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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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- Guido (11th Jun 2024 - 15:00:16)

To whomever regularly uses our waste bins on station road as their own personal tip, please stop! I pay dearly by weight to have my waste removed and I thought that locking the bins would send a clear message, but alas, you are now just leaving your bin bags out in the open for us to collect on your behalf while at the same time adding insult to injury by stealing my own indoor waste receptacle today. I am honestly astounded at the level of incivility and if I catch you I will report you to the police as this has been going on too long.

Re: Bins
- Alan (11th Jun 2024 - 15:08:46)

I'd suggest a stick up Ring camera to catch them at it.

Re: Bins
- Jen (11th Jun 2024 - 17:25:01)

How infuriating! Yes, definitely you should get a camera set up.

Re: Bins
- susie colt (11th Jun 2024 - 17:29:36)

Maybe just punch them, that'll teach them a lesson!

Re: Bins
- geoff (12th Jun 2024 - 07:58:06)

Well at least your bin gets collected, they seem to have given up coming around to Lark Rise.

Re: Bins
- Jen (12th Jun 2024 - 12:00:39)

Geoff, we're not talking about council collections here. Guido's bin is part of a commercial waste collection contract, for which he pays.

I think this is part of the problem for Guido: a lot of people don't seem to understand that the large 1100 litre commercial wheelie bins that they see around the back of businesses are not for anyone's use except for the business that has arranged, and paid for, the waste to be collected. These bins are nothing to do with the council.

Re: Bins
- Guido (12th Jun 2024 - 13:00:52)

True, these are commercial bins that we pay for. What I found most infuriating is that now that I lock them, the rubbish bags are just left on the pavement next to them and sometimes also heavy items previously used as building materials, metalwork etc. Yes I can install some sort of security camera but it's extra expenditure and I would rather not live in a big brother type world. Just a little common sense and mutual respect. Just felt a little need to vent frustrations. Rant over, hoping the culprit(s) have seen this and act accordingly in the future.

Re: Bins
- Bush (12th Jun 2024 - 14:42:06)

In a common-sense, fair world, seems to me that:

1) The police or Council, as the legal & paid authorities of The Land should enforce full-force deterrent penalties on the nuisance illegal dumpers; failing that:

2) The paid commercial bin clearance providers should come up with a solution as they are paid for the unsatisfactory service; Alas:

Society has parted way from common-sense, fairly enforced law & order territory a while ago :/

Re: Bins
- Richard (12th Jun 2024 - 14:52:30)

Hearing more and more anti social and inconsiderate behaviour as the level of social housing in the area increases. The free housing community across from the Sainsburys roundabout seem to believe the footpaths are theirs to take over too!
Which is the only party that has put forward a policy to reduce these freeloading lower class from society! The Conservatives!
Vote Conservative to get them back to work and stop breeding even more.

Re: Bins
- M (12th Jun 2024 - 17:16:37)

You've hit the nail on the head Guido.... Respect!
There is such a lack of respect for others and his/her property now. Selfishness seems to rule in so many peoples minds for some reason.

Re: Bins
- Dave B (12th Jun 2024 - 17:48:55)

Certainly the increase in anti social behaviour in Liphook coincides with the increase in social housing in the village.

Re: Bins
- Local (12th Jun 2024 - 21:27:17)

Perhaps the person doesn't know the rules, maybe old and confused, perhaps foreign and doesn't speak the language, or a refugee with trauma, in most places in the world personal refuge bins isn't a thing and good citizens take their rubbish and place it in the big communal bin all along the street, maybe it's a communication error and if so I doubt they will be reading talkback. I struggle to see what personal benefit they gain by placing their rubbish in your bin, the risk of getting caught and for what little gain?

The alternative is that that someone in Liphook's life has reached such a low that 'stealing' bin space from a neighbour is the highlight of their evening, god help us all in Britain today!

Re: Bins
- Paul2 (13th Jun 2024 - 10:13:46)

@Local - my word, you literally churned out every woke liberalism in your post!

Whoever is dumping rubbish is a little scrote, and shame on you for trying to find liberal ways of defending their contemptible behaviour. Perhaps you can provide your address so the scrote can start dumping their rubbish at your house?

Re: Bins
- Joe (13th Jun 2024 - 13:51:49)

Also local is forgetting that Guido pays for trade waste and is charged seperately he needs the space in his bin why should he pay extra for someone else’s rubbish

Re: Bins
- Richard (13th Jun 2024 - 22:19:09)

The only positive impact the increase in social welfare people moving into the area is the increased police presence. They also seem to breed far more quickly than the normal working family. Not working or having a purpose in life clearly makes them more fertile. Maybe there’s a cheaper alternative to IVF in Monster and Redbull drinks! I’ll pass this newly found scientific discovery onto the NHS to help with cost savings.

Re: Bins
- Bush (14th Jun 2024 - 19:02:33)

Guido, sorry to see your thread highjacked to another subject, it's normal.

Refreshing to read residents answering back to yet more woke rubbish. At long last some talkback opposing toxic woke on Talkback.

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