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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Well done Gary Lineker
- MARY (10th Mar 2023 - 20:02:03)

Very proud of you, standing up for what you believe in and all your colleagues standing with you. BBC watch out, you are the British broadcasting company and not the Conservative government

Re: Well done Gary Lineker
- Goal Hanger (10th Mar 2023 - 20:35:13)

Well done Gary Lineker for setting up your affairs to save £4.9 million of tax now being challenged by HMRC!

Re: Well done Gary Lineker
- passfield resident (10th Mar 2023 - 20:49:38)

When you say "all your colleagues" , who do you mean? A couple of ex-footballers who are his mates have said they won't do Match Of The Day this week.

Re: Well done Gary Lineker
- Virtue Signaler (10th Mar 2023 - 21:05:19)

He is insufferable

Re: Well done Gary Lineker
- Ian (10th Mar 2023 - 21:24:28)

He clearly knows nothing about Nazi’s or the holocaust though. Idiot!

Re: Well done Gary Lineker
- Local (10th Mar 2023 - 22:19:58)

I guess this is a sort of controversial bait trolling post, but I'll take the hook anyway!

It's not so much the standing up for what he believes in, but actually breaking the BBC impartiality rules, would you be so happy if a different BBC celebrity stood up for their beliefs and tweeted their opposition to say the illegal people smuggling boats coming over from (safe) France to be put up in multi Billion £... per year luxury hotels etc or their support for the BNP or any other highly controversial position?

If you answer no to that, but yes to Gary, then you're a hypocrite, either way you miss the point he earns many millions of pounds paid for by the British taxpayer through the TV tax which hits the poorest, struggling British families the hardest and so the BBC charter as most of us probably have heard many times, is strict about not supporting any party or political position, especially extremely controversial ones.

So another point you missed, the BBC both wish and need to remain impartial neither Tory nor Labour nor anything else, in reality we all know it's very left wing but at least it has enough sense not to admit it and risk its own demise, the licence fee wouldn't survive if it allowed itself to become a political mouthpiece, it's already under fire, Gary took the king's shilling so follow the rules like everybody else or leave and go say whatever you like and don't unnecessarily rock the very establishment or insult the hardworking little guys that pay your wages, go elsewhere and be another bleedin ❤️ luvvie by all means, he is after all a pretty useless football commentator just ask most footie fans😁

Re: Well done Gary Lineker
- Sue (11th Mar 2023 - 06:22:04)

Lineker is a mature white man of Christian background.
Our BBC is looking for any excuse to erase them off the screen whenever affordable...

Re: Well done Gary Lineker
- Joe (11th Mar 2023 - 06:52:55)

The BBC seems a bit hypocritical given the controversy over their chairman I think it is, and his close links to the Tory party. I would rather watch or listen to them than Piers Morgan. Channel 4 news is more left wing than the BBC in my opinion,

Re: Well done Gary Lineker
- Sue (11th Mar 2023 - 07:14:39)

Cancel culture is a terrible thing, we see it everywhere, including on this forum.
Lineker was employed under contract which stipulated: Keep your views for yourself or go elsewhere. Lineker breached the contract and is now facing the consequence. That's NOT the same as Cancelling.

Please don't take history lessons from the footballer Lineker, he is leaning on the job right now.

Re: Well done Gary Lineker
- gareth j rees (11th Mar 2023 - 08:49:14)

Hear, hear, with you all the way Mary

The BBC says that Lineker can't show bias?

Who took the decision? Erm ..Tim Davie is a former Tory candidate, Richard Sharp sorts out loans for Boris Johnson, Robbie Gibb is a former spokesperson for Theresa May

Lineker isn't an employee. He is a freelancer.

And even if he was we have such a thing as free speech

Sir David Attenborough is outspoken on climate change, Andrew Neil on brexit, Alan Sugar was an outspoken critic of the Labour Party

All of them did it whilst getting paid by the BBC

I think all of you frothing at the mouth anon, daily mail posters need to have a real think about what is happening to this country under this government

NHS in crisis, inflation through the roof, foodbanks, mortgages doubling

And now the Tories have ruined Match of the Day!

Re: Well done Gary Lineker
- I (11th Mar 2023 - 09:43:36)

I think Lineker is an ill informed twerp whose opinions on anything have very little merit. No doubt he is entitled to make those opinions but I have very little sympathy for the overpaid idiot.

More significantly and bizarrely the BBC is a left wing snowflake propaganda machine and I hope the days of the tax payer funding it through the licence fee are numbered. They certainly abuse their privileged position

Re: Well done Gary Lineker
- Penny Williamson (11th Mar 2023 - 10:24:50)

While I agree with Local when he/she calls this post a“controversial bait trolling” one I am also taking the bait as I was appalled by Gary Lineker’s remarks which demonstrate that he understands nothing about the history of the Holocaust. I endorse all the posts condemning his appalling statements and agree with Suella Braverman when she accuses Gary Lineker of diminishing the Holocaust. His actions have nothing to do with freedom of speech – he broke the rules and the BBC should have sacked him not just suspended him. He has taken advantage of his position and his behaviour is shameful. My grandparents were Jews and had first hand knowledge of what happened in the concentration camps.

Re: Well done Gary Lineker
- gareth j rees (11th Mar 2023 - 10:57:20)


i know you are a staunch conservative

do you think it's ok for suella braverman to say that the british isles are being invaded by refugees?

Re: Well done Gary Lineker
- Local (11th Mar 2023 - 13:19:44)

Thank you Penny, it is also worth people noting that Suella Braverman's immediate family history includes Indian Hindu family, her dad is Tamil who are still even today heavily persecuted and killed in religious progroms, she herself is a Buddhist and her own family have Jewish background too!

(interestingly as an aside, Buddhism is not mutually exclusive to belonging to other religions unlike most others, it is more a pathway than theistic, hence why a lot of people can be Buddhist Catholics etc!).

Therefore taking all her immediate family history into account, if the left actually still learn real history (as opposed to critical anti white race theory), then how the left expect to get away with comparing the Home Secretaries proposals to the atrocities of the Nazis is beyond me, that people support this rubbish is indicative of the real problems we have here in the UK even talking about illegal immigration, the left think they can be rude, insulting without consequence, come on this is a dangerous, illegal and unnecessary people smuggling operation that has killed people and we should not be supporting it in any way or even appearing to.

Many refugees come to the UK, including dependents while the total figure is unknown, it's estimated that over 500,000 a year settle here looking for a better life and that's not the issue here, they are humanely welcomed in Britain in a way most countries don't, it's just these 'modern slavery' criminally enterprises operated by ruthless people smuggling gangs trafficking people on flimsy disposable inflatables into what is often indentured labour, crime and prostitution, under the ludicrous emotional pretext of France being too dangerous to remain in that the Home Secretary wants to tackle, she would too if the luvvies would stop falling for every ruse and let her, that woman has enough courage to put up with the Gary brigade who should let her get on with stopping this disgusting trade and offer her their support not their self righteous opposition!

Put that in your pipe and smoke it liberals and lefties😁

Re: Well done Gary Lineker
- Mary (11th Mar 2023 - 13:20:40)

Isn't the BBC run by a tory? Who helped Boris with a loan? What about when other bbc people talk about politics, but if they agree with the government that's OK?

I am pleased that someone that can reach a big audience, has spoken out about the Tories shameful immigration policies

Re: Well done Gary Lineker
- Dave (11th Mar 2023 - 14:17:11)

Mary, I think you will find that despite the many failings of the Tories, they are actually totally in line now with the majority of the population with their proposed changes to immigration policy. Immigration control is not racist despite what the daft left and ill informed, rich, ex footballers would have you believe.

Re: Well done Gary Lineker
- Bernard (11th Mar 2023 - 15:23:52)

You are 100% right Mary.

The hypocrisy of the right wing is astonishing. How come Alan Sugar, star of a major BBC primetime, show, can tweet freely against people on strike etc. and not face the same sanction? Because he is supporting the Govt position. That is not impartiality, it is bias. Either they both get told to stop, or neither.

In the past, BBC bias was always something perceived by left AND right, but never really evidential. Now, for the first time since the General Strike in the 1920s, the BBC is demonstrably supporting the position of the Government.

I have never been one of those calling for the abolition of the licence fee - there are few better alternatives and I do want the brilliant BBC to survive - it is one of our country's greatest cultural achievements. But, if my fee is going to be being used to do the bidding of this dreadful Conservative Party, then I don't want to pay.

The hypocrisy of those Conservatives who whinge about snowflakes and cancel culture, now being triggered by a tweet and calling for the tweeter to be sacked is breathtaking. Of course, it is all deliberate a) to whack the BBC as usual and b) to distract media coverage of their cruel and failing policies.

The Director General of the BBC is a former Conservative parliamentary candidate. He should apologise and reinstate GL or he should go. DGs have stood up to government pressure (left and right) since Reith left in the 1930s. We need the BBC, in a world where Talk TV, GB News (GBeebies) and the non-dom billionaire-owned right wing press dominate the news agenda.

Re: Well done Gary Lineker
- local (11th Mar 2023 - 16:08:07)

Sorry just realised my figure of 500,000 migrants per year coming to the UK was long outdated.

Government/parliamentary figures in 2022 actually counted 1.1 Million migrants into the UK in 2022 alone, despite the report stating there was considerably less immigration to the UK than usual during COVID!

However the majority I'm guessing came here lawfully and not surrepticiously at night without documents, I wouldn't be very suprised one day to find Gary Lineker turn up with those other TV luvvies on one of those charity boats sailing out into the Channel to get them plus a film crew for the day!

FACT: In BRISTOL alone there are 19,000 homeless British families:

Perhaps he's offered some of the empty rooms in his luxury multi million pound London riverside home to some of the estimated 125,000 homeless British kids and their families?

After all, I've read he lives in his big mansion all alone with just his dog since his divorce some years back.

But does he worry about us as much as the hordes of blokes trying their luck in Calais, I wonder I wonder? Maybe he does, I don't know, I don't know, I've not heard anything myself:)

Re: Well done Gary Lineker
- Bernard (11th Mar 2023 - 16:34:52)

Hordes of blokes. For goodness' sake!

How many emigrated from the UK?

How many asylum applications did France receive last year (clue: it was twice as many as the UK)?

There is no invasion. Just some desperate adults and children.

I agree it is scandalous that there are so many homeless in the UK. How much has homelessness increased in the 13 years that Conservatives have been in power?

Re: Well done Gary Lineker
- Mary (11th Mar 2023 - 16:40:00)

I think you will find is very patronising. Last time I checked we are entitled to speak our minds? Oh sorry I dont agree with the tories point of view, so I'm not allowed to speak. Have you read George Orwell 1984 or animal farm?

Re: Well done Gary Lineker
- PR (11th Mar 2023 - 16:54:43)

I believe it used to be called ' Freedom of Speech ' no doubt that is now politically incorrect.

William Joyce about to take over on MOTD

Well played Linekar, Shearer, Wrighty, and Scott ~ let's have some compassion for our fellow men.

Re: Well done Gary Lineker
- Sue (11th Mar 2023 - 17:18:09)

Again, this is different from the usual Woke PC cancellations.
This is not a restriction on freedom of speech.

It's a simple breach of contract.

Lineker had freely and willingly (and gleefully ££££££££) signed the contract stipulating impartiality.

He then exercised his legitimate FREE choice for FREE SPEECH. He thought it'll go through unnoticed. He's now facing the consequence of a bad employment decision (as well as a misleading historical comparison).

Re: Well done Gary Lineker
- Bernard (11th Mar 2023 - 17:35:55)

So Sue, should Alan Sugar be cancelled for his pro-Government policy posts?

Should Andrew Neil have been sacked from the BBC (before he flounced-off to GB News) for running the right-wing Spectator while he was the BBC's chief political interviewer?

It has to apply both ways or not at all. Otherwise it is hypocracy.

Re: Well done Gary Lineker
- local (11th Mar 2023 - 17:57:29)

So basically you have absolutely no grip on what freedom of speech, that highly valued thing you bemoan losing, means!

Yes Gary L has freedom of speech, he spoke, the whole world heard him, yet he hasn't been arrested.

In fact you can actually be arrested for referring to a persons colour, race, sex etc but not for comparing UK government policy to the Nazis! In most countries of the world (no doubt the ones the woke never criticise) it's the other way round, you can say whatever you want about women, gays etc but don't dare crticise the government or else, the left don't make much of a thing about that however, preferring to criticise Britain all the time!!!

Gary L's comparison of Suella Braverman's policy to 1930s Germany has understandably drawn strong criticism from the Home Secretary whose husband is Jewish, still Gary L enjoys freedom of speech....

That is your freedom of speech. The other thing you're confusing it with is employment contractual obligations and the BBC Charter, nothing to do with freedom of speech, wake up, or is that woke up?.

But it's a 2-way street, freedom of speech also includes the right to criticise the woke without being called racist, patronising or most of all, Nazis!

From the Jewish Chronicle today:

...Holocaust survivor Agnes Grunwald-Spier MBE has said the Match of the Day host “should be ashamed” for his tweet on Wednesday in which he referred to the language used by Home Secretary Suella Braverman to set out her asylum plans as “beyond awful” and “not dissimilar to that used by Germany in the 1930s.”

Responding to Lineker on Twitter, Grunwald-Spier, who has also been a member of the Board of Deputies of British Jews for 15 years, said: “What is beyond awful is your comment about the Nazis. I suggest you read my book ‘Who Betrayed the Jews?’ and find out what the Nazis really did.

“When you read all 600+ pages you may be entitled to comment on the Nazis. I was a baby in the Budapest Ghetto – shame on you.” ...

You can find the full report here:

Still, Gary L. is as entitled to these opinions, however 'shameful' they might seem to us (or not), nonetheless many people have lost their jobs over the years for saying what they thought, usually though, at the behest of the left wing woke mob, so what goes around comes around, I will watch with interest what, if anything the BBC do about Lineker, time will tell if he pays financially for his convictions or not or whether he's better off working for a non tax payer funded Royal Charter media outlet like Sky!

I'll leave it there as I have other things to do.

Peace and Love to all.

Bernard, IMHO it depends on what they say and their role, the BBC will investigate now and decide if this was overtly political and how it might impact on their rules, but Gary Lineker is not an Andrew Neil whose actual job was to be an ascerbic political interviewer, Alan Sugar an outspoken boss interviewing prospective apprentices for a commercial position, they were not similar roles, viewers very much trusted the BBC Sports sofa to be a 'safe space' from political rows!

Re: Well done Gary Lineker
- Joe (11th Mar 2023 - 20:36:13)

Local, Gary Lineker was not making those remarks on match of the day he was on twitter. It was nothing to do with the programme and as he is not an employee of the BBC, I doubt that there is anything in his freelance contract forbidding him from talking about what he wants to away from the BBC.

Re: Well done Gary Lineker
- Sam (11th Mar 2023 - 21:53:31)

1. Gary isn’t covered by the impartially guidance, that currently at the BBC is only for news.

2. Gary spoke about it on Twitter (Not on the BBC)

3. Gary didn’t use the word Nazi.

4. What he spoke about the Tories themselves even admitted its touch and go if it can fit through international law.... i.e. massively dodgy

5. The Tories just like they did with Channel 4 and now with the BBC as they have a patsy on the insides are not happy about being criticized by anyone let alone someone from the national broadcaster.

6. The Tories influenced state media…. THIS IS THE ALARM BELLS MOMENT EVERYONE!!! Think North Korea / China etc.

It wouldn’t have surprized me if this a sneaky long game to privatise the BBC… i.e sell it off and fill their pockets for its something the Tories are good at.

Gary knew he was cutting it thin with his comments, he selected the words carefully and if you look at the facts, he isn’t far off. His Twitter account is his own (Welcome to the internet everyone) He didn’t break the law with his comments, not even close.

Yet some of you are super happy he gets told off when dozens of other like Clarkson etc do it every week and the reason your happy is you don’t like immigrants and you feel they are the cause of yours or others problems.

Here is the coffee bit… the wake up bit… and no it’s not that the Tories are Scum but it’s actually that immigration is like the new iPhone… this is a global issue that is being funnelled by how we all handle the environment & whom we vote into power, and also what media we absorb without questioning it.

There is only one question in this Gary story
Did & if so by whom from the Tory Government apply influence on our BBC?

We you answer that you will find out whom wants our country to be a Russia, a China, a North Korea.

Free Speech means something, if your happy to toss it away then God forbid as reading these posts suggest its polar, but that’s exactly it, we are all allowed to speak and have an opinion… could it be that this very Government both don’t care & don’t want your opinion.

I couldn't give a S*** about Gary, or even this subject, what I am concerned about is people getting punished for legal disagreement and opinion on our Government... as that is exactly what is happening.

Dissenter identified, Dissenter destroy

Re: Well done Gary Lineker
- Sue (12th Mar 2023 - 08:50:36)

"Having to" dismiss Lineker is a God-given gift for the BBC.
He and his fellow mature white men will be cleansed out of our screen to be filled-in with the BBC's "correct" demography. Just like their other programmes.
Now that does sound fascist, alas it's true...

Re: Well done Gary Lineker
- passfield resident (12th Mar 2023 - 10:14:15)

Sue-I'd say there are plenty of old white men on the BBC

Re: Well done Gary Lineker
- PR (12th Mar 2023 - 12:00:26)

Since when was Ian Wright white ????

Re: Well done Gary Lineker
- Joe (12th Mar 2023 - 12:17:11)

Sue, Gary Lineker is not an employee to be “ dismissed” . If he has contravened his self employed contract then it is a different thing. He is a multi millionaire can get a new contract with another TV provider.

Re: Well done Gary Lineker
- Realist (12th Mar 2023 - 12:57:47)

Here we are all worrying about whether the multi millionaire Gary Lineker is employed or self employed (The BBC have described him as employed on a freelance basis, just to confuse matters further!) whether 100,000 men turning up in boats from France is escaping persecution or trying it on, whether white men are over-represented in England or not, blah blah blah!

Meanwhile one of America's largest investor banks just collapsed due to huge Silicon Valley losses, The UK government Cobra met overnight to decide whether it could afford to bail out our tech companies if they can no longer pay wages on Monday, Bill Ackerman the investor billionaire said the US government has just 48 hours to try and save the US banking system from another meltdown...

...Europe is at war, Saudi Arabia made £162 BILLION profit selling oil, while our left wing activists want BP screwed into the ground (not the Middle Eastern huge players, but little old BP!)....and while we here in 'privilege land' worry about Gary, Match of the Day and people fleeing France for a better hotel😂😂😂

Re: Well done Gary Lineker
- Joe (12th Mar 2023 - 16:59:07)

Realist the biggest shareholders in BP are American financial institutions.

Re: Well done Gary Lineker
- M (12th Mar 2023 - 17:12:14)

This has all got blown out of all proportion in my opinion.
Mr Lineker has every right to view his opinion on the current governments policy regarding illegal immigration, as we all do.
Mr Lineker was wrong in voicing that opinion in the way he did, by comparing the policy wording as similar to 1930's Germany. In no way was that a correct statement, anyone can see that and how it would upset so many people.
All it took was for Mr Lineker to accept that and admit he "mis spoke"..... or any such PC comment.... and accept he shouldn't of said that, but also confirm he still believed the current Government Policy was something he disagreed with.
The biggest strength anyone has is admitting you've made a mistake and apologise. If he'd done that when this all started to blow up we could all of watched MOTD as normal, instead of letting all the political parties and papers try to score points!

Re: Well done Gary Lineker
- Realist (12th Mar 2023 - 21:23:58)

M but if course we are not all tied in by contract and/or duty to the BBC impartiality rules, that's the only difference, noone saying Lineker did anything illegal or even bad. But the BBC rules changed because of his previous tweets and other people's so that not only news staff but now any big name on the BBC payroll has to abide by same rules and pundits like Lineker keep reminding us we should abide by the refs decision and not blame the ref for the decisions we don't like!

Interesting fact that half a million more people tuned into watch MOTD last night than usual to watch football without any armchair millionaires interesting chat😂

Perhaps the multi million pounds of licence fee money spent in all these luvvies has been shown up for what it is, complete waste of money, we would clearly rather watch the football unadulterated by all the banal retired player chat and posturing about every shot, we don't need to know that a lot of fat old men think Man U are going to win the League or Spurs will thrash Liverpool, only to be completely wrong as usual, I wonder if most people loving up Lineker at the moment are even MOTD or footie viewers!

Re: Well done Gary Lineker
- Pete (13th Mar 2023 - 07:26:44)

Well done Mary.

Re: Well done Gary Lineker
- Sue (13th Mar 2023 - 08:22:27)

Lineker and the Oscars:
For quite a few years now, Oscars and similar awards are predominantly given to the "correct" sex and "correct" race (non-white males), talent of secondary consideration. Would Lineker care to twit a comparison to Hitler's Olympic victories?

Re: Well done Gary Lineker
- Joe (13th Mar 2023 - 08:54:37)

Sue I do not quite understand your constant points about white males? Gary lineker made comments on a subject so what?

Re: Well done Gary Lineker
- Penny Williamson (13th Mar 2023 - 15:00:02)

I see that Gary Lineker has been reinstated by the BBC because Tim Davie acknowledges that the impartiality act contains some grey areas and now they are not certain as to whether or not he has broken the rules.

However, far more importantly, the fact remains that Gary Lineker made an abhorrent comparison with the Government’s present policy on the illegal entry of immigrants by small boats across the channel to the UK to what happened in Germany in the 1930’s.

That is what is upsetting so many people. (We have in place a legal route for immigration to the UK and I think 500,00 people legally entered the UK last year).

No, Gary Lineker did not specifically mention the words “Holocaust” or “Nazi” but what the Germans were doing in the 1930’s was a prelude to the Holocaust. During that time the Germans were rounding up people whose home was in Germany - not immigrants, who they considered to be “inferior” and in order to house them, the first concentration camps were opened where people were ill-treated, tortured and sometimes killed.

All political parties in Germany were banned from mid-July 1933 onwards. Now either Gary Lineker doesn’t know his history or he is seriously deficient in intelligence and/or sensitivity because as far as I know the government is not torturing or killing anyone and I don’t think you can compare hotels with concentration camps.

I absolutely agree with Freedom of Speech but there are boundaries and as Local said you can actually be arrested for referring to or denigrating a person’s colour, race, sex etc. In my opinion, Gary Lineker by making this comparison, overstepped this boundary and there are many, many people who have found his remarks deeply offensive. I am one of them.

My great grandparents were survivors of the Holocaust. @gareth j rees No I probably wouldn’t have used the word “invasion”, but politicians of all parties have said and will continue to say something which they later possibly regret. I am not a “staunch” Conservative, but I think that the Conservative Party is the lesser of the “three evils” Labour, Lib Dem Conservative and I also feel I have a duty to vote.

Re: Well done Gary Lineker
- Me (18th Mar 2023 - 22:33:58)

He's a smug, arrogant, over-paid individual who thinks that he is above the impartiality code of the BBC.

Crossed the line too many times.

Re: Well done Gary Lineker
- Penny Williamson (4th Apr 2023 - 13:22:31)

I do not usually dredge up posts that appear to have run their course. However I am posting two subsequent quotes made by Gary Lineker which bear out a post I placed on this subject previously ie these quotes demonstrate that a) Gary Lineker is not very intelligent b) he stood behind a wall when sensitivity was handed out - it has not occurred to him to at least apologise, even though he has tried to justify his tweet by saying that he was not referring to the Holocaust, for the hurt and upset he caused to many people and c) his knowledge of 20th Century history is sadly lacking - ergo he obviously didn't know what was occurring in Germany during the 1930's. In conclusion the BBC made absolute fools of themselves. Before removing Lineker from Match of the Day, the powers that be in the BBC should have been sure of their facts. "Egg on Face" I think.

Re: Well done Gary Lineker
- Pete (6th Apr 2023 - 13:28:50)

So Gary Lineker has doubled down on his disgusting attack on the Tories.
He has absolutely no right whatsoever talking about 1930s Germany – he wasn’t even born back then!
The national socialists systematically marginalised minorities and created a climate of fear among the poor and the powerless. They pushed patriotism to the extreme and wrapped themselves in the flag in order to project legitimacy. They viciously attacked their enemies, using media propaganda to fool the nation.
Their leader gave grand speeches about making people’s lives better, but actually made them much worse. They also used an economic crisis as cover to strip people of their rights and freedoms.
Worst of all, they relentlessly scapegoated vulnerable groups, enraging credulous citizens – turning their anger and desperation against completely innocent people.
How dare Lineker make such a heinous comparison!
That sounds nothing at all like Tory Britain.

Re: Well done Gary Lineker
- geoff t (6th Apr 2023 - 17:47:38)


You say Lineker has no right to comment on 1930s Germany as he wasn't even born then.

Last time I checked, there was nobody in the Liphook area bordering 300 years old. Presumably therefore, nobody should be able to comment on the Napoleonic Wars, Ancient Greece, the Gettysburg Address, the Siege of Rhodes and should they wish (but you won't allow) the fall of the Ming Dynasty.

Personally I dislike Lineker but I'll bloody well defend his right to free speech.

Best regards


Re: Well done Gary Lineker
- Em (6th Apr 2023 - 18:35:45)

Geoff t freedom of speech but not to insult people or groups of people he really is an idiot. Should be sacked.

Re: Well done Gary Lineker
- er (6th Apr 2023 - 19:28:54)

Geoff, I suspect that went over your head, if I'm right Pete was setting up a straw man argument, but it was so subtle so I stand to be corrected!

In any event, there is no excuse for comparing our measures today on tackling the near million migrants coming to Britain in todays climate with the German policies of the 1930s!

For a start, the most we ever do is deport anyone, notwithstanding the current levels of deportation for failed applications are below 1% due to endless expensive court appeals which we fund 100%!

Secondly, the EU has deported more Brits back to the UK who desperately pleaded to remain in the countries they had come to live in, than we have deported immigrants from the UK in the last few years! Is the EU evil anyone???

In fact the EU has suddenly become very keen on punishment deportations of British grandmothers and I don't see the left screaming 'prejudice' or 'nazis' or anything else about that, choosing instead to blame the people being deported for the 'fault' of their country voting Brexit!

We don't blame economic migranmts coming to Britain for the faults of their countries. Double socialist standards!

Re: Well done Gary Lineker
- Penny Williamson (8th Apr 2023 - 10:39:24)

er Just opened the link. That is truly dreadful. Totally agree with Em's comments on free speech. I am a supporter of free speech because that is what our democracy is based on, but not when it is abused as it was in the case of Gary Lineker's tweet. If he had said something along the lines of " that in his opinion the Government's current immigration was unfair" and yes he could say "immeasurably cruel" I do not think that there would have been this outcry. It was the fact that he compared the Government’s immigration policies with the actions of the Nazis in Germany in the 1930's that caused the justifiable anger and upset.

Re: Well done Gary Lineker
- passfield resident (8th Apr 2023 - 13:05:51)

Penny-free speech means what it says. Who judges whether someone is abusing their right to free speech? Gary Lineker might be talking rubbish, but unless he is inciting violence or racial hatred etc then he has a right to say what he said. The government would probably be very happy about the controversy about his views because it distracts people from the fact that their immigration policy is a total failure so they have to take progressively stronger and sometimes excessive measures to try to keep their own supporters happy.

Re: Well done Gary Lineker
- Em (8th Apr 2023 - 14:17:33)

There you go again passfied resident as you say talking a load of rubbish. Free speech yes but not when it causes distress and is aimed at certain people and groups of people. He should be ashamed of himself but there you go just shows his lack of humanity as said an idiot.t

Re: Well done Gary Lineker
- Mary (9th Apr 2023 - 09:37:16)

People should stand up for what they believe in and have the right to say if they don't believe in something. That's why stood up against Germany in the world wars

Re: Well done Gary Lineker
- Penny Williamson (9th Apr 2023 - 10:41:30)

Mary do you mean "we" or the Germans" when you state "That's why stood up against Germany in the world wars"? With regard to the WW11 if you meant we ie us that is not true - we only eventually stood up to Germany after Hitler invaded Poland. He had already invaded the Czech Republic and we did nothing. "Peace in our Time". Does that ring a bell? The only reason we became involved then was because we could see we would be next on the list.. Churchill saw that in the early 1930's and raised the alarm and was called a "warmonger". If you meant the Germans they were persecuting their own people. Not all Germans of course but those who weren't were too scared to do anything about the bloodshed. The First World War was different and very complicated. Europe was in a turmoil and ready to boil over and with the assassination of the Archduke it all kicked off and the Kaiser had his chance.

Re: Well done Gary Lineker
- Mary (9th Apr 2023 - 14:05:32)

Afternoon Penny, thank you for the history lesson. We stood against what was happening to some poor people.
They were trying to leave flee a country that was persecuting them for, religion, colour of skin, being disabled.

Isn't that what people are trying to do now 🤔

Re: Well done Gary Lineker
- paul (9th Apr 2023 - 15:19:35)

We may think at the moment a few thousand boat people per year to our shores is wrong. Wait until future times to come.
It will then be 100,000 per every year. This is not through persecution in their home countries, but escape from heat. The world is warming up rapidly. Therefore water will be in short supply, and crops cannot be grown.

The U.K. will be a very different place then we have been used to...

Re: Well done Gary Lineker
- Ian (9th Apr 2023 - 16:03:08)

The irony is that most of this discussion would have gone over Gary’s head as he’s never been the sharpest tool in the box and would have definitely struggled to follow the more complex issues in this post.

Re: Well done Gary Lineker
- Penny Williamson (12th Apr 2023 - 14:24:31)

Mary Not all immigrants trying to reach the UK via the illegal transportation by the People Smugglers are escaping from persecution. Very many of them are economic migrants and are young men. The Government is not against immigration. It is is trying to stop the illegal and dangerous practice of the people smugglers who take money from immigrants promising them a new life and safe passage to the UK. There are in place safe and legal routes to the UK for people who are fleeing persecution. I know statistics are not always reliable but after some research I think this statistic appears to be the most accurate: Last year, the UK have resettled or relocated 49,667, of which 21,387 were through ACRS and ARAP as of the end of December 2022 through safe and legal routes. 44,659 family reunion visas have been granted to family members of refugees as of the end of December 2022. We are an island with finite resources – we are in a cost of living crisis. There is a limit to what we, as a nation, can do to solve all the world’s problems.

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