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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Sainsburys in Bordon
- Alan (16th Apr 2024 - 11:20:23)

Interesting news that Sainsburys are opening a new store in Bordon -

I wonder how much traffic comes from that direction heading for our store ?

I guess one of the many traffic surveys might have calculated that.

Re: Sainsburys in Bordon
- Anne (16th Apr 2024 - 15:19:10)

Doesn't do any harm to have local competition in keeping prices down. I'm all for it.

Re: Sainsburys in Bordon
- Yellow Bannanna Adrian (17th Apr 2024 - 10:52:18)

The most important question will they be selling yellow bananas.

Re: Sainsburys in Bordon
- M (17th Apr 2024 - 15:46:27)

What will happen to Liphook Sainsbury's is the more important questions?
Will there be enough trade for Sainsbury's to run two supermarkets a few miles apart?
If not will they downgrade Liphook to a Sainsburys Local (much more expensive and less choice), close it down or sell it to someone else?
Questions we'll never know the answer to until it happens.

Re: Sainsburys in Bordon
- AF (18th Apr 2024 - 13:17:54)

M - I feel your concerns are unnecessary. The Liphook store is far too big to be made a local or express store, and i don't think the new store will have much effect anyway, the people of Liphook and nearby will continue to use the current store and as Bordon already has 2 supermarkets i doubt Sainsburys Liphook has many Bordon customers. I'm sure the bosses at Sainsburys know more about supermarkets than you and would only have agreed to take on this new store if they thought it would work.
Bordon is growing rapidly and there is enough customers for both stores, and you may not know but apparently Bordon is now bigger than Haslemere.

Re: Sainsburys in Bordon
- paul (19th Apr 2024 - 22:19:41)

What I do know is Haselmere will always be "Posher" than Bordon. That's why the Surrey town has a Waitrose supermarket, and the former Army residence will not.

Re: Sainsburys in Bordon
- Adrian (19th Apr 2024 - 23:37:37)

The fine Bordone region of Hampshire with many millions spent on new housing, roads and infrastructure has seemly overtake scruffy old Liphook. Liphook is the one now in need of investment and regeneration. I bet Bordon Sainsbury’s will even get yellow bananas…

Re: Sainsburys in Bordon
- Joe (20th Apr 2024 - 07:45:51)

I am sure that Bordon needs another supermarket with its ever expanding population. It would have been good to have a different one than Sainsbury though to generate some competition eg Asda or Morrison. I cannot see that it would have much impact on the Liphook Sainsbury shop.

Re: Sainsburys in Bordon
- Life resident (20th Apr 2024 - 08:44:30)

Paul Haslemere is in snooty Surrey . Petersfield has a Waitrose but they're a bit snooty too. Adrian don’t agree that liphook's scruffy it’s a very pretty place and very clean and sociable, yes we could do with a bit more infrastructure as we have grown so in the past few years another supermarket would be great Lidl would be good. Liphook beats them all.

Re: Sainsburys in Bordon
- Dave (20th Apr 2024 - 12:20:44)

It’ll be a few more generations before they can drop the high six in the Bordon area!
High five’s all round in Liphook!

Re: Sainsburys in Bordon
- Joe (20th Apr 2024 - 16:28:22)

I disagree that Liphook is clean I see loads of rubbish every day and we need at least one litter pick a month on the outskirts as well - I see nappies, clothes beer cans takeaway detritus quite regularly in the verges. If it were clean there would be no need for a litter pick. Also go to the back of the shops along station road you may re appraise your view of Liphook as clean!

Re: Sainsburys in Bordon
- PR (20th Apr 2024 - 18:22:10)


Agree completely.

Re: Sainsburys in Bordon
- AF (21st Apr 2024 - 01:36:00)

If you think liphook needs extra infrastructure and regeneration its simple.
Just agree to have 3,500 homes built on any land going, be it greenfield or brownfield it doesn't matter, just build, build, build.
Once all the house have built you may then as a sop have some extra's thrown at you. You may even get a skateboard park.
Oh and by the way for those that think it should have been another supermarket in Bordon it was meant to be Morrisons but for some reason they withdrew.

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