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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Vape/drug dealing at Bohunt
- Anders (16th Apr 2024 - 13:51:13)

We’re in the unfortunate position that we’ve recently found out that our son has been found with a small amount of drugs in his possession while on the school premises. Understandably the school has suspended him pending an investigation. We were able to get him to confirm who his dealer was, some guy called [removed], but would appreciate any further information as we would like to approach the school and police if needed.

Re: Vape/drug dealing at Bohunt
- Joe (16th Apr 2024 - 19:07:25)

It may not be of any use but I have seen what I thought was probably a dealer in the Radford park car park after about 4 pm and 3-4 boys in Bohunt Blazers hanging around the car waiting to deal after I was out of sight.

Re: Vape/drug dealing at Bohunt
- Pauline (16th Apr 2024 - 19:12:04)

Hi Anders, very sorry to hear what’s happened. I have a son at Bohunt too and he has told me and my husband that Vape /Drug dealing is a major problem at the school at present.There are several students being monitored continuously but until they catch them in the act I’m guessing it’s hard to act.

Re: Vape/drug dealing at Bohunt
- Gary (16th Apr 2024 - 21:53:02)

He has plagued the school for a few years selling Vapes and Drugs to the kids. It’s amazing the school hasn’t resolved.

Re: Vape/drug dealing at Bohunt
- Paul2 (17th Apr 2024 - 12:13:23)

Is this really the best forum for the original poster to make enquiries?

But anyway - if you think there is a 'small' quantity of drugs around Liphook and your kids have 'dabbled' then I've got news for you. Liphook is awash with drugs, and there's no age barrier - young and old.

The most prolific drug users are middle aged well-to-do people who frequent the local pubs. After that, then it's kids aged 12-16. We have day-drinkers on the green and outside Sainsburys, and crack heads and dealers wandering the streets in front of your very eyes.

Don't kid yourself that your child hasn't been exposed to drugs, or hasn't already tried lots of drugs.

Re: Vape/drug dealing at Bohunt
- Steve Cooke (17th Apr 2024 - 12:43:13)

Goes on everywhere, not just Bohunt. Best thing would be to decriminalise.

Re: Vape/drug dealing at Bohunt
- John (17th Apr 2024 - 13:22:05)

Unfortunately we moved into [removed] last year and the same individual has being dealing to the kids down here. This is what happens when the police are so far away, people think they can simply get away with doing whatever they want.

Re: Vape/drug dealing at Bohunt
- Mo (17th Apr 2024 - 14:00:21)

Having just left school it was well known who was the local dealer on and around the school grounds. There was also a younger female who was his appointed distributor too.
Not everyone in the school is Vaping or doing drugs there are more good eggs than bad ones but unfortunately it’s all too readily available.

Re: Vape/drug dealing at Bohunt
- Hector Barkley (17th Apr 2024 - 14:02:58)

Liphook has an epidemic cocaine problem, as does the entire area.

The retired middle-aged Karens need to understand that yes your lovely village is infested with drugs (especially cocaine) some are so naive to think it’s some back street minority type thing when it is so blatant across all age groups and demographics.

The young people that are so criticised and slandered by older people in the community are of course part of the issue, however drugs in Liphook are so readily consumed by middle aged users and supposedly “responsible” members of the community, it’s shocking. Our pubs are full of users and have been for ages. This is just the reality.

Re: Vape/drug dealing at Bohunt
- Phil (17th Apr 2024 - 15:01:11)

Unfortunately the new Premier shop doesn’t help the problem either. I’ve had to pop in and have chat to the staff due to a situation by where they served my 16 year daughter. They didn’t challenge her at all and she doesn’t look 18.

What was more alarming is the staff seemed somewhat confused as to why I was upset and had come in to complain about the event.

Not trying to muddy local businesses just stating a situation which we had to deal with.

Re: Vape/drug dealing at Bohunt
- Helen (17th Apr 2024 - 16:27:07)

Seen dealers and their customers by Canadian Memorial Bridge next to the Horse’s field on London Rd. Various cars and small white vans parked up mid/late evenings when walking the dogs. One regular drives a little Mini another a small dark hatchback both play loud bass music / have very loud exhausts. Amusingly as we approach they panic and race off dangerously demonstrating their limited driving experience /ability. Basically numpty organ donors on wheels coming to a tree near you. One of these types hit the flats on Portsmouth Road a few years back causing traffic chaos for weeks. So this is a problem everyone needs to be aware of in the village.

Re: Vape/drug dealing at Bohunt
- Paul2 (17th Apr 2024 - 19:22:05)

@Helen, the fact that this has been going on for years at that location and the police haven't stopped it - well, welcome to modern Britain. Law and order is in short supply, basically the police now turn a blind eye to prolific drug dealing but will turn up en masse to ask a pub to remove a print if someone's feelings are hurt.

Re: Vape/drug dealing at Bohunt
- Chris J (18th Apr 2024 - 16:54:46)

That poor lad who was jumped…. Has nothing to do with Drug dealing.. He was attacked for no reason at all.

Re: Vape/drug dealing at Bohunt
- steve (18th Apr 2024 - 17:05:12)

can confirm this child is not a drug dealer, just because of the way he might look and if you think he looks 'dodgy' doesn't mean he sells drugs. i've known him my entire life and i know everything about him so i think i'd know if he was some sort of smack dealer. him being attacked was completely random and in no way drug related and this 'younger female' is just one of his mates he likes to hang out with around liphook, does NOT make them drug dealers.

Re: Vape/drug dealing at Bohunt
- Jerry (18th Apr 2024 - 19:00:42)

Hi Steve I’m sorry to confirm that he does deal Vapes. I have two daughters at the school and they have given me video evidence of him dealing on the premises which was presented to the appropriate person. This all came about after I found one of them Vaping with her friends and they confirmed who supplied the Vape as she’s only 12.

Re: Vape/drug dealing at Bohunt
- Jerry (18th Apr 2024 - 19:49:50)

Hi Chris J I’m sorry to have to advise you that he didn’t get jumped for any other reason other than selling Vapes. The kids now don’t worry about people looking or acting differently but they do care when some older person sells their younger brother or sister a Vape for nothing other than making a quick pound.

Re: Vape/drug dealing at Bohunt
- Ismail (18th Apr 2024 - 19:56:57)

The younger girl with the shaved undercut hair style and large silver chain does sell for him. I’m at the school and they are both very known there’s no denying their involvement.

Re: Vape/drug dealing at Bohunt
- Anders (20th Apr 2024 - 10:40:38)

Just to say thank you to those who reached out knowing me and the situation, much appreciated. We have been in touch with the school and they have confirmed both persons, the boy and girl, are under investigation within the school as they have received several other parents complaints about these two individuals already. They advised that they will keep us in the loop of any further developments as and when they happen.

Re: Vape/drug dealing at Bohunt
- JH (20th Apr 2024 - 12:47:55)

I don't think anyone should lump together the sale of vapes and drugs. Vaping is obnoxious and anti-social but perfectly legal if sold to someone of the approved age. Drugs are illegal for anyone to buy, sell, own or use.

Re: Vape/drug dealing at Bohunt
- Anders (20th Apr 2024 - 12:59:30)

Hi JH, in this case the two individuals in question are selling both Vapes + Drugs so yes it is very appropriate to keep the two things together. Thankfully the school now have the required video evidence to approach the two persons in question and try to resolve in a safe way which removes the danger from our children in the school.

Re: Vape/drug dealing at Bohunt
- Mason (20th Apr 2024 - 13:31:12)

There are unfortunately a few individuals at the school who dress differently as it gives them a sense of untouchability. The school to be fair has learned to navigate this attempt to hide in plain sight and is learning to discipline in the new age we all find ourselves living in.

Re: Vape/drug dealing at Bohunt
- Koko (20th Apr 2024 - 15:06:39)

As a parent in this school I don't believe that you should be posting something like this ,that is potentially going to extrodite these pupils from the area they live and these allegations are unnecessary and untrue ,these are just children who have done nothing wrong and don't need to be picked on by a middle aged hooligan for doing nothing when the real problem is the children who's trying to buy drugs+ vaporizers ,these 2 children I have known for years and they aren't the type to do what they are being accused of

Re: Vape/drug dealing at Bohunt
- Local (20th Apr 2024 - 15:47:17)

I don't know anything about drug dealing at Bohunt or in Liphook, but if my experiences in London are anything to go by, it's surprising how rampant it is in society.

At a media firm I worked in, most adults were on something, even the big names, from the post room staff on weed to the reporters on coke, everyone had a dealer or two, blamed the pressures of modern life.

When the adults would read that kids were used as runners and dealers, they would express suitable shock and dissaproval but still phone their dealers that evening.

In short, users, (I mean adults) and possibly those who turn a blind eye to them are arguably as complicit as the dealers and cut from the same cloth, maybe it's time society acknowledged the drug epidemic is uncontrollable in a liberal, tolerant society, rampant not just in the schools, colleges, universities and lay-bys but in the law firms, media outlets, seats of government, the builders, the the shop assistants, the housewife next door, the clubs, pubs and even the posh restaurants.

Unless we come up with new policies in this country towards drug use, we can expect more shattered lives and expressions of shock and dissaproval but nothing else, schools don't exist in isolation and children are not the shapers nor villains of our society.

(cue vacuous confusion at this awkwardly inconvenient opinion)

Re: Vape/drug dealing at Bohunt
- PR (20th Apr 2024 - 16:45:02)

Mr Editor,

Perhaps the entire content of postings on this thread should be forwarded to Hampshire Police.

Enough to warrant investigating.

I had a friend at school who eventually was sent to HMP Broadmoor as a result of drug dealers. He is now dead.

Children deserve protecting.

Re: Vape/drug dealing at Bohunt
- Daisy (23rd Apr 2024 - 08:27:40)

3 to 4 teenage lads smoking weed by sainsburys fire exit all the time after school. They are quite open about it. I have tried to contact the school but not replied to my e mail. I also contacted the police but nothing was done. Its all over liphook and surrounding areas.

Re: Vape/drug dealing at Bohunt
- Paul2 (23rd Apr 2024 - 11:04:44)

@Daisy - why contact the school, is it their fault?

It's their parents fault.

Re: Vape/drug dealing at Bohunt
- Pete (23rd Apr 2024 - 13:07:01)

The most harmful drug of all is available legally 200yds down the road at the pub.

Re: Vape/drug dealing at Bohunt
- Daisy (25th Apr 2024 - 07:00:49)

Paul2. Thought that it would be obvious to contact the school so that the parents could be contacted and told. They are all in uniform when they do it.

Re: Vape/drug dealing at Bohunt
- Penny Williamson (25th Apr 2024 - 15:47:06)

Daisy I think that the point Paul2 was trying to make was, that while obviously the school should be aware of any bad behaviour by its students, the root of the problem with regard to this particular situation ie vaping, is due to inadequate guidance and discipline from the parents. The staff at the school would have to be completely disassociated from the real world if they were unaware of what is happening in their school ie in this case vaping and I do not think this is the case. They are well aware, but again, I agree with Paul2, it is not up to them to take the first disciplinary action. Their first action should be and I hope it is, to contact the parents directly and preferably invite them to come to the school to ascertain all the facts and discuss the best way forward in the interests of the child and the school. While I am sure the majority of parents do take responsibility for their own children’s behaviour, there are I believe, a growing number of parents who do not and this leaves the school with a huge problem as apart from exclusion and expulsion, under present legislation there is very little else they can do. Teaching respect to children must begin at home by the parents. The children are their responsibility and this should not be shunted onto someone else. For the record Daisy, if I had found out that one of my children had been taking drugs during school hours I would not have been emailing the school, I would have gone straight round to the school to speak to the Head, firstly to make he/she was aware and secondly and just as important, assure him/her that I would now deal with and hopefully resolve the problem satisfactorily, at home.

Re: Vape/drug dealing at Bohunt
- Sam (25th Apr 2024 - 17:38:50)

You keep telling yourself that parents can stop or prevent their kids from exposure or sampling drugs, parents can only do so much, in fact the stricter you are the most likely a little rebel will occur.

We don’t own our children sadly nor can fantastic parenting solve everything, much like a football manager working with their players all week and shouting at them from the side lines, mistakes still happen.

Home life and parenting is only one part of many that will keep children safe from drugs, their friends (including those they don’t tell you about or bring home) the school, the child and the authorities all play a part.

The am a good parent vibe falls flat am afraid, every child that destroyed or vandalised the old street park arrived home with a story of “wasn’t me” “I wasn’t there” “no mummy I wouldn’t do that”

Re: Vape/drug dealing at Bohunt
- D (26th Apr 2024 - 08:32:01)

Amazing how drug users are always portrayed as "victims". I am fat but I don't blame Sainsbury's for selling me the cake that made me fat. No, it's no-ones fault but mine, I take responsibility for my own actions. Awful as it must be to discover your child is a drug user you must accept that it was your child's decision to venture into that foray and not the (name removed) who supplied them with those drugs. We can't continually shirk responsibility onto the drug suppliers when it is the drug users keeping them in business. I'm off for a cup of tea and a (large) slice of cake.

Re: Vape/drug dealing at Bohunt
- Joe (26th Apr 2024 - 12:15:48)

I agree D if there were no demand in the western world for illegal substances, all the dealers and growers and other people associated with the drugs trade would soon have to find legitimate employment and perhaps contribute to paying income tax. Also I think this country is one of the worst for the amount of prescription drugs consumed. Obviously some are needed but I think over prescription is a huge problem.

Re: Vape/drug dealing at Bohunt
- Penny Williamson (26th Apr 2024 - 13:15:06)

D I think you are missing the glaringly obvious. It is perfectly legal for Sainsburys to sell cakes – it is not legal for people to sell drugs. Please bear in mind as well that these drugs are being offered to often very vulnerable children who in many cases have not had much parental guidance.
Sam parenting begins from the moment a child is born. In that way a loving relationship is established between parents and children with boundaries and rules. It does not just suddenly happen when the child is growing up and starts to question and kick against authority. However if a loving bond has been formed over many years with respect on both sides the “rebellious“ stage is so much easier to deal with as the parents hopefully will not appear to be the “enemy”. When I was growing up we were very poor and my mother used to work for an advertising agency at home and typed envelopes for them. She was paid £1 for every thousand typed envelope – but she was there when we came home from school and she gave us her time and love unconditionally. We didn’t have a car or holidays abroad – we didn’t have TV and the carpets were threadbare, but I was blessed to have a very happy childhood and I give thanks for that. This created a huge bond between us as a family and so it was easier to weather the storms that inevitably occur when children are growing up. Parents need to throw away the electronic babysitters and I am sure everyone knows to what I am referring.

Re: Vape/drug dealing at Bohunt
- Peter Rowan (26th Apr 2024 - 13:32:16)

Penny Williamson,

I think your use of the expression ' loving bond ' is very true.

As a child that was brought up without that, and subsequently from the age of eight shipped from pillar to post, suffered both physical and mental abuse, and was pretty much a lost soul until my late teens I had a very lucky escape. Subsequently I never had children by choice, as I believe being a parent is a massive undertaking, to some it comes easy, to others not. I could not guarantee that my own abilities or circumstances would be consistently sufficient. I am sure most of us know examples of both.

Re: Vape/drug dealing at Bohunt
- passfield resident (26th Apr 2024 - 20:50:23)

Good God. Two intelligent, compassionate posts in a row.

Re: Vape/drug dealing at Bohunt
- Richard (27th Apr 2024 - 21:06:58)

It’s a shame when these neglected children from broken homes and raised without a male influence end up dealing and pushing drugs to their better off peers. I suppose there’s only so much the state can do to keep these children on the right path.

Re: Vape/drug dealing at Bohunt
- Dave (27th Apr 2024 - 21:28:34)

It’s a shame to see where our tax monies end up. Maybe there a conversation for sterilisation when one can’t afford to raise a child. How else can we stop this cycle of people who drain the system continue to breed more useless members of society who think it’s there right for a free ride in life with no consequences.

Re: Vape/drug dealing at Bohunt
- Richard (27th Apr 2024 - 21:57:55)

Here here Dave well said my friend. It’s about time these people were means tested when they reach an age when they can procreate and if they can’t afford to raise a child they should have their tubes tied.

Re: Vape/drug dealing at Bohunt
- D (28th Apr 2024 - 09:10:17)

There was no drug taking when I was at school. We were a closer community then both at school and outside, if anyone at school had been we would all have known. Maybe modern parenting and teaching techniques aren't working.

Re: Vape/drug dealing at Bohunt
- Mary (28th Apr 2024 - 09:46:39)

OMG, Richard and Dave have you read what you have said?

Better off peers, i think you might find it the other way round. Rich kids give it to less fortunate, so they can be pressured into selling it other people. Also what do you mean by "have there tubes tied"? My god if we have people like you in this world, we don't stand a chance.

I hope you love living in your ivory tower and you don't have something happen to you that makes you lose everything.

D Where you not around, in the 60's The Summeer of love
70's The Medelin Cartel, shipping tons of drugs all ove the world(sorry he is the only one can think of at the moment)
80's The Yuppies do drugs by the bucket load
90's People dancing away for 24 hours high on happy pills

Have a good and pleasent Sunday

Re: Vape/drug dealing at Bohunt
- David (28th Apr 2024 - 09:56:34)

There was a time in history that unemployment support was a safety net for those who fell on hard times through no self inflicted fault of their own - it was never supposed to be the lifestyle choice which these lazy people seem to have made it in to.
There’s probably a business case that could definitely be made here for medical intervention early doors as opposed to the tax payer paying for these social welfare misfits! Might even help to bring drug dealing and addiction rates down.

Re: Vape/drug dealing at Bohunt
- D (28th Apr 2024 - 13:12:36)

Mary, I apologize for not being more specific. In hindsight I would have done better to say "there was no drug taking at my school when I was there". As this thread is about drugs at a school, I didn't think it necessary to be that specific. No, I wasn't around during the summer of love, therefore my opinion of this event portraying the entire world as being high as a kite when I suspect only a small minority were is something I can't prove.

Penny Williamson, I knew I was being ambitious in using the analogy of my love of cake and my ever expanding waistline as a demonstration of taking responsibility for one's own actions. The point I was trying to make is, a drug user cannot blame his/her/other chosen sexual identities for their drug taking when it was their choice to take drugs in the first place.

Though to be fair when one reads some of the things on this website, one could easily get the impression many of the contributors are under the influence of something.

I'm now off to eat more cake and make myself even fatter for which I take full responsibility.

Re: Vape/drug dealing at Bohunt
- Mary (28th Apr 2024 - 13:16:38)

What do you mean "Early Doors"? Even the rich and middle classes sometimes have to rely on the state,should they have sterilisation at birth?

As I said before i hope your ivory tower is very comftable and you manage to keep everything nice and safe, the way you are talking is straight from Germany 1933!

Have a good and fun Sunday and enjoy you roast dinner.


Re: Vape/drug dealing at Bohunt
- Richie (28th Apr 2024 - 15:30:36)

Now now Mary, Dave, David and Richard are equally entitled to express their views, after all free speech is not simply for the righteous people of this world and was hard fought through several wars. It may well be a worthwhile exercise to see would these social welfare families have kept popping out kid after kid if the state stopped supporting them after the first child. There are unfortunately for us all these career social welfare recipients which should have/maybe been restricted earlier in their lives so as to protect them from their own kind.

Re: Vape/drug dealing at Bohunt
- Penny Williamson (29th Apr 2024 - 14:06:00)

D You do not seem to have grasped the fact that Sainsburys is doing nothing illegal and the drug dealers are. Even worse you appear to be making light of a situation which should not be taken lightly or even joked about. However in a free and democratic society that is your prerogative, but I personally find your levity distasteful. It is no joking matter that vulnerable young people are being preyed on by the parasitic and immoral dealers. Not all children have the guidance and protection they need and that is not a criticism, it is a fact and these heartless dealers know it. That is how they make their money. You eating cake when you are already fat is irrelevant.
Mary For the record yes some of these posts are reminiscent of Nazi Germany. I totally condemn the posts by Richie, David, Richard and Dave. Their posts display the very worst traits in human nature.

Re: Vape/drug dealing at Bohunt
- Local (29th Apr 2024 - 15:01:45)

Freedom of speech is not absolute, there are many restrictions, some are absolute ie racism, antisemitism etc, some are nearly absolute ie anti feminism etc and some are a bit vague such as 'inflammatory speech that goes against our shared national values' and this is the area that sometimes confuses people.

Also, (my apologies) a brief history lesson, the debate about restriction of childbirth due to wealth or social status are certainly not new concepts and probably began in (of all places) the USA in the late 19th/ early 20th century and became a well regarded science, with many highly respected institutions and foundations and pro abortionists arguing about the prevention of babies from poor mothers at that time.

It is little known nowadays, but shockingly Hitler copied and implemented many of those US policies, they were not all his own! It is also noteworthy that much of the US agreed with these sorts of views at that time, in polls the majority view supported 'eugenics' to some extent!

For years the US Senate openly debated the 'science of eugenics', and at that time not just relative to poverty but race too and many highly regarded US scientists of the day campaigned to protect the preferred Nordic/Germanic/Anglo Saxon bloodstock and the US tried to prevent the immigration of Eastern Europeans/Jews and other groups they considered inferior or a threat. This is reflected in laws such as the US Immigration Act 1924 and many anti miscegenation laws across the States aimed at poor, (mainly rural black) folk. It is also the thinking behind why many Jewish refugees fleeing the Nazis were refused entry into the US or even Britain, a situation noone wants to see again (ironically it's also why we are so unwilling to tighten our laws on immigration, cause and effect still haunting the west today!)

I hope that those of us who may be thinking about the idea that women considered 'unsuitable' due to finances could be stopped from childbirth can now see the historical pitfalls and law of unforseen consequences of previous laws and turn off the idea!

This is before we even start on the tumbling birthrate being way below the level needed to stabilise the population without high levels of immigration, the better off don't want kids, it seems we don't much want the poor to have them either, we don't much like immigration, we are in trouble!

Re: Vape/drug dealing at Bohunt
- D (29th Apr 2024 - 19:41:39)

Penny Williamson, my point is, for the third time, is that I think drug users should take responsibility for their own actions and not blame their suppliers. No mention of cake this time.

Re: Vape/drug dealing at Bohunt
- Penny Williamson (30th Apr 2024 - 10:17:41)

D You are still missing the point I am trying to make. The drug dealers are criminals and they are targeting young and in many cases, very vulnerable boys and girls. This post is about schoolchildren. While in the main I totally agree people should take responsibility for their actions, in this case we are talking about children being preyed on by these parasitic and immoral dealers who find them easy targets. Most sane and normal people want to protect children wherever possible. Our youngsters are having a hard enough time growing up in a turbulent world, not helped by social media. I suspect you like me were born either at the end of war or soon after. We have had the best of it. Apart from the Cuban Crisis the world has not been in a "Pre War" state as it is now.

Re: Vape/drug dealing at Bohunt
- Joe (30th Apr 2024 - 11:09:00)

I agree there are some ruthless people out there targeting the young and the old but surely any child who is considering buying drugs or vapes is being given too much money by their indulgent parents to be able to afford to buy them? I was given very little pocket money and had to get a paper round aged 11 to be able to buy or save up for anything of my own. I was still unable to afford much!

Re: Vape/drug dealing at Bohunt
- D (30th Apr 2024 - 11:48:04)

Penny Williamson, you have a very stereotypical idea of drug dealers. We are informed in this thread that a child was found with drugs on him, not using them. Though I am not in any way judging the child concerned, it is not unreasonable to assume some children are being supplied with drugs by their own classmates. How do you feel about that?

Re: Vape/drug dealing at Bohunt
- Anders (30th Apr 2024 - 16:42:39)

Hi Penny as pointed out earlier the dealers in this situation, a male pupil and his female assistant, are both pupils at the school. The boy dresses in female clothing and the girl in male clothing so as to avoid searches being carried out on them. I believe there was no adult influencing the dealing locally just two teenagers playing the system and intimidating their peers so as to make money.

Re: Vape/drug dealing at Bohunt
- Joe (30th Apr 2024 - 21:17:10)

The pupils selling drugs at school must be getting them from a dealer so there is a chain to follow they in turn are being exploited possibly by network of dealers.

Re: Vape/drug dealing at Bohunt
- D (1st May 2024 - 07:56:57)

Penny Williamson, you have referred to two schoolchildren as "criminals" and "parasitic and immoral". You claim you want to protect children? Always better to find out the complete story before casting fallacious aspertions.

Re: Vape/drug dealing at Bohunt
- D (1st May 2024 - 11:44:20)

I take your point, Joe, but at what stage along the supply chain does a drug supplier cease to be an exploited victim? Every drug supplier in the country would get away with it.

Re: Vape/drug dealing at Bohunt
- Joe (1st May 2024 - 13:43:31)

I will explain what I meant - the 2 cross dressing children mentioned from Bohunt school are dealing drugs to the other pupils there and so must be obtaining their drug supply from someone higher up the dealing chain, which in my opinion makes them “ dealers” - the other posters on here mentioned this boy and girl are possibly vunerable children and seemingly not “dealers” ? If that is the case at which point do we start treating those passing / selling on to others as dealers? ( which is an offence )

Re: Vape/drug dealing at Bohunt
- D (1st May 2024 - 14:12:04)

I agree absolutely, Joe. Personally I'm in favour of a zero tolerance policy at all levels.

Re: Vape/drug dealing at Bohunt
- Paul2 (2nd May 2024 - 10:08:46)

Joe and others are correct. There is a chain of supply, and the Liphook 2 are the muppets at the end of a long chain.

As someone who had daughters go through Bohunt - and who knew more about this than I ever wanted them to - the next link upwards in that chain lives in Liss and is well known to our local teenagers.

Re: Vape/drug dealing at Bohunt
- Ruan (6th May 2024 - 21:01:58)

Hi Paul2, you are completely correct the girl with the big chain comes from Liss. This must be where the supply is coming from in this instance.

Re: Vape/drug dealing at Bohunt
- D (10th May 2024 - 11:34:08)

I'm confused as to why cross dressing students appear to be exempt from drug searches?

Re: Vape/drug dealing at Bohunt
- Max (16th May 2024 - 16:53:48)

Hi D, I’m guessing they must have picked up on the ideal from that case in Scotland where a man tried to escape prison by pretending to be a woman. Unfortunately the law hasn’t kept pace and these two young people seem to be taking advantage and hiding behind it.
Problem will be in a few years time when these two leave school with what they will be up to then to avoid capture and prosecution, we’ll probably find them breaking into a house and the police will be afraid to search them!

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D P M Leadwork Ltd provide a wide range of domestic and commercial lead roofing and roof tiling services in Liphook, Hampshire and surrounding areas.

Liphook Tree Surgeons offer a full range of arboricultural services from planting right through to felling and stump grinding.

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