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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Bohunt - not outstanding school anymore
- Lily (10th May 2024 - 16:44:14)

Have just heard that the reason it’s all gone quiet about the Ofsted for Bohunt is because they got downgraded to good. No surprise as the school has been on the decline for years. Wake-up call for Strowger?

Re: Bohunt - not outstanding school anymore
- D (10th May 2024 - 17:22:24)

The three part television mini series a few years ago certainly didn't do them any good. What on earth were they thinking when they agreed to this? Bad idea, very bad idea.

Re: Bohunt - not outstanding school anymore
- PR (10th May 2024 - 18:04:16)

I was talking to a young man, recently a leaver from Bohunt. It would appear that drug dealing, and bullying is rife at this school, you either survive it or not. There has been so much publicity about these problems, perhaps those of you are more enlightened could tell me why absolutely nothing appears to be done about it. Staff, Parents, Pupils, or the educational authorities. Decades has this been going on. From postings, those culpable are identifiable.

Re: Bohunt - not outstanding school anymore
- MikeyB (10th May 2024 - 20:13:01)

What are you trying to achieve with this post? Do you have a vendetta against Bohunt? Bad experience for you or a child? Let people make up their own mind and do their own research. Oh, and stop calling out Strowger. Who would want his job when a lot of parents don’t do theirs.

Re: Bohunt - not outstanding school anymore
- Paul2 (10th May 2024 - 22:27:13)

@PR: Parents are the first line of defense in addressing problematic behaviour in their own children before they take that to the school. And schools reflect broader community issues and behaviours.

Therefore, crucially, 'the family is the hub of cultural reproduction' can help explain why again parents are key to all of this.

Re: Bohunt - not outstanding school anymore
- Loz (11th May 2024 - 00:49:06)

‘All gone quiet’ ??? What does that mean? Are you expecting the school to be constantly updating?

Parents don’t find out for a while about the outcome so I’ve no idea what you’re talking about. My neighbour works in the school (not a teacher) and she hasn’t heard either. Only senior teachers will have an idea of the outcome but even then it be process takes a long time to be published. A rating of good is actually a good outcome not a slating!!

And as for drugs & bullying, show me a school that isn’t affected.

Be respectful and address the head teacher correctly. Mr Strowger would be the right thing to say.

Re: Bohunt - not outstanding school anymore
- Mason (11th May 2024 - 07:50:05)

Maybe if there were more teachers interested on what was happening within the school grounds as opposed to harassing the kids outside the school premises about jumpers and blazers being worn they wouldn’t be finding themselves in this situation.

Re: Bohunt - not outstanding school anymore
- Mason (11th May 2024 - 07:53:09)

I am somewhat confused the Ofstead website still has it listed as Outstanding. Editor can we get this statement fact checked please.

Re: Bohunt - not outstanding school anymore
- Joe (11th May 2024 - 08:27:13)

I too watched the documentary on Bohunt and questioned the wisdom then of it having an outstanding rating even a “GOOD “ rating whilst the bullying and drug taking goes on is
probably not deserved. Perhaps we ought to expect more honesty in the marking system!

Re: Bohunt - not outstanding school anymore
- Sarah (11th May 2024 - 09:13:30)

This discussion is just becoming libellous. The school is full of loads of great kids, amazing hardworking teachers and you are making it sounds like the backstreets of New York!

For goodness sake, all schools have issues, but Bohunt is a super state school and we are very lucky to have it, whether Outstanding or Good.

If you have a personal vendetta, don’t be an anonymous gossip.

Re: Bohunt - not outstanding school anymore
- Helen (11th May 2024 - 13:25:38)

The most recent Ofsted listing available online is from 2013. Updates on websites don’t happen immediately there has been an inspection .

Re: Bohunt - not outstanding school anymore
- Joe (11th May 2024 - 13:44:49)

There is no case to answer for libel if the statement is true.

Re: Bohunt - not outstanding school anymore
- Jen (11th May 2024 - 15:25:10)

Since when has a rating of "good" been deemed to be bad?! Surely "good" means that it's a good school (asssuming that the OP has some inside information and the assertion is correct)?

Re: Bohunt - not outstanding school anymore
- D (11th May 2024 - 15:29:34)

Lily, if your disrespectful attitude is typical of parents, are you surprised?

Re: Bohunt - not outstanding school anymore
- Ian (12th May 2024 - 09:06:21)

Get a grip everyone. This forum is open to abuse, the OP could be a silly little 14 year old with a grudge against Bohunt and all the infantile contributions could be from others with an axe to grind. The problems at Bohunt are exactly the same as those experienced at most other schools, the difference is a lot of Bohunt students leave the school with good exam results.

Re: Bohunt - not outstanding school anymore
- Joe (12th May 2024 - 11:00:06)

Ian the ofsted inspection is about more than just good exam results. Schooling should be there also to prepare children for their future lives and teach them how to become good citizens.

Re: Bohunt - not outstanding school anymore
- Paul2 (12th May 2024 - 17:26:24)

@Joe - that's also for their parents to lead on ...

Re: Bohunt - not outstanding school anymore
- D (13th May 2024 - 21:37:02)

When I was at school we didn't have Ofsted, or league tables, or children on drugs, or children supplying other children with drugs, or a record number of children being diagnosed with some mental illness or another, then being on prescribed medication to control their behaviour, or children murdering other children (and adults). We didn't have teachers teaching us their are more than two genders, as if going through adolesence isn't hard enough without being encouraged to "make a choice".

We did have respect, for each other, our teachers and our elders. We also had discipline at home and at school. We knew what the accepted boundaries of behaviour were and we knew the consequences if we crossed them. Maybe because we had those two precious things, we didn't have any of the things I mention in my first paragraph.

But hey, that's progress.

Re: Bohunt - not outstanding school anymore
- Ian (14th May 2024 - 06:43:22)

D, what a very sensible reply of yours! Three things you mentioned that are not bred into kids nowadays, respect, boundaries and behaviour. The kids are running riot and it needs to stop now.

Re: Bohunt - not outstanding school anymore
- Ian (14th May 2024 - 08:32:08)

D, you forgot to mention that also in our day if the kids misbehaved we gave them a damn good thrashing with a cane and if they grew up bad we could ultimately hang them! Ah, I miss those good old days!

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