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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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- Wendy (30th Sep 2022 - 09:57:17)

If anyone is planning to go for their jabs at the walk in clinic at Liphook surgery today - just to let you know they are cancelled today.

- H (3rd Oct 2022 - 16:07:25)

When are the walk ins vaccination and who are they open to please? I had a quick look on the Village Surgery website and can't find anything.

- Wendy (3rd Oct 2022 - 16:56:11)

It’s on the newsletter on their website. Mon, Wed and Fri between 9 and 12.

- Russ (3rd Oct 2022 - 20:08:38)

Nothing changes swan surgery are not up to speed on many fronts. Completely underestimated the take up of vaccination’s. Somebody need’s to take control. Liphook are missing out on all fronts.

- paul (6th Oct 2022 - 13:32:14)

I think it is very unfair to criticize the hard-working staff of the Village Surgery. They work tirelessly across a large population of all ages for the Swan Group, of the Liphook and Petersfield areas.

Vaccination times are clearly displayed on their website.
Those without internet use the times are;
Eligible patients will be contacted. Liphook Village Surgery walk-ins are Mon, Wed, and Fridays 9am to 12 Noon.

- Sue (6th Oct 2022 - 16:40:40)

I've been sent a text inviting me to book both jabs, but every time I try to make a booking I'm told there are no appointments available at this time. It's been a week now.

- Russ (6th Oct 2022 - 18:05:16)

Yes Paul very hard working staff but sometimes it’s not enough. Bigger sometimes doesn’t mean better since the takeover of liphook and Liss surgery’s it seems that liphook and Liss are failing . Vaccines not available or running out very quickly but Petersfield has plenty?? . Very long waiting time’s on the phone if you manage to get through at all . As for being called for a jab very lucky if you are called as Sue said still not good. Perhaps it’s staffing problems can’t get trained people or not enough but something is wrong. Hope they manage to sort it out because liphook is growing at an alarming rate.

- Else (7th Oct 2022 - 10:56:44)

Went for my vaccinations today, after all the negative comments I expected a long wait, however I was seen straight away so no complaint from me.

- Anonymous (7th Oct 2022 - 12:06:52)

It probably has nothing to do with the staff/experience of the very hard working and under-rated staff.

I've worked in two surgeries and currently help out at Midhurst Centre and it is to do with supply. Flu vaccines have to be ordered a year in advance, and the rules change in the meantime.

Try to use sympathy and empathy instead of criticism.

- Penny Williamson (7th Oct 2022 - 14:12:55)

Well said Anonymous. It seems at the moment the majority of people moan and complain not just on this site but everywhere. It is time we all realised that we are lucky to live in the UK and people should take a look at the rest of the world and be thankful for what we have. OK so it's not perfect but we are much better off than people in many, many other countries.

- M (8th Oct 2022 - 08:21:41)

I've had a text notification to get my flu/covid booster from Swan Medical Group and I'm registered at Liphook and Liss Station Road.
I'm finding it very confusing as to where I can get my booster. I can't seem to book an appointment in Liphook, none seem to ever be available, but there does seem to be the odd appointment in Petersfield in November.
I now see there are walk in clinics in the Village Surgery in Liphook.
Does that mean I can just turn up on the set days and get my booster jab, even though I'm registered at Liphook and Liss?
Swan Medical Groups website has no info on whether that's possible, and I've spent ages looking, and you can't get through on the phone. Anyone able to confirm they've done the above?

- Jo (8th Oct 2022 - 11:52:31)

In response to M's message, I had exactly the same experiences the week before last. No availability via the text message no matter how many times I clicked on it, the information on the various websites (Swan Medical Group, Liphook & Liss Surgery) being limited, confusing and poorly co-ordinated, and trying to phone them for information being frustrating due to the wait times.
I was told on the phone about the 9.00-12.00 walk-in clinics, so went to my surgery (Liphook & Liss) on Monday just after 11.30, only to be told that a) I should have gone to Liphook Village Surgery, and b) it was too late now anyway, as they would be closing before 12.00.
The next day (Tues), I went to the walk-in clinic at the Liss branch of the surgery, having first phoned to make sure the clinic was running and that the timings were 9.00-12.00. I was reassured that they were.
I arrived just after 11.00, to be told that the clinic was closed to new arrivals as it was already full. I explained that the receptionist on the phone had confirmed that it would be fine, so, luckily for me, they did actually let me in and I had both my flu & Covid vaccinations.
Assuming that nothing has changed, the walk-in clinics are 9.00-12.00 Mon, Wed & Fri at Liphook Village Surgery and Tues & Thurs at the Liss Surgery. I would advise an earlyish arrival to avoid being turned away.
In spite of these frustrations, I am very grateful that the NHS have been able to keep continuing to protect me.

- paul (8th Oct 2022 - 14:24:23)

In the news it there appears a low uptake in the lastest vaccines for those eligible in U.K.
Hospitalizations are rising for Covid patients especially the over 70's.
The latest jab can cover current variants of Covid disease and a latest type.
With the unknown about Flu this season (low rates in U.K. last 2 years) but could go high, as has happened in Australia this year.
This can transfer to Northern hemisphere this Winter.

Better to get inoculations now, than suffer consequences latter.

- Al (9th Oct 2022 - 21:52:09)

Can anyone turn up at the walk in clinics or is it just 65+ and vulnerable at the moment?

- Wendy (10th Oct 2022 - 06:10:25)

Al, I’m 62, had my covid booster last Friday, would not give me a flu jab cos I’m not over 65. I Can have flu jab from 15 Oct. If you are a vulnerable patient you can have both if you are under 65.

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