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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Portsmouth road
- Oldie (7th Dec 2022 - 16:33:37)

Have you seen all the cars parked down Portsmouth road just like it used to be . I just wonder the WFH brigade have gone back to work?? or should I say Christmas party’s. If they can do that WHY can’t they go back full time?? . It would help our economy no end.

Re: Portsmouth road
- Steve (7th Dec 2022 - 23:32:59)


Re: Portsmouth road
- Oldie (8th Dec 2022 - 09:50:24)

It would help all the struggling small business in London that relied on their trade. And also would give us back a better service ie passport’s etc . I wonder if all the extra money people receive ie London waiting travel costs etc was removed would people still WFH ??.

Re: Portsmouth road
- Paul (8th Dec 2022 - 15:17:34)

Oh dear! It's the 21st century, passport applications are online and virtually instant! As is just about everything else in the modern world.

And no, I don't work from home before you ask Oldie! Also, what's your problem with taxed and insured cars parked on the public highway?

Re: Portsmouth road
- Oldie (8th Dec 2022 - 16:21:19)

Paul only gave passports as an example yes I’m aware you can get passports on line but not everyone can not as clever as you or don’t possess a computer. Have you tried to get a new drivers license my brother in-law had to wait 3 months for his . Anyway it’s my opinion and mine only that it’s much more productive to work in your office as has been proved when trying to ring about something sometimes waiting hours. As for the cars I didn’t say anything about parking in Portsmouth road just said it was back to normal which I think is a good thing slows traffic down only my opinion so don’t jump on me .Have a nice day. And a very merry Christmas.

Re: Portsmouth road
- DL (9th Dec 2022 - 11:42:58)

Oldie, in the nicest possible way, I think you have been sold corporate propaganda.

On the topic of small businesses in London:
Why are the small business in London so important?
Why are they more important than the ones in Liphook and all the other commuter towns and villages that London commuters come from?
Although business and enterprise exist to make a profit, the idea is that they do this through serving people something that they want or need, this is a basic premise of capitalism. Are you proposing that instead people should change their behaviour to serve business to make a profit?

On the topic of working practices, why do you think WFH made it harder to get through to call centres, or to get a passport? I'd suspect the truth is that understaffing causes this issue, not the location of the staff, but corporates can mask this by muddying the waters with the WFH argument. Same way as nearly every big company you call will tell you that there is a higher than usual demand - this message has to be a lie if every time you call you hear it.
Where business is impacted by WFH the real cause is lack of investment, either generally in UK infrastructure, or the business itself. This is sadly reflected in UK productivity, for a simple example take car washing, automatic car washes are less popular now than they were in the 90's because it is cheaper to employ poorly paid immigrants to do the job instead. It's this ability to get false efficiency that looks good on paper that reduces investment in real efficiencies.

I say all the above as someone who works in senior management but fortunately in a business that is happy to be forward thinking - we are have a mixture of office based, home based and hybrid roles and are already researching things like 4 day working weeks. If done properly these things all provide a positive outcome to both customers and staff.

Hopefully that provides some food for thought, it's not meant as an attack, just some thought provoking questions and statements to give a different viewpoint.

More importantly, Merry Christmas, hope you're enjoying the festive season!

Re: Portsmouth road
- PR (9th Dec 2022 - 13:29:05)

Oldie ~

Are you a closet American ? ( As in USA )

Re: Portsmouth road
- Oldie (9th Dec 2022 - 16:21:54)

DL great piece of thought. You could be right but other factors come it to it your company probably lends itself to WFH that’s fine many companies like so . But there are an awful lot that are doing it that it’s just not working. As for supporting the small business in cities surly that’s just as important for the economy as smaller places. The other thing that’s coming out of this WFH is the health issue , obesity on the rise, mental health, I have personal experience of this in the family all down to WFH I think you will agree you have to be a very strong person to make it work distractions, walking the dogs, picking up the kids from school doing the garden, this does happen. Having run my own business for 40 years in liphook I’m probably behind the times but being retired it all makes some good reading. It’s only my opinion but I still think you can’t beat your staff all working together in one place makes them respect each other. Aside from that we need to get on and make this country tick again. And no I’m not an AMERICAN far from it 6 generations in liphook. Hope the weather changes soon.

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