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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Liphook Herald: Jerrard did bully other councillors
- K.T. (25th Nov 2018 @ 20:03:03)

Headline article in the current edition of The Herald. What a horrible state of affairs! Why is Jerrard even a councillor in Liphook when he doesn't live here. Would explain why good councillors have resigned this year. Hard to find the info on the EHDC website but I eventually found it and here it is...

The Governance, Audit & Scrutiny Sub-Committee have determined that the following censure is issued to Councillor Jerrard in the light of his breaches of the Members Code of Conduct.

Councillor Jerrard is hereby censured for failing to uphold and promote high standards of conduct when holding public office. The position of a Councillor requires a high level of integrity and responsibility. Therefore the community expects the highest standards of propriety, ethics and morality from their Councillors in their conduct. A Councillor is a community leader and role model, and must act in an exemplary manner to ensure their position is respected and brings confidence in public office.

An individual Councillors actions and conduct will always reflect on the wider role of a Councillor and, as a direct consequence, will inevitably impact on the reputation of their fellow Councillors and the Council as a whole both generally and specifically. The Sub-Committee have concluded that the conduct and actions of Councillor Jerrard have not met the high standards that are expected of a person holding public office. The Sub-Committee believe it is incumbent on all Councillors to ensure the public have confidence and trust in their elected Members, the Sub-Committee are disappointed that Councillor Jerrards actions were not in keeping with this belief.

Re: Liphook Herald: Jerrard did bully other councillors
- Finchie (25th Nov 2018 @ 23:06:54)

Great spot !

Looking at the detail, looks like he has been censured. My worry is that there are no consequenses and that is just a slap on the wrists for poor behaviour against defined expectations.

Not much found on google about censures !

@Dawn ?! @Jane ?! - can anyone advise what this really means?
Fancy way of saying a slap on the wrists for conduct, or booted into touch with the PC or one way ticket to Pluto ?

I think the electorate would be interested.

Great Weekend ! Finchie

Re: Liphook Herald: Jerrard did bully other councillors
- Jane Ives (26th Nov 2018 @ 07:02:19)

Basically a censure has no real teeth and that is simply down to the law. The link supplied by KT above provides the full details of the breaches of code of conduct and it contains the recommendations to the parish council which are pretty much training for all councillors.
The parish council then have a choice to take on the recommendations or reject them. They are making that decision at this evening's meeting to which everyone is welcome.
In this case EHDC decided to make this decision public which maybe indicates their desire for the electorate to be fully informed of what this councillor has done so that we have a choice at the elections in May.

Re: Liphook Herald: Jerrard did bully other councillors
- Anon (26th Nov 2018 @ 11:44:44)

the whole procedure has been a farce.

If you have a group of people sitting around chatting about a person who is not present to defend themselves then the outcome is rather a foregone conclusion.

In the lead up to this, an independent investigation apparently took place. no one made any contact with Cllr Jerrard - nor any contact with any of the people who supported him. None of them were contacted. Only the opinions of his detractors were recorded.

You may think that was bad enough - but it got worse. A postponement was sought and agreed to on grounds of disability, which is considered to be a 'reasonable adjustment'. It would have allowed Cllr Jerrard to at least attend the hearing although it was already going to be based on this flawed and one sided report.

Despite the postponement being agreed to and knowing that if they went ahead with it when Cllr Jerrard was signed off from all duties [so unable to attend] - they went ahead and had a fun time discussing him, saying whatever they liked with no one rebutting any of their assumptions and conclusions.

Anyone of you that has any notion of how tribunal processes have to be conducted will be raising your eyes to the sky and shaking your head

This is a prime example of 'don't believe what you read in the papers'. Cllr Jerrard is still in seclusion and completely debilitated.

Re: Liphook Herald: Jerrard did bully other councillors
- Finchie (26th Nov 2018 @ 11:47:26)

Thanks Jane. I have a parents evening tonight, so might have to sneak in later - assume young un is doing fine and no corrective action needed !!!
Cheers, Finchie

Re: Liphook Herald: Jerrard did bully other councillors
- Jane Ives (26th Nov 2018 @ 12:25:19)

Anon, here are some facts you may not be aware of.

An independent investigation did indeed take place and you say that Cllr Jerrard et al were not contacted. Neither, for the record, were the complainants. Correct procedure took place as the idea was to independently review all the documentation that had been provided.

The hearing took place after 3 previous postponements at Cllr Jerrard's request. Bearing in mind we were now 10 months on from when the complaints were first lodged. This is what is said in the link posted above about this particular aspect:

The Legal Advisor reminded the Sub-Committee that this hearing had already been postponed 3 times. That the individual conditions pertaining to the disability of the Subject Member appeared to be long term in nature and therefore the prospect of being able to re-convene the Sub-Committee within a relatively short space of time was somewhat optimistic. That the complaints had been lodged as long ago as January 2018 and that it was therefore in the interests of all parties that the complaints were now determined as soon as possible. Finally, that the Code of Conduct Process required the parties to submit their representations/evidence upon which they intended to rely, prior to the hearing. This requirement had been complied with by both the complainants and the Subject Member.

The Sub-Committee retired to consider its decision and on resumption advised that whilst it was acutely sympathetic to the Subject Members position, it had been a fine balance as to whether to continue in the absence of the Subject Member. However the advice that had been provided in regard to the Equalities Act duties had been the determining factor and the Sub-Committee therefore determined that on balance to continue with the hearing in the absence of the Subject Member was a proportionate means of achieving a legitimate aim.

To be honest, Anon, I take great exception to your comment that we had a fun time discussing him. It was one of the most gruelling days I have ever had to sit through, being questioned and providing evidence for our claims. The whole experience has been painful, sad and stressful for all concerned.

Re: Liphook Herald: Jerrard did bully other councillors
- Nic (26th Nov 2018 @ 14:28:44)

Please could someone explain the democratic process of parish councils? I would have thought (and this is where I am ignorant) that if the residents (or voters) are unhappy, they could call for a vote of "no confidence" to see if the person in question is doing what the voters want.

Re: Liphook Herald: Jerrard did bully other councillors
- Jane Ives (26th Nov 2018 @ 14:52:21)

Nic, you can certainly petition the parish council and put pressure on them but they don't have to act.

There is a thing called a community governance review which can be activated by the electorate signing a petition. In Liphook you would need signatures of 10% of the electorate and this could contain a request to EHDC to dissolve the parish council. But the chances of success are probably limited and this process can be very time consuming.

What will be more effective is to take action in May at the elections. There are 12 parish council spots up for grabs - if 12 or less apply then they are automatically elected with no paper vote at all. If more than 12 apply then it is down to a vote by the electorate so we will all have a say. The more people that stand the more choice we have so I would urge anyone who is vaguely interested to really think about it and maybe stand with a small group of like minded individuals who want to make a difference to their community. When I was on the parish council and it was working it was a great tool for community initiatives and you can really make a difference to the place where you live.

Re: Liphook Herald: Jerrard did bully other councillors
- Anon2 (26th Nov 2018 @ 15:17:12)

Cllr Jerrard is still in seclusion and completely debilitated

Utter nonsense - he was in Sainsburys, Liphook on Saturday meeting up for coffee with his mucker Eddie Trotter, a fellow Councillor! He had an animated conversation and was joking with the lad behind the counter. Secluded and debilitated - what a joke!

Re: Liphook Herald: Jerrard did bully other councillors
- Anon 3 (26th Nov 2018 @ 16:24:04)

Well spotted Anon 2 !

I note from the full council documentation he has been unable to attend past hearings due to debility but has been seen on many an occasion walking around the village carrying a very large and heavy briefcase and having many a cuppa in Sainsburys !!

Sorry but I cannot feel that this man who has caused many people past and present a significant level of stress and unhappiness is finally getting a taste of his own medicine !!

But I have to say it is a very sad state of affairs when it has to come to this !!!There should be NO place for Bullying in ANY workplace, school or club and there is no excuse for being a bully at whatever age or level of ability / disability !!!

Re: Liphook Herald: Jerrard did bully other councillors
- Penny (26th Nov 2018 @ 16:55:13)

I was horrified by Anon’s post which commences with “the whole procedure has been a farce”. While I appreciate that on this Forum anyone is entitled to views and opinions, that opening sentence took my breath away. This procedure has been anything but a farce – it has been a long and drawn out process and there has been no “fun time discussing him (ie Cllr Jerrard)”. Cllr Ives did her very best when she was Chairman of B&LPC and she was an excellent one, to soldier on as Chair, in spite of the bullying and harassment meted out by Cllr Jerrard. Cllr Ives, Cllr Kirby and Cllr Winfield were all on the receiving end of this unacceptable behaviour and Cllr Ives and Cllr Winfield who eventually resigned, did so with heavy hearts, because they had been bullied and intimidated consistently and felt it was affecting their daily lives.
As Cllr Ives said neither the complainants OR the defendant were contacted while the complaints and documentation were being reviewed. The hearing was postponed 3 times at Cllr Jerrard’s request and the decision was that as the complaints had been lodged 10 months ago, the hearing should proceed this time without Cllr Jerrard being present. (Jane Ives quoted The Legal Advisor’s reasons). There is a limit on how many times one person can delay a hearing. I take great issue with Anon’s statement that the hearing was going to be based on this flawed and one sided report. Nothing could be further from the truth. This hearing was absolutely not based on a flawed and one sided report and not, and I quote, “ a prime example of ‘don’t believe what you read in the papers.’ ” I have read the transcript and it was reported accurately.
Cllr Ives is so right when she says that the only way forward is for more than 12 people to stand in the elections in May 2019 so that there is a choice for electorate. Hopefully that way B&LPC will have a group of people who will have the interests of the electorate or Bramshott & Liphook at the top of their agenda.
I was interested to read Anon2’s post when she/he stated that he/she had seen Cllr Jerrard looking well and animated in Sainsburys on Saturday with Cllr Trotter!! Says it all really.

Re: Liphook Herald: Jerrard did bully other councillors
- Anon2 (27th Nov 2018 @ 09:10:19)

Penny, and there’s more. Have further news of Cllr Jerrard.

He was at a meeting of councillors in the Council Office in Midhurst Road last night from about 6.10pm to just after 7pm and was then at the Council meeting in the Liphook Millennium Hall at 7.30pm. How does that all work out Anon from what you have said, perhaps you could provide an explanation. Thanks.

I suppose he could have made a miraculous recovery and come out of seclusion, or there are a lot of porky pies being thrown around.

I’m not going to believe a word Cllr Jerrard says again, having read what the Council In Petersfield have said about him!

Re: Liphook Herald: Jerrard did bully other councillors
- Ray (27th Nov 2018 @ 10:11:28)

Well, what a bun fight meeting last night. At public questions the Chairman refused to answer most of them , then said he wouldn’t take any more!
No explanations given even though he was asked.

Cllr Jerrard, sat quietly all the time, a rarity for him!

You missed a good fun, but disgraceful meeting Finchie.

Roll on May elections, hoping more than twelve stand, we can the choose who we want. I hope the two newbies can stand it till then.

Can't wait to see the Herald report this week.

Re: Liphook Herald: Jerrard did bully other councillors
- Paul (27th Nov 2018 @ 13:04:16)

I'm always left wondering what the day-to-day benefit is of the Parish Council - what do they achieve for the cost to locals?

Off the top of my head as a local resident, when anyone says Parish Council all I can remember are the long sagas over the previous Clerk, the costs of external advisors to sort out problems with councillors and the clerk, arguments, and now proven claims of bullying. Do they do anything else with their time?

Always happy to learn ….

Re: Liphook Herald: Jerrard did bully other councillors
- Jane Ives (27th Nov 2018 @ 15:03:16)

Paul you may well wonder, but there is certainly some good stuff going on. There are some really hard working councillors who have the best interests of the community at heart.

A few things they do..

  • Radford Park - open space maintenance
  • Village Green - open space maintenance
  • Recreation Ground - maintenance, provide football ground, play area, tennis club, bowls club
  • Liphook Millennium Centre - events, cinema, meeting place
  • Provide grants to local organisations like the Day Centre, Liphook in Bloom, the Carnival, local charities, Citizens Advice
  • Planning applications - provide consultee comments to EHDC
  • Allotments - provision and upkeep
  • Information service - bus timetables and similar at the parish office
  • Bus shelters - they own a few in the village, and upkeep them

When I was on the council we ran a Village Sports Day for a couple of years promoting all the local sports clubs.

There's probably more, but that's all I can come up with for now.


Re: Liphook Herald: Jerrard did bully other councillors
- Ray (27th Nov 2018 @ 15:20:47)

The previous clerk was at the meeting and shouted down by the Chairman several times, he asked questions but no answers, just told to be quiet or he would be asked to leave.

Re: Liphook Herald: Jerrard did bully other councillors
- Paul (28th Nov 2018 @ 09:27:35)

Jane, thank you - as mentioned, happy to be educated.

But - it's not a great list is it? Maintenance and upkeep - while greatly welcomed - well, I'd expect that to be done really.

Grants - excellent. Well done to those who have put in the hard work.

But I'm still trying to quantify the value for money for having this structure at all. Would we be better off without it? Is it more trouble (look at it's history) than it's worth? Is it just another tier of government but lacking real teeth / accountability / value for the local tax payer?

As an ordinary Joe resident, I'm just waiting on the Parish Council to wow me with all the good things they've done - currently they seem to have a massive brand / reputation issue and I for one am not won over. I'm just trying to understand.

Re: Liphook Herald: Jerrard did bully other councillors
- Editor (28th Nov 2018 @ 16:25:23)

The general politics discussion which started here has been moved to it's own thread.

The state of UK politics

Re: Liphook Herald: Jerrard did bully other councillors
- Penny (28th Nov 2018 @ 17:02:57)

Well done Editor. I was just wondering when the posts would return to the original Thread. Parish Councils are only as good and effective as their parish councillors ie men and women elected democratically who put the interests of the electorate in their parish at the top of their agenda. Sadly this has not been the case for B&LPC for many years when it has been obvious that some councillors do not have any of these qualities. Worse still is the fact they these councillors, and we all know who they are, seem to revel in wrecking and dividing the parish council. The result of this has been that the “good” people who have been elected and tried to do their very best while serving on the PC, have been worn down by the bullying, harassment and general unpleasantness which has been prevalent. Ergo they resign, Cllr Ives and Cllr Winfield being the two latest examples and the PC slides back into exempt meetings and general divisiveness.
In answer to Paul’s rather negative post I think Jane Ives answered his question comprehensively. I am at a loss to know what Paul expects. PC’s can and do achieve a great deal and the community benefits from them. The councillors of the PC do not receive any remuneration at all and I would suggest if Paul wants more enlightenment as to their numerous functions he should Google parish councils to find out their “raison d’etre” and exactly what they do. A good constituency parish councillor should be approachable and available to his/her constituents, listen, help and advise them with their problems and local concerns and if appropriate pass on their concerns to a district or county councillor or contact EHDC or HCC directly. Bramshott & Liphook is a big and important parish and deserves a well run parish council which would be of benefit to all who live in the parish. As has been said before the only way to achieve this is for people to put themselves forward at the Elections in May 2019 in the hope that the “wreckers”, if they stand again, are out-voted. To Rolli whose post deviates from this Thread, I would say negativity never solved anything and has a tendency to be downbeat, disagreeable and sceptical. It’s a pessimistic attitude that always expects the worst.

Re: Liphook Herald: Jerrard did bully other councillors
- anon (28th Nov 2018 @ 17:16:40)

2 things.
Do you expect disabled people only to be in wheelchairs or something? People need to bone up on all the forms of disability there are.
Its a poor day for Liphook if the 'former' clerk has raised his head. never thought he would have the brass neck to turn up after all the money he cost the taxpayers of Liphook and the mental grief he caused the staff.

Re: Liphook Herald: Jerrard did bully other councillors
- Anon2 (28th Nov 2018 @ 21:37:25)

anon, I get your point about disabilities but Anon said “ in seclusion and completely debilitated” which imo implies they want to be well away from other people and they are weak or infirm. You wouldn’t expect them to be going to public meetings.

Penny, “wreckers”. There are more like Jerrard on the Council? Obviously some good people were councillors but were bullied out. Need to know who the “wreckers”’are before the next election so votes go in the right place.

Re: Liphook Herald: Jerrard did bully other councillors
- Paul (29th Nov 2018 @ 13:58:09)

@Penny - not that I actually needed to (but thank you for the suggestion) of course I researched (not just Google) Parish Councils and their roles.

Interestingly, if you look at Google Analytics there are many searches logged looking for 'How to abolish Parish Councils' which is an interesting insight into what the general public is trying to find out about them!

My post was far from negative. I'm pointing out that I know more about the reputation (not great) of our Parish Council than the good things it does. And I've stated twice that I'm open to all information / education on the assumed good things. So - can you tell me the good things our Parish Council has done, so that I can be disabused of my view that it's not fit for purpose and possibly hasn't really achieved anything of significant note?

Re: Liphook Herald: Jerrard did bully other councillors
- Penny (29th Nov 2018 @ 17:05:23)

Anon 2. If you go to parish council meetings you will soon see who these people are. However I will give you a clue. The title of one of the councillors is in the first line of both Ray’s posts of 27 November and there is a name of another one in your own post of 26 November in the third line.
Anon. Could please explain what you mean in your post of 28 November when you say and I quote “Do you expect disabled people only to be in wheelchairs or something? People need to bone up on all the forms of disability there are”. I do not understand what you mean and am at a loss as to how this relates to this Thread.
Paul. I do find your post negative. Jane Ives responded to your questions with 8 things that the Parish Council does, but you appear to dismiss that – she also added that there are probably more things the council do but at the moment those are the ones that spring to mind. At the risk of repeating myself a parish council is only as good as its councillors and parish clerk and regrettably this B&LPC have been unable to be an effective parish council for all the reasons that have been stated on this Thread – it has been going on for years. As I said before all that happens in this situation is that the good and effective parish councillors cannot stand the nastiness and some of them resign leaving the way clear for the divisive councillors to do their worst and they do. You could say that there was a similar situation in America when Obama was president. A good man unable to get much of legislation in which he passionately believed through Senate and Congress because a) he did not have majority in either House and b) there were politicians in both Houses who were determined that he should fail – another lot of wreckers. In Bramshott & Liphook I can only hope that in the May elections next year enough people will stand to topple these bullies who have done so much harm. Perhaps you would like to stand Paul and make a difference.

Re: Liphook Herald: Jerrard did bully other councillors
- Helen (29th Nov 2018 @ 22:25:05)

Penny can you back up your claims that good projects have been sabotaged by the councillors you are writing about? Can you give firm examples of when this has happened?

Re: Liphook Herald: Jerrard did bully other councillors
- Jamie (30th Nov 2018 @ 10:33:31)

Helen you seem very defensive. Does this mean you are in the Jerrard camp? This isn't about just one person is it? Maybe lots of interruptions during meetings, constant suggestions for more research, opposition to worthwhile projects, paranoia about fraud and corruption have all caused delays and collapse of good projects.

Re: Liphook Herald: Jerrard did bully other councillors
- Penny (30th Nov 2018 @ 11:20:54)

Helen, Jamie has described exactly what has been happening at council meetings for a long time and the end result, as has been said ad nauseam, is that the good parish councillors resign because they cannot stand it. Is that not enough? However, in answer to your question about sabotaged projects, I am not on the parish council and I would suggest that If you want chapter and verse on this subject you contact Jane Ives directly. She is very approachable and has been on the receiving end of this unacceptable behaviour for a long time.

Re: Liphook Herald: Jerrard did bully other councillors
- Helen (30th Nov 2018 @ 11:34:45)

Jane, all I requested from Penny, was to be suppplied with details of these derailed projects, I am not requiring anything else. She chooses not to reply.

Re: Liphook Herald: Jerrard did bully other councillors
- Paul (30th Nov 2018 @ 12:43:29)

@Penny - thanks for your own feedback and updates. As I've said over and over, I'm looking to be informed as to the good work of the Council.

Personally, I think the inevitable comment from your post "why don't you stand yourself" is passive aggressive - that's a low point in your argument and frankly was expected from you given your earlier response - I'm glad you didn't disappoint me!

Maybe I will stand, maybe I won't … !

Re: Liphook Herald: Jerrard did bully other councillors
- Penny (30th Nov 2018 @ 12:49:12)

Helen nowhere in any of my posts have I specifically mentioned “sabotaged projects”. My posts have been centred on the content of this Thread ie Cllr Jerrard being found guilty of bullying, harassing and treating councillors with a lack of respect so much so that two very good councillors have recently resigned because of it. It goes without saying that if there is a level of bullying behaviour, the council will not be able to run efficiently and achieve its objectives and this is what is called “wrecking”. I have been to a couple of meetings where I have personally witnessed such behaviour and it is appalling. As a previous poster has said any bullying anywhere is unacceptable. People cannot work and achieve in this sort atmosphere and sadly it is all too prevalent in many walks of life. As to specific projects that have been sabotaged, as I said I am not on the parish council so cannot give you accurate information, but I have suggested that you contact someone who can. I am sorry if you feel that I “have chosen not to reply”. I feel that I have and as accurately as I can.

Re: Liphook Herald: Jerrard did bully other councillors
- Jane Ives (30th Nov 2018 @ 14:57:42)

I'm more than happy to speak to anyone who wishes to contact me direct. My email

Re: Liphook Herald: Jerrard did bully other councillors
- Penny (5th Dec 2018 @ 11:15:32)

At the meeting of B&LPC held on 26 November at which there were members of the public present with questions they wanted answered, their questions remained unanswered.

The Chairman Cllr Croucher said that this was because the councillors had not had time to read the report from East Hampshire District Council regarding Cllr Jerrard being found guilty of 6 out of 7 of the breaches of the Code of Conduct ie bullying and harassing other councillors.

Apparently another meeting will be called when councillors have had a chance to read the information and they will then be able to answer questions from the public.

I have telephoned the Parish Office a couple of times and left messages to no avail. Does anyone know when this meeting will be called?

Re: Liphook Herald: Jerrard did bully other councillors
- Paul Robinson (5th Dec 2018 @ 11:24:41)

The next Parish Council Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 18th December 2018 in the Canada Room, Millennium Centre.

Paul Robinson

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