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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Children begging
- The Duke (14th May 2024 - 06:18:25)

The last 2 days we have had upto 3 girls of Liphook Junior/Infant school knocking on several doors asking for money. There were NOT any parents/adults with them & I'm sure their parents are unaware what they are upto. They were all riding bicycles.

Re: Children begging
- Sam (14th May 2024 - 20:10:56)

Entrepreneurs are getting younger these days 😂

Re: Children begging
- Mason (14th May 2024 - 22:04:14)

They probably live in the social housing across from Sainsburys. If free housing wasn’t enough they’re begging now!

Re: Children begging
- Social housing resident (15th May 2024 - 07:13:52)

Mason I think that’s actually a really unreasonable response. I live in one of the “free social houses” (which by the way I pay for on a weekly basis!) and I can put my life on it that it is not the children round here! Why don’t you try looking at people that don’t actually take or collect their children from school. The school are well aware of this situation and a number of school parents also know who the children are that are doing it and as stated before it isn’t children who live in social housing! I really hope one day you or any member of your family don’t need help because you’ve been so critical about everyone else, you would let actually deserve it. Stop judging people before you have even met them!

Re: Children begging
- Steve Cooke (15th May 2024 - 08:07:57)

@ social housing residents. Unfortunately, for many of us long term residents of Liphook, we have noticed that since the influx of social housing in our village, anti social behaviour, drug and alcohol abuse, vandalism and street crime has increased massively in the area. I know it’s not all social housing residents but the facts remain clear, the social balance in the village has negatively changed in the last 10 years

Re: Children begging
- Mason (15th May 2024 - 11:05:10)

@ Social Housing Resident, are you trying to imply that those which work and support your lifestyle choice are bad parents as they are at work and use alternative means to carry out school collections? Don’t loose sight of the fact that it’s us tax paying people pay for your social welfare lifestyle choice and enable you to be able to turn up at the school gate in your pink tracksuit. You keeping lliving the life you can’t afford and we’ll keep working and paying for your laziness.

Re: Children begging
- Social resident (15th May 2024 - 16:45:57)

Mason, firstly you don’t pay for my house. I go to work daily, I pay the rent on my house weekly so sorry you don’t pay for my house. I’m not on any “benefits” so I would love to know how you’re finding my life style?

Secondly can’t say I’ve ever seen anyone turn up to school in a pink tracksuit….. think that may have been your era of “wannabe chavs”

Also I would just like to add that as a tax payer myself I’m also paying for YOU. Every time you go to the doctors or hospital make sure you remember that a tax payer living in social housing is paying for you :)

Re: Children begging
- Cassie (15th May 2024 - 20:19:50)

We had children round the back of our house in Tunbridge Crescent and when asked what they were doing they said did we want to buy a bracelet?! Didn’t see any evidence of the bracelets. A girl on a bike in Junior School clothing with 2 boys on foot. This was Monday evening about 6.15.

Re: Children begging
- Pete (16th May 2024 - 07:31:05)

Mason- The worst type of snob
Steve- I would suggest the decline has come since the tunnel has opened and the village became a commuter town (about 13yrs ago)

Re: Children begging
- Steve C (16th May 2024 - 10:17:46)

Sorry Pete you are wrong. If you walk around the Silent Garden estate the difference in values between owner occupied and social housing is obvious. Inconsiderately parked vehicles, discarded Sainsburys shopping trollies and women walking around at midday in their dressing gowns having a communal vape. And just look at the state of the properties and gardens. And the anti social behaviour of the kids in the play park is horrific, I know as I witness it every day!

Re: Children begging
- Mason (16th May 2024 - 16:47:54)

Totally agree with you Steve. We live in Oak Park and you can see the distinct difference in houses where people are paying the mortgage and concerned about their value and the ones where “affordable housing tenants” are being sheltered with their antisocial families.

Re: Children begging
- Richard (16th May 2024 - 18:02:17)

@ Social housing resident. It almost sounds like you’re proud of your social housing status. Is this now a measurement of one’s success? Social housing used to be there for people who had fallen on hard time through no fault of their own but now it’s a way of raising unplanned and unaffordable families and those too lazy to work for a living.
It’s a shame and embarrassment to the UK as to how standards have fallen so far in only a few generation's!

Re: Children begging
- Polly (16th May 2024 - 18:33:46)

I’m not sure it is fair to paint all home owners as honest, responsible, respectable people who look after their properties and have well behaved children, whilst suggesting the opposite is true of those in social housing. These are rather sweeping viewpoints and statements from both points of view.

I know of some super lovely people/families who live in social housing. They work extremely hard to pay their rent and bills and do look after their homes. Their children are bought up with great values. On the flip side, some of the areas that are regarded by some as the ‘nice areas’ of the village to live in have houses that look shocking and in need of repair!! Their children are not perfect either. Children will be children after all.

Regardless of where you live, if you have social housing in the vicinity, or if you don’t, you always get a mix of people, some of whom you may wish weren’t your neighbours. Remember though, they probably feel the same about you! 😊

Re: Children begging
- Resident (16th May 2024 - 18:41:34)

Being in social housing and pointing out you are in social housing is not a free pass for empathy. Most people are paying whatever they can for housing these days, so if that levels it out then I'd expect anyone making a small or big payment to take pride in their area.

The problem is more likely those who get everything free. They won't value it.

Re: Children begging
- BK (17th May 2024 - 06:53:36)

Maybe just call the police next time it happens.

Re: Children begging
- Sam (17th May 2024 - 13:50:14)

Calling in an underfunded police service sounds like overkill, unless you suspect a serious safety issue with those kids, even then there are other services probably more appropriate yet equally underfunded.

Perhaps the next time children come begging to your door maybe ask them if they really need help, are they starving and need food, ask them where their parents are and if everything is ok, and work out if they are just on a opportunistic wind up, if so tell them they shouldn’t be doing it.

I doubt those kids needed the money, they probably just thought it was a good idea and they could pick up a few quid to blow on sweets, whilst they shouldn’t be doing it it’s not likely a police matter.

Re: Children begging
- Joe (18th May 2024 - 08:08:32)

I am surprised that the above poster does not know what serious danger girls under the age of 11 might be in, by randomly knocking on the doors of complete strangers, they are obviously taking other risks as well if they have no fear of doing that.

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