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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- Eric Benson (27th Feb 2023 - 11:25:12)

Greetings all.
This has appeared on the latest East Hampshire District Council planning notices round-robin email:

Outline planning application - For residential development of the site (Use Class C3) with up to 100 dwellings, informal and formal open space, together with associated drainage, utilities, and all other associated works following the demolition of existing buildings (Means of access to the highway network to be considered) (OUT) REFERENCE NO: 22789/007 APPLICANT: Bloor Homes Ltd, Mr. W McKenzie & Mr. A McKenzie

To all intents it is a repeat of the planning application made by the same people back in 2014 which was turned down by EHDC in 2015, a decision which was confirmed in 2016 following a contested appeal.

If nothing has changed in term of planning laws and local plan in the intervening 7 years what is going on?


Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- Russ (27th Feb 2023 - 12:20:04)

No mention of a sangs. If EHDC pass this it will be the biggest stitch up ever .

Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- Me (27th Feb 2023 - 12:58:15)

Is this the same people that tried to get EHDC to make our Radford Park into a sangs so they could use it for their sangs to get round the law . Very suspicious people will stop at nothing to develop that land.

Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- Kevin D (27th Feb 2023 - 15:32:29)

To be fair to the developer, if the Neighbourhood Development Plan steering group had a pair of balls and actually allocated sites for development it wouldn't have come to this but since they have announced they will no longer be allocating any local sites the developer has no option other than to put in this application.

Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- Me (27th Feb 2023 - 15:58:34)

I don’t think it matters because EHDC don’t take any notice of anyone or anything people say. They seem determined to put houses on that side of the square regardless of the damage it will do to our village.

Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- Joe (27th Feb 2023 - 20:06:56)

The submission of the application has nothing to do with whether or not the neighbourhood plan allocate sites, any developer is free to submit a plan whether or not the neighbourhood plan has allocated other sites. The neighbourhood plan committee are not given any housing numbers to fulfil, EHDC are given housing numbers. EHDC allocated the site for housing in their prospective local plan last time around. They have not finished their local plan so any developer can submit their plans meanwhile to them. The neighbourhood plan committee are not a planning authority.

Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- er (27th Feb 2023 - 21:47:19)

It is common for developers whose applications have been refused to re-submit them at a later date, then the whole process starts a-fresh and any previous decisions become immaterial. It is important that local people respond to the new application, because if enough people object then it will be noted, that is the basis of democracy, the right to object. The objections will be of course be ignored, but the point is that democracy will have prevailed, the people will have been asked, have voiced their concerns and ignored. At this point it can be claimed that a full and proper consultation was exercised and the people spoke, so feel free to complain, your complaint matters, the decisions however are another matter!

Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- (Another, but not 'that' Paul) (28th Feb 2023 - 09:30:53)

I've done some research around the Neighbourhood Plan, and came away feeling underwhelmed.

Firstly, it seems to progress (if at all!) at the rate of granite eroding.

Secondly, once it finally (if ever) lands it effectively has no teeth. It says that on it's own website - it's advisory, and cannot stop developments.

Is it a tick-box exercise, so that future development can wave the Plan and say 'we listened'? I don't know, but personally I don't get a warm feeling about it's intent, timescales or power - now or in the future.

Happy to be disabused of my view.

Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- Me (28th Feb 2023 - 09:59:35)

er spot on EHDC to tee . That’s why they keep asking us for our opinions just to tick boxes. They don’t care a jot about liphook the more houses they can bung in here anywhere helps their quota. Doesn’t matter about ruining our conservation square build a ring road you must be joking can’t do that it might ruin a bit of farm land that happens to be in the national park what a joke.

Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- Charles (28th Feb 2023 - 10:28:09)

Noticed two strips over the Midhurst Road after the railway bridge, Churcher's Primary School side. EHDC/ developer counting the car numbers over the bridge?

Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- Me (28th Feb 2023 - 12:10:50)

Probably EHDC because they want to approve the entry through the berg for the chicken farm development. Totally out of order there should be no more traffic over that bridge VERY DANGEROUS we need a complete new road around liphook before any more development takes place.

Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- Local (28th Feb 2023 - 15:38:44)

Yes just seen them one just over the bridge and next one just past berg entrance. Would think monitoring how much goes into berg estate and how much carries on along midhurst road. In my opinion there is by far to much traffic on midhurst road at the moment so would be very dangerous to add to it.

Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- Local (28th Feb 2023 - 17:40:32)

Just seen neighbourhood plan are having a meeting in march a consultation two days perhaps it would be a good time to voice our concerns about the chicken farm development ruining our village centre with more traffic. Because the Neighbourhood Plan was supposed to be the voice of the people the community. If the Neighbourhood Plan has no teeth then what’s the point of it .

Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- Joe (28th Feb 2023 - 19:29:31)

The neighbourhood plan people can have no influence over planning applications unless a) the plan has been finished and passed a public referendum. If it were a finished plan then some influence could happen if it contravened one of the NDP policies eg if there were not enough social housing included the developer would be told to re think it, but the NDP cannot stop development.

Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- Penny Williamson (28th Feb 2023 - 20:50:36)

It is my understanding that in 2014 when Bloor Homes put in their application East Hampshire had their 5-year Housing Land Supply and that is why the application was turned down by EHDC and was subsequently lost on appeal. This present application has a different road layout and does have a SANG. In addition East Hampshire does not now have a 5- year Housing Land supply and this could make a difference to the outcome of the application. I am not for one minute suggesting that Bloor Homes should get their permission I am just laying out the facts. Please don’t shoot the messenger.

Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- Cllr. Trevor Maroney (1st Mar 2023 - 10:20:31)

Penny is spot on. If the outline planning application is rejected and the applicant appeals on the grounds that EHDC does not have a 5-year housing land supply - there are insufficient approved applications in the pipeline - the inspector is highly likely to find in their favour.

It would have been helpful if the community had agreed to acceptable housing sites within the NDP.

Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- paul (2nd Mar 2023 - 18:50:08)

Surely with the shortage of eggs we need more chickens, and not houses?

Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- Steve miller (2nd Mar 2023 - 21:27:11)

Given the the proposed development is right next to the Berg Estate and no further from the village centre than several other built up areas of Liphook, it is difficult to see why in principle this particular patch of land is unsuitable for housing.
Having read through the Highways Department comments on the previous application, I suspect that one of the more difficult hurdles to overcome is the question of access for construction traffic which will either have to pass through the Berg or down Chiltley Lane. Neither of these routes seem particularly tenable and it will be interesting to see how the developers propose to address this issue.
Once completed however, assuming that construction access can be resolved, the additional traffic generated by 100 homes seems unlikely to make a material difference to the overall congestion issues in the village and it would be surprising if this proves a determining factor.

Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- Lifetime resident (2nd Mar 2023 - 22:11:18)

Mr miller it’s not just these houses it’s the drip drip of developments that breaks the camels back as they say. The square has been eroded for many years it’s a conservation area not any more with the huge increase in traffic over the past.few years enough is enough NO more development that puts more traffic through the square. We should be looking at ways of reducing the traffic through the square by a very considerable amount.

Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- Joe (3rd Mar 2023 - 08:48:50)

The ugly signage currently allowed on the commercial buildings and the 1960s and seventies infill buildings which were allowed to be built are far more likely to affect the conservation area. Houses built in Borden or anywhere locally
mean an increase in traffic through the square not just houses built in Liphook. People need to use their cars less.

Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- passfield resident (3rd Mar 2023 - 09:29:53)

Steve Miller -100 more homes won't make a material difference to the amount of traffic??? What planet are you on?

Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- Steve miller (3rd Mar 2023 - 10:02:07)

Well yes the traffic in the square is a pain at peak times when the schools are starting or finishing but it generally flows OK for most of the day. Reading the traffic plan in the current application, the developer is proposing funding a crossing patrol as a partial mitigation measure. I am slightly sceptical that this would be practical given the large numbers of pupils involved but I guess that it might be worth a try.

Picking up Joe's point that people need to drive less, I would only comment that any radical change in habits seems pretty unlikely in the next 10 to 20 years. Public transport seems to be gradually getting worse rather than acting as an incentive to leave the car at home.

Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- Wendy (3rd Mar 2023 - 10:17:55)

Steve Miller, either you don’t live locally, or you failed your driving test and are a pedestrian or you just can’t see further than your nose. 100 homes probably 200 cars, and you say it won’t make a difference, you really are an E T.

Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- Steve miller (3rd Mar 2023 - 10:26:33)

Hi Passfield Resident
Planet realistic I think. Don't take my word for it, just read the thoughts on the subject from the planning inspector in charge of the enquiry into the refusal of the last application. The documents are still available on the Ehdc planning portal.

Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- Joe (3rd Mar 2023 - 11:11:45)

Hi Steve could you supply a link to the appeal report please as I could not find this on the EHDC website thank you

Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- Steve miller (3rd Mar 2023 - 20:07:13)

The appeal decision can be found as one of the documents listed under the original planning application no 22789/006.
Paragraph 33 summerises the inspector's view of the development's impact on local traffic congestion.

Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- paul (3rd Mar 2023 - 21:50:47)

As there is a current national shortage of chicken eggs, is it not better to breed poultry, than building houses at this location?

Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- Lifetime Resident (4th Mar 2023 - 08:07:32)

Steve miller as you live down the Longmoor road you probably don’t have to come through the square very often. The Square is beyond busy all the time regardless of school time it’s horrendous at school time. Weekends the traffic is continual on all six roads more than when the A3 came through.As said the council and inspectors don’t count because they have an agenda it’s the liphook community THAT COUNT the square was supposed to be made semi pedestrian when it was revamped by HCC they said the square would become very quiet so they cobblestone it and put in flower beds so WHY can’t we go back to that liphook deserves it. Ring roads and local traffic only are the answer other villages do it so why can’t we .

Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- Joe (4th Mar 2023 - 08:22:46)

I seem to remember cobblestones were laid some years ago and then had to be taken out as there were too many complaints that they were becoming uneven and breaking and becoming a hazard. Also that idea was mooted by the developers of oak park - they were going to pay for that but the public rejected it because they wanted pavements taken up to allow more room for pedestrians to mingle freely with the traffic.

Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- steve miller (4th Mar 2023 - 09:45:43)

Lifetime Resident. Yes I have lived in Longmoor Rd for almost 35 years and whilst I am now retired I probably travel through the square 10-15 times a week. About half of these journeys being at peak times quite often when dropping family members at the station so I do think I understand how busy the roads are through the village.
The answer to your question about the lack of a ring road comes down to money, or the lack of it! As a civil engineer I have built a fair number of roads in my working life and would hazard a guess that the cost of a comprehensive ring road connecting Portsmouth road, Longmoor Rd, Headley Road, The A3 North Junction and Haslemere Road would be north of £30m even ignoring the fact that there is no longer a viable route between Headley Road and Longmoor Road. The prospect of HCC coming up with that kind of money is unlikely to say the least.
I don't tend to support conspiracy theories and so don't believe that the authorities have a particular agenda regarding Liphook.

In any event all of this is irrelevant to the issue of the planning application for the land adjacent to Chiltley Lane. It may be that the application will be refused again on various grounds but, based on the evidence of the previous application, additional traffic through the centre of the village seems unlikely to be one of them.

Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- Ian (4th Mar 2023 - 09:56:28)

Lifetime resident, you are wrong. Yes the Square does have its spells when it is utterly logjammed but outside of school run times this is not that often. So often reasonable debate is compromised by exaggeration or personal agendas.

Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- Lifetime resident (4th Mar 2023 - 12:54:41)

Joe all the square was revamped after the by pass was put in . So it could become a proper conservation area. Oak park wanted to rip out the flower beds to allow more traffic to go through the square that’s why the community were up in arms. We have just got to do something about the volume of traffic in the square.

Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- Eric Benson (4th Mar 2023 - 13:50:53)

For those of you who are not happy with the proposed development by Bloor Homes through the Berg estate at the extreme eastern edge of the village you can make representations online by following the link to the application of EHDC website: – and the planning reference 22789/007

There has been a change in this link – the time for filing comments has been extended until 31st March. Given the detailed papers with the application even that may be insufficient time.

100 houses on the site will produce circa 150 cars leaving and returning at different times of the day, but principally during morning and evening rush. The approach into The Square in Liphook from the Midhurst Road is clogged up enough as it is, with another hundred cars Also the queue will stretch back not just to the Sainsbury’s roundabout but probably to the Station Road junction or even south of the (narrow) railway bridge.

In the application papers Thames Water confirms that the sewers in the area are not up to the job and that more work is required, over and above the creation of a private pumping station within the development site to be used by any new properties. These are but two examples of why I think the development should not be permitted, a detailed read of the application papers will produce others.

Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- Eric Benson (7th Mar 2023 - 15:17:34)

The transport assessment attached to the planning application (147 pages including complicated tables and graphs) has two interesting points:

Firstly, the traffic surveys on which is based took place on 6 July 2022, both morning and evening. This was a Friday, at a time when not all the schools in the area were open for business/pupils and when traffic was lighter and the holiday season in started.

Secondly, the mitigation proposals to be found between pages 55 and 57 propose altering the roads in The Square at the junctions with Portsmouth Road and the Longmoor Road to allow for two lanes entering each of those roundabouts. As some of you may recall, these roundabouts, in their current format and with their flower beds so carefully tended and maintained by the stalwarts of Liphook in Bloom, were installed as part of the “dividend” arising from the opening of the A3 bypass in the 1990s. A key part of that dividend was to make The Square itself more user-friendly to pedestrians, see the wider footpath outside the cycle shop with its attendant layby. This proposal seems to echo one , already mentioned in this thread for Oak Park, down the Longmoor Road. Do we really want a successful street scene disturbed so a further 100 homes can be constructed on the fringes of the village in an inappropriate location and at a density (22/hectare as against 6.5/hectare for the Berg estate proper) not in keeping with the current spacious feel for the Berg estate?

In terms of the traffic flows mentioned and the “one-car queue” scenario said by the report to have been found at the various junctions in morning and evening rush hours under current arrangements, there is something very wrong in that analysis. Anyone who has tried to pass through to The Square from the Haslemere Road between eight and nine in the morning will have frequently encountered 10 to 12 (or more) cars queueing, ditto traffic from the Midhurst Road and about the same on the London Road. The traffic from proposed site will add a significant further number of vehicles to add to current congestion.

The report contains no mitigation proposals for the Midhurst Road/Haslemere Road junction, well it can’t short of demolishing a building or two… It also fails to mention the extra traffic which will be passing down Highfield Lane (tricky junction with the Haslemere Road) nor the rather narrow Midhurst Road past Hollycombe..

Remember to lodge your objections by 31st March.


Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- Gravis (8th Mar 2023 - 16:40:19)

Cllr. Trevor Maroney - re your comment on the NDP. All the NDP were doing was steamrolling this very development through anyway. Plus others in the surrounding fields. Feels to me like there are people that desperately want this specific development to go ahead and are trying all types of ways of making it happen. My guess is that most of these people don't live on the south side of the railway and won't be materially affected by the development.

Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- steve miller (8th Mar 2023 - 17:50:42)

Without delving further into the merits or otherwise of this particular planning application, I am struck by the logical conclusion to Eric's arguments that there should, in effect, be a moratorium on pretty well any further development in Liphook until radical action has been taken to address the traffic issues in the square and the 5 feeder roads.

Whilst I recognise that many would be in favour of such a move, it does seem rather unlikely that EHDC would accept that one of their larger settlements was essentially out of bounds when allocating their housing targets.

Given that the cost of constructing relief roads is unlikely to be deemed in any way affordable by Hampshire County Council it is difficult to see where we might go from here. It will be interesting to discover what view is taken on this by the team assembling the neighbourhood plan.

With my Civil Engineers hat on, I find it very difficult to conceive that there is much that can be done in the square itself without a radical change in it's character. Looking at an aerial photo of the village centre it would however appear possible to put in some kind of, perhaps more affordable, link between London Road and Haslemere Road maybe squeezing between the library and Methodist Church or even through the car park at the recreation ground.

In my view, if such a link were to be possible. it should be made one way for traffic travelling from Portsmouth Road across to Haslemere Road. This would then make it possible to create a much larger one way system with traffic entering the centre from the various feeder roads travelling clockwise around the the revised road layout until it reached it's chosen exit. Whilst not solving the problem I would expect a significant reduction in congestion at peak times with such an approach.

I am well aware that this suggestion would itself come with many drawbacks and such a scheme would almost certainly generate significant opposition. Perhaps others might suggest possible alternative solutions assuming that a more comprehensive solution involving expensive relief or ring roads remains unlikely.

Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- Joe (8th Mar 2023 - 23:42:03)

In response to the comment by Gravis- I think that local developers see Liphook as a prime target for development, because outside of the protected land which is in the SDNPA and the land which falls into the River Wey conservation area, there are no other protected areas such as “ areas of outstanding national beauty “ or designated green belt land. Developers know that those areas with designations are too difficult to develop so they will look at the periphery of the settlement boundaries regardless of which “side” of Liphook the land is. The neighbourhood plan committee have not promoted any sites, they have done assessments of the land put forward and point scored the land based on planning criteria, which includes looking into the protections on all the available land, the point system recognises those areas which would make gaining planning permissions extremely unlikely. It is up to the committee though to justify the many years it has taken on producing a plan which is likely to take another year before being ready.

Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- Luke (9th Mar 2023 - 06:32:40)

Can whoever put up the posters around liphook please take them down. They’re going to end up coming loose and becoming litter they also look incredibly ugly.

Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- LOTTIE (9th Mar 2023 - 08:14:01)

Dear Luke
I think you would find the construction traffic much uglier.

Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- Realist (9th Mar 2023 - 14:20:12)

The whole point of the SDNP, of protected areas, conservation areas etc is to stop development so the South Downs Park is doing exactly what it says in the tin, good on it.

Apart from a limited bit in the square, most of Liphook is unprotected, despite its beautiful rolling fields and history. Maybe a starting point would be to try and get more of Liphook declared a conservation area.

Bordon is getting 5000 new homes and is 10 miles away and although they somehow overlooked putting a station in their new eco town, there is a once every two hours bus to Liphook station for commuters and free parking all over, if that isn't enough to meet all our local needs, what are we all doing, having 10 kids each?

The answer isn't explained by this nations hostility to asylum seekers either, most of them can't afford to buy anything and are having to stay in expensive hotels, much to our shame.

So who needs all these houses? I've heard it's the privileged elderly who are inconveniently healthier than ever and living longer and therefore refusing to pass their homes onto their offspring and move into a smaller quarters, if so, here's an idea, don't be selfish and once you've stopped being productive, let your kids and their kids come and live with you, several generations used to live under one roof, often several families to a house, it's called going green and it'll save the countryside, then we need to think about declaring Liphook a conservation town and banning cars in the square at peak times and building more council estates!

Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- Luke (9th Mar 2023 - 19:13:28)

LOTTIE, Construction Traffic typically only lasts a few months/years. I lived very close to the development on Midhurst Road and was not bothered by it.

The thing that does, it’s posters, that are ugly, provide a one-way view, and will generally end up flying away and polluting the community.

Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- C (10th Mar 2023 - 11:05:40)

Received a flyer this morning through the letterbox.

Residents are invited to provide comments online via the EHDC planning pages with the reference 22789/007.

Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- M (12th Mar 2023 - 17:29:02)

Having received a flyer through the door on Friday thought I'd have a look at this application.
So many documents to read but I have to say there seems to be so many inaccuracies in the developers traffic assessment it beggars belief.
Also noted the developer says that at least 30 primary school children will need to be accommodated, and that they will not be walking to school....but seem to gloss over how they will get there.....being driven???
I also think that if this application is given approval it will open the gates to the other fields that side of Liphook being developed. Highfield School has already put forward plans for up to 600 homes in that area, can Liphooks infrastructure really cope?
I also thought Liphook had fulfilled its quota of housing in the current plan? Don't forget that there are also plans for the Allianz site with another 30+ homes.
This will affect all of Liphooks residents so personally I'll be submitting my objection and recommend others look at this carefully and consider doing the same.

Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- Headley (13th Mar 2023 - 09:36:02)

Ian (4 March) is perfectly correct: traffic issues have become exaggerated and are compromised by personal and financial interests. These people make a lot of noise but contribute little except confusion and delay.

What we need is independent professional analysis.

Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- passfield resident (13th Mar 2023 - 10:22:32)

Headley-here's some noise-I have lived in and around Liphook on and off for 57 years and in that time it and other nearby places have suffered horribly from the effects of increased car usage. A village centre doesn't have to be continually congested to have a traffic problem. Air pollution, anti-social driving and daft parking all contribute to lowering resident's quality of life.

Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- M (14th Mar 2023 - 17:19:44)

@ Headley
There has been a couple of professional traffic studies done on the issue of congestion in Liphooks Square, and they have concluded that the roundabouts are at peak capacity, and over capacity during the morning and afternoon peak period.
The latest was done by Atkins for EHDC for the planning permission for Oak Park about 10 years ago, and how much has the traffic increased since then.
Everyone who lives in Liphook knows the issues and the most surprising thing is that Bloors traffic data appears to imply that traffic queues are minimal (just 1 car queue on Midhurst Road at the AM peak???) and that their development won't cause any more once they have implemented their "mitigation measures".
And what are those mitigation measures?
Extend the local shuttle bus into Chiltley Way....even though it only runs between 9.30-11.30 3 mornings a week and will have no affect on peak traffic.
Dig up the flower beds in The Square and make some of the approaches to the roundabouts 2 lanes!
How can that be allowed in a conservation area, especially considering all the hard work Liphook in Bloom do to try and make The Square as pleasant a conservation area as they can.
This planning application will have a devastating affect on the whole village, not just those off Midhurst Road but anyone who wants to move from one side of the village to the other and have their children in a local school or get a doctors or dentists appointment.

Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- passfield resident (14th Mar 2023 - 20:54:22)

M-you are right-digging up the flower beds would be detrimental to the centre of Liphook. We need less traffic, not fewer flowers. We need more intelligent solutions to increased traffic.

Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- Eric Benson (16th Mar 2023 - 08:58:16)

Last week I had a communication from the South-East Liphook Residents Group setting out reasons why I should object to latest planning application by Bloor homes for 100 houses on the Chiltley Lane chicken farm site. There were two stories about it in last week’s Herald.
Yesterday’s post produced newsletter from Bloor homes on the same subject.

Talk about a parallel universe!

Bloor Homes planning statement forming part of its application cheerfully acknowledges that Thames Water says the sewage system through the Berg has no spare capacity. It offers no suggestion as to how that situation might be improved, save to say that the foul sewage system within the chicken farm site will be a private one, connecting to a pumping station which will then force the effluent of some 2/300 people into a less than satisfactory set of Thames Water pipes, pipes which are known to backup with sewage even now.

The newsletter has an interesting statistic on the back page of the Bloor Homes newsletter, more than 50% of those surveyed either disagreed or strongly disagreed with the proposition that Liphook needs new homes.

Can I repeat again, please log your objection to this inappropriate development with East Hampshire District Council’s planning portal by 31st March.


Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- Paul (16th Mar 2023 - 15:37:03)

Interesting that John Stuart Bloor, owner of Bloor Homes, lists Guernsey as his place of residence at Companies House (this is publicly available information).

Obviously won't be affected by 100 homes popping up in Liphook then.

Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- Joe (16th Mar 2023 - 18:40:10)

None of the owners of the development companies of big estates live in the same usually they are non domiciled somewhere in a tax haven. It would not make people think it is a good application just because the owner lives locally.

Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- Jane (17th Mar 2023 - 07:29:44)

Hi Joe

'None of the owners of the big development companies live (in Liphook)'

You are wrong.

Richard Northcott lives in the village has done so for decades.

He cares about and has a stake in the future of the village, unlike the other developers.

He has also done wonders for village life - witness the transformation he brought about to the Links pub and now the Deers Hut.

His proposals will transform the village for the good and not require the FLOWER BEDS IN THE SQUARE TO BE DUG UP.

Why is this???......because he alone can provide a relief road which frees up our Square from traffic.

Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- B Atman (19th Mar 2023 - 10:33:37)

All major house building in Liphook is carried out by companies that do not have a personal interest here. Local and smaller building firms do. Liphook has enough houses now and the 5000+ being thrown up in Bordon are testimony to the awful planning vision of EHDC who really haven’t a clue. Please oppose this potential shambles at the chicken farms, write to Bloor homes telling them what you think of them and as for EHDC, please object as per the link shown above. We have to act and act now if we want to save this village from becoming another Billingshurst!

Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- Joe (19th Mar 2023 - 20:25:55)

Jane, Mr Richard Northcott has one home in Foley Manor yes, he also has a home in London and elsewhere. He does not live exclusively there. He is not described anywhere as a property developer, he is the owner of the land and will obviously benefit from the sale of any land to a large property developer such as the one who is proposing building the houses there - the Harrow Estates part of the Redrow group. They are the ones who are proposing building the 600 houses and “ designing” the houses and housing estate. Do we really need this on National Park land - no, no more than the houses on the chicken farm.

Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- Eric Benson (20th Mar 2023 - 09:00:47)

FYI the BLPC planning committee meeting tonight is considering this application. It will be interesting to see how it responds.


Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- M (28th Mar 2023 - 12:28:32)

Opportunity to comment on this application ends on Friday so you have 3 days left.
Interesting that the Parish Council objected to this development this time, they had no objection when it was last put forward in 2014. Good to see they objected, could be something to do with council elections in a month or so........or is it to do with the strength of feeling in the village against the development, well over 300 objection on the EHDC website, will it get to 400 in the end?
If you don't fancy all the extra traffic in the Square then please object by Friday.

Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- E local (28th Mar 2023 - 15:46:07)

Yes M it’s time our local council listened to the community. All this rubbish about you can’t do this or that they need to stand up for the local people stand up to EHDC tell them what we want that’s what they were elected for . Our district councillors need to support us on planning decisions when it comes up at EHDC not just sit there and say nothing. I know this sounds harsh but what’s the point of being a councillor if you don’t shout the loudest for your constituents.

Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- B Atman (29th Mar 2023 - 06:45:57)

BLPC are going to cost us an extra 5% this year so doing what the community wants is not an option.

Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- E local (29th Mar 2023 - 10:40:23)

B Atman what’s that got to do with councillors doing their job of supporting local community what they were voted in for. It doesn’t cost anything to stand up at meetings and support local people especially planning which is obviously not what people want. As said they need to listen and support.

Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- B Atman (30th Mar 2023 - 07:09:06)

It means that they need to support what the community wants if they are expecting the community to pay an extra 5% for them to continue to function.

Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- Eric Benson (4th Apr 2023 - 14:20:18)

Well done & thank you to everyone who lodged comments about the chicken farm planning application. There is a grand total of 424 comments recorded, of which 407 were from members of the public. Those in support of this ridiculous application amounted did not make double figures.

The application will be listed for consideration by the planning committee in due course. When it does can you please take every opportunity to contact the EHDC councillors on that committee to continue to express your objections.

It is possible that the application will be withdrawn, however flying pigs (or should that be chickens) are more likely.

Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- Rob (9th Apr 2023 - 14:46:02)

And there is also going to be social housing dwellings as well, I'm all for it, for local people

Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- A J (13th Apr 2023 - 17:53:47)

Love the part

Affordable house

Affordable to whom!? Unless a grandparent dies or mum/dad has the money I don’t see the youth of this village sticking around, how can they afford to?

Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- Joe (13th Apr 2023 - 21:44:05)

With regard the above postings Social Housing is what has replaced council built housing - usually the housing is run by housing associations and the properties are rented not owned.
Affordable housing is usually property with the housing association owning 50 per cent and the owner 50 per cent on a leasehold basis , sometimes it is a 75/25 per cent split.

Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- local with house and hefty mortgage (13th Apr 2023 - 23:14:34)

We had it too good you see, our youth need to experience the hardship of all the young refugees fleeing to the UK to get houses, maybe our kids could flee to wherever they've come from and get houses there, a fair swap, we house them, they house us, since neither can afford houses in their own countries anymore and we each blame the other for their woes:)

Re: Chiltley Lane Chicken Farm
- Resident (14th Apr 2023 - 10:41:40)

Rob your way of they are only out to make loads of money they don’t care about liphook or people. It’s logistically in the wrong place there are far better sites in the right place that could give more houses and social housing .

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