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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Time to boycott Sainsburys petrol?
- Paul (5th Dec 2022 - 22:29:39)

The RAC’s latest consumer investigation has found that supermarkets are artificially holding fuel prices high and not passing on savings to motorists.

The RAC have named and shamed the supermarket chains involved.

So is it time to boycott Sainsburys who as one of the supermarkets identified are withholding around 20p per litre in savings that could be passed on to motorists?

Re: Time to boycott Sainsburys petrol?
- PR (6th Dec 2022 - 08:27:16)

Asda in Waterlooville are the same.

Re: Time to boycott Sainsburys petrol?
- John Jonson (6th Dec 2022 - 09:04:30)

Whilst Paul's claims may be true and are frustrating:

1) For a boycott to work, all participants must be loyal and devoted to the cause whatever it demands (inconvenience). Can you see our "community" that way inclined?

2) We are running the risk of losing the convenience of our only local station. On many of my visits to the station it looked as if the owners aren't bothered about attracting business. Staff attitude, dysfunctional facilities, closures... Do we know for fact they are committed to keep the station running into the future? A boycott may be the last straw.

Although more cars are electric, the general volume of all types of cars is booming, with hoards of incoming new residents, and ever worsening public transport.

Re: Time to boycott Sainsburys petrol?
- Driver (6th Dec 2022 - 09:31:05)

I would say that the last point defeats it's own argument - if cars of all fuel types are 'booming' and there are 'hoards' of incoming new residents Sainsbury's would have to be monumentally stupid to close what must be a huge cash cow for them.

I agree it is irritating to see lower prices elsewhere, especially within the same brand, but I don't think Sainsbury's is that bad given the general prices in the area, especially on the A3.

Re: Time to boycott Sainsburys petrol?
- liz (6th Dec 2022 - 11:13:38)

Only Texaco in Bordon is cheaper in the local area - so you would have to boycott everyone which could be tricky.

Re: Time to boycott Sainsburys petrol?
- PR (6th Dec 2022 - 13:15:30)

There is no Texaco in Bordon, if you mean Headley Down we are not Bordon, only by postal address.

Re: Time to boycott Sainsburys petrol?
- liz (10th Dec 2022 - 07:26:13)

I got my information from If you look up Headley Down you will see the 'post town' is Bordon so presumably that is what is being used. A bit pedantic though as I'm sure people could find the Texaco garage anyway if they wished.

Re: Time to boycott Sainsburys petrol?
- passfield k (10th Dec 2022 - 09:11:27)

I brought this subject up many years ago when Sainsbury first opened the petrol station and kept undercutting the local petrol station until it closed and they had the monopoly ,, because people at the time were so shorted sighted and wanted a penny cheaper , we are all to blame , thousands of pounds were spent on a new bypass for liphook only to bring in a Sainsbury to the centre of the village , all about money i am afraid.

Re: Time to boycott Sainsburys petrol?
- Jen (10th Dec 2022 - 12:10:54)

But @Passfield K, if Sainsbury's hadn't been built we would still have had hundreds of new houses and the population of Liphook would still have grown massively.

Can you imagine the chaos if everyone (at the current population levels) was still trying to shop at Gateway/Somerfield in Station Road? I recall there being huge queues in the shop, a tiny car park (remember that hideously sloping car park with less than 20 spaces?), cars parked everywhere else, including around the back of the flats? It was pretty chaotic back in the late 1980s - before any of the new developments had been built (i.e. Victoria Way; Winnipeg Close; Childerstone Close; Candleford Gate; Canada Way & the "Sainsbury's estate"; Silent Garden; Oak Park; all the infills along Longmoor Road etc). I dread to think what it would be like now!

Re: Time to boycott Sainsburys petrol?
- gr (14th Dec 2022 - 11:38:41)

Havant today £1.49 per ltr unleaded

A3 wisley yesterday £1.55 ltr

Petersfield dont ask !!!

just for info

Re: Time to boycott Sainsburys petrol?
- Paul (14th Dec 2022 - 12:41:42)

Coming back to this - now knowing that Sainsbury's are overcharging for a product (fuel in this case), there is no way I would purchase it from them again.

I don't feel that we should be 'grateful enough' (my words) for a local fuel station to outweigh the fact that the operator has been exposed nationally by a respected body for purposely overcharging it's customers.

Re: Time to boycott Sainsburys petrol?
- PR (14th Dec 2022 - 13:41:22)

The internet tells me diesel is cheaper to refine than petrol, and is indeed a bye product of refining processes ~ why, can someone please explain, is a liter of diesel currently 20 pence more than petrol on average ?

Re: Time to boycott Sainsburys petrol?
- godric (14th Dec 2022 - 18:33:57)

I am quite amazed by this suggestion
I have travelled around Hampshire and Sussex in the last fortnight and Sainsbury's is cheaper than elsewhere by between 5 and 11 pence per litre. Other supermarkets have similar lower prices.
As the price of a barrel of oil has now dropped to it's lowest this year - at 75$ the forecourt price would normally follow as stocks are replaced.

Re: Time to boycott Sainsburys petrol?
- Nicky (14th Dec 2022 - 19:37:08)

I went to Texaco at Headley Down and paid £147.9 per litre for unleaded today. I commented to the cashier that I can feel the benefit of the slightly ‘lower” prices in my pocket especially compared to our ‘local’ who had just put their prices up. She replied ‘oh you must live in Liphook’! Sainsbury’s is clearly renowned for ripping the locals off. The only option is if those than can, vote with their feet!

Re: Time to boycott Sainsburys petrol?
- sam (14th Dec 2022 - 20:22:38)

Very little money in selling fuel apparently as the margins are so low, the pumps mostly exist to attract you to the main store. If selling petrol was such a "cash cow" the independent fuel only stations wouldn't have disappeared twenty years ago.

Re: Time to boycott Sainsburys petrol?
- Andy (24th Dec 2022 - 10:11:57)

Never really thought too much about the prices being charged here as I travel for work and my employer pays me per mile which covers the cost and some.
However, I stopped in at Sainsburys Saver Centre in Tilehurst on Thursday and diesel was 12p per litre cheaper than Liphook!
It says a lot when our local supermarket is more expensive than Arnold's in Camelsdale.
I've mostly been loyal to Sainsburys for the Nectar points, but will be buying elsewhere from now on.
They can, and do, charge what they want and can get away with but I don't think many people will go elsewhere due to the convenience / locality of it.

- Sarah (24th Dec 2022 - 18:04:36)

I think Sainsbury's must have read this thread as it was 149.9 when I went past today.

Re: Time to boycott Sainsburys petrol?
- Bob (25th Dec 2022 - 09:21:31)

In bordon the nisa local garage it 146 at th e moment

Re: Time to boycott Sainsburys petrol?
- Ian (26th Dec 2022 - 11:03:42)

Oh yes Sarah, I’m sure Sainsbury’s regional head office are very concerned keeping talkback mafia happy

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