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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Friday night accident
- Neville Powell (23rd May 2023 - 10:10:05)

Does anyone know how the two caualties in the accident in the square on friday night are? Top marks to the lady first on the scene for care and control.

Re: Friday night accident
- Russ (23rd May 2023 - 12:24:21)

Where did it acutely happen in the square or longmoor road. Hope they are ok . Any details of what happened.

Re: Friday night accident
- Neville Powell (23rd May 2023 - 17:44:30)

Literally just in the longmoor rd opposite the anchor entrance

Re: Friday night accident
- Susie McAuley (23rd May 2023 - 20:34:31)

They are both awaiting surgery due to serious bone breaks and facial injuries. Lucky to be alive by all accounts and a month into newly married life.

Re: Friday night accident
- Mary W (24th May 2023 - 09:49:19)

Very dangerous crossing place, and not much to help pedestrians.

Re: Friday night accident
- D (24th May 2023 - 14:00:35)

Last time I stopped here to allow a child to cross I was verbally abused by the female driver behind, who had a child in her vehicle.

Re: Friday night accident
- Rachel Rabbit (27th May 2023 - 13:52:51)

A few weeks ago I was in a car approaching the square from Portsmouth road. We were travelling at 20 MPH as re the law. We were just at the top of the road feet away from the roundabout when another car didn’t like our legal speed and actually overtook us going like the clappers!!! I really couldn’t believe what happened and was only thankful that an accident didn’t occur.
My thoughts and wishes go out to the injured people from the recent accident. I do hope you recover swiftly and completely xxx

Re: Friday night accident
- Local Resident (29th May 2023 - 10:11:39)

I feel that somewhere sensible - a Scandinavian country, perhaps - the local authority would not have allowed this mad situation to develop. The combination of excessive traffic, lack of control measures, a crappy public transport system, zero infrastructure to support cyclists, and hopeless parking provision means this whole area is both horrible to live in and to navigate through - and is genuinely an accident waiting to happen.

Reference the last post in this thread - we live at the top end of the Headley Road, by the Social Club.

If we are driving out of the village centre, and seeking to turn right into our driveway, we always run the risk of drivers behind us moving to overtake as we slow down and indicate to turn right.

That little bit of straight road from the roundabout for about 400 metres is like a red rag to drivers with powerful cars. They exit the roundabout and the foot goes flat down.

The first thing that needs doing is serious traffic calming measures. EHDC, maybe now free from the Tory 'laissez faire' shackles, needs to act.

Re: Friday night accident
- Oldie (29th May 2023 - 11:56:45)

Totally agree with above poster, we need much better thought out traffic management system to include more effective cycle lanes, most of us living within the village should be able to walk and cycle everywhere, but who really wants to cycle up Haslemere Road, Headley Road, through the Square in safety?, the square is creaking and groaning as it is in no way suitable for the increasing amount of heavy traffic, too fast when it's clear, too slow when it's busy.

A one way system perhaps with pinch points and some link roads maybe, people would complain but would it be for the greater good?

Not speed bumps though, they cause way too much discomfort to people with back and joint problems, damage cars and the vibrations damage houses nearby, they only encourage people to buy bigger 4x4 cars and go even faster over them, hateful things that punish the majority for the stupidity and selfishness of the majority!

Re: Friday night accident
- Joe (29th May 2023 - 13:58:58)

I think you are forgetting that the tragic event happened because a driver was not in control of themselves or the vehicle, driving whilst high on drugs at 11pm at night not because of heavy traffic.

Re: Friday night accident
- Local Resident (30th May 2023 - 11:56:21)

Fair comment, 'Joe'.

My post is entirely off piste, if this is the case.

But this wouldn't be Liphook Talkback if a thread wasn't hi-jacked by someone - i.e me - keen to leap on their own hobby horse and divert the thread in a different direction.


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