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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Hampshire Independence
- Paul2 (5th Jul 2024 - 08:40:52)

As our wider locality has rejected socialism under Labour, we remain a centre-right area.

Is it time for Hampshire to fight for independence from England, as we have rejected their politics and their policies won’t represent our local majority views?

Obviously the incoming Deputy PM would support this, as she has a stated aim to recognise splinter states - so surely they wouldn’t object?

Re: Hampshire Independence
- Dave B (5th Jul 2024 - 16:40:05)

Paul2, put a meaningful fiscal plan forward and you might get a movement going. Just remember not to do a Truss though, the money needs to be found somewhere!!!!

Re: Hampshire Independence
- Paul2 (5th Jul 2024 - 17:41:34)

Thanks Dave. I've been giving it some thought.

We have 2 sea ports for trade - Portsmouth and Southampton. So we can control goods in and out, and generate revenue for goods transiting the Independent State of Hampshire. We have excellent motorway links to serve transport.

We have world-class defense - the Royal Navy, including 40 Commando. So we can defend the Independent State of Hampshire plus project our military might across the globe.

We have 2 airports - Southampton and Farnborough. So international travel will be possible. Both bring in revenue and will also give our citizens free access to Europe.

We have hi-tech industries - everything from marine, defense, aviation, motorsport, computing, AI, healthcare, etc. So we can create employment and investment opportunities for the Independent State of Hampshire. We can be a zero-tax, high investment economy.

We have access to our own energy - from fossil fuels through to renewables. We could set up Great Hampshire Energy - and sell surplus energy to the rest of England.

We have food sustainability. Many local farms and produce, high quality and creating employment. We can self-govern farming regulations, support our farmers and land managers.

Our environment is both an asset (in terms of offering green spaces and ecology that is already envied), and an opportunity to generate appropriate sustainable tourism (e.g. New Forest).

So by any definition, the Independent State of Hampshire could satisfy the characteristics of a government for a functioning and stable society: Defense and security, Economic management, Protection of citizens, Legislation, Administration, Foreign (to the rest of England) relations, Environmental protection (SDNP plus our coastal waters) ...

I'm on to something! Hampshire needs self determination from our socialist overlords (Chairman Starmer and Angie Jong-Un) as the majority of the electorate demonstrated yesterday that they reject socialiam. So let's create the Independent State of Hampshire and become the envy of Britain!

Know any good fence builders? Quite a border to protect !

Re: Hampshire Independence
- Paul2 (5th Jul 2024 - 22:13:05)

@Ed - good idea! The Independent State of Hampshire could be a world leading fence builder!

Re: Hampshire Independence
- PR (6th Jul 2024 - 08:47:05)

Great Idea,

Can someone start making car stickers ??

Re: Hampshire Independence
- Paul2 (6th Jul 2024 - 11:07:31)

So if we really did want to take this forward, we would need to start with a referendum.

If you agree that Hampshire could be independent and shape a bright, low-tax/high inward investment zone for our children's futures, then the first step is lobbying our elected representatives for a referendum.

It could be a project to parallel the first term of a Starmer government, bringing it forward as the local key issue in the next General Election.


Re: Hampshire Independence
- Grape (6th Jul 2024 - 11:57:25)

But why must we put up with the challenges of disadvantage congested districts of inner city and no-go neighbourhoods of Southampton and Portsmouth?
Do we suffer coastal erosion?
Do many Liphook residents work in Hampshire harbours?
Want a break from Winchester bureaucracy?

Instead I would call for a referendum on the micro-state of Liphook. Free Liphook from the burden of Hampshire County!

Re: Hampshire Independence
- Paul2 (6th Jul 2024 - 15:56:07)

No Grape, we're going to be inclusive to all of Hampshire. Low tax and high inward investment - let's build education and better opportunities for those in deprived areas. We need Portsmouth for the port and Navy, and Southampton for, er, well just the port! We might flatten it later, but small steps!

Don't forget Southampton airport !

Re: Hampshire Independence
- Grape (6th Jul 2024 - 17:33:06)

Yeah, we're all for inclusivity, sensible economics and facilitating inward investments.

Why pay tariffs on goods from prosperous Surrey?

Why pay inflated salaries for lazy Hampshire people when we can employ hoards of low skilled youngsters from Dorset?

I say let's get into some sort economics engagement zone with our good neighbours.

Southampton airport will have the advantage of no immigration queue for flights to London and Brighton! Brill! What could go wrong?

Re: Hampshire Independence
- Joe (7th Jul 2024 - 10:10:27)

Not all of Hampshire is still Conservative, Winchester is not nor is some of Portsmouth and Southampton or Aldershot so how is that going to work?

Re: Hampshire Independence
- Paul2 (8th Jul 2024 - 09:48:53)

@Joe - good point, we need to address Winchester.

I say we offer them a choice. Join with us, and enjoy the freedom and economic prosperity.

If they decline, then I'd suggest we ask HMS Duncan to launch some Sea Vipers targeting key infrastructure in and around Winchester. Important to remember that the Independent State of Hampshire will be the home of the Royal Navy, therefore we can defend ourselves - or project our might onto Winchester if we chose.

Re: Hampshire Independence
- Paul2 (8th Jul 2024 - 10:46:10)

PS - I take it people know, but we also have the RAF at Odiham (including the SAS) for air superiority, plus the Army at Aldershot. We won't be a military junta, but the Independent State of Hampshire will be no push-over!

Re: Hampshire Independence
- Joe (8th Jul 2024 - 13:11:30)

Well Paul you would have to win at least 4 mini civil wars then, Winchester, Portsmouth North, and 2 areas in Southampton.

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