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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Liphook Carnival Quiz Night
- Liphook Carnival Committee (18th Sep 2023 - 21:28:07)

Due to a lack of sales for our upcoming quiz night, we have unfortunately had to make the decision to postpone our quiz night to Saturday 11 November 2023.

Remember all money raised from these events goes towards hosting the carnival which costs in the region of £11k! Then 100% of the money raised on carnival night goes to local charities and organisations!

This tradition of over 120 years can only continue with your support, so save the date and get your tickets today!

Kicking off at 7pm, you can enjoy a fabulous quiz which consists of questions for all. Enjoy a two course meal and drinks from a licensed bar. Purchase some raffle tickets for the chance to win some prizes.

Don’t miss out and get your tickets from The Beauti Pod, Station Road, Liphook. Teams of up to 6 a table can enter, please note tickets are cash only.

Don’t have a team of 6? Don’t worry, we can pair you up with other teams for the night. Get your thinking caps on!

Re: Liphook Carnival Quiz Night
- Dave (19th Sep 2023 - 09:49:58)

Can you just clarify please. The quiz to raise funds for the carnival will be held after the carnival has taken place. Does that mean there are now sufficient funds to pay for carnival 2023 and therefore the fundraising quiz will be for Carnival 2024? So is Carnival 2024 already confirmed? Thank you

Re: Liphook Carnival Quiz Night
- Liphook Carnival Committee (16th Oct 2023 - 20:13:31)


Dave, yes we have for some years now had sufficient funds for the carnival, the issue always has been a lack of volunteers. We have a great committee but can always have more help, if you would like to give up some of your time to help the longevity of the carnival, this is always welcome. We still need volunteers for the 2023 carnival if you can help.

Contact us at

Re: Liphook Carnival Quiz Night
- dave (17th Oct 2023 - 09:18:57)

I personally would like to see the carnival evolve and perhaps be relocated to the Summer when it would be a lot more enjoyable. Weather would hopefully be more reliable. I would certainly then be more engaged. I think if left to tradition, its going to die despite last years resurrection. (and no, I am not a newbie, lived here all my life as my parents did before me)

Re: Liphook Carnival Quiz Night
- Penny Williamson (17th Oct 2023 - 13:22:30)

Dave I absolutely agree with you. If the weather is cold in October that is bearable but rain as well - no.

Re: Liphook Carnival Quiz Night
- Tim (17th Oct 2023 - 19:43:17)

Sadly, still waiting for the last of the signs to be collected from the sponsored walk in early September. It's all well and good saying its all done by volunteers, but the planning of events should include clean up afterwards. Doesn't fill me with confidence for the clean up after the carnival itself.

Re: Liphook Carnival Quiz Night
- Dave (18th Oct 2023 - 09:20:16)

Absolutely agree Tim but no doubt some will respond "why don't you clear them yourself and also become a volunteer"

If they don't have the volunteers they shouldn't run the event

Re: Liphook Carnival Quiz Night
- Pete (18th Oct 2023 - 09:58:59)

What a sad group of responses to the initial post.

Re: Liphook Carnival Quiz Night
- Liphook Carnival Committee (20th Oct 2023 - 18:42:28)

Firstly, the topic of moving the carnival to the summer is a hot topic every year. Every year we explain that the carnival is in October (always the night the clocks go back) due to a tradition dating over 120 years now. Although we can only hope for good weather, there is no certainty. When the weather is good (and even when it is not!), the atmosphere is amazing! Everyone can wrap up cosy and enjoy the super lit up floats which are so much more effective in the dark. We acknowledge a summer carnival would be great, but even in the summer it can pour!! Not everyone will be happy, but that is tradition. We have the festival fun day in the summer which is equally as amazing and all events have their own appeal. Perhaps a summer carnival will be looked at in the future, but not yet.

Secondly, as far as the committee are concerned, all signage from the walk has been collected and no one has reported otherwise. Tim, do let the committee know where signage remains and this will be dealt with promptly. Contact details are readily available on multiple platforms, but our email is You can equally phone the chairperson, Sally on 07717313440 and she will happily discuss this with you.

Every single year the committee and any other volunteers are up at 7.30am (after finishing at 1am after the carnival!) to carry out a litter pick of the whole village. Has there ever been a carnival where it was left a state? We then carry out a money count at 9am.

The committee has looked to end the carnival before due to a lack of support, but there was uproar and a little more support was generated. We always need more volunteers, as does any voluntary organisation. The committee is of a good size and we get the job done.

100% of the money raised on Carnival night goes to local charities and organisations. If the carnival ended, these organisations would lose our support. The committee works hard to put on a fabulous event for all, it is a shame people only see the negatives.

Re: Liphook Carnival Quiz Night
- passfield resident (20th Oct 2023 - 19:46:18)

Please remember that the vast majority of people in the village love the carnival-don't be too upset by the internet moaners-they are a small minority

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