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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Gorgeous Labradoodle puppies needing homes
- James (29th Apr 2024 - 09:25:55)

Our lovely family labradoodle had a litter of 6 gorgeous puppies, who are now 5 weeks old. 3 of them (2 boys/1girl) still need loving homes (from 8 weeks).

We'd love for the puppies to stay local.

Our labradoodle was mated with a kennel club/health checked poodle, so the puppies are "F1B labradoodles" = 75% Poodle and 25% Labrador. They are highly unlikely to shed as they acquire more of the poodle's curly coat. And should be suitable for those who would normally be allergic.

Viewings are available now, so call to come and visit us in central Liphook for a cuddle!

07932 082 483
(I can send photos of the puppies!)

Re: Gorgeous Labradoodle puppies needing homes
- James (29th Apr 2024 - 09:47:22)

Just to add, it's her second litter with the same father...and one of the puppies from the previous litter is in Liphook!

Re: Gorgeous Labradoodle puppies needing homes
- Interested (29th Apr 2024 - 11:54:31)

How much each?

Re: Gorgeous Labradoodle puppies needing homes
- Paul2 (29th Apr 2024 - 17:21:51)

Would you take my wife in return? I'd absolutely love a labradoodle!

Re: Gorgeous Labradoodle puppies needing homes
- James (29th Apr 2024 - 18:56:40)

Hi @interested. Here's a link to the ad we have with loads of photos and more information.

If you're in Liphook, come and see them! :-)

@Paul2 is she fully trained? :-)

Re: Gorgeous Labradoodle puppies needing homes
- Anonymous (6th May 2024 - 14:18:52)

Although these are gorgeous, surely a better option would be to give a lovely home to one of the thousands of rescue dogs that are available locally.

A much better use of time and money

Re: Gorgeous Labradoodle puppies needing homes
- Beth (6th May 2024 - 18:32:30)

Totally agree with anonymous! There are too many dogs waiting for their forever homes in rescue centres which are full to bursting with unwanted puppies/dogs.

Re: Gorgeous Labradoodle puppies needing homes
- Ruantong (6th May 2024 - 20:51:19)

Unfortunately rescue dogs have a lot of social issues and are better off put down. Who would want a secondhand dog with behavioural issues when you can have a brand new one!

Re: Gorgeous Labradoodle puppies needing homes
- Paul (6th May 2024 - 23:57:28)

In answer to Ruantong, "why would you want a second hand dog with behavioural issues?" Not all rescued dogs have behavioural issues, a lot have just been abandoned and haven't been well cared for. The fact that you can have a rescue dog and give him or her a good life surely comes into it, also the fact that a lot of people cannot afford a "brand new" dog, especially when they cost £1300 each which is what James is asking for his labradoodles.
Dog and cat breeding these days is basically a business where a lot of "breeders" only do it for the money and don't really care about the animals. I am not suggesting that the person selling these puppies is just that but with the cost of living paying over £1000 for a puppy is not viable for a lot of people.

Re: Gorgeous Labradoodle puppies needing homes
- Joe (7th May 2024 - 09:13:22)

Not all recue dogs have issues, a lot have been rescued from breeders who keep them in cages all their lives not allowed a normal life because they are a money making machine for the breeder. If they become past breeding age they are turned out. Some over bred dogs brought from breeders come with massive health problems .
Also most dogs are adaptable and can be trained when re homed.

Re: Gorgeous Labradoodle puppies needing homes
- James (10th May 2024 - 10:32:35)

I'm happy to update we've found amazing, loving homes for all the boy puppies.
✨Just one gorgeous black female labradoodle ready to view now✨ in central Liphook

Re: Gorgeous Labradoodle puppies needing homes
- Jayne (12th May 2024 - 16:16:13)

Ruantong, I sincerely hope your post was made in jest, otherwise it’s truly sad that you think that way. Dogs are not commodities to be bought, sold and replaced on a whim. To describe a dog as “secondhand” is disappointingly ignorant.

I work for the RSPCA and we will never put down a healthy “secondhand” animal. Our animal centres are awash with abandoned pets. Not all of them have been subjected to cruelty and neglect but sadly many have been, and as a result many are left with behavioural issues. But there are lots of success stories thanks to compassionate, patient individuals who spend hours of their time working with these animals to rehabilitate them so they can find the loving home they deserve.

During lockdown, many people took on dogs in particular only to discover they couldn’t look after them properly and so handed them back. It is a shocking situation and there are indeed as Beth has pointed out many, many animals waiting for their forever home.

I urge people looking for a four legged companion to consider rehoming from an animal rescue organisation before approaching a breeder.

Re: Gorgeous Labradoodle puppies needing homes
- Peter Rowan (12th May 2024 - 18:05:35)

This thread was never intended to spark comment on Rescue Dogs.

Jayne, however, what a great posting. 18 months ago we took on a twelve year old Bearded Collie, a breed we have had for forty years or more. He came from Manchester, was in a parlous state, shaven , unable to get up without assistance, and clearly suffering from separation issues, his owner had terminal cancer, and no one wanted to take on his companion. He had for obvious reasons suffered from neglect and had 72 hours to find a home.

He is now a born again dog, mobile, fully coated, and is discovering how to play and inter act with his younger Beardie companion. It has been a joy and privilege to witness this transformation, achieved with love, a good diet and both veterinary and homeopathic treatment. He is a grand old man, and enjoys the Hampshire air, love, and attention from all our neighbours who have also come to love him. His eyesight is failing and he does not hear so well, but still has a quality of life. And an opportunity to give something back to a breed that has given us so much pleasure.

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