information can be obtained by visiting our web site

Re: Bohunt Manor
- Peter R (19th Jan 2015 - 09:53:06)

I entirely agree with A.Ryan and Jaybee. It would appear that some of the current parish councillors have a hidden Agenda with regard to the Bohunt Manor Frontage Land and the Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm proposals. The Chlitley Lane site has now been refused by EHDC. Thank goodness for common sense. It is times like this when I am only too grateful that parish councillors are only allowed to comment on applications, not make decisions.

Re: Bohunt Manor
- Darren (19th Jan 2015 - 10:32:52)

Col and Liz

Just to say that GVI have agreed to be bound by S106 agreements to ensure that all the "Community Facilities" are built along with the houses.

I agree no developer does anything for nothing. They will make a profit out of the land if it's given planning permission, even after giving 50% of it to WWF, and why shouldn't they?

Compared to all the other planning applications this is the only one which WILL give facilities back to Liphook. In my view the positives for Liphook far out-way the negatives so if Liphook is to have more houses this is by far the best option.

PS: Pleased to see that EHDC seem to agree and have refused the Chiltley Farm application without even going to committee. It was by far the worse planning application ever submitted and by far the worse option for Liphook.

I believe that they may be giving land, but they are NOT giving facilities. All facilities have to be self funded or land reverts back to them, is my understanding.

Re: Bohunt Manor
- A. Ryan (19th Jan 2015 - 11:21:15)

Col and Liz. No one is easily fooled. Nobody gets anything for nothing. No developer is doing it for love. The country needs more housing, but there are some that stick their heads in the sand and hope that the nasty little problem will go away.
What is the point of land just designated for housing? We need facilities to cater for these extra families. What would the Chiltley proposal have given us, yes, more housing, but too many crammed into an area wholly unsuitable, without any other benefits to the village.
As with the other developments, there is more housing but nothing else on offer as such. The Parish Council should be in discussions about this, and not blocking the most obvious solution.
An exhibition was held a few weeks ago to gauge residents \" wish list \" for Liphook, and what I think was determined from that was Liphook must move forward and stop harping back to a age which does not and never will exist anymore.

Re: Bohunt Manor
- liz (19th Jan 2015 - 12:17:16)

A. Ryan

Just who, exactly, is going to pay for these facilities? - I believe there is only a limited window before they revert back to the developer but could be wrong.

I was thinking the other day that land was purchased years and years ago for Bohunt school, I do not know if it was compulsory or otherwise but I doubt it. That facility was provided without having to give permission to some developer to build 200 houses as far as I can see - so how did that work? Yes we need more houses in the area but Liphook has met its quota I believe and seems to have built far more than its fair share in the last few years.

Then there is the Bordon development on our doorstep with no new railway station.........

Re: Bohunt Manor
- stacey (19th Jan 2015 - 14:04:29)

yes the owners of Bohunt have deliberately created the illusion that they are giving facilities. They are giving land.

All developers have to do that and The issue is that they are differently designated being in the National Park. The hoops are higher that they have to jump through, and there would be no possibility of them getting houses there unless they did foster this belief they are being philanthropic.

Ask yourself hard questions. Why did they destroy the protected trees? why, after 5 years has nothing been built after promises of this health centre?

EHDC are not deciding the application, it has nothing to do with other rejected applications in Liphook. Those developers will appeal and probably get permission. EHDC have no remit in the Park, the Park is developing it's own local plan independently.

Re: Bohunt Manor
- bdavies (19th Jan 2015 - 14:20:19)

Neither the chicken farm nor the Bohunt developments are suitable. Anyone thinking that we will miraculously get new facilities by backing the Bohunt development is deluded. Yes GVI will supply the land and may even help build the surgery but nothing more. We have a traffic problem in Liphook which will not be solved by the proposed relief road.

With the 2500+ houses now given the go ahead in Bordon and with Liphook already allocated its designated quota (along with the Maple Park development) enough is enough.

Re: Bohunt Manor
- Kevin Jackson (19th Jan 2015 - 14:31:50)

The land for Bohunt School was compulsorily purchased. The then owners, the Luff family, relocated to Headley where they run the Mill Lane Farm Shop.

Re: Bohunt Manor
- MJB (19th Jan 2015 - 14:35:40)

Although the Medical Centre and roundabout have been granted permission it would appear from the recent planning application that the housing development would be needed to cross subsidise the construction and maintenance costs.

The Medical Centre will not be constructed until/unless the housing is approved and NHS Funding is in place. With the current moratorium on NHS Funding the likelihood of constructing the Medical Centre within the foreseeable future is in doubt. If the option is not exercised within a certain time, then the Landowner would be able to pursue other potential uses of the building, subject to obtaining planning permission.

Of further concern is the management of the proposed landscaping, nature reserve and café/shop. It seems that these facilities will be managed by a company set up by the developers with directors from the development company, the Parish Council and residents. How is this administration & maintenance to be funded- From our rates and/or Bohunt Park residents?

The Bohunt Park applicant is proposing to discharge the foul and surface water into attenuation tanks for primary treatment and then remove any other untreated pollutants via an ecological system of reed and willow beds close to The Links Public House and next to the public footpath.

Another concern is the reliance on robust management of this Living Water sewage system and ensuring it does not pollute the small River Wey tributary into which the discharge will flow.

In addition the operation of these Living Water sewage treatment systems, also known as Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems [SUDS] could be overwhelmed during heavy rainfall replicating the problem we have in Liphook on the mains sewers. Such a large number of houses and high rainwater could create a surge which may not be accommodated in the large underground attenuation chambers and therefore affect the environmentally sensitive River Wey headwaters and the adjacent Wealden Heaths Special Protection Area [SPA]

A further complication relates to the cessation of sewage pumping operations during the frequent extended power cuts that we unfortunately suffer in Liphook.

I will be commenting as an objector to this application using the guide in the SOS Bohunt Manor Community Action Group leaflet at the link shown above.

Re: Bohunt Manor
- liz (19th Jan 2015 - 16:32:36)

I hear (but cannot verify) that there is already a problem with sewerage at Bohunt - apparently discharging into reed beds which cannot cope.

Re: Bohunt Manor
- Wendy Appleton (20th Jan 2015 - 09:35:21)

Hi Liz

I am the Operations Manager at Lumi who occupy Bohunt Manor. I'd be interested to hear where your information comes from regarding a problem with sewerage at Bohunt Manor? I can confirm that there is no such problem. A few months ago one of our neighbours did have a blocked drain but that was sorted out very promptly by a drainage company. I have been hearing rumours about such problems but until someone posts about it or actually pops into Bohunt Manor to discuss it, it is hard to address. We at Lumi know how lucky we are to have Bohunt Manor as our base and we pride ourselves on the continuing work we do both to the manor house and the grounds in order to keep them both in a good condition. We do plan to give the public access to the grounds at least once a year, whether it be through a charity event, such as our fete for Dreams Come True last year, or by holding an open garden event. I can't comment on any of the plans for the Bohunt frontage land as it isn't owned by or connected to Bohunt Manor.

I would welcome any interested parties that wish to discuss any concerns they may have over Bohunt Manor (not Bohunt frontage land) to either come and see me for a coffee and a chat or give me a call on 01428 721000.

Wendy Appleton

Re: Bohunt Manor
- liz (20th Jan 2015 - 11:06:03)

Thanks Wendy and apologies. It seems my source was unreliable - not entirely surprised!

Re: Bohunt Manor
- Wendy Appleton (20th Jan 2015 - 11:44:06)

Thanks Liz, no need to apologise - I will always welcome people drawing our attention to a problem on our land in case there is something happening that we aren't aware of, my priority is to try and keep the land and buildings in A1 condition. We are very mindful of the history of the property and we employ a fantastic gardener / grounds keeper who works extremely hard to keep everything tip top.

Re: Bohunt Manor
- Col (21st Jan 2015 - 00:33:15)

With regards to the sewage spilling out, or the poor drainage system, someone may have got confused and may have been referring to the Portsmouth Road sewage issue around Christmas time, which occurred near the Bohunt Manor entrance perhaps?

I have lived down the Portsmouth Road for 30+ years and I have never seen something like this happen in the past. To be honest if this is happening now without this development going ahead, god only knows what its going to be like afterwards...

And also I would just like to ask the people that say Liphook needs more housing... What attracted you to live in Liphook in the first place? Surely it would have been the picturesque landscape and good transportation networks that made it enticing. If we build all these extra houses you want, a large area of greenfield enriched land will be destroyed, and the village will become even more heavily congested. So by the time this has happened, and if it's houses you want and you commute, surely relocating would make more sense if you aren't too worried congestion and scenic rural views?...

Re: Bohunt Manor
- SOS Bohunt Manor Community Action Group (22nd Jan 2015 - 09:01:38)

Our team of volunteers is now delivering our leaflets to the homes in the Parish.

In the leaflet is an explanation on ‘How to Object’, either by post or online, to the proposal to construct 140 dwellings on the historic Bohunt Estate. A copy of the leaflet can be downloaded by following this link. SOS_bohunt_2015_leaflet.pdf

The overwhelming majority of residents at the public meeting held in July 2013 also objected to this proposal; as can be viewed if you follow this link to the BBC South Today Report on the meeting BBC South Today excerpt 9th July 2013 PM

BBC South Today excerpt 9th July 2013 AM - part 1

BBC South Today excerpt 9th July 2013 PM - part 2

Apart from the plans to construct this Major Development on the South Downs National Park we are very concerned about the proposal to discharge both the foul and surface water into attenuation tanks for primary treatment and then remove any other untreated pollutants via an ecological system of reed and willow beds located close to The Links Public House and next to the public footpath.

This proposal has been forced on the Developers due to the poor condition and low capacity of the Foul sewers in Liphook, which has caused surface discharge in Portsmouth Road and Longmoor Road

To work effectively and safely these systems need to be closely monitored and robustly managed so that pollutants do not discharge into the river system. In the case of Bohunt the discharge point enters into a small stream feeding into the river system which passes through the adjacent Wealden Heaths Special Protection Area [SPA].

Such a large number of houses and high rainwater could create a surge which may not be accommodated in the proposed large underground attenuation chambers; therefore affecting the environmentally sensitive River Wey tributaries. The design of the pumping chamber would need to incorporate emergency power connections to forestall any problems once there is a cessation of sewage pumping operations during the frequent extended power cuts that we unfortunately suffer in Liphook.

As identified in a previous Post the Medical Centre and roundabout have been granted permission. However it would appear from the recent planning application that the housing development would be needed to cross subsidise the construction and maintenance costs.

The Medical Centre will not be constructed until/unless the housing is approved and NHS Funding is definitely in place. With the current moratorium on NHS Funding the likelihood of constructing the Medical Centre within the foreseeable future is in serious doubt. If the option is not exercised within a prescribed time the developer would be able to pursue other potential uses of the building site, subject to obtaining planning permission.

Of further concern is the management of the proposed landscaping, drainage channels [Swales], nature reserve and café/shop. It seems that these facilities will be managed by a company set up by the developers with directors from the development company, the Parish Council and residents. How is this administration & maintenance to be funded- From our rates and/or Bohunt Park residents?

We are currently finalising our own response to the planning application documents and this will be submitted in the near future.

Further information can be found on

Re: Bohunt Manor
- liz (22nd Jan 2015 - 09:47:13)

140 houses and possibly a medical centre not attached to main drainage? Sounds like a disaster waiting to happen - not just for the National Park but also for the River Wey Conservation Area and beyond!

Re: Bohunt Manor
- Gordon (30th Jan 2015 - 01:23:31)

I cannot believe how much support this application has received all of a sudden, especially in light of how much traffic and pollution it will generate. I certainly won't be moving back into the centre of Liphook as traffic is already bad enough at peak times. However, it's funny that a number of the 'support' comments on the application have come from people residing outside of Liphook, even people residing outside of Hampshire!

Comments from Teddington, Alton, Alresford, Hindhead, Tadcaster, Fernhurst... The list is endless. Smells odd to me! How can people who do not live in our village even a say when they will not be directly affected?

Perhaps the original property developers who bought Bohunt Manor from the WWF, and the now distant directors of GVI, Mr Brian and Patrick Cox would like to confirm whether they are paying people to vote in favour of their 'generous proposal' ?

I hear through the grapevine a large development application on south downs land can cost in excess of £150,000 these days...

Re: Bohunt Manor
- Bonksy (30th Jan 2015 - 09:13:34)

I'm just surprised the WWF gave permission - since Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks wrestling in the UK has been on a rapid decline.

Re: Bohunt Manor
- Darren Ellis (30th Jan 2015 - 09:29:21)

Gordon I totally agree with you, it does seem strange that there are many comments from outside Liphook regarding this application.
I might add it's not just those who support the application but also just as many who live outside Liphook who are objecting to it. (it takes some trawling through all the documents but it's quite interesting to read what people have to say and where they live).
Everyone is entitled to make a comment, no matter where they live, but it does show the strength of feeling, both in Support and Against the Bohunt Park application.

Re: Bohunt Manor
- SOS Bohunt Manor Community Action Group (30th Jan 2015 - 09:46:33)

SOS Bohunt Manor Community Action Group have now sent to the South Downs National Park Planning Authority our detailed comments on the planning application to develop the Bohunt Manor Estate.

Our document sets out in sections why the planning application should be refused.

The document together with our leaflet can be viewed by following the links

SOS Bohunt Manor Final Response to planning

SOS bohunt 2015 leaflet

Re: Bohunt Manor
- stacey (30th Jan 2015 - 09:56:15)

The health service are funding extensions to chase hospital, it is unlikely they will fund a new build in the same area. Bordon are set to build at least 3000 new houses, so the business case for 140 houses probably is not enough to persuade them when I hear that one of our surgeries cannot afford/ does not want the move anyway. The previous poster is right the developers are not funding the facilities from a 106, just look at what happened to the football club, they have to fund facilities and pay for the road!

Re: Bohunt Manor
- peter (30th Jan 2015 - 10:08:36)

yes funny how the Pope family are objecting to the Bohunt Manor scheme, no less then eight members of the Pope family have lodged objections all the way from Scotland, Gloucester, Oxfordshire, Winchester, Worthing etc and I note that Andrew Pope has submitting no less than three objections himself, so he is duplicating his objections.

You won't be surprised to learn that the Pope family are trying to get permission for loads of houses on their on bit of land on the Headley Road, so no wonder they they are objecting to houses going elsewhere as they, together with their Developer, Tim Vincent of Vincent Homes, would like houses to be built on their site instead.

How hypocritical of the Pope family.

You won't either be surprised to learn that about 4 years ago the Pope family were about to cut down the mature oak trees on their land opposite the Catholic Church, probably in order to get a road into their site, as the trees would block the road views and be unsafe, and that the Council had to send out an Officer to put an Emergency Preservation Order on these beautiful trees as the tree cutters were on site ready to cut the trees. My neighbour was walking past the Pope land when she met the Council Officer, and EHDC will confirm this.

[Reply from Andrew Pope - The Pope Family has never contemplated planned or tried to cut or damage these fine trees. My mother and I organised health & safety crown reductions of the two largest in 1989 and the whole family was and remains very proud of them. Anyone who may have believed otherwise has, and still has, no excuse and plenty of time for not verifying their facts first: my name and address is in the Land Registry and my home and mobile telephone numbers are posted on-site on the gatepost - and have been for years.

EHDC made the TPO in May 2010; it was unobjectionable as far as the Pope family was concerned because it fell in with our own protection and maintenance of the trees (since the mid 1950s). I have always assumed that EHDC was prompted to make this TPO by their own classification of the ground a year earlier, as a "SHLAA Included" site which means the ground was considered by EHDC to merit detailed assessment for potential development. It would be sensible work by a planning authority to then protect important features, in my view.]

Andrew Pope himself [text removed] opposes the Bohunt Manor houses as he wants the houses to go on his land instead.


Re: Bohunt Manor
- Dawn Hoskins (30th Jan 2015 - 12:40:11)

As much as people may make statements like “NO HOUSES HERE” etc. You just have to take it as a done deal that houses ARE going to be built – why – because central government has set strict minimum limits on almost every county in the South East.

Villages all round us are going through the exact same thing. With local Councils saying No where they can, yes where they have no choice (as determined by the pre-prescribed list of possible objections). Even where there is a legitimate reason to object – if it goes to appeal then someone from central government will simply look at the map see a greenfield or a brownfield site and tick the box.

Please don’t blame local councillors when they have no choice but to stick to the rules.

Re: Bohunt Manor
- peter (30th Jan 2015 - 13:35:24)

the thing is that I knew Andrew Pope's mum and she was a lovely lady, despite her disability and she would not have been happy with any of this. I think that the family are behaving disgracefully and that they should give this land to the village sports fields which are needed
FYI those oak trees are nearly 200 years old

Re: Bohunt Manor
- liz (30th Jan 2015 - 14:00:58)

It does seem ridiculous though when they plan to build 2400+ houses at Bordon with no proper transport links. Surely that is more than our quota for this little part of Hampshire and for Liphook station for that matter! Planners must take this into account when making decisions or it will be chaos.

Re: Bohunt Manor
- peter (31st Jan 2015 - 09:55:42)

discussing this matter with a neighbour last night, it seems that ANDREW POPE has just submitted a planning application to carry out works on one of the 200 year old oak trees, which he says is necessary to to maintain the integrity of this fine specimen. this application number is EHDC 52669

There are three large oaks along this boundary and he is only carrying out works on one of these trees, which is curious, though this would be the best poison to bulldoze a new road in to the filed which the Pope family have said they want to fill with houses.

There are two other trees which curiously he does propose to do works on to maintain their integrity as he describes it

What is curious also is that the consultant who wrote up the tree report for the planning application is CHALLICE CONSULTANCY Horsham Road Dorking, who are just a couple of miles away from Andrew Pope's developer, TIM VINCENT of VINCENT HOMES

Why has Andrew Pope gone to a tree surgeon who lives so far away when he could have used Mike Sullivan who is the best tree surgeon and reason priced and qualified and lives in Liphook ?

I suspect that there is a connection between Vincent Homes, Pope Family and Chalice Consultancy who all only have one interest, which is to build houses on this field.

The Pope family were an old respected family around here.

[In my opinion] Andrew's mother would have given this land to the village for sports fields and to the scouts. It is too noisy for houses here anyway, but we need to be vigilant about the actual works that his tree surgeons do on these protected trees.

Dawn I note your comments, but I will never give up fighting to stop all development in Liphook as we are fine and do not need all this development.

Re: Bohunt Manor
- stacey (31st Jan 2015 - 18:00:05)

I think that a tree preservation order has been place on the trees, otherwise he would not need permission to cut them down? whoever does the work I am sure he managed to compare prices. I am not denegrating anyones work, but I had a quote from Mike Sullivan and found his quote very expensive compsred to other local as equally qualified tree surgeons.

Re: Bohunt Manor
- Question 7 (1st Feb 2015 - 10:40:05)

Dawn I understand the sentiment of your comment, I would like to highlight two points:

i) The EHCC legally have to put a 5 year land bank for their total area. EHCC have allocated 799 houses for Liphook till 2028, of which the last time I saw visability, Liphook had already over 620 houses, giving us enough to cover our proportion to 2024. The majority are still to be built and we have no idea how this is going to effect an already creaking infrastructure.

When this was pointed out to EHCC Head Planner he did have some sympathy. There are other parishes in the area which have no where near the Liphook's % of sites secured from the 'Strategic Plan', whilst it is common knowledge that the vast majority of the land bank and council expenditure will be secured on the Bordon redevelopment.

ii) My understanding is that the Bohunt Development will be classed as a SDNP, thus will be in addition to the 799 houses allocated as part of the 'Strategic Plan'.

This is a business, developers are rushing to Liphook to secure the outstanding 175 sites before the majority of the Bordon plans are approved. Use EHCC sympathy in the short to medium term, they now have their 5 year land bank, see what the current unbuilt sites do to the infrastructure before we allocate the 20% outstanding for the 2028 target.

Re: Bohunt Manor
- stacey (1st Feb 2015 - 12:02:47)

I agree with the above poster and would like to stress that the SDNP have not allocated Bohunt as a housing site, they obviously do not see the need for duplicating Bordon in the National Park. We can approach this more sensibly, and not be taken in by the constant drip feed of biased information from the Herald. I believe that the afvertising on Silent Garden has started, we shall see what effect that has on the area.
The Bohunt site is not going to be decided by the EHDC planning committee, they do not have the same presumption to build.If you read their website, protection of the Park and it's values are the over
riding concerns when making desiscions, not the housing numbers at EHDC.

Re: Bohunt Manor
- SOS Bohunt Manor Community Action Group (1st Feb 2015 - 13:08:53)

The Environment Agency have objected to the proposal by the developers for the discharge of foul and surface water into the local streams. Their objection is due to an unacceptable risk to the environment.

You can find the full transcript on the SDNP website by following:-

and then searching Planning reference SDNP/14/06426/OUT - Comments

The Environment Agency’s objections complement our comments to the SDNP Planning Authority which are available on:-

SOS Bohunt Manor Final Response to planning

Link referred to on our previous Post.

Re: Bohunt Manor
- SOS Bohunt Manor Community Action Group (4th Feb 2015 - 18:50:34)

For your information the South Downs Society have objected to the proposal to develop the historic Bohunt Manor Estate.

You can find the full transcript on the SDNP website by following:-

and then searching Planning reference SDNP/14/06426/OUT – Documents Tab

The South Downs Society’s objections complement our comments to the SDNP Planning Authority which are available on:-

SOS Bohunt Manor Final Response to planning

The Link is referred to on one of our previous Posts.

Re: Bohunt Manor
- PR (4th Feb 2015 - 20:23:38)

The most appropriate location for any further houses in Liphook should be on brownfield land in the village and therefore we should resist development plans at Bohunt Manor and keep the land available for community use mixed with agriculture

It must be abundantly clear by now that the so-called medical centre at Bohunt Manor will NEVER be built, as they would have done it by now if that was their true intentions or if it was really needed. There are two surgeries in the village and this enough for a community of this size.

The authorities should apply for a compulsory purchase order (CPO) to take ownership of the football grounds at Bohunt Manor which also approved there some years ago and has been just sitting idle whilst the developer looks at ways of putting more and more houses on this land. It is unlikely, in my opinion, that the developer ever intended to use this land for the local football club and, as mentioned by liz they have been trying to find a way of taking the land back from the club once they have planning for houses, probably to build yet more houses which none of us want.

From what I have read here, they are doing the same thing with the doctors and will change the medical centre into yet more houses or offices and have no intention of letting the doctors use this building if it is ever built.

This land was all open freely available to the public when the Lady Holam lived there and there must be a way to take the land back for the village. The SOS Community Action group should be supported and should be looking into the legal side of these things, such as the CPO process, as this would for the village's benefit including a village cricket pitch which the group indicates would be supported.

We are all alerted now to the outrageous proposals of so-called GREEN Village Development s to allow their sewage discharge to risk pollute the local rivers and watercourses. Thankfully the SOS Group got the Environment Agency to object to such proposals, but did they really think that they would get away with such vandalism

Re: Bohunt Manor
- PR (4th Feb 2015 - 22:09:05)

just to add, it seems from the various postings on Talkback that the doctors in the village have said that they do not want to move into the Bohunt Manor new medical centre in any case. I think that this says it all and the fortunately SOS group has highlighted this point.

Re: Bohunt Manor
- grrrr (5th Feb 2015 - 08:17:01)

re new surgery football pitch etc I think I am right in saying gvi where only giving land for these projects not building them

and i am sure the village surgery is a rented property owned by an old liphook doc so now building to sell to rebuild?

gvi dont care about liphook only ££ the sooner everyine realises that the better

and they would only give the land IF planning was given for all houses!!!

Re: Bohunt Manor
- SOS Bohunt Manor Community Action Group (5th Feb 2015 - 14:53:31)

There many thoughtful objections on the SDNP web site to the development proposals for the Bohunt Manor Estate where individuals and organisations, including the Environment Agency, have expressed their concerns.

May we suggest that readers of Talkback peruse these comments by logging on to the SDNP Web site by following the link and then searching Planning reference SDNP/14/06426/OUT – Documents Tab.

SOS Bohunt Manor Community Action Group’s own detailed comments can be found on the SDNP Web site or by following the quick link SOS Bohunt Manor Final Response to planning. These are set out in a clear and concise manner dealing with the National Planning Policy Framework, the Joint Core Strategy, UK Government Vision and Circular, Scenery, Infrastructure and Utilities, Archaeology, Ecology, Long Term Responsibilities, Sustainability Appraisal, Major Development, Local Interim Planning Statement, Construction and Sustainable Future use.
We encourage everybody worried about this wholly inappropriate development to register their concerns with the SDNP either online or by post.

Re: Bohunt Manor
- Kevin Jackson (5th Feb 2015 - 15:18:46)

PR Referring to your post on 4 February please stop muddying the waters with the Bohunt Manor Frontage Land. This land is in the SDNP and has nothing to do with EHDC. Whatever happens at Bohunt Manor will have no impact on the number of houses that Liphook, outside the SDNP, will have to accommodate ie at this moment in time, another 175.

In other words to clarify, if say 145 houses were given permission by the SDNP on Bohunt Manor Frontage Land, a site or sites would have to be found in Liphook outside the SDNP for the 175 that still have to be accommodated.

Re: Bohunt Manor
- SOS Bohunt Manor Community Action Group (8th Feb 2015 - 10:32:31)

Apart from the objection to construct on the South Downs National Park our Group is very concerned with:-

• The reliance on a Living Water Sewage treatment system which discharges into the small stream next to The LInks Tavern. The Environment Agency have already lodged their objection to this proposal because of unacceptable risk to the environment.

• The alternative to the proposed Living Water Sewage Treatment System would be to use the mains sewers. These mains have reached capacity and often surcharge on to the Portsmouth Road and Longmoor Road

• The intrusion into the countryside.and effect on the ecology as indicated by the RSPB in their letter dated 29th May 2014 to the SDNP.

• Increased traffic flow through The Square as this is the only means of gaining access to the A3 causing even more congestion when it merges with the Haslemere Road/Headley Road traffic flow. Note: There is no ‘relief’ road proposed through the new development and even if one was proposed there would be no reduction on the main traffic flow along Headley Rd and Haslemere Rd.

• Safety on the roundabout.

• The long term maintenance, funding and management of the proposed sewage system including the swales , landscaping, café, shop, visitor centre, Nature Reserve and allotments. These facilities and installations need robust management with guaranteed funding for their life time. We doubt that the Parish Council and residents will commit themselves to this long term responsibility. Note: Swales are shallow, broad and vegetated channels designed to store and/or convey rain water runoff.

If you have objections to this proposal to develop the historic Bohunt Manor Estate please forward your comments by 13th February 2015

By letter to:-
The Planning Department, South Downs National Park Authority,
South Downs Centre, North Street, Midhurst, West Sussex, GU29 9DH


1. Visit
2. Click on Register tab and fill in your details
3. Log In and Search for reference SDNP/14/06426/OUT
4. Click on the Comments tab and make your objection

Our Group’s comments have been sent and can be viewed on the SDNP web site or by the link SOS Bohunt Manor Final Response to planning on the Talkback Web site

Re: Bohunt Manor
- South Downs Society (10th Feb 2015 - 13:54:22)

National Park “Friends” Group Defends the Borders!

The South Downs Society, a 2,000 strong pressure group whose aim is to conserve and improve the landscape of the South Downs National Park for the public’s quiet enjoyment, has put its weight behind local residents resisting a scheme to build 140 houses on the western edge of Liphook and just inside the national park.

Says the Society’s Policy Officer, Steve Ankers, “We were invited to scrutinise the outline planning application by the Bohunt Manor Community Action Group, who were worried about the potential impact of the scheme on the setting of Liphook, the national park landscape and local wildlife. We agree with their concerns and have submitted our own strong objection. There are better places in and around Liphook to meet any proven housing need.”

Government planning policy states that major developments should only take place in the national park if all alternatives have been examined and demonstrated to be unsuitable.

Says Steve Ankers, “That test hasn’t been passed here, and we've been through a lengthy public inquiry to establish a proper boundary for the park. The developers will need to look elsewhere.”

Re: Bohunt Manor
- A. Ryan (10th Feb 2015 - 14:21:07)

Sorry how very wrong you are. Look at the comments submitted to South Downs Park Authority. Most are in favour for this development, above any other. There is nothing special about these fields, only the land further back, which should be looked after. Who and why are you so against what is glaringly obvious to everyone else. What else could be done with them? They have only been used for agricultural use for years, no one could go walking on them, unlike our walks around Liphook.
Who ever you are you are hell bent on ruining Liphook by believing other sites are better.

Re: Bohunt Manor
- liz (10th Feb 2015 - 15:19:07)

A. Ryan

Sorry but how wrong YOU are. There are more suitable sites in Liphook without encroaching on our National Park which, as the article states, took a long time to establish and it certainly wasn't done without good reason. Those in favour of building on it are no doubt from a certain local group, who, having taken no interest beforehand were suddenly stirred into action by the threat of building near to them. I understand that a lot of those in favour are from far afield.

Even if you are not concerned about the countryside the threatened environmental and traffic problems should at last concern you. The idea that people would walk everywhere from there is just unrealistic as we all know.

Re: Bohunt Manor
- Jane (10th Feb 2015 - 18:01:54)

If you do a quick tally of the comments on the SDNP website you will see that it isn't a case of 'most' comments being in favour, but only slightly more than those objecting.

If you drill down into the detail you will find that a lot of the supporting comments come from people outside of Liphook. If I was the planning officer at SDNP I would be highly suscipious of people outside of the area putting in any sort of comment. They would have no idea of the impact of the development on a day to day basis.

Anyone who still wishes to submit a comment must do so by the deadline of this Friday.

Re: Bohunt Manor
- SOS Bohunt Manor Community Action Group (10th Feb 2015 - 22:43:19)

Please be advised that the Bramshott & Liphook Preservation Society have lodged an objection on the SDNP Web site in respect of the proposed construction of 140 dwellings.
Follow the link

and then search for reference number SDNP/14/06426/OUT Documents

Re: Bohunt Manor
- A. Ryan (11th Feb 2015 - 11:21:20)

Liz, I lived right in front of these fields between the two garages in the late 1970's, and these fields were used for crops until very recently. I belong to no group or have not even heard of one supporting this development, unlike the group against it. I see this development as totally logical.

The argument of being in the National Park is absurd, does that mean no new developments can be built anywhere because of this ? Of course not.

Our countryside around here is extremely beautiful and I have three dogs which I take onto Chapel common everyday, but forgive me for being blunt these two fields have nothing going for them in comparison.

There are businesses behind the land so there is activity there anyway, so what would you suggest these fields become?

If they stay empty for too long you may find them filling up with caravans. I believe you may be happy with that.

The amount of properties to be built here would be better than the amount that was to be crammed in on the small piece of land at the Chiltley development.

Yes I could understand families living opposite might not be that happy, maybe you are one.

As a matter of interest it would be intriguing to find out if those people opposing this live in any of the relatively new houses in Liphook,

Re: Bohunt Manor
- Dawn Hoskins (11th Feb 2015 - 11:37:01)

I have today posted my objection to building on the National Park.

My main reason for doing this is that the additional houses we are being forced to have will only be accounted for if built on EHDC controlled land.

If therefore we allow building on the National Park, we will still get lumbered with the hundreds of other enforced houses which will be in addition to the ones on the National Park.

So - from a 'numbers' count, we either get double what we are having thrust upon us which we don't want, or just the actual few hundred that we are getting thrust upon us - which we still don't want!

I choose the least bad.

I also find that the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) have a Facebook page, so I have left them a missive about screwing up the village by selling off land that was held by them for all the people of Liphook to enjoy. Which was definitely not in Lady Holman's mind when she gifted it to the village asking the WWF to look after it in Trust.

If you would like to tell the WWF what you think - their Facebook page is linked here:

Re: Bohunt Manor
- stacey (11th Feb 2015 - 13:16:31)

National Planning Policy overrides any other concerns, a site of over 10 houses would only get permission if it was considered of great National Importance, we hardly fall into that category in Liphook? The National Park Boundary is not going to be altered now after having been set for so many years at the cost of billions. The time to have won the argument that the boundary should not be where it is in Liphook was over 8 years ago when there was a review of the boundary areas.

Re: Bohunt Manor
- Dawn Hoskins (11th Feb 2015 - 18:36:26)

Just a quick note.
My message on the WWF facebook page is about their selling off land which was held in Trust for the people of Liphook.

Obviously the WWF are not the ones building the homes so it is not about the planning application.

Alison Ryan was very quick to jump on facebook not to leave her OWN message but to hijack mine by talking about the house building and "how could I object as I do not live in Liphook" saying it was fallacy that the Holmans left the land to the village etc etc.

Actually, Alison Ryan, I live in the parish of Liphook and have served it for many years. I am just as entitled as anyone else to have an opinion about a death bequest being sold off for profit by a charitable organisation that should have been preserving the nature reserve for all the future generation of people in this parish. You say it is fallacious - what exactly do you propose was a fallacy? Do you think I made it up about the nature reserve and wildlife sanctuary run by the Holmans and left to the WWF to look after? I know you have taken it upon yourself to be a 'one woman' spokes person for the whole building scheme but you can't deny the truth of this surely?

If you would like to tell the WWF what you think - their Facebook page is linked here:

Re: Bohunt Manor
- A. Ryan (11th Feb 2015 - 20:01:28)

You may live in the Parish but do not live in Liphook ,
Perhaps the people of Liphook might like to read your post and make of it what they will.

{by selling off for profit land in the National Park you are raping our village of Liphook. that legacy was left for the people of Liphook to engage with wildlife and grow in understanding and sympathy to our natural flora and fauna. How treacherous of you to take the Judas coin. the Holman family must be turning in their graves at what you have done.}

In what way would we "engage" with this land.
Flora and fauna, would that be maize or wheat or potatoes.

Perhaps the Holman family in this day and age would have another view on "helping " the residents of Liphook.

One woman spokesperson....... I had never intended it to be that way as my only wish is that someone begins to treat Liphook with some respect, and to work to find the best housing and amenity solution possible.

Re: Bohunt Manor
- Stacey (12th Feb 2015 - 00:03:33)

green village investments ltd have put this build up on a contractors website, touting already, estimating the value of the building project at 15 million pounds. Bit precipitous! no infastructure is mentioned to be built.

Re: Bohunt Manor
- SOS Bohunt Manor Community Action Group (12th Feb 2015 - 10:58:21)

The RSPB have now lodged an objection to the development of the Bohunt Manor estate.

11 February 2015

We wish to object to the above application as we consider that it is likely to lead to increased recreational disturbance to ground-nesting heathland bird populations protected within the Wealden Heaths (Phase 2) Special Protection Area (SPA), and is therefore contrary to the tests of the Habitats Regulations, and further fails to conform with one of the two statutory purposes of the National Park, to ‘conserve and enhance the natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage’. We are additionally concerned that the proposed housing would significantly exceed the level allocated for Liphook in the adopted Joint Core Strategy, and therefore represents a departure from the Plan.

click here for full letter of objection (PDF)

Re: Bohunt Manor
- Editor (12th Feb 2015 - 11:07:30)

Following link has been passed to us.

Mixed Use Development (140 Units)

Up to 140 residential units, including 40% affordable housing, custom-build plots, and live-work units, farm shop and cafe, nature reserve area, Suitable Alternative Natural Green Space (SANGS) area, sustainable drainage infrastructure, and associated acc

Value £12,000,000 - 15,000,000

Re: Bohunt Manor
- liz (12th Feb 2015 - 11:11:09)

Well done the RSPB!

Re: Bohunt Manor
- Diane (12th Feb 2015 - 12:14:08)

I hear that some residents on the Berg estate are getting behind the "for building on Bohunt Manor Land" so that the Chicken Farm build will not go ahead. NIMBY ?

Re: Bohunt Manor
- stacey (12th Feb 2015 - 13:21:21)

The SDNPA has a 5 year land supply for houses.

They have no need to fulfill a housing quota from the government.

It is up to EHDC to persuade the Park to take some housing numbers. There is no connection between whether Chiltley Farm gets built on, and the land in the SDNP, they are Two separate planning authorities.

The refusal of the Bohunt project will not mean that the chiltley farm app would proceed or vice versa.

Re: Bohunt Manor
- SOS Bohunt Manor Community Action Group (13th Feb 2015 - 09:51:46)

The Hampshire & IOW Wildlife Trust have sent a letter to the South Downs National Park Planning Department registering their serious concerns on the proposed development on the Bohunt Manor estate.

Our principal concern is the potential for recreational impacts to occur on the Wealden Heaths Phase 2 SPA as a result of the proposed development, and the lack of a strategic approach aimed at addressing such impacts.

click here for full letter of objection (PDF)

Re: Bohunt Manor
- liz (13th Feb 2015 - 10:38:46)

With objections from the Environmental Agency and the RSPB together with the serious concerns expressed by the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust - perhaps local people's objections regarding the threat to our corner of the SDNP will be taken more seriously.

Those that think there is no particular environmental value to the site may wish to look a little more closely.

Re: Bohunt Manor
- SOS Bohunt Manor Community Action Group (13th Feb 2015 - 13:39:25)

The Campaign to Protect Rural England [CPRE] have sent a letter to the South Downs National Park Planning Department registering their objection to the proposed development on the Bohunt Manor estate.

CPRE Hampshire objects to this application for the reasons set out below

This application site is within the South Downs National Park (SDNP) and outside the Settlement Policy Boundary of Liphook.

This proposed development exceeds 10 dwellings and, for the reasons set out below, would have significant effects on the environment. Accordingly it must be considered “major development” in the SDNP, NPPF paragraph 116 applies, and it must be refused unless there are exceptional circumstances and public interest can be demonstrated.

click here for full letter of objection (PDF)

Re: Bohunt Manor
- A. Ryan (13th Feb 2015 - 14:53:50)

Would not the proposed development actually offer access to the rural area on this land, where as at the moment there is none?

Have The Hampshire & IOW Wildlife Trust actually seen these two fields, which actually end at the businesses in the park. I do find it hard to believe that they have. There is no flora and fauna here for ground nesting birds, that would be land further West, and anyway any ground laying birds are likely to be knocked senseless by all the surrounding golf courses.

It would be interesting to see how many objectors play golf and have caused ground nesting birds to lose their habitat there. But I am sure playing golf comes much higher on the list than housing people.

Re: Bohunt Manor
- liz (13th Feb 2015 - 16:05:18)

A Ryan

I think you need to read the comments from the Hampshire and IOW Wildlife Trust and the CPRE who set out their reasons in some detail and with reference to specific planning policies. I don't think they'd be in favour of a golf course there either!!

Re: Bohunt Manor
- A. Ryan (13th Feb 2015 - 18:01:35)

Liz, I think you missed the point I was making.
Of course there will not be a golf course there.
I was stating that these two fields have not got the habitat for nesting birds, whereas Liphook golf course is closer to areas that are more beneficial to birds.
Hence the tongue in cheek remark about birds getting clobbered.

Re: Bohunt Manor
- h (13th Feb 2015 - 19:04:25)

I do not know if A Ryan is a walker or not but the footpath between Bohunt Land and the Firs leads straight out onto Weaver Down behind.There is plenty of access to the nice country side either side of the Bohunt Land. Bohunt land includes a SINC site, with some rare grasseswhich would not benefit from being trampled over by the public anyway. What makes you think the application would mean it is access all areas there anyway? Unless they are creating new public footpaths, which I doubt.

Re: Bohunt Manor
- Dawn Hoskins (14th Feb 2015 - 16:04:06)

I'm not sure if you have clicked on to the link posted by the Editor, but it is GVI trying to sell of the land!! Well - there goes the football pitch!

Advert reads as follows:
Mixed Use Development (140 Units).Up to 140 residential units, including 40% affordable housing, custom-build plots, and live-work units, farm shop and cafe, nature reserve area, Suitable Alternative Natural Green Space (SANGS) area, sustainable drainage infrastructure, and associated acc
Value £12,000,000 - 15,000,000
Type Outline Application
Address Bohunt Park Bohunt Manor Portsmouth Road Liphook Hampshire GU30 7DL (map)
Date Added 13/01/2015
Client Green Village Investments Ltd, 20 Burnelli Building,352 Queenstown Road, London,SW8 4NG
Agent Planningsphere Ltd, Mr Chris Beaver, Coworking, The Guild, High Street, Bath, BA1 5EB, 01225 300056

Re: Bohunt Manor
- Peter Richardson (15th Feb 2015 - 15:09:25)

To those who are interested click on th SDNP web page and you will see the number of comments received from the public For and Against development of the frontage land. It appears as though there are more people supporting development than against although I have not counted them. FYI some of the supporters it is true do not live in Liphook, one for instance was born in Liphook, has a son living in Liphook but does not actually himself reside in Liphook now. However there are also people who have lodged objections to development who also do not live in Liphook. The cookie crumbles both ways on this one. Some of the comments both for and against make interesting reading.

Re: Bohunt Manor
- A. Ryan (15th Feb 2015 - 21:07:12)

Who is going to buy a house on the proposed Chiltley development now?
There is going to be a ten acre gypsy site for them to look at.
There will be lots of families for Dawn Hoskins to have tea and cake with though.

Re: Bohunt Manor
- Peter Richardson (16th Feb 2015 - 09:04:06)

A Ryah Didn't understand your post. Have you replied to the wrong Thread. The proposed Gyspsy site is in Devil's Lane and is nowhere near 10 acres. Or are you worried that the Bohunt Manor Frontage Lane may turn into a Gypsy Site. Please enlighten.

Re: Bohunt Manor
- A. Ryan (16th Feb 2015 - 09:40:31)

Hello Peter. Yes will explain.

As a resident of Liphook for fifty six years I support the Bohunt development above the Chiltley site. Unlike some of our Councillors past and present who are in favour of Chiltley.

I was just stating that this site would lose it's appeal due to the land at the top of Chiltley Lane being used by gypsies. This land was for sale about six months ago, advertised as ten acres of agricultural land for £250.000.
Now we know why it was put on the market at such a high price.

You are right I could have posted on either of these sites.

As a matter of interest I see that the Public representations to Bohunt Park application has closed on the on the South Downs planning. There have been 272 supports and 120 oppositions.

But bizarrely some of these opposing were from Worthing, Winchester, Fleet, Bognor, Havant, Petworth among more.

Re: Bohunt Manor
- stacey (16th Feb 2015 - 09:49:35)

A Ryan is incorrect there are not 270 letters of support on the website and at least a half of those are not resident of Liphook. The application does not just affect Liphook anyway. With all the new houses planned for Bordon the pressure to build in lIphook will be curtailed. The National Parks do not have to fulfill a neighbouring authorities housing numbers.

Re: Bohunt Manor
- anon (16th Feb 2015 - 11:30:12)

There were 125 letters of support (58 live in the parish), and 132 objecting (105 live in the parish).

So it appears that the majority of support comes from people who don't live in Liphook, and most of those objecting do live in Liphook.

Sounds a bit of a no brainer to me!! ie people living here don't want this development!!

Re: Bohunt Manor
- A. Ryan (16th Feb 2015 - 12:21:34)

Anon, I think you have your maths wrong.
There were 410 comments on this planning application, to which 34 were consultee comments. There were quite a lot of bulk upload multiple response which you may not have taken in account. I think there are a few neutrals too.
I believe the numbers of duplicates to be 20 objections and 16 supports ( to which a number of them were mine, as I pressed the button a few times thinking it had not sent)

Re: Bohunt Manor
- Keith (16th Feb 2015 - 13:22:26)


Sorry to disillusion you but the number of houses being built in Whitehill Bordon will have no effect at all on the number of houses required to be built in Liphook. Both figures are defined in the joint core strategy between EHDC and SDNP which took several years of work but are now the targets everyone is working too.

A note of caution too - in the final joint core strategy for all of the settlements where EHDC and SDNP had wording of AROUND 175 units, the Inspector insisted on changing this (no doubt with Eric Pickles holding his arm behind his back) to a MINIMUM of 175 units. So this does not mean once 175 units have been achieved there will be no more, the plan actually encourages there to be more...

On top of this the SDNP are now writing their own local plan, due to hopefully be adopted in 2017 for which they are conducting their own surveys on housing need. It's only a guess but my guess would be the end figure is going to be higher for Liphook, Liss and Petersfield, than is currently in the Joint Core Strategy

Re: Bohunt Manor
- Kevin Jackson (16th Feb 2015 - 14:10:25)

A Ryan is right about the numbers. Stacey is wrong.

Re: Bohunt Manor
- Dawn Hoskins (16th Feb 2015 - 16:19:32)

Yet again it is being stated that Councillors are 'favouring' development.

Not being able to turn a development down due to planning guidance is very very far indeed from councillors WANTING fields to be built on. (which I can assure you they do not).

Please get your facts straight.

any way it looks like the whole of Bohunt is being sold off - so what the current plans are doesn't really matter.

Re: Bohunt Manor
- Kat (16th Feb 2015 - 16:50:53)

LOL when I saw the events section on this website. \"Bramshott & Liphook Parish Council will be debating the Planning Application for the Bohunt Manor Estate\".

No doubt in my mind what will happen at the meeting. Someone will say that councillors have already discussed this and have decided.....

And, why is this suddenly appearing on the events page when other planning applications have not.

Err, because someone decided to add it - like all the other local events.

Re: Bohunt Manor
- A. Ryan (16th Feb 2015 - 17:24:59)

Sorry Dawn, I was at a Parish Council meeting where they discussing the Chiltey development and it was blatantly obvious who was supporting it. Also having spoken personally to this member of the Council they were vehement in their opposition for the Bohunt site.
As for selling off the land at Bohunt would they not have a Section 106 Legal Agreement to adhere to?
Also I see that Kevin McCloud from Grand Designs is a partner, surely he would have a say in selling it off?
As a person with a legal background I am sure you would have made sure that this was correct.

Re: Bohunt Manor
- Darren Ellis (17th Feb 2015 - 09:10:15)

Just to say I believe Dawn has got the wrong end of the stick.
The link is to a contractors website advertising the work on the site to a developer, approx. cost of work £12-15 million pounds NOT that the site is for sale at £12-15 million (who advertises a site for sale with a £3 million leeway?).

Re: Bohunt Manor
- stacey (17th Feb 2015 - 10:28:33)

yes it is a contractors website, I imagine a lot of the pro supporters letters emenate from things like this and not from any concern about our local area. As previous people on here have explained, the development in the Park would not make any difference to the figure of 175 houses, and the fabled medical centre, and the football club facilities look unlikely to get enough outside funding. The developer is not building those, as you can see on the contractors website, only the farm shop.

Re: Bohunt Manor
- GM (17th Feb 2015 - 12:58:01)

Okay, I'm just coming on here to clear up something that both Dawn and Stacey have posted wrong and completely inaccurately about. Basically to stop the rumor mill before it really starts turning.

The Construction Index is a publication, not a land for sale site or anything else. This "advert" is no such thing, it is a lead for construction companies who maybe interested in chasing the developer to get work out of. Nothing more, nothing less.

Oh, and to think that companies would write a letter to support the development purely because they want to work on the site is the biggest load of nonsense I've ever heard! There has to be an official tender and adjudication process on a project of this size.

So any moron who thinks writing a letter of support for the project will win them work on the site, is going to be greatly disappointed.

Re: Bohunt Manor
- stacey (17th Feb 2015 - 15:13:15)

There is a letter of support on the website, from someone living in Frome, supporting the application on the grounds he can rent one of the affordable houses? How much futher afield do the supporters live?

Re: Bohunt Manor
- Kevin Jackson (17th Feb 2015 - 16:07:48)

Stacey - what is wrong with that? He may have been born in Liphook, he may have relatives still living in Liphook. Don't be so judgemental when you don't know the facts. Also look at the addresses of some of the objectors - some of these also live outside the area. You don't mention those.

Re: Bohunt Manor
- Ian (17th Feb 2015 - 16:56:46)

How very depressing! Clearly the overwhelming message from most contributors to this and other similar threads on the inevitable growth of Liphook is \"not on my doorstep thank you very much\"

As much as I would like to see no further homes anywhere in the village I accept that people need somewhere to live so new houses have to go up somewhere. Pressure groups to stop any further development in Liphook are unlikely to be successful, what is needed is a pressure group to ensure that when the new homes start, improvements to the village infrastructure are put in place at the same time. Worthless promises such as those made by the owners of Bohunt Manor are meaningless, There are loads of developments where the promises of local improvements and benefits never materialised after the new homes went up, we need to ensure this does not happen to Liphook

Re: Bohunt Manor
- Ann (18th Feb 2015 - 13:36:32)

Seems to me there are far more letters of support than objections on the SDNP web site for the frontage land to be developed. There are letters for and against that come from people outside Liphook. Perhaps SDNP will talk to EHDC and some compromise that these houses could be included in the Liphook allocation now that the Chiltley Lane and Lowsley Park apps have been refused.

Re: Bohunt Manor
- liz (18th Feb 2015 - 15:41:19)

The SDNP allocation is separate. The other sites will no doubt go to appeal anyway.

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