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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Poor parking
- J (13th Jan 2023 - 19:15:41)

Tried to get up yeomens lane today why to do people park like idiots

Re: Poor parking
- Richard (14th Jan 2023 - 09:54:16)

I think you have answered your own question!

Re: Poor parking
- Re (14th Jan 2023 - 11:15:16)

It’s getting like that all through the avenue being used as a rat run for the A3 and bohunt school. Do we need ring roads yes we do .

Re: Poor parking
- Dave (14th Jan 2023 - 12:06:09)

Couple of white vans park at the Longmoor Road end of The Avenue often park almost blocking the road! Very inconsiderate

Re: Poor parking
- Joe (14th Jan 2023 - 18:58:56)

Dear Dave,
I can answer for one of those white vans.

Unfortunately some of my neighbors have allocated parking spaces but as they are not in front of the house they do not use them and prefer to park on the street which the house I am living in does not have and as I have a lot of work and unfortunately I often arrive home late and it's not easy for me to park even on the street where I live.

I also always try not to park in a way that causes traffic jams.
For you can relax temporarily little more on this subject, I can tell you that I am moving house and it will be one less car... i say temporarily because the house will certainly have new residents and the neighbors will not change their attitude.

I hope I helped clarify something for you.

Re: Poor parking
- Jan (15th Jan 2023 - 07:42:44)

Say you had to get a fire engine up there or ambulance total mayhem

Re: Poor parking
- Dave (15th Jan 2023 - 09:20:07)

Absolutely, if fire engine or possibly ambulance needed to get up the Avenue from Longmoor Road they would struggle despite Joes poor justification for these vans poor parking.

Re: Poor parking
- er (15th Jan 2023 - 14:21:33)

There are rules on dangerous parking and if fire engines really can't get down a road then I suppose it might be an offence by people parked there, but regarding narrow roads, what if the road was wide enough for one vehicle to park, but not two, surely for the police to charge anyone with anything, they'd need clear proof of who parked first and who parked second and whether the opposite side was clear when each vehicle parked there, regardless of whether it was a car or van.

Maybe rather than blaming van drivers (ie essential workers who have to park somewhere and street ends are the conventional place) the fairest solution would be to stick double yellow lines down one side, but I'd reckon the average car driver doesn't want that, they want the vans gone so they can park there themselves:)

Re: Poor parking
- Rachael J (15th Jan 2023 - 15:59:41)

Bit of an assumption er that van drivers are essential workers. Couriers, builders, plumbers, roofers, etc etc etc. common highway courtesy is in short supply nowadays and inconsiderate white van man is is significant contributor to poor driving and parking!

Re: Poor parking
- Joe (15th Jan 2023 - 17:57:31)

I was told I was responsible for one of the white vans not both.
If my van is badly parked then the cars in front of me and behind me are all wrong.
The annoying thing is that you put everything in the same bag.
Next van I'm going to buy another color just to avoid that kind of mix.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

Re: Poor parking
- Iain (15th Jan 2023 - 20:09:39)

But Joe, cars generally don’t take as much space as vans, so probably you’re creating more of an obstruction than the cars you’ve mentioned. That being said don’t think I’ve ever driven down The Avenue although we do have similar problems on Silent Garden

Re: Poor parking
- paul (15th Jan 2023 - 21:18:23)

Could this problem really be, residents not using their owned garages as parking places?

Re: Poor parking
- Ian (16th Jan 2023 - 08:15:07)

Paul- Lots of residents garage access obstructed by other residents parking in the garage block areas. Also they are quite small and many modern cars a too big to fit in

Re: Poor parking
- AngieM (21st Jan 2023 - 13:08:04)

So Joe, are you saying that your selfish parking is justified because of the blame you attach to other people? My elderly father needed an ambulance one night last week and the ambulance crew apologised for their delay, one of the contributing factors was they could not get up The Avenue because of obstruction from poorly parked vans at the Longmoor Road end do they had to go into the village and along Headley Road to get to his house! Not a critical delay but it could have been.

Re: Poor parking
- Joe (22nd Jan 2023 - 10:40:58)

Hi AngieM,

The problem is that they wrote a couple of vans and not a single van and involve me because one is mine.

Also forget to write that precisely in the place where the said vans are even if the vans are not parked there two cars can never circulate without having to give way unless no vehicle is parked then the problem is no longer white vans and they start to be cars.

I'm not going to say that I already had to do it and I explained why but who hasn't parked badly?

Then someone also write here that the drivers of the white vans are the bad guys and I think maybe he wouldn't like to be pointed out.

I also mentioned here what is happening in this part of the street by some neighbors who, instead of using the spots that are allocated to their houses, leave them empty and bring their cars to the street to be less distant but I am talking about 20mtrs away .

I also take the opportunity to tell you that I am almost certain that I never left my van obstructing traffic in such a way that a bus did not pass when I had to leave it parked where I am not so happy.
Today I will not explain more but I will do it soon and you will understand why. I hope I answered your concern

I apologize for any inconvenience

Re: Poor parking
- Ben Dover (22nd Jan 2023 - 17:01:50)

The other van is me, I was feeling dastardly.

Re: Poor parking
- Paul (22nd Jan 2023 - 19:25:10)

Has the fiesta in yeomens lane been abandoned always there never moves

Re: Poor parking
- jmb (6th Feb 2023 - 12:30:39)

do not park vans in residential areas overnight. Leave them at depots or park them on your drive. If you haven't got a depot or drive, get rid of your van

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