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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Closure of Bordon Refuse and Recycling Centre
- David Cialti (8th May 2024 - 05:03:03)

Please sign the petition if you feel strongly about retaining this much needed facility.


Re: Closure of Bordon Refuse and Recycling Centre
- Sam (8th May 2024 - 20:48:20)

If it closes what is the next nearest alternative travelling from Liphook ?

Re: Closure of Bordon Refuse and Recycling Centre
- Anne (9th May 2024 - 07:21:55)

The next nearest is Petersfield but this is also up for potential closure!!

Re: Closure of Bordon Refuse and Recycling Centre
- Sam (9th May 2024 - 20:27:26)

Well, it’s us that votes them in and we refuse to pay any more tax so when you elect idiots and add no funding this is going to happen. Won’t be long before it’s £1000 a visit to A&E or a Doctor and a £49 a month subscription to get your bins emptied.

Down the toilet we go

Re: Closure of Bordon Refuse and Recycling Centre
- Sally-ann (14th May 2024 - 11:03:00)

If it does get shut down I propose we select one of the car parks for the common and use that instead. Will end up costing the council a lot more than if they had kept the site open🤣

Re: Closure of Bordon Refuse and Recycling Centre
- Not happy (14th May 2024 - 12:38:38)

Better still dump all our rubbish out side penns place then perhaps they will stand up for us and tell HCC what to do with their plans.

Re: Closure of Bordon Refuse and Recycling Centre
- Joe (14th May 2024 - 12:50:50)

From what I understand EHDC want to upgrade all the recycling to be like Waverley for example separate bins for every little thing fabric , plastics, unrecyclables building waste wood, paint all in all probably double the amount of categories and some of the sites like Bordon are too small for extra bins. They probably see it as building land potential to sell off completely.
I can envisage if it stays open they will start to charge on different things somehow.

Re: Closure of Bordon Refuse and Recycling Centre
- E (14th May 2024 - 13:04:18)

What do you expect when you keep voting for the Conservatives? They don't care about the environment and they don't care about the people they serve.

Re: Closure of Bordon Refuse and Recycling Centre
- M (14th May 2024 - 13:24:36)

@ Sam

well I for one would be prepared to have my bin emptied,per bin because at present more often than not it gets missed!!......

I also don't use any of the other so called services,and pay a disproportionate amount in council tax,to support others because we live in a civilized society apparently.

Re: Closure of Bordon Refuse and Recycling Centre
- Sam (14th May 2024 - 14:55:14)

@M we already pay a tax for it to get emptied, yet your happy to pay another separate tax for it ?

As I mentioned, my view of the state of this nation is people work hard yet the state through inefficiency or ineptitude is taking towards a world whereby 100% of all resources we earn will be clawed back by either the state or big business, when that day comes is there any point having a job? When the private individual gets nothing for themselves? It’s essentially slavery again. Might as well grow you own and leave the rat race.

We already pay for these services, telling us they need to cost cut isn’t good enough, perhaps us citizens need to cost cut on the tax we pay as they have been shown to be useless at managing it or delivering the services.

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