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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Prime Minister's Early Departure
- Paul Robinson (8th Jun 2024 - 08:13:06)

The Prime Minister would do well to reflect that, but for the bravery and sacrifice of the Allied forces on D-Day, we would not have a Prime Minister. We would have lost our parliamentary democracy and be living in a dictatorship. His behaviour was unforgivable.

Paul Robinson

Re: Prime Minister's Early Departure
- Peter Rowan (8th Jun 2024 - 09:33:41)

Totally agree .

Re: Prime Minister's Early Departure
- Scott (8th Jun 2024 - 11:16:45)

Yes 100% agree Paul...Wether advised to leave or it was his own choice to go off and take part in tv interviews it was very misjudged...Shows the mark of the man and he should have stayed out of respect and decency....So its the final 'nail' probably in a Prime Minister now only in title and insignificant to most....I'm sure he has already started writing his 'its been an honour to serve my beloved country' departure speech for July 5th.

Re: Prime Minister's Early Departure
- paul (8th Jun 2024 - 12:03:00)

Rishi will be off to California after the election with his family. He owns a ranch out there, and will have a top job in Silicon Valley to go to. Also the kids can start the American term time in August.

What he knows, or cares, about the Armed services and their sacrifices is clearly zilch.

Re: Prime Minister's Early Departure
- Sam (8th Jun 2024 - 19:38:10)

Agreed… and I’d add he isn’t stupid, he knows it’s all over, his missus told him to call the election early to give them time to get the kids settled in school.

He couldn’t give a hoot, just playing it out

Re: Prime Minister's Early Departure
- D (9th Jun 2024 - 08:35:59)

Different cultures, different values.

Re: Prime Minister's Early Departure
- Ian (9th Jun 2024 - 10:07:40)

D, nothing to do with culture and racism is not helpful. The issue is that our political classes (no matter what colour) are completely dis functional and not fit for purpose. They are a bunch of self serving idiots completely out of touch with your average middle of the road person. Somehow the voice of the minority has become more important to our leaders than the voice of the majority.

Re: Prime Minister's Early Departure
- D (9th Jun 2024 - 12:16:06)

What is racist about my post?

Re: Prime Minister's Early Departure
- Peter Rowan (9th Jun 2024 - 16:05:38)


I don't see your comment as racist, it is factual.

Rishi Sunak is on record as having said ' I am of Indian religious and cultural heritage '

He probably does not identify with those of us, who retain deep rooted gratitude and pride for the generation that saved us and a major proportion of Europe from living under a dictator. It is part of our historical heritage.

He is also on record as having said ' I have no working class friends'.

Re: Prime Minister's Early Departure
- Joe (9th Jun 2024 - 17:23:44)

I do not suppose Sir Kier Starmer has any working class friends either, Rishi Sunaks parents were very hard working owners of a Chemist shop who saved up to send him to Westminster College. He did however choose to marry the daughter of a billionaire.

Re: Prime Minister's Early Departure
- Local (9th Jun 2024 - 17:29:13)

Where to start!!!

We owe everything we are to those few, without whom we'd be speaking German, yes I know our language is a mix of German/French/Roman but it's ours and even if they'd let us keep our own language and be outwardly ruled by carefully selected racists like Sir Oswald Mosley and a lot of other aristocrats who supported Hitlers attitudes towards race and empire, the Germans never liked us, they certainly didn't like anyone else, they only made alliances of convenience in the Middle East for example, the fact is we'd have lost our Britishness and all the things that make us British, so would the whole of Europe and the world, we'd be a vassal German 'state' we'd still be on the necks of most of the world ruling the 'Empire' all the freedoms we take for granted across the world came from our winning that war, it was the bravery of those few who stood up for the world and Sunak coming from India with a Hindu heritage along with billions of others would have subsequently gained massively from their sacrifice with the freedom of India from British rule, I think he should reflect on that. I don't think he's a bad fella by the way he seems genuinely decent but he missed the public mood on this and it's the final nail in the Tory coffin for this election anyway.

Re: Prime Minister's Early Departure
- Sam (9th Jun 2024 - 21:40:52)

To be fair local, if we had have become German, we would have had a better economy, make better cars, won more world cups.

On a serious note am detecting a bit of hatred of Germans, you are aware that the nazi leaders back in world war 2 and the current German civilisation are two very very different things?

Re: Prime Minister's Early Departure
- Joe (9th Jun 2024 - 23:49:04)

The German people of today are nothing like the Nazis who ruled them during the thirties and early forties. Hitler only gained power because Germany was so desperately poor in the twenties and when he won the election he turned around their economy and gave the population self belief and National pride.
German people now certainly do not hate Britain or british people. Most of the educated ones are very liberal in outlook and have a very good educational system. There is very little litter trains and buses are clean, frequent and run on time. There are plenty of buses even going out every half an our or so into all the small remote villages. The Second World War was over 80 years ago and we were successful not on our own but with the help of the Americans, Canadians Russians, Poles, and soldiers from the empire namely Africans, Indians and Soldiers from the Caribbean.

Re: Prime Minister's Early Departure
- D (10th Jun 2024 - 09:03:25)

As a person of self confessed non-British non-white heritage, any criticism of the current prime minister could be deemed racist if the reader wanted it to be.

At a time when the country is in the worst mess since the disastrous Labour governments of the 1970's, we have never had such an ethnically diverse cabinet.

I agree with you Ian on your comments pertaining to the current political classes, regardless of race of course.

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