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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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- Once Bitten (16th Sep 2023 - 12:22:33)

We are a nation of dog lovers, I understand that, some are family members, others work or guard dogs, some are owned and trained well, others maybe not, but please keep them all on a lead in public.

Yes they are loveable, but they can be wolf-like, loud, terrifying and occasionally as we've recently seen with one or two breeds, vicious, overwhelming and lethal.

No one is scared by a well mannered dog or two on a lead, walked by a kindly stranger, or their family pet called Snuggles, jumping up on your lap when you visit, or even if you are, you don't want to say so!

However, many of us are petrified by loose out of control dogs in open spaces.

There were nearly 10,000 hospital admissions in the UK in 2022 due to dog bites, that's about 20 or 30 every single day of last year, needing emergency help, god knows how many more who didn't go to hospital, but were also attacked, so it does happen, rather a lot!

Yesterday on a lovely walk, I was really unnerved by a big loose dog barking loudly, running and circling and jumping repeatedly up at me, years ago I was mauled, on this occasion mumsy was far off by the bushes ambling towards us shouting 'here Woofie, here, come back Woofie, come here now, no Woofie, noooooooooo! bad girl Woofie! Come back quick Woofie!'

Woofie, or whatever it's name was, ignored her, she was too busy 'playing' with me, no doubt I should have played back, or looked assertive, or ignored her, I'm sure which, but I guess it was all my fault, because once Woofie was recaptured I got a 'she wouldn't harm a fly'.

Maybe or maybe not, but she can terrify, so I just ask, please keep your family members under control!

Re: Dogs
- Sam (16th Sep 2023 - 16:05:40)

Just to preempt this as I know it’s coming


My dog is a harmless non agressive small friendly spaniel, she needs exercise of the lead, she will run up to you in a submissive posture yet nearly every day some grumpy idiot tells me it should be on a lead.

It does not jump on them, touch them, nor do I walk it near any roads or danger etc.

Re: Dogs
- Gill (16th Sep 2023 - 17:41:49)

No Sam - but a lot of people DO let their large and, frankly, scary dogs bound up to others. Not everyone's a dog lover. I am, but on my terms please

Re: Dogs
- Jen (16th Sep 2023 - 18:00:33)

The dog owner in the original post was committing an offence and should be reported. Clearly the dog was "dangerously out of control", in that the OP was frightened and felt threatened and afraid that they might be injured.

@Sam, it may not be a legal requirement for all dogs to be kept on a lead when out in public, but it bloody well should be! It's about time the law was changed. Your spaniel sounds like a bit of a menace, to me. You should not allow it to run up to other people. If it doesn't come back immediately when you call, then it too is "out of control". If your dog needs to run around off the lead and you know it's likely bother other people, then you should either use your own back garden or use a designated dog-walking área to exercise it, not a place where other people may be out and about who do not wish to be bothered by a loose dog.

Re: Dogs
- Gigi Baron (16th Sep 2023 - 18:04:13)


I walk a lot, without a dog, and meet dog owners like you all the time. What you fail to take into account is that some people are afraid. Dogs can sense that fear and may turn aggressive in their own defence.

It doesn't matter how great your dog is. The more important point surely is to respect the fact that your animal is capable of delivering at the very least a nasty bite. Is it so unreasonable to call your dog to heel and if necessary put it on a lead?

I am a dog lover!

Re: Dogs
- Sam (16th Sep 2023 - 20:29:23)

Well walk somewhere else or get a grip.

If your happy to walk in he forest like me and your not afraid of wild animals or anything worse hiding in the forest you shouldn't be blowing off about a lead on a dog that looks like a puppy and rolls on its back in front of you wagging its tail

Re: Dogs
- Joe (16th Sep 2023 - 20:50:35)

There is a huge difference between a dangerously out of control bully breed dog and a normal dog off the lead who ignores other dogs and people on a walk. It is essential for a dog to seek out different scents etc and just enjoy the freedom of a walk off a lead. My dog senses those people who does not like dogs and just ignores such people.

Re: Dogs
- passfield resident (16th Sep 2023 - 21:50:50)

We have dogs and would like to let them off the lead but in general it's best not to . It is absolutely not essential for a dog to be able to run around off the lead. If you want to give them a bit more freedom you can use a long lead and still have them under control. It's no good having dogs, especially large ones, running up to children , people who are frightened of dogs or other dogs. Having said that, some people do have an inability to judge what is a danger to them and what isn't.

Re: Dogs
- B (16th Sep 2023 - 23:45:47)

I run a lot. Dogs seem to be quite opposed to runners for some reason. I was bit by a dog up near the bomb pits, I still have the scar. The lady accused me of not giving her dog enough space….

Polite request: please don’t let your dogs run up to me. I don’t like it. No matter how much you tell me “she’s/he’s fine”.

Also, clear up after your dog. Particularly noticeable up iron hill.

Re: Dogs
- dave (18th Sep 2023 - 10:42:20)

There are a lot of VERY BAD bog owners in our area. The amount of dog poo messing our footpaths and pavements has increased dramatically. Also, dog owners do need to appreciate that some others do not appreciate being jumped up on by their dogs. If your dog has a tendency to do this (even if YOU think they are just being friendly) then do hold them on a tight lead please. The footpaths and pavements are for all, NOT just dog walkers. It does seem to me that like increasing numbers of cyclists, dog owners have a sense of over entitlement of their use of public highways, byways etc. (Not even mentioned dogs in gardens being allowed to bark hours on end at night!!!)

Re: Dogs
- Sam (18th Sep 2023 - 18:45:50)

Sticking to my rights and sticking to the law.

1. It’s is my right to exercise my dog off the lead,
2. The law, it is not a legal requirement for my safe dog to be in a lead at all times especially safe areas away from traffic and snowflakes.

So MY polite request is, if you don’t like dogs, don’t go for a walk.

Re: Dogs
- Pj (18th Sep 2023 - 20:56:03)

Sam you are idiot my daughter got jump on by a dog she is so scared now it’s unreal if I see you with your dog and it jumps on me or my daughter I give your dog a good kicking then be coming for you to sue you

Re: Dogs
- Paul (18th Sep 2023 - 21:54:39)

I hope you loose your dog runs off seen lots off people at qe park looking for dogs gone for good
I would not help you look for it idiot so don’t cry when gone or run over one more off the streets

Re: Dogs
- S (19th Sep 2023 - 08:46:45)

Kicking a dog, admitting your intent publicly on a forum then trying to take the owner to court, you absolute balloon.

I see the village idiots are back, I wondered where ours had gone.

Re: Dogs
- passfield resident (19th Sep 2023 - 09:30:17)

Well said s- you can only have a discussion for so long on here before the morons get going

Re: Dogs
- Penny Williamson (19th Sep 2023 - 09:40:07)

Agree S. I would have added the word "illiterate" before village idiot.

Re: Dogs
- dave (19th Sep 2023 - 09:45:58)

Sound to me Sam like you are one of those self entitled and very bad dog owners I was referring to. Telling folk not to go for a walk if they object to poor dog control...unbelievable!

Re: Dogs
- M (19th Sep 2023 - 09:49:46)

All dog owners should read this from the .gov website.

Pretty straight forward, a dog should be kept under control at all times and an owner can be prosecuted if it injures someone or another animal or makes someone worried they may be injured.

Keep your dog under control and ensure it doesn't make someone worried it may injure them!

Re: Dogs
- Paul (19th Sep 2023 - 17:53:47)

If dog attack I will kick it as I had a dog bite had blood pooling out my leg and my leg from knee to ankle black so don’t tell me not to kick dog tell me where you walk dog I keep away from idiots who cannot control dog and themself

Re: Dogs
- Sam (19th Sep 2023 - 22:31:34)

I’ve read your link, and sticking to the specifics as I have throughout my point is (I do not have to keep my dog on a lead) So DO NOT request I do

The word control does not mean a lead, my dog recalls every time, it’s has not ever jumped on let alone brushed a single hair on anyone, but whilst out in the forest away from farm animals any protected nesting areas and traffic etc whilst enjoying exercising it will run in front of me and may run past you or near you. It won’t bark, it wouldn't be aggressive, in fact it probably won’t even notice you.

But if you then approach me and demand I must have it on a lead I will politely yet also loudly correct you and advise you not to walk in the forest if your going to wet yourself when you see an animal not on a lead. As you're WRONG

Don’t twist this and focus on my point…. Leads, and stop attempting to enforce cruelty to a decent animal and decent owner looking after there own animal.

If you don’t like it, then stay indoors and stop making requirements up

Re: Dogs
- AF (19th Sep 2023 - 23:10:53)


Well said and I for one agree with you, when I had a dog I always let it of the lead in the woods and it was fine, and it was under control as it came when I called. If you have been unable to train your dog then you will have to keep it on a lead.

Re: Dogs
- Penny Williamson (20th Sep 2023 - 09:44:19)

Agree with Sam and AF.

Re: Dogs
- M (20th Sep 2023 - 11:51:11)

Sam you are correct, the requirement is to keep your dog under control and ensure it does not harm anyone and, this is the important bit, it does not make someone fear of being harmed.
A lead is not mentioned but as a dog is an animal, with its own reasoning, a human will never be able to ensure 100% that they have an animal under full control.
I'm sure as a responsible owner you keep your dog under control and ensure it does not make people afraid of it if it were to approach someone..
Unfortunately there are many people with dogs, large and small dogs, that do not have control of them and they run up to strangers and either bark constantly at them or jump up at them wanting to play.
I call them the "fur baby brigade" who seem to think a dog is a human baby and should be treated the same. I have a neighbour who appears to think that and the dog is a pain in the !!!! as it's always jumping up and barking when ever it see us.
I too have had a dog and ensured it was fully aware of its position and hierarchy within the family. Humans were the boss and it did as it was told, and it was very happy and content.
If a dog attacked me or a family member, including our dog, I'm afraid it would get a kick from me and if injury was caused to either ourselves or our dog I too would be looking for recompense.
It all comes down to respect and thinking of others, not just yourself.

Re: Dogs
- Joe (20th Sep 2023 - 13:38:19)

Perceptions of what a dangerous dog is, seem to be wildly different on here. The law no where states dogs have to be on the lead at all times so on countryside walks with my dog most are off the lead that I meet and I have never witnessed a dog being anything but well behaved. Some dogs do not get given enough exercise, and big dogs do need a lot of exercise.

Re: Dogs
- Penny Williamson (20th Sep 2023 - 14:59:34)

To read some of these posts one might be forgiven for thinking that it is not safe to walk anywhere in the UK, so let's keep things in proportion. Yes it is completely unacceptable for anyone to let their dog frighten, jump up, bark or even worse bite/attack someone or their dog. These dog owners know that their dog is unpredictable and it should always be under strict control either by voice if that works or on a leash. It is no good saying that "he's really friendly" when their dog is obviously frightening someone. However the proportion of bad and irresponsible dogs owners is far outweighed by good and responsible dog owners. Yes I own a dog, extremely well behaved and ignores people and other dogs on our walks, on a lead where appropriate and runs free at other times. I walk regularly with her and very rarely encounter any problems with other dogs and I have never been bitten. On the other side of the coin I have a friend who does have a very nervous and therefore unpredictable dog. He is extremely careful and aware and the dog has a bright yellow collar with NERVOUS DOG printed on it. You would think that would be enough wouldn't you, but no, the number of children who approach the dog with parents in full view is mind blowing and my friend has to constantly tell the parents to stop the children approaching the dog. Hard to believe isn't it? When I was growing up I was always told by my parents to ask the owners if the dog was friendly and would like a pat. So please don't tar all dog owners and dogs with the same brush - there are some pretty irresponsible parents about too!

Re: Dogs
- Pete (20th Sep 2023 - 16:52:25)

If we are going to make it compulsory to walk dogs on leads could we please enact the same for groups of adults that can't handle their drink as I find these much more intimidating than a dog off the lead. I have never had a problem with a dog in Liphook cant say the same about people.

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