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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Tactical voting
- new voter (20th Mar 2024 - 16:29:49)

It may be a bit early to ask but there will be an election this year so is there any advice as to tactical voting. I know this area is staunchly conservative. Which party has the best chance against the Conservatives?

Re: Tactical voting
- Old voter (20th Mar 2024 - 17:26:26)

Just look at history and you will see where the best times where and at the moment things are getting much better so don’t just listen to all the rubbish that will be coming from the opposition parties they will not be able to wave a magic wand it’s up to the people to get working again not want high wages for less hours.

Re: Tactical voting
- Mark (20th Mar 2024 - 19:36:15)

The Lib Dems came in second place in this seat in 2019, so are likely to be best placed to challenge the Tories next time.

The Tories have had a good go, many publicly known major mistakes along the way, times up and time to demonstrate democracy won’t keep you in a job if your a poor performer, if they win again it’s game over for the country.

The people must provide a lesson in order to tighten up the standards of our politicians

Re: Tactical voting
- AR (21st Mar 2024 - 07:10:09)

You may not want to vote for the Conservatives, but think locally.
We have some very good Tory councillors and they work tirelessly for this area and it would be a shame to lose these decent people.

Re: Tactical voting
- mammal (21st Mar 2024 - 09:07:17)

By tactical, I hope you mean whatever prevents the two cheeks of the same backside from resuming their sedentary position in the cosy echo chamber that laughingly calls itself parliament.

Remember when there were two distinctively opposing parties with memorable personalities on both side offering a choice of different policies?

Re: Tactical voting
- Hopefully (21st Mar 2024 - 10:23:49)

Bring back Boris he will sort them out true Brit .

Re: Tactical voting
- Jen (21st Mar 2024 - 12:33:36)

Sadly, it has always been the case that my vote has made no difference to the outcome. Unfortunately, we are in an area where there are a great many affluent people who benefit (or at least believe that they do) from Conservative governments' policies.

I honestly don't know what it would take to persuade people to vote against the party that they've always voted for. I find it absolutely astonishing that anyone would be even considering voting the current shambles back into power - but stranger things have happened and do happen! Few things surprise me any more!

Who knows, maybe this time next year Donald Trump will be confirmed as the Messiah; Putin will convert to Buddhism and become the next Dalai Lama; King Charles will finally own up and admit that the entire royal family really are alien lizards and a manned mission to the moon will report a confirmed sighting of Elvis - and we will know these things are true because someone posted them on Facebook!

Re: Tactical voting
- Me (21st Mar 2024 - 15:59:02)

Trouble is Jen the other choices are far worse. I see the railway union going to strike again over Easter that’s what will happen if Labour get in to power the unions will run riot and labour are so weak they won’t be able to stop them.this is about the worst Labour Party I can remember not one of them fit to govern and that will probably let that idiot Corbyn back in then you will see what hard times are . As for the rest of the parties I shudder to think. A massive change needs to take place like when the Iron Lady came in someone to push through un popular laws people need to start standing on their own feet not living on benefits. This country could be great again if we all started pulling together.

Re: Tactical voting
- John (21st Mar 2024 - 17:54:07)

Last time this country was doing well, people happy and money in pockets was a labour government, despite what you might think Brown and Blair for a period was the last good times we actually had.

Sure they messed up Iraq but that no different to the massive list the selfservatives mess up.

The Iron Lady you say? Worst PM ever, talked big over a pointless island and everyone goes all soft like she was some sort of hero.

We don’t need any hero’s, we need a government whom actually cares about the people and not filling their own pockets selling everything off including the NHS. The tories need a very hard lesson otherwise it’s just more downhill with them laughing at us believing we are soft and will take another 4 years of it

Re: Tactical voting
- Rm (21st Mar 2024 - 18:37:56)

Yes take a look at labour run councils bankrupt look at wales apart from a stupid 20mph speed limit in a mess labour run . Fancy driving all over England at 20mph vote labour.

Re: Tactical voting
- Rm (21st Mar 2024 - 19:14:28)

Yes John Blair and Poor old Brown shafted by Blair and went on to become a multimillionaire. Left the country bankrupt.

Re: Tactical voting
- Mick (22nd Mar 2024 - 08:08:43)

It’s going to be a whitewash, might only be 3 or 4 conservative MPs left :)

I also think it’s impossible to find any former MP that hasn’t enriched themselves, Boris the clown is roping it in, Rishi is already a billionaire and is only in the job to line his pockets even more.

Re: Tactical voting
- Scott (22nd Mar 2024 - 09:07:16)

There won't be any real need for 'Tactical voting'. Millions that were lured to leave the EU and swing from Red to Blue will simply return to Red in vast numbers and many people will just not be able to bring themselves to vote for the blue shower this time around.

Sadly Red is the only party that will be able to generate enough numbers to defeat the current government who are at the moment hoping and praying that everyday will bring some good news to promote their ailing cause.

The net result whenever the election is is that Tories are going to take an absolute spanking and everybody knows it.

Re: Tactical voting
- Not Tactical (22nd Mar 2024 - 10:28:23)

We are in for a very rough time if the Labour lot get in they don’t have any one in the party that are capable of running a jumble sale let alone the country. It will be as before spend all the money make all the people happy that don’t want to work then someone else has to pick up the pieces. The unions will want more and more money more and more strikes rubbish not collected streets awash with rubbish and that’s only the beginning.

Re: Tactical voting
- Simon (22nd Mar 2024 - 11:18:14)

Suspect the Tories will stretch it out as long as they can as it could be the last time they're in power for 10 / 15 years after this utter shambles. Last chance to get their hands grubby and make some dosh. Themselves first, then party, then country. I doubt Labour will be much different once they're in charge.

Re: Tactical voting
- Pete (22nd Mar 2024 - 13:15:14)

You can tell we live in an affluent area with some of the responses above. Nowt as blind as those that cant (won't) see.

Re: Tactical voting
- Peter (22nd Mar 2024 - 17:53:21)

I think the local seat is one of the safer ones, let’s see how much work and influence they will have for us when they are stood at the corners of Westminster with a handful of other remaining tories. Effectively if you vote for them here we get zero in return locally.

If it wasn’t for unions we would all be dead at 20 having worked 6 days weeks for 16hrs a day for pittance. You have got to be either stupid or a wack job to support big business, if the world was left to businessmen we would be dead long long ago. Half your good life came from a unions support.

Aspirational tories really are the root of many problems with this country, hence why it’s sinking rapidly.
Time to get the clowns out, don’t care which party takes over as my cat could run the country better than the tories.

Re: Tactical voting
- passfield resident (22nd Mar 2024 - 18:30:29)

Peter-great to see someone posting on this forum who understands what unions have done for working people-a lot of people don't seem to understand our history.

Re: Tactical voting
- Resident (23rd Mar 2024 - 10:13:51)

Just a thought reading this thread if we didn’t have business large or small where would everyone work. You have to have people willing to lay their heads on the line and run a business otherwise we would all be out of work. Everyone can’t work for government be a public worker no profit for the country no productivity to pay taxes. As for unions yes they were very good in the past but time and laws to protect workers have taken their place now they are trying to run the country which is just political they need to stop interfering with politics and go back to their original purpose and stop asking for ridiculous wages. And as for working hours most people that run businesses work very long hours self employed also 6- 7 days a week 16 - 18 hours a day just so. we have a job .

Re: Tactical voting
- Paul (23rd Mar 2024 - 12:50:42)

What happened to us British? There isn’t a drop of revolution amongst us, instead we salute our dear leaders and bend over and take it. The conservatives know to well that we are a sad, easy to influence bunch and as they know they fill their own pockets.
Utterly embarrassing that we think the party whom are clearly a bunch of clowns deserve yet another go at it.
Our French neighbours don’t put up with this feeble sort of stuff, macrons party didn’t even exist a few years before he came to power, that wouldn’t happen here, must be blue or red for us and this very thing is why we are weak, the parties know it and we are easy to manage and lie too.

ITS TIME TO GROW A PAIR AND HAND OUT SOME PUNISHMENT, time to let all politicians in this country we won’t be standing for sub par leadership anymore.

Democracy in action

Re: Tactical voting
- Local (23rd Mar 2024 - 12:59:18)

There is a difference between little businesses run by hard working people employing none or just a few employees most of whom they know personally. This could be seen as a kind of self employment and very few small business employees are part of unions.

It's when business gets big or huge that it all took often it becomes a gravy train for the super rich where unions are needed, without which these business owners, the city spivs and their mates in politics would ride roughshod over the insecure workforce like barons of old.

This is what unions are there for, to protect us from going backwards, even if you are not a member of a union, if you are a worker and not a baron then you benefit from the safeguards they did and continue to fight for you.

If you would rather trust the politicians to do this...good luck to you!

As for Labour today it's a shadow of what it once was fighting for the working man and woman, but at least it still has some tenuous connection to its roots.

The problem as I see it, the two big parties still live off their past and are bogged down with outdated ideology, greed or uselessness that no longer benefits the working man or woman of this country as much as themselves!

Of course need that scary proportional representation to get a bit of real competition into our nation's leadership, because competition brings improvement, now who said that, I wonder, it sounds like a Tory thing, but we know neither Tory nor Labour will ever willingly allow real competition in politics, ask yourselves why!

Re: Tactical voting
- Another local (23rd Mar 2024 - 14:00:12)

So train drivers on anything up to £100 thousand a year and still on strike for more that’s good is it unions doing their job . Local council workers on huge wages top executives on more than the PM . No unions need to step back and see that they are ruining the country what happened to sensible negotiations.

Re: Tactical voting
- AF (23rd Mar 2024 - 19:56:35)

To get back to the original subject of the post, in this area tactical voting is pointless don't waste your time.
If you are referring to the General election, the conservative party will win in this area but with a greatly reduced majority. My advice is just vote for the party you want in power.
I believe from your post you are probably a Labour supporter so don't worry they will win the next election the only question is the size of the majority and the way its looking the Conservative could be in double figures only.
As to the conservative supporters out there don't worry the Labour party will as always make a complete hash of everything and the conservatives will be back to sort it all out, probably after 2 terms of labour.

Re: Tactical voting
- Another local (23rd Mar 2024 - 21:43:58)

About right there AF let’s hope when the conservatives come back it’s with someone like Mrs Thatcher her time was the best this country has seen but unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be anyone with her backbone.

Re: Tactical voting
- gareth j rees (24th Mar 2024 - 09:05:21)

if you Google about Farnham and Bordon is looking like a three way split

Conservative/Lib Dem/Labour

The googly is there is so much new housing that haven't voted before

And you would of thought that these mortgage holders will remember Liz Truss

Lib Dems putting up a poor candidate for the area

Labour have a strong candidate in Alex Just. Lives in Farnham, Barrister, Married to a local girl with 3 kids Oxford educated, Centrist.

Staggering to think that Labour have a chance

Just goes to show the state of the country

Re: Tactical voting
- Scott (24th Mar 2024 - 09:18:41)

I don't think AF is 'About right' at all as the last decade of poor governing in so many areas is only attributable to the Conservatives. Open minded reasonable people are disillusioned with them and they have proven that they are capable of lying, deceit and mischieviousness to further enrich themselves first.

Its obviously an unkown yet as to how Labour may perform if they were to win a term in government but historically , yes, they have made some self destructive decisions and it is a shame that they are the only credible competition currently.

I'm not sure what the answer is but to keep passing the baton between these two same old same olds doesn't seem very progressive, creative or revolutionary. I personally would enjoy seeing a solid, credible, viable set of policies from another avenue.....

Anyway , Ad nauseam, Ad infinitum round and round and round we go where it stops nobody knows.😊

Re: Tactical voting
- Another local (24th Mar 2024 - 11:19:00)

Yes Scott it seems that when we get a good government and things get better for some reason the MP in power turn on the PM thus undoing the good work ie major against thatcher. Blair did ok until he was found out to be a complete lair and the country was on its knees. Good times come with hard work building up thriving businesses full employment less people on benefits in other words knuckling down and working. Yes I might sound old fashioned but it works in my time it was the norm to have two or three jobs to make ends meet and if you look at the successful people they did the same. And what makes it sad is people decry successful business people that make this country great and provide all of us with jobs .

Re: Tactical voting
- Jane (24th Mar 2024 - 12:45:16)

Your all in dreamland regarding Thatcher because someone coined the phrase Iron Lady and made a film.

1. Refused to admit errors despite making many.
2. Alienated and bullied her own team to the extend she lost power in a whimper with no support. If she was in power today she would barely surpass Liz Trusses tenure the conservatives would have her stabbed in the back.
3. Poll Tax utter disaster
4. Didn’t save the economy at all she left the UK economy weaker and more unequal.
5. Wiped out wipe out 15 percent of the UK’s industrial base in just a few years. Previously stable jobs in mining, manufacturing, steel, and more disappeared.
6. Famously, the “Iron Lady” presided over a huge wave of privatization. Government-run companies in everything from steel, oil, water, gas, and telecoms were sold, while Thatcher also unleashed the earliest waves of outsourcing on the NHS
7. dried up the government’s supply of social housing, developers took over and now no one can afford a home.

The only reason the economy didn’t actually collapse was the oil found under the North Sea, if it wasn’t for that cash we would have been finished.

But yeah, she spent lives and money in a war over a pointless island and based on that alone the stupid think she is some sort of hero

Re: Tactical voting
- Living in the Thatched times (24th Mar 2024 - 15:20:11)

Total rubbish Jane she supported people that had the guts to get on start business buy their houses and work hard. She encouraged young people to get up off their backsides and work not like the snow flakes of today. She made mistakes that happens when you have to sort out a huge mess and that’s what she did that’s why she was in for so long it worked. Pity she’s not about today in full force.

Re: Tactical voting
- Pat (24th Mar 2024 - 15:34:27)

Well done Jane, absolute facts their on thatcher, so factual it’s all over the internet from many a valid resource. Those whom objected aren’t interested in facts. They live in a make believe world whereby they support a political party based on team colours not actual facts.

The Green Party will have more MP in the next election, the tories will be lucky if they have 10 MPs left

Re: Tactical voting
- Old labour voter (24th Mar 2024 - 16:59:52)

Voted for Blair what a mistake that was so won’t be voting for this labour lot ten times worse not a decent MP among them at least the conservatives have some very good up and coming young MPs to bring fresh blood in . The unions will have a field day no one will be working. As for the rest could not run a pi** Up in a brewery.

Re: Tactical voting
- Brian (24th Mar 2024 - 17:52:47)


Time to wave these clowns goodbye any other party could run this country better than these clowns. Don’t be left with an MP whom is in a party with absolutely no power to help us locally.

Lib Dem’s will be the 2nd party next election with the tories 3rd or 4th depending on how many torie voters jump into the racist right wing parties. Lib Dem’s got 25% of the vote last time so with the predicted whitewash and swing from tories the Lib Dem’s could well win easily.

Re: Tactical voting
- Samuel (24th Mar 2024 - 18:03:21)

Interestingly I dropped this whole chat into an AI tool and asked it which of the posts are the same person and it had one standout prediction that the following names are likely to actually be the same person

Old labour voter,
Living in the Thatched times,
Not Tactical,
and one of the two locals

Personally on the actual subject I dislike all parties available to us but I agree one of them needs a bit of a spanking handed to it, it would be hugely beneficial to see some citizen justice handed out as it will improve standards

Re: Tactical voting
- Mary (25th Mar 2024 - 07:13:44)

Lots of you are saying "Blair" lied, which he did, but hang on didn't Boris and the rest of the government have parties while we were in lockdown?

Re: Tactical voting
- Alan Onimous (25th Mar 2024 - 12:56:40)

@Samuel: from GPT4:

"Without textual analysis tools or more distinctive markers, it's difficult to definitively determine if these posts are from the same individual. The claim made by "Samuel" towards the end about using an AI tool might be insightful but requires the kind of analysis that goes beyond simple observation.

In real-world applications, detecting multiple accounts used by a single person (sockpuppet detection) involves complex linguistic analysis and metadata evaluation, which can include IP addresses and device fingerprints—information not available here."

Nice try and I admire your work! Hope you trained the model before asking it for the prediction ....

Re: Tactical voting
- new voter (28th Mar 2024 - 16:23:11)

Wow! Some interesting debate here but my question wasn't really answered. So what candidate beside the Conservative one stands a chance of being elected?

Can we who want a change in representation agree on a suitable alternative to rally behind?

Re: Tactical voting
- Old voter (28th Mar 2024 - 16:47:31)

New voter you will have a job because there isn’t any looking at the current crop all parties are about the same useless.

Re: Tactical voting
- Scott (28th Mar 2024 - 18:13:04)

new voter, you aren't going to find lots of people to agree with your want for change of representation or the answers you are looking for on a chat forum.

Best advice would be to do your research on the available candidates in the area and the parties they represent and then on voting day make your mark against the 'team' you feel best alligns with your political beliefs and ethical/moral compass....See how it pans out.
Alternatively lets hear your views..Any plans for a throw of the dice yourself with a new party....I'd be all ears👍

Re: Tactical voting
- Facts (28th Mar 2024 - 18:42:01)

The Liberal Democrats will be the party most likely to challenge the Conservatives in our seat. Labour will be a long way behind in this part of the country.

The Lib Dems are currently projected to win Jeremy Hunt’s seat in the Haslemere and Godalming constituency,

Re: Tactical voting
- AF (29th Mar 2024 - 08:32:28)

Facts - Interesting name considering your facts are WRONG. The boundary's have changed and Haslemere is now part of the Farnham and Bordon constituency..

Re: Tactical voting
- M (29th Mar 2024 - 08:55:27)

As others have said "New Voter" you should research for yourself and make an informed decision on who you think represents your views, thoughts and wishes for your future.
What ever you do make sure you do vote, because if you don't vote you've no reason to complain or protest about what's going on politically in the country.
I found this site which has some interesting predictions (only predictions and imagine there's other sites and opinions) on how an election could pan out:

Re: Tactical voting
- Oldie (29th Mar 2024 - 10:17:25)

In a general election surely you vote for the party that is good for the country and has done the best and has the best track record.

Re: Tactical voting
- new voter (14th Apr 2024 - 16:08:10)

Oldie, I haven't been around long enough to know of any party that has done good for the country especially the current one.
After more research it seems the Liberal Dems have the best chance of any to unseat the conservatives in our new constituency. So I encourage everyone to help me send a message to Parliament that real change is needed. Thank you all for the healthy debate.

Re: Tactical voting
- Really? (15th Apr 2024 - 09:37:57)

Vote for the Lib Dems?

Ed Davey was business minster from 2010 to 2012 - a role which included oversight of the Post Office during the Horizon scandal.

Aside from which, the Lib Dems own manifesto says it draws on both the liberal and social democratic traditions - widely interpreted as meaning they just sit in the middle and 'do the opposite of what the others do'. That's not real change.

Re: Tactical voting
- Oldie (15th Apr 2024 - 10:47:54)

New voter you say you have done research you are young being new voter so you must be completely up with modern tec so it’s very easy to see what government has done best for the country shall we say from the Second World War. It’s no good voting for a minority party that will probably lead to a coalition which is a complete disaster as has happened in the past. So you should go on history as what’s best for the country at the moment we seem to have weathered the EU backlash the EU have come to their senses and accept we are not going to go back in . Things are getting much better on the trading front around the world and that’s a major factor so you takes your pick of the two major parties so look at their history.

Re: Tactical voting
- Question 9 (15th Apr 2024 - 17:53:40)

The issue with our current constituency, is that it has been traditionally a safe conservative seat. Thus, taken for granted.

Would argue that the new constituency, further to the boundary changes, is a little less safe but still 'strongly blue' unless the Conservatives take a real tanking.

Think Lib Dems are the alternative in our new constituency.

Best case it is a coalition, which keeps us in the middle ground. Worse case, Lib Dems are not in a coalition and we have an MP who has a point to proof to their constituents.

A marginal seat has money thrown at it, as they hold the balance of power. Do not think we will ever be that in 'normal' circumstances.

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