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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Train Chaos Again
- AF (31st Mar 2024 - 16:24:05)

Just a heads up for us unfortunate people who try to use the railways.

The poor train drivers who only get a mere £75,000 for a four day week are on strike again. I mean how can any one be expected to manage on such a small salary.

Anyway there will be reduced services between Thursday 4 April to Tuesday 9 April, check before you travel and be prepared for short notice cancellations, and on Monday a large part of the network will be closed, no trains after Guildford, and only services between 0700-1900.

Re: Train Chaos Again
- Pete (3rd Apr 2024 - 10:41:16)

Just curious, how much do you think a train driver responsible for transporting hundreds of people at a time should be paid?

Re: Train Chaos Again
- Ian (3rd Apr 2024 - 11:47:57)

Not £75,000!

Re: Train Chaos Again
- Retired (3rd Apr 2024 - 15:54:41)

Agree £75.000 basic 4 days work 5 and it’s around £100.000 totally ridiculous. As said elsewhere thousands of other workers doing similar responsible jobs only earn a faction of that and work a full week.

Re: Train Chaos Again
- D (3rd Apr 2024 - 17:51:34)

Oh, the politics of envy. Maybe you would rather your train driver was an eighteen year old school leaver on the minimum wage. Oh yes, I would definitely feel safe.

Re: Train Chaos Again
- Suse (3rd Apr 2024 - 18:42:54)

How much do you think a nurse should be paid in charge of a 30 bed acute surgical ward at night ?

The same as a train driver ?

Sensible answers only please.

Re: Train Chaos Again
- Sam (4th Apr 2024 - 18:34:32)

Whilst its not an answer...

There are 750,000 nurses in the UK and just 19,000 train drivers. The salaries of one is paid for by the public sector (mostly) whereas the salaries of the other is the private sector.

So the source of the answer is yourself, i.e. whom you vote for and how much tax your willing to pay, the answer does not lay within whatever news channel, paper, social media, man down pub told you etc.

We all know the NHS workers are not paid enough, but its not the train drivers fault.... its our own fault in whom we have voted for and what we let them get away with over the last 10, 20, 30 years.

But don't worry a fix is coming for the Nurses, when the NHS finally goes full private and you need a £500 a month insurance policy just to be let into a hospital then the nurses will be on £75000 easy just like it is in the US.

Train drivers and Nurses are both "workers" they strike because they are not being looked after, the strike because some fat cat / shareholder is scooping up all the money and flying off in a private jet happy that we all fight each other long enough we don't understand that those at the top have already robbed all of us.

Re: Train Chaos Again
- AF (4th Apr 2024 - 20:16:21)

Sam, just to correct you ALL the train companies are subsidised by the government, which means the taxes you and me pay. Therefore any pay rise comes from our taxes which is why any agreement has to be approved by the government.

Re: Train Chaos Again
- Ian (5th Apr 2024 - 17:48:07)

Why are the left always so economically incompetent and always think that there is someone they can squeeze to fund their economic ignorance. And I’m not a government supporter, this government is corrupt and inept as possible but we certainly don’t have a viable alternative. Its complete crap!

Re: Train Chaos Again
- Fed up (5th Apr 2024 - 18:23:11)

Can anyone tell me WHY are the train drivers striking again the money they get is amazing for so little hours compared to the normal working public.

Re: Train Chaos Again
- Sam (6th Apr 2024 - 19:29:59)

Just to correct you AF, all train companies are 100% private company’s and the subsidy you talk about isn’t contractual it’s a pity payment as trains are vital to the economy so the government is bailing them out. They are 100% NOT public owned yet yes the public money is bailing them out, what a massive balls up that is.. so why has this happened?

Much like the water companies pouring s**t into our rivers, ever since they got privatised they just borrowed money to pay their shareholders and didn’t invest in anything..

Question… who sold all this off?
Question… where did the money go?
Question… why are we still paying for it?

On another subject food is getting more expensive due to Brexit… well done all

Re: Train Chaos Again
- Fed up (7th Apr 2024 - 11:58:54)

Well Sam it sounds as if you want to take us back to the dark old days of nationalisation of everything government pays for everything that means us . Just doesn’t work you say fat cats do you include the train drivers in that because they are earning huge wages from a private company that’s why the government are helping out if the drivers didn’t keep striking for more money perhaps things would get better. Most private companies are good and make a profit that’s how it works and normally that profit goes back into running a good company and the employees benefit. It’s the public owned sector that is so bloated and doesn’t work take the civil servants on strike because they don’t want to go into work in their offices 3 days a week fantastic.Teachers going on strike again where will it all end. Private enterprise is the backbone of this country the only way we will survive as for coming out of the EU best thing we ever did.

Re: Train Chaos Again
- passfield resident (7th Apr 2024 - 14:18:50)

Fed up-you're very naive about private companies. Lots of state owned things have been privatised in the last thirty odd years and ended up being appallingly badly run by private companies who are looking for a profit for their shareholders as virtually their only priority.

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