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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Kids smoking outside Bohunt
- Brian Golder (5th Jun 2024 - 12:08:04)

There is an issue outside Bohunt. I live on Victoria Way and kids, after school, keep coming round to my back garden, smoking and vaping, what should I do?

Re: Kids smoking outside Bohunt
- D (5th Jun 2024 - 13:07:07)

Keep the garden gate closed?

Re: Kids smoking outside Bohunt
- Paul2 (5th Jun 2024 - 16:50:00)

Did you tell the school before posting it on social media?

Re: Kids smoking outside Bohunt
- Polly (5th Jun 2024 - 18:57:26)

You could ask them nicely if they wouldn’t mind moving on elsewhere. Short of moving, I’m not sure you can do much. Once off school property, children become the responsibility of their parents, who probably don’t know what their off spring are up to!

Re: Kids smoking outside Bohunt
- Brian Golder (5th Jun 2024 - 19:14:18)

D, they keep on jumping over my fence.

Re: Kids smoking outside Bohunt
- D (6th Jun 2024 - 08:29:30)

My first course of action would be to inform the police, who will probably do sod all about it anyway. As soon as you interact with the children they could accuse you of anything, and get away with it. All I can suggest is a higher fence if practical. Sadly we seem to live in an age where childcare is everyone's job except the parents.

Re: Kids smoking outside Bohunt
- Paul2 (6th Jun 2024 - 12:52:57)

8m roll of razor wire is £39.99. Small warning label is £4.99.

Re: Kids smoking outside Bohunt
- Jen (6th Jun 2024 - 14:02:31)

Could you perhaps install a motion-activated sprinkler system?

Or perhaps one with an on/off button operated from inside the house, but with a clear view of the garden, might be rather more satisfying?!

Re: Kids smoking outside Bohunt
- Brian Golder (6th Jun 2024 - 21:16:29)

Thanks Jen, they keep on asking for food!

Its ridiculous!

Re: Kids smoking outside Bohunt
- D (7th Jun 2024 - 15:59:10)

🎶We beg your pardon,
We're in your garden...🎶

Re: Kids smoking outside Bohunt
- Brian Golder (7th Jun 2024 - 22:04:57)

D, do you really think this is a bloody joke! Why don't you come and speak to me in person sometime?

Re: Kids smoking outside Bohunt
- D (8th Jun 2024 - 09:48:50)

Mr. Golder, at a time when the rest of us are commemorating D day, many of us of whom had grandparents involved with, you are getting wound up over a bunch of kids. What would those who died on that day make of your comments I wonder. Good morning.

Re: Kids smoking outside Bohunt
- Brian Golder (8th Jun 2024 - 13:29:33)

D, this is not your place to tell me what to do. I can have a moan about children if I want. Good afternoon.

Re: Kids smoking outside Bohunt
- D (8th Jun 2024 - 13:57:07)

You did come onto this website asking for advice, Mr. Golder. Good day.

Re: Kids smoking outside Bohunt
- A (8th Jun 2024 - 16:01:13)

1. It’s antisocial behaviour plus trespass. Report it to the police.
2. Install security camera’s to the back of your property & provide the video evidence to the school - they may do something, as the students are still representing the school and even when off-site - if wearing uniform. Evidence can also be provided to PSCO Ben to see if he can assist?
3. I like Jen’s idea but they are not pesky cats, they are children and sadly in this day & age could possibly be deemed as assault on a minor (even if it is just water) - kids can exaggerate on the truth when they want to!
4. If they’re begging for food tell them to go back to school or go home if they’re hungry. It’s not your responsibility to feed them. If they’re thirsty, go back to school - water fountains or go home. Or if they need to, one of the local shops their peers constantly congregate at.
5. Put up an anti-climb topping to your fence - Amazon.
Good luck.

Re: Kids smoking outside Bohunt
- Rob (9th Jun 2024 - 19:00:38)

Electric fence should do it

Re: Kids smoking outside Bohunt
- Brian Golder (11th Jun 2024 - 17:50:02)

They just threatened to kill me. Shall I just let them in my house to have some food and play on my XBox?

Re: Kids smoking outside Bohunt
- Joe (12th Jun 2024 - 02:00:06)

Do you have a biggish dog to borrow and leave in the garden at school chucking out time if the garden is secure enough ? It might deter them coming in? You must also tell the police. Maybe the PCSO could happen to stroll past at the right time.

Re: Kids smoking outside Bohunt
- D (12th Jun 2024 - 11:07:44)

If they threatened to kill you I would definitely call the police. Two twelve year olds were found guilty of murder yesterday after all. Modern parenting and teaching methods aren't working.

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