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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Building on Green Belt Land
- Truth (8th Jul 2024 - 09:44:40)

Our new overlords will later today call for planning reform, in order to build on green belt land. These reforms will pave the way to ensure thousands of houses get built in areas such as Liphook.

Is that what we want?

Re: Building on Green Belt Land
- Local (8th Jul 2024 - 09:57:16)

Well they got voted in so you reap your rewards it’s only the start. See they are going to borrow billions to spend on the public services the Union’s are demanding here we go again.

Re: Building on Green Belt Land
- Grape (8th Jul 2024 - 10:13:04)

Where else would you house the millions of illegal and State-dependents?

Re: Building on Green Belt Land
- Ian (8th Jul 2024 - 10:28:15)

Truth or Paul, let the speculators and scaremongers run riot

Re: Building on Green Belt Land
- Sam (8th Jul 2024 - 14:26:15)

Which overlord defined it as Greenbelt land? After all it’s just a definition, you’re opposing the building of new homes on someone else’s definition of what that land is. Seems a weird stance. Houses do have to be built somewhere and distributed across the land as well.

If your totally opposed to the building of new homes then fine, but you would have to answer the question of where people are going to live? and justify why your happy for house prices and rents to be over inflated due to the shortage of supply, if your to oppose all new homes.

Accept that homes are needed, that building is disruptive and that services to them be is schools or roads etc will never ever in a month of Sundays be spent on first before the actual houses, you can’t please all of the people all of the time but this country needs some growth, it needs house prices to be more affordable and land supply is very limited.

Re: Building on Green Belt Land
- Joe (8th Jul 2024 - 14:46:52)

Liphook has never had any designated Green belt land but obviously any planning reforms involving higher housing targets will probably mean more houses everywhere.

Re: Building on Green Belt Land
- Resident (8th Jul 2024 - 15:56:47)

Wonder how this will work out with the National Parks people. Bohunt manor comes to mind.

Re: Building on Green Belt Land
- Ian (8th Jul 2024 - 17:29:40)

@ Sam, you clearly do not understand the property market, especially when it comes to the rental sector. The current shortage of rental properties and therefore increase in rents is due to government hostility to landlords which is going to increase under the new regime.

Successive governments have become dependent on the private sector buy to let investors to provide rental stock; but recent legislation is treating all landlords as rogue landlords so quite understandably, they are (in substantial numbers) choosing to leave the market and sell up, thereby creating a shortage of rental homes which has led to a sharp increase in rental prices.

Increasing demand chasing too few properties, in some areas fuelled by the demand for housing for migrant workers, is creating a housing crisis. Local authorities cannot afford to build social housing so are dependent once again on private sector which is again being kicked by hostile legislation and costs so builders sit on sites. Its a mess!

Re: Building on Green Belt Land
- Joe (8th Jul 2024 - 17:55:12)

In response to Resident - Bohunt Manor is not in any green belt land. The planning rules appertaining to National Parks are entirely different. The Green belt was a definition given to land outside the settlement boundaries of places like London, Guildford, Birmingham etc it has never been applied to land around Liphook.

Re: Building on Green Belt Land
- Resident (8th Jul 2024 - 18:05:23)

Joe I already knew that as most people. What I mean is will this government extend to national parks land that could be used for building they seem to want to over rule existing legislation like a steamroller. As said bohunt manor land that has no use will that be seized on .

Re: Building on Green Belt Land
- Joe (8th Jul 2024 - 20:35:03)

Resident you are assuming a lot - Labour have only mentioned green belt land not National Park land they would have to change the National Planning policy framework before they can change the current legislation. What they have said is that higher housing numbers will be given to local authorities and it will be up to them where they build the new houses. The SDNPA are currently reviewing their plan as they have been given a housing figure to fulfil against submitted sites. They have not finished assessing over one thousand different sites which came forward for the whole of the Park, they will be finishing that piece of work for the plan this autumn.

Re: Building on Green Belt Land
- Resident (8th Jul 2024 - 21:38:38)

Joe I’m not assuming anything just musing things over . Labour seem determined to build houses everywhere so the national parks land may not be sacred they seem hell bent on building everywhere. And have said they will repeal laws that stand in their way .Anyway we will see soon .

Re: Building on Green Belt Land
- Kelly69 (8th Jul 2024 - 22:21:14)

Here we go more social housing and poorer people migrating to our little green spaces. They’ll be begging outside Sainsburys and sitting around on couches on their front lawns drinking hooch!

Re: Building on Green Belt Land
- Truth (9th Jul 2024 - 10:20:02)

Whether green belt (not applicable to Liphook) or mandatory house building targets, it's clear over the next 5 years it's areas such as Liphook that will see an increase in housing being built - whether we like it or not. A seperate issue will be who gets allocated that housing - with the new Labour government already saying every constituency must take more illegal immigrants.

Realistically we have 2 choices - accept it, or fight against it. When the time comes, I personally feel we should be organised and fight against it.

Re: Building on Green Belt Land
- SteveC (9th Jul 2024 - 10:40:10)

Liphook has had its fair share of undesirables move here since the last surge of social housing new builds. We definitely don’t need anymore unless there is a police station built as well. What is it with some types, saw a couple of women shopping in Co op over the weekend in their dressing gowns!

Re: Building on Green Belt Land
- Sandra (9th Jul 2024 - 10:58:40)

The elephant in the room that no one seems to address is that the UK has open borders to the rest of the world. When 1 in 30 people came into the UK in the last two years there is no end to the house building madness.

Re: Building on Green Belt Land
- Grape (9th Jul 2024 - 11:34:08)

Past experience shows socialist governments invest nicely in their vanity housing projects. It's possible that under Labour Liphook will see scores of illegals, scroungers, community housed prisoners and general trouble; But alongside those, Liphook might see actual regeneration.
Governments are keen on looking after their likely voters [such as mentioned above].

Re: Building on Green Belt Land
- J (9th Jul 2024 - 12:34:22)

Much as I sympathise with the plight of refugees and economic migrants desperate to improve their lives, we surely cannot sustain the current level of population increase. It would mean building hundreds of thousands of houses every year ad infinitum. It just can't be done.

As communities expand, quality of life often diminishes as green and open spaces are swallowed up by development. Just this week, I saw a planning application for more houses in Bordon, this time to be built on what is currently a grassed recreation area and a children's playground.

I don't have the answer. I'm not sure if anyone does, to be honest.

Re: Building on Green Belt Land
- Joe (9th Jul 2024 - 12:36:47)

You clearly do not shop in Sainsbury's! I regularly see mothers and children early evening in there in slippers Pajamas and dressing gowns. What a state we have become. ( usually buying crisps and fizzy drinks )

Re: Building on Green Belt Land
- Truth (9th Jul 2024 - 14:34:16)

A key question in this is - who pays for it all? As ever, it's hard-working people and the wealth creators who are inevitably taxed more to fund the benefits of others.

As for immigration - I think we all would agree that immigration can be a good thing, but an area of concern is the illegal/economic immigrants who don't qualify through legal means to be in the UK so then find illegal routes. And once here, they are here forever.

Indirectly, note that some countries such as Ireland now classify illegal immigrants as International Protection Applicants. Once you control the narrative, you can control the system. Harder to argue against an 'International Protection Applicant'. It will happen here, soon.

Re: Building on Green Belt Land
- Editor (9th Jul 2024 - 20:52:12)

Interesting news from EHDC

‘National park does not mean fewer homes in East Hampshire'

Lawyer advises that failing to meet the Government’s housing figures could be ‘catastrophic’

A top planning lawyer has said that EHDC cannot expect a reduction in its housing figures even though more than half the district is in the South Downs National Park.

Read the full news article

Re: Building on Green Belt Land
- Joe (9th Jul 2024 - 21:10:42)

Thank you for posting this editor. I wish that EHDC had not used taxpayers money to get the legal opinion. Surely they had their own planning officers to advise them of this fact without spending money!

Re: Building on Green Belt Land
- D (10th Jul 2024 - 08:17:24)

I'm surprised at your negative response, Joe. The report finds in favour of national parks. Liphook will end up with more than our share of houses anyway, we will have the East Hants share and also the Downs park bit will be built on in preference to nicer places like Midhurst or Petersfield. The Downs national park only wanted Liphook for a dustbin.

Re: Building on Green Belt Land
- AF (10th Jul 2024 - 08:23:28)

Everyone including Liphook will have to take their share and accept some new builds. But if you look at Bordon which has had over 2,000 new builds with more coming it can be done sensibly with green areas included and protected such as the Hogmoor Enclosure and Deadwater Valley.
Also if the local councillors can do their job right you should get a nice chunk of money from developer contributions to improve the area and facilities.

Re: Building on Green Belt Land
- Grape (10th Jul 2024 - 09:53:45)

Baffling how people who can read the posts actually do believe the millions of illegals coming FROM FRANCE, having paid thousands of Euros to criminals, are somehow REFUGEES! Get your terminology looked at!

Look at similar nations. They build housing for the needy, larger floor area per person than the UK, BUT: High density, multi-story housing project. How come countries that are less densely populated manage to house their needy in flats, yet we have to sacrifice 'green' countryside for their country houses? If we have to house them then it should be in economy flats, abandoned highstreets, offices and factories.

Re: Building on Green Belt Land
- Joe (10th Jul 2024 - 10:50:32)

I am only negative at the fact EHDC spent a lot of money on a legal opinion to challenge government housing numbers ? We all know that the new government will increase the housing numbers in all districts. It was never going to be of any use to think that just because liphook has a national Park in the vicinity that EHDC would get a lower housing number. As I have always stated on here they are two separate planning authorities and numbers would be calculated on a different basis.

Re: Building on Green Belt Land
- J (10th Jul 2024 - 11:43:39)

@Grape - you might like to read up a bit on the subject of illegal migration to the UK, as your estimate of "millions" coming from France is way off the mark.

This could be a good place to start.

Re: Building on Green Belt Land
- Truth (10th Jul 2024 - 11:51:00)

Well hopefully our local council will shape the Neighourhood Plan in a way that gives us a say on future development! They can also represent local views and highlight the local challenges of increasing housing without sorting the infrastructure.

We also need to be vocal, have sufficient numbers and respond rapidly to our District Council as and when any future developments are foisted on us (at a planning stage).

Re: Building on Green Belt Land
- Local (10th Jul 2024 - 13:05:34)

The problem is actually that we don't have a big country, intensive farming and imported food (often by jet plane) has allowed us to keep feeding 70 million people, but the real threat is that our soil is so nutritionally depleted it is forecast to become virtually barren in a few years unless we revert back to lower intensity farming (yes I've watched a bit of Clarkson's farm!).

Uneducated lefties from the cities take a trip to Glastonbury for the first time in their lives see all that countryside without housing estates or drug dealers and think, blimey, what do we need all that for, food comes from the Tesco Local store and that doesn't need much space, we could build a hundred million billion new homes and still have space left!

As for fleeing France, well you would, wouldn't you? Give them all top priority housing and a little sympathy!

Re: Building on Green Belt Land
- The other local (10th Jul 2024 - 14:55:11)

Local you're spot on . And the answer is in the wording ILLEGAL so they should be housed in old army barracks and that barge until they are processed then sent back as quickly as possible. Yes some are fleeing war torn countries but a great many are just coming here to sponge of the welfare system we need to get a grip . They come through much larger countries than us that are free countries so why not stay there. I have my doubts that the new labour government will do much to stop it they seem to want to encourage more to come goodness knows why .

Re: Building on Green Belt Land
- D (11th Jul 2024 - 08:55:32)

If national parks have their own planning authority then shouldn't they go the whole hog and be a separate county (for want of a better expression) and have their own local government departments as well?

As it is the national parks have special treatment as far as planning and housing numbers go, to the detriment of non national park areas (as is the case in Liphook) yet they use the local authority for road repairs etc.

Surely, given their elitist status, they should be funding their own road maintenance and not getting the local authority who takes the burden of all the extra housing to do it? Or maybe national park residents should pay a levy to fund such things. Just a thought.

Re: Building on Green Belt Land
- Joe (11th Jul 2024 - 10:28:52)

Hi D the Highways dept for the whole county is at Winchester the capital of the county, not EHDC at Petersfield, which administrates new housing, also the Parks’ ethos quite rightly is not to have new roads built through countryside they are trying to protect from development. I was driving between Petworth, Midhurst and Liphook it was wonderful countryside and we are lucky to have the protections we do have from the SDNPA who look after it.

Re: Building on Green Belt Land
- D (11th Jul 2024 - 11:28:10)

Tell the Chancellor, Joe. She mentioned "relaxing" planning laws earlier this week. The Secretary of State for the environment has the last word.

Re: Building on Green Belt Land
- Joe (11th Jul 2024 - 12:35:22)

The new government would first have to change the legislation ie the NPPF for all National Parks if they were to go down that route and somehow I think they will announce building of complete new towns first which would not be in special planning areas such as National Parks. Because they need to appear as if they are making good their manifesto promises they will ensure these new towns are built first probably in areas which need regeneration before looking at the National Parks.

Re: Building on Green Belt Land
- Local (11th Jul 2024 - 12:49:04)

Joe this lot can do anything with the majority they have. Building in the national parks will be a no problem. There is so much land in the parks that is inaccessible to the public ripe for building so watch this space.

Re: Building on Green Belt Land
- New ex city see both sides (11th Jul 2024 - 14:01:23)

National Parks are ok we all like a bit of countryside but don't need too much, we need more housing.

Most of us walk our dog locally, beyond that it's largely wasted land growing very little (unlike some counties where they've got rid of all the trees and hedgerows and made large open fields that can be farmed commercially with combine harvesters) this is a very innefficient system we have going on here, from what I can see it's mainly horses we're growing, which may suit some and chocolate box villages but it's not practice people are living in thr past, we need houses and large farms not protectionism and quaint little lanes, this land would be worth a fortune if we opened it up for housing which people are crying out for across the world, half a county wasted and for what, towns and cities are for people, for living, National Parks are just for days out in the car!

Re: Building on Green Belt Land
- Ian (11th Jul 2024 - 14:46:46)

Ah-ha, spot the troll !!! I’m sure some will take the bait

Re: Building on Green Belt Land
- Editor (11th Jul 2024 - 18:49:57)

More news from EHDC.

"Our challenge to the Government on housing numbers

Open letter to Angela Rayner MP, Deputy Prime Minister, and Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government"

Read it here -

Re: Building on Green Belt Land
- Paul Robinson (12th Jul 2024 - 11:27:08)

We are surrounded by Ministry of Defence land, some of it is used for territorial army training, but much of it is never used.

Nor sure if this classed as green field, brown field or grey field, probably camouflage field!

Paul Robinson

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