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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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New Farnham & Bordon Constituency- Calculations
- Question 9 (10th Jun 2024 - 17:37:35)

Hi All

Am trying to work out how to vote, please find attached link, came across this page, just in case you were voting tactically:

You cannot believe everything on the interweb, but the company looks like it has no political affiliations and CEO credible.

Just make sure you vote, you cannot complain about the consequences if you don't.

Re: New Farnham & Bordon Constituency- Calculations
- Undecided (11th Jun 2024 - 16:33:17)

I find it interesting that the LibDem candidate - who I believe lives in Crawley - stood in 2019 for the constituency in Crawley. But wasn't elected.

He now has a new "interest and affiliation" to Farnham and Bordon, and in his literature says he will "move here if elected".

My question is this - is he basically a professional 'wannabe' MP who will happily stand in any safe constituency in order to become an MP? If not Farnham and Bordon - would he have considered literally anywhere to meet his aim? Do we need politicians who will do anything to be elected?

Re: New Farnham & Bordon Constituency- Calculations
- J (11th Jun 2024 - 17:29:56)

Good question!

I note that Alex Just, the Labour candidate, lives in the constituency already. I'm minded to vote for him, he comes across well. The only thing holding me back is that to vote Labour might result in a Conservative MP by splitting the anti-Conservative vote. In this area, Lib Dem is usually the most credible opponent to the Conservatives.

So, what to do? I too am torn as to who to vote for.

Re: New Farnham & Bordon Constituency- Calculations
- Charles (11th Jun 2024 - 18:22:05)

Hi Undecided,

Looking at the new constituency boundaries, it is slight more marginal than in Damien Hines's day and in normal circumstances would still be a solid blue seat.

May do us a little good in the short term to become part of 'the yellow wall', rather than taken for granted in our 'first past the post' electoral system.

Re: New Farnham & Bordon Constituency- Calculations
- Sam (11th Jun 2024 - 18:25:54)

You would be surprised how many Candidates from out of town are “interested and affiliated” to constituency’s across every single party, throughout the UK they are all at it.

Plus I’d add, being local to the constituency ie from it is no guarantee they will do better for their constituents, being from the area is no guarantee they aren’t still an idiot.

Re: New Farnham & Bordon Constituency- Calculations
- AF (12th Jun 2024 - 08:02:58)

Just to help the Reform candidate is a local.

Reform are the only real conservatives standing and will have my vote.

But regardless of what happens in this seat we are looking at the start of 14-15 years of Labour rule.

Re: New Farnham & Bordon Constituency- Calculations
- J (12th Jun 2024 - 15:12:25)

Reform is owned and run by one Nigel Farage.

I found this little biography of his credentials interesting, although I think most of it is stuff that we already know.

Re: New Farnham & Bordon Constituency- Calculations
- JM (12th Jun 2024 - 16:09:52)

The Tory candidate doesn't live in the constituency either, he lives somewhere in West London although he purports to having an 'address' in Farnham, his family do not live there.

Re: New Farnham & Bordon Constituency- Calculations
- Sam (12th Jun 2024 - 18:39:46)

Ah yes, the Reform party, whilst not everyone whom votes for the Reform party is a racist, you can be sure that every racist will definitely be voting for the Reform party.

The Reform party doing a lovely job of splitting the conservative vote though, well done, both ending up with too little seats for anyone other than the tabloids to pay any further attention too post election

Re: New Farnham & Bordon Constituency- Calculations
- E (12th Jun 2024 - 18:50:50)

Yes, what a great idea to vote for Reform UK let’s:

⚫️ Scrap employment laws
⚫️ Scrap the European Convention of Human Rights, a far-right dangerous policy that means protected characteristics are vulnerable to abuse (Women in the workplace, Young people in employment, people with disabilities and so much more)
⚫️ Scrap net-zero targets and increase fossil fuels
⚫️ Increase stop and search (despite it failing)
⚫️ Ban the teaching of sexuality, gender and race
⚫️ Building new homes on polluted land

So, I recommend you read their manifesto before voting. I will never vote for a party that stands by the above, and is a party against freedom and democracy for all.

Not to mention that Reform UK, is just a bunch of far-righters who no longer want the Conservatives in power. If you want change Reform UK will not give it to you.

Re: New Farnham & Bordon Constituency- Calculations
- Jim (12th Jun 2024 - 20:27:50)

Reform UK is 53% owned and hence 100% controlled by just one man - see Companies House. A vote for Reform is therefore a vote for dictatorship and history shows how voting for a dictatorship goes.

Re: New Farnham & Bordon Constituency- Calculations
- Undecided (13th Jun 2024 - 10:10:11)

The challenge in voting is getting sucked into thinking you are voting for a party leader. Unless you are actually in their constituency.

For us, I suspect we would be best to look locally - what's important in our area, what do we need, what are our issues. Then look at the local candidates, and decide who either has the correct track record or who resonates with our aspirations. And that's who to vote for.

Personally, I think living in the constituency is very important. I want someone who knows the area and who isn't a wannabe MP at any cost.

I also think - personally - this is a dull election and no matter which party is elected 'we the people' will be the ones coming off worse.

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