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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Haslemere Road/Liphook Road closure
- Mark (18th Nov 2023 - 19:00:32)

Does anyone know if the Haslemere Road is closing around the railway bridge next week - is it just the first section before it becomes the Liphook Road and is it only daytime? Hoping we can still get to and from Haslemere via Highfield Lane.

Re: Haslemere Road/Liphook Road closure
- Editor (18th Nov 2023 - 19:29:42)

It looks like Highfield Lane is the diversion route. Road is closed to the west of the bridge.

Haslemere Road
20 Nov 08:00 - 24 Nov 16:00
Network Rail Infrastructure Ltd

Re: Haslemere Road/Liphook Road closure
- Gf (18th Nov 2023 - 21:27:38)

Use a3 to hindhead ,highfield lane is not a good road

Re: Haslemere Road/Liphook Road closure
- Russ Ellis (20th Nov 2023 - 11:59:07)

Some years ago we did a survey about routes to Haslemere for HCC to try and stop traffic coming into liphook from the north junction for Haslemere. It’s much quicker to go via Hindhead into Haslemere about 12 minutes quicker to the station so it is far better to go via Hindhead even from the centre of liphook.

Re: Haslemere Road/Liphook Road closure
- Iwik61 (20th Nov 2023 - 12:50:06)

High field lane was not pretty today,try alternate route

Re: Haslemere Road/Liphook Road closure
- Local (20th Nov 2023 - 13:06:22)

Yes can’t understand people going to Haslemere across linchmere and camelsdale awful road much better via Hindhead and quicker..

Re: Haslemere Road/Liphook Road closure
- Nicky (20th Nov 2023 - 16:34:00)

The road surface is pretty bad on Highfield Lane but shockingly poor at the junction with Haslemere Road.
Slow and steady is my advice….

Re: Haslemere Road/Liphook Road closure
- Resident (21st Nov 2023 - 09:37:34)

@Russ Ellis - not certain Google Maps agrees with a 12 minute saving. I've just checked various routes (e.g. Old Thorns to Haslemere Train Station, Conford to Haslemere Train Station, The Square to Haslemere Train Station) and the difference in travel time was 2 mins faster on the A3 from Old Thorns, and only 60 seconds faster on the A3 from Conford.

And that's including slow traffic right now adding 2 minutes in Camelsdale.

However, I would suggest HGV's should be kept off Highfield Lane as I lost a door-mirror yesterday hitting a branch while being pushed over by a Hoyer petrol tanker rattling down.

Also - I believe there is cabling work in Bordon which is routing traffic through Liphook for up to 3 months. If so, it means we will experience more disruption here thanks to works miles away.

Re: Haslemere Road/Liphook Road closure
- Russ (21st Nov 2023 - 10:53:38)

Resident could have done with you when we were trying to persuade HCC highways to alter the signage at the north junction directing Haslemere traffic through liphook, that’s were the 12 minutes came from if you go to Haslemere from that junction through liphook especially at peak times it’s quicker via Hindhead but sayings that it’s got worse so it’s much quicker to go via Hindhead from almost anywhere in liphook now. It’s totally ridiculous that they are still directing north bound traffic through liphook for Haslemere at that junction they said it was to costly to change it we offered to do it for free with a spray can as they did on the signs coming south anyway THEY KNOW BEST.

Re: Haslemere Road/Liphook Road closure
- Resident (21st Nov 2023 - 13:20:53)

Russ - sorry, I may have misunderstood. I see you mean traffic heading north on the A3, taken off at Liphook before Hindhead. Maybe I needed my morning coffee before commenting!

But yes, completely agree that routing via Liphook to Haslemere doesn't make sense in that scenario. Will have to remind myself to read the road-signs next time I'm coming up from the Ham Barn Roundabout to see what they say!

Re: Haslemere Road/Liphook Road closure
- Russ (21st Nov 2023 - 15:26:13)

Getting old didn’t put quite right. The older people of liphook some living here all their lives have seen a huge increase in traffic but that goes with the times. But the ridiculous thing is the powers to be completely ignore local knowledge when it comes to planning etc . When the bypass was at planning stage they were told that there must be a on off at headly Road bridge to allow Bordon traffic to go north and south we were told don’t be daft?? . And it still goes on the local people are spot on 99% of time. Anyway getting back to today it’s quite ridiculous that HGVs are directed though liphook for Haslemere they can’t get under the bridge at shottermill so have to go all the way round camelsdale to get into Haslemere. I think it’s time no traffic should come through liphook for Haslemere there is no need Bordon traffic should be directed to greatham and go via Hindhead much quicker instead of queueing on Headley road. What’s the point of having a bypass and then directing traffic through the village.

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