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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Sainsbury's recycling area
- Jenny (13th Sep 2023 - 14:12:25)

So gutted to read on a notice on the glass recycling facility that they will no longer be providing this service.

Sainsbury kindly provided this facility but it has been obviously inundated judging by the hundreds of glass bottles piled high in trolleys once the bottle skips were full.

Surely EHDC should provide an area for this other than a once a month collection in a small bin? We cannot even take glass to the official recycle centres in Bordon or Petersfield.

Re: Sainsbury's recycling area
- Local (13th Sep 2023 - 14:49:56)

They collect it every fortnight from our houses and have recycling centres like at Bordon that take it free, Bordon is an eco town, Liphook is not, councils are not full of money, that is the extent of their legal obligations, if people are consuming more they should pay to dispose of it ssfely. Maybe put things like this on developers, who get an easy ride plonking houses all over but no new services,how about every new estate have a fully funded recycling area for say, 20 years?

The problem is also people leaving glass dangerously when it's clear the bins are full, that's not nice or green, take it home people or use less, create less waste, reuse bottles, don't buy so much alcohol, etc etc!

Re: Sainsbury's recycling area
- PR (13th Sep 2023 - 15:01:38)


Extremely Hopeless District Council

Comments on a postcard please ....

Re: Sainsbury's recycling area
- PR (13th Sep 2023 - 16:55:04)


As usual out of date

Bordon Recycling has not taken glass for ages !!!!

Keep up or shut up with your whining postings.

Re: Sainsbury's recycling area
- Anon (13th Sep 2023 - 16:58:05)

Bordon Recycling
No Glass

Re: Sainsbury's recycling area
- M (13th Sep 2023 - 17:44:13)

Also Local - they collect the glass once every 4 weeks - not once a fortnight... and as others have said Bordon dump doesn't take glass any more.

Re: Sainsbury's recycling area
- local (13th Sep 2023 - 18:33:10)

Well thanks for the helpful update PR, but you do not need to sound quite so gleeful about being right, actually my life does not revolve around keeping up with Bordon's recycling policies, it seems that along with things like ammunition, asbestos and flares, they do not accept glass bottles, but will take gas bottles, pesticides and engine oil, go figure!

Re: Sainsbury's recycling area
- Jenny (13th Sep 2023 - 19:30:52)

We are not talking about Bordon; I was right when I said in my initial post that in LIPHOOK we now have nowhere to recycle our glass and we have a stupid small bin provided by EHDC to collect our glass monthly. With fuel costs we are now faced with driving to Tesco Bordon, or to Petersfield (festival hall car park) Liss village centre (where everyone queues to deposit their glass in a small facility) or Tesco Petersfield. It is ridiculous! what will ensue will be fly tipping!

Re: Sainsbury's recycling area
- Ian (13th Sep 2023 - 19:45:05)

Simple, stop voting Tory

Re: Sainsbury's recycling area
- Polly (13th Sep 2023 - 19:57:25)

Or those than have no other option to go hunting for a recycling centre in a 5+ mile radius will simply put it in their green general refuse bin. This of course undermines all the good work done by the residents to date. Well done EHDC!!

Re: Sainsbury's recycling area
- MikeT (13th Sep 2023 - 22:12:45)

Bordon re-cycling centre DOESN'T take bottles and hasn't done for some time. It seems that EHDC was relying on stores like Sainsbury's and Tesco to provide this service on their behalf. It is clearly counter-productive to make recycling more difficult and expensive to householders if we need to travel further to do so.

Re: Sainsbury's recycling area
- MikeT (13th Sep 2023 - 22:19:49)

Whoops- I should have sent my previous reply earlier- I think it must have got stuck in my computer's recycling bin ( at least THAT still has one). My apologies for repeating what's now already been said on this topic

Re: Sainsbury's recycling area
- M (14th Sep 2023 - 09:00:14)

As many have said EHDC or HCC don't run the Liphook Sainsbury's Glass Recycling site, Sainsbury's do so it's closure is something to take up with Sainsbury's not EHDC or HCC.

I have a feeling the recycling area (use to have cardboard too I believe) might of been a prerequisite of the planning approval back when the store was built, something to bring up with EHDC and our District Councillors Glass, Mouland and Sears and our Parish Councillors.

If it was a planning requirement then Sainsbury's will need to put a planning application in to have it removed, an opportunity to object to it.

Re: Sainsbury's recycling area
- Joe (14th Sep 2023 - 09:26:52)

M you could be right about the planning required for a recycling area when the Sainsburys store in Liphook was being planned I doubt anyone was doing any recycling at least 35 years ago so it must have been a later addition. There may not have been any specifics about what would be recycled there on the application. Also non permanent structures such as a large metal skip like container would not need permission to be removed. It is worth contacting the planning department,

Re: Sainsbury's recycling area
- John (14th Sep 2023 - 13:37:33)

Jenny, it is worth noting that if you have more bottles and jars than fit in the black container, you can put extra boxes out and the glass recycling lorry will collect them. I have done this a few times recently after parties and they always collect no problem.

Re: Sainsbury's recycling area
- Dan (14th Sep 2023 - 18:42:49)

Here is a list of EHDC glass recycling sites

Re: Sainsbury's recycling area
- Jenny (15th Sep 2023 - 18:25:18)

Thank you Dan, most useful.
We still have to drive though!! Maybe EHDC might contemplate giving us one in Liphook.
If Liss and Grayshott have one, hello; we are bigger than them.

Re: Sainsbury's recycling area
- Local (15th Sep 2023 - 21:10:16)

On a serious but sad note, I've seen too many bottle and clothes banks overflowing and people just fly tipping more stuff all around them, it's very common.

Please don't, if the bottle bank is full you can't just leave your bottles next to it, it's extremely dangerous, antisocial, it's littering, it's criminal, how can people claiming to be trying to help society show such disregard, they are clearly just trying to dump their stuff on others, yet no doubt they think they're part of the solution, hopefully some of them have cameras and are monitored.

Re: Sainsbury's recycling area
- paul (16th Sep 2023 - 12:32:27)

If in the Bordon area, Tesco have a good glass and bottles recycling area. Used it today no problem.

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