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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Old Allianz site
- Gary (29th Mar 2024 - 21:47:07)

Is it true that there’s a change planning been submitted to change the proposed building to be a special needs/assisted living building? That won’t be too good for the area with regards the type of person that it will attract.

Re: Old Allianz site
- Steve (29th Mar 2024 - 22:27:21)

If you are really interested why not go onto the EHDC planning portal and look it up yourself?

Re: Old Allianz site
- Helen (29th Mar 2024 - 22:43:09)

Gary, before I do the same about you as you have done ie make a broad sweeping statement , can you clarify what you mean by that?

Re: Old Allianz site
- Gary (29th Mar 2024 - 23:45:38)

Well Helen the footpaths around the centre of the village aren’t wide enough for wheelchairs to be driven on so these people might decide to drive along the road and cause even more traffic chaos. Also a lot of these people may have come from troubled back grounds and their people may not too pleasing to the eye from an appearance point of view.
There’ll be buses in and out and up and down to Sainsburys with the little lifts at the rear so they feel like everyone else getting on and doing their shopping but in reality they’re not like everyone else or they wouldn’t need all of the additional help to fit in and cost us more monies that EHDC could put to better use else where and invest in people who would be more productive in society.

Re: Old Allianz site
- mammal (30th Mar 2024 - 04:13:37)

What he means is he doesn't want that sort around Liphook as it might negatively impact house prices.

Re: Old Allianz site
- Dave (30th Mar 2024 - 08:13:03)

Hi Gary, think of their happy faces smiling out at you on a cold wet December morning as they sit in traffic licking the windows. That should bring a smile to your face.

Re: Old Allianz site
- Caroline (30th Mar 2024 - 08:25:38)

I have to “congratulate” Gary on what may be the most bigoted, ill-informed and politically incorrect post so far on this site. No mean feat Gary!

Re: Old Allianz site
- Richard (30th Mar 2024 - 08:42:11)

Doesn’t make any sense to me as to why they’d build a special needs building in Liphook. We don’t have any disabled people in the area. I’m guessing this is all a big mistake and EHDC will place a facility like this in a far more appropriate area like Bordon or Alton where they have many disabled people living in the area.

Re: Old Allianz site
- Joe (30th Mar 2024 - 10:00:57)

It is ridiculous to state there are no disabled people in Liphook ! Also I thought the site was going to become a care home?

Re: Old Allianz site
- Kathy (30th Mar 2024 - 10:39:50)

I think you will find that Macarthy Stone will be building flats for sale to over 60s

Re: Old Allianz site
- M (30th Mar 2024 - 11:25:41)

Well done "Gary", started another troll thread to stir up the usual retorts.
Well done everyone else...... myself included...... for replying to "Gary" and giving him his/hers fix for the day.

A quick look on the EHDC planning website will prove this is a hoax and that McCarthy and Stone have permission to build 39 retirement flats on the site.

And a quick Google shows you even buy one off plan.

Sorry to pour oil on your thread, have to think of another hoax for Easter.

Re: Old Allianz site
- Sam (30th Mar 2024 - 13:24:39)

I don’t think Gary had any intention on a hoax here, I just think he reads tabloids and believes the man down pub stories then gets angry and starts typing.

Perfect voter material, anyone can make Gary vote for them with just a sound bite like “stop the boats” etc

However the nature of his statements here shows he deserves a custodial sentence or some help, if you had a relative Gary with the sort of needs you mentioned you would most probably be delighted such a support facility existed nearby

Re: Old Allianz site
- passfield resident (30th Mar 2024 - 15:01:32)

Gary-you should be more sympathetic to people with special needs-you obviously are intellectually challenged yourself

Re: Old Allianz site
- John Jonson (30th Mar 2024 - 19:27:13)

Just look at the similarities and differences between - Sam (30th Mar 2024 - 13:24:39) and - passfield resident (30th Mar 2024 - 15:01:32).

Both take exception to Gary's posting.
Yet whilst passfield is trying to be persuasive, Sam resorts to gagging techniques of 'custodial sentence or some help'.

Sam, you and your cancel culture are not in any way superior to people who read tabloids and go to pubs. Your condescending snobbery is no less vile than those who talk rudely of the less fortunate; which ironically is what you have been trying to do to Gary.

Re: Old Allianz site
- Anders (31st Mar 2024 - 21:18:52)

Reading the above messages and apologies but I’m just Expressing concern with regards traffic through the centre of Town. I was under the impression that no further new Additional planning applications were going to be approved. Roads were to be improved and a ring road in particular was Determined to be essential before any future development Sites were going or approved in the town centre.

Re: Old Allianz site
- Oldie (1st Apr 2024 - 09:56:30)

Anders you are quite correct to worry about traffic through the square but don’t hold your breath the community have been saying this for years but the powers to be turn a deaf ear and just carry on regardless.

Re: Old Allianz site
- jenny (1st Apr 2024 - 10:34:20)

it's hard to believe there are still people like gary in the world.

Re: Old Allianz site
- Joe (1st Apr 2024 - 21:58:40)

I don’t know where you obtained your info from Anders but none of what you have said is actually something which was ever going to happen ? Who told you all the information you have?

Re: Old Allianz site
- MC (17th Apr 2024 - 11:58:06)

Oldie - what would be your solution to traffic around the town centre, and what do you expect the "powers that be" to do in an ideal world?

Genuinely curious as I tend to think people (myself included) will see themselves as affected by traffic without considering they are part of the traffic as well! I would love to see more pedestrian friendly infrastructure around the area, making it more pleasant to enjoy sitting outside the cafes, walking to and from school, having public spaces to sit and meet, etc. but not holding my breath.

Re: Old Allianz site
- Paul2 (17th Apr 2024 - 12:23:08)

I agree with MC - people like Oldie need to suggest solutions, not just throw words around.

If anyone thinks Liphook has a real traffic problem then you haven't travelled far enough! A few minutes delay here and there, at worst. There are cities in the UK where you can be delayed for hours (and I certainly have been).

And what do you think our genius transport experts and politicians will use to control traffic anyway? Think pay per mile road use, more 'gotcha' cameras, even more expensive parking (with penalties for ICE vehicles), more fuel duty. Their only 'solution' is to restrict personal travel through regressive means.

Re: Old Allianz site
- AF (17th Apr 2024 - 14:57:07)

The solution is a ring road system so that people can avoid the square.

It is already partially in place, you have the Avenue connecting longmoor road and headley road, and Tower road connecting headley road and london road, you also have Newtown road connecting midhurst road and Portsmouth road.

So to complete this system a road connecting Haslemere road and London Road and a road connecting Portsmouth road and Longmoor road.

And for those people who mention costs, build more house which are needed and use developer contributions.

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