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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Spanish tourist
- Paul (9th Jul 2024 - 16:56:31)

When we going to ban Spanish tourist coming here.
hit them with big tax and water bomb them when eating

Re: Spanish tourist
- Sam (9th Jul 2024 - 20:49:42)

You would need a specialist team just to find a foreign tourist around here.

Jokes aside the issue is the same problem people in wales and Cornwall are upset about, it’s not a this country v that country issue as you might be attempting to make out.
Too many tourists can be serious local problem, half of Cornwalls locals can’t afford to live anywhere near where they grew up.

Re: Spanish tourist
- Ian (9th Jul 2024 - 21:59:40)

Yet Sam, without tourism Cornwall would be one of the most impoverished counties in the UK. A complex issue that needs more than simple statements from self righteous lefties

Re: Spanish tourist
- Local (9th Jul 2024 - 22:02:07)

Well it's tough because as we know here in Britain, if you can get there by any means, the place is yours, even the hotels should be free!

Re: Spanish tourist
- Pete (10th Jul 2024 - 07:44:40)

Ian- Give it a rest, a poster replys with a perfectly sensible post and as usual you have to turn it into a left right idealogical thing.

Re: Spanish tourist
- Ian (10th Jul 2024 - 08:18:47)

Typical leftie response Pete, don’t like the comment so try and silence the debate. A lot of the criticism of tourism comes from the politics of envy so there is a political angle to the debate.

Re: Spanish tourist
- Jen (10th Jul 2024 - 10:58:24)

Over-tourism is becoming a major problem in many places around the world. The problem is caused by several factors coming into play. Here are the main ones that spring to mind.

1. Social media. With so many millions of photos and videos being shared, people are being made aware of places that they otherwise would probably never have heard of. Someone sees a post Instagram, thinks "oh that looks like a place I'd love to see", so they tag a few friends and share the post - and so it continues.

2. Developing economies, particularly those of China and India, are resulting in an emerging middle class who can afford to travel - and now do. A couple of decades ago, you would have seen very few Chinese or Indian tourists in Europe.

3. Despite credit crunches and cost-of-living crises, people are generally much better off than previous generations, with higher standards of living and higher expectations. They want to travel and see it as their right to do so.

Regarding the social media effect, take Frensham Ponds and Common as an example. Whereas in previous decades it was mainly (almost exclusively) accessed by local people (by that I mean those who live within a 10-mile radius), nowadays, thanks to posts on Facebook from the likes of Surrey Live (and indeed from Waverley Council a few years ago, who misguidedly promoted the site and implied it was a recreation
area) it is known about far and wide - and on sunny summer days (what happened to them?!) it's inundated with people driving in from London, Berkshire and elsewhere. On many occasions the police have been called in to deal with illegal parking and overcrowding. I no longer go there except on cool, rainy days when the crowds don't turn up.

Re: Spanish tourist
- Jack (10th Jul 2024 - 11:03:47)

Barcelona is overrated anyway, better places to go IMO, let them have their zero tourism and see how that works out.

Re: Spanish tourist
- Truth (10th Jul 2024 - 11:54:13)

Isn't it interesting that in Spain they are praised for taking a stance in protecting their culture and identity. The same in every other country in the world - all our 'activists' encourage them to keep foreigners out of their countries.

But if we in England attempt to support our national identity or take a stance on people coming here, we are called bigots and racists?

Re: Spanish tourist
- Agree (10th Jul 2024 - 14:59:42)

Truth well said we should be so proud of our fantastic country.

Re: Spanish tourist
- Dan (10th Jul 2024 - 15:10:22)

Isn't it the Spanish driving up the cost of housing by letting out on AirBnB etc ?

Re: Spanish tourist
- Pete (10th Jul 2024 - 15:53:48)

Ian- Same old blame it all on the left. Im not trying to silence anyone just really bored of hearing the same old line rolled out over and over and over again. Just suprised you didnt use the word woke.

Re: Spanish tourist
- C (10th Jul 2024 - 18:22:57)

Struggle on a daily basis with the amount of Spanish people in Liphook. The village is teeming with them. You simply cannot move for Spaniards…

This thread is absolutely insane! I presume that everyone posting on here no longer goes anywhere abroad on holiday? What on earth are you all talking about?! An ld why mention Cornwall? Its 187 miles away!!!

Re: Spanish tourist
- Jen (10th Jul 2024 - 19:23:00)

@C - I take it that you don't watch the news or read newspapers then!

You didn't see the video footage of Spanish people demonstrating against tourism in Barcelona a couple of days ago, spraying tourists with water? Or the demonstrations in Tenerife and Majorca a few weeks ago? Or the complaints from locals that Venice is swamped by tourists? Or the Welsh village with only a few local residents left because all the houses are Airbnb holiday lets?

That's what this thread is about. It isn't insane, it's a very real problem.

Re: Spanish tourist
- SteveC (11th Jul 2024 - 08:31:20)

Locally we are certainly getting overwhelmed with visitors from overseas although I don’t think many are tourists or temporary!

Re: Spanish tourist
- Paul (11th Jul 2024 - 21:47:49)

Did I say in Liphook no

Re: Spanish tourist
- Joe (12th Jul 2024 - 05:18:58)

I do not think proportionately even in London we get that many Spanish tourists, not compared to the amount of British people in Spain. Also a lot of British people own a second home over there. Not seen much evidence that Spanish people own second homes over here.

Re: Spanish tourist
- Paul2 (12th Jul 2024 - 12:11:09)

@Joe - In 2019, approx 2 million Spanish visitors spent nearly £1.5 billion in the UK (from Visit Britain's data).

Re: Spanish tourist
- er (12th Jul 2024 - 14:30:57)

What you don't get too much of, is mobs of Spanish tourists hanging outside the tapas bars chanting 'ole ole ole' or 'viva Espana' and chucking chairs at each other, also they don't tend to walk bear chested into the bistro with a glass of rioja in their hand and tattoos of Messi all down their neck, arms and calves whilst lunging at one another going 'vamos amigo, ¿quieres un poco?' while Carmen holds Dolores back from smashing a paella in Maria's face😂

Re: Spanish tourist
- Editor (12th Jul 2024 - 18:02:48)

An interesting article on the subject.

What's the problem with overtourism?

With visitor numbers around the world increasing towards pre-pandemic levels, the issue of overtourism is once again rearing its head.

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