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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Hands Off Our Flower Beds!
- Greenfingers (16th Mar 2023 - 17:08:20)

Has anyone else spotted deep within the Traffic Assessment for the Chicken Farm development application on Chiltley Lane (pages 56 and 57) the proposal to remove flowerbeds from the Square?

The proposed mitigation for the increase in traffic (which the developers admit will happen) is to widen the roundabouts creating extra lanes. To do this means the removal of flowerbeds. Wanton vandalism!

The Square is a Conservation Area and Liphook in Bloom have been tending these lovely beds for the benefit of all villagers for years. Why should we have these beautiful assets removed just because of the greed of the developers? Hardly "sustainable"!

I suspect LiB will have something say about this!

Join the protest and let the Parish Council know your views at their meeting on Monday 20 March at the Millennium Hall at 19:30.

Re: Hands Off Our Flower Beds!
- Realist (16th Mar 2023 - 22:49:20)

Realistically these old town centres are very hard to bring into the modern transport system, knocking down a few flowerbeds is tinkering with the problem at best, if the country needs so many new estates that desperately it should create new towns from scratch and put everyone there, with big highways a bit like Milton Keynes, these old squares need to be pedestrianised for walking and cycling and become go to tourist and genteel coffee meeting places, Liphook no longer functions as a growing, working town the two ideals can no longer coexist, also putting a proper big ring road around it all would just ruin the areas desirability further.

Re: Hands Off Our Flower Beds!
- C (17th Mar 2023 - 12:11:40)

Realist - without wishing to offend anyone, I personally can't think of anywhere more soulless, boring and depressingly unimaginative as Milton Keynes. I used to live there - don't @ me!!!

Re: Hands Off Our Flower Beds!
- E (17th Mar 2023 - 20:14:36)

You moan about traffic in the square, when they find a solution you complain because it removes a few flower beds which can always be relocated.

Re: Hands Off Our Flower Beds!
- M (18th Mar 2023 - 08:06:14)

They haven't found a solution, there is no solution.
Bloors transport assessment is a complete fabrication. Their figures say the queues of traffic at the roundabouts in the Square are much lower than they actually are. For instance they say the queue on Midhurst Road is only 1 car, how can that be? We all know that that queue approached 20 vehicles in the morning.
Using their figures of course their development won't increase queues. If you're using incorrect data you'll end up with an incorrect conclusion.
Everyone seems to forget that the Square is actually a conservation area with special protection. We all forget about that as it's become just a gridlocked, polluted car park at peak times.
Bloors housing plan will increase that situation as it's been proven in the Atkins report that residents to the east of Liphook travel to the west of Liphook at peak times, therefore more housing to the east will exacerbate this situation, affecting everyone in Liphook and the wider community.
Until improvements are found, but that will be highly unlikely considering Hampshire County Council have said they will do nothing, Liphook should have no new housing to the east of Liphook, and to be honest no new major housing anywhere.
If you have the time then I suggest those that can read Bloors reports as some of them are complete Jackanory.
Please submit your objections to make your feelings known.

Re: Hands Off Our Flower Beds!
- B Atman (19th Mar 2023 - 10:36:48)

Write to Bloor homes and tell them what you think of them. And tell them that their farcical visions and solutions are a testimony to their shuddering lack of professionalism.

Re: Hands Off Our Flower Beds!
- Russ (19th Mar 2023 - 14:32:00)

E remove a couple of flower beds hang on the square was revamped by HCC a few years ago. They put in flower beds and cobble stones to make it more attractive because it’s a conservation area. The idea was for it to become more pedestrian friendly. So why are they continually trying to put more traffic through the square it should be the complete opposite. What’s the point in having a conservation centre and then letting developers ruin it doesn’t make sense just to line their pockets. There are much better sites for houses closer to the A3 which don’t have to go through the square, Hewshot lane pannelly farm perfect site. Bohunt manor and Northcott land right by the schools and direct access to the A3. We need to fight this type of indiscriminate development with no thought to our community. Oak park tried to do the same take out flower beds but they didn’t recognise the power of the liphook people so let’s do it again.

Re: Hands Off Our Flower Beds!
- Yes No Maybe (19th Mar 2023 - 15:31:52)

I've looked at the proposals put through my door.

Got to say the development looks quite nice and green, mind you it's just an artist's drawing of course, which makes it look great, but certainly an improvement to the existing chicken factory warehouse thing, which is derelict looking and obviously the land is closed to the public at present!

It will have pedestrian access to Chiltley Lane which presumably(?) would be open to the public with what appears to be a nature walk to the south, east and north of the site, a circular walk if you like with what appears to be a green open space to the north by the railway line.

It is vital for me that this is not just for residents though as that would be very exclusive and rude to the rest of the villagers. This is important as it isn't made clear, the brochure says ' parkland area for existing and new residents...' oops, clarity please what are 'existing residents' just Berger's or all villagers and visitors?!

Anyway, 100 homes, 40% social/affordable. So far so good.

Traffic, that is the big question I'll leave to wiser heads, personally I'm trying to walk or cycle so cycle paths are important to me, didn't notice too much concrete provision or substance to that though, beyond a mention of 'creation of new pedestrian and cycle routes...'

Is that just the new access to Chiltley Lane???

Re: Hands Off Our Flower Beds!
- passfield resident (19th Mar 2023 - 17:47:57)

One thing about this I'm sure of-I wouldn't trust a word a developer puts in their promotional material. They will promise the absolute minimum they have to in order to get permission for their development and then once they've got permission they will do as little as possible and do it as cheaply as possible.

Re: Hands Off Our Flower Beds!
- M (20th Mar 2023 - 18:13:26)

@Yes No Maybe

Everything that Bloors propose is very much an impression, the application is for outline permission so nothing is set in stone regards layout and design. The existing Chicken Farm is working agricultural buildings, what are they suppose to look like when they produce 2.5million chickens that we all consume and want.

It will be a housing estate so will be open to the public but will look just like all the new housing estates built now, not like the adjacent estate at all. If you like walking around modern housing estates then you might like it. The nature walk is a necessity due to the flooding that occurs on the site. Bloors are going to re-route the flood water to the eastern side and let it flow north to the SuDS area at the northern area. I wish them luck as water tends to flow where it wants, but if they are successful the nature walk (approx 10 metres wide by around 800mts looking at the plan) will be pretty waterlogged so bring your wellies. Not sure what Bergers are.....thought you got them at McDonalds?

Yes 100 homes will bring so much traffic, especially to the Square so think your walks are going to be spoilt by all the cars queuing, but of course Bloors say that the queues are only 1 car long on Midhurst Road in the morning so another 100 cars won't matter....especially when we dig up the flower beds and replace them with tarmac!
And no there are no new footpaths and cycle lanes, you'll all just have to squeeze onto the existing footpaths dodging all the extra cars.

Suggest everyone tries to read all the Bloors propaganda and make an educated opinion about whether this development actually gives something to Liphook, and if the benefits (what benefits?) outweigh the negatives. If you agree with me then you need to object via the EHDC website.

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