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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Liphook Infant School
- Simon (8th Sep 2022 - 17:13:43)

What wonderful news, about our amazing local school!

Re: Liphook Infant School
- Richard (8th Sep 2022 - 22:12:26)

I read the report why the school was rated inadequate, and I would be concerned that the school was rated because it was not carrying out required activities in the safeguarding area.

Re: Liphook Infant School
- Richard (9th Sep 2022 - 08:17:40)

Here is the report

Re: Liphook Infant School
- Ben (9th Sep 2022 - 09:03:18)

and if you want to read the lastest report it's here:

Re: Liphook Infant School
- gareth j rees (9th Sep 2022 - 13:59:15)

it is good news

but it seems crazy to me that both liphook infants and juniors have only just become outstanding schools

this is liphook, a very wealthy area with big houses and higher than average income

in my view both schools top leader has been coasting for way too long

the quality of teaching has never been in question

but both schools failed on safeguarding children in previous reports

this for me has never been enough of a priority for the head as the school has lagged behind on custodial care of children

childrens mental health has been met with robust responses that belonged in the 80s

in my view time for a new broom and some new leadership to ensure both schools stay outstanding schools

Re: Liphook Infant School
- passfield resident (9th Sep 2022 - 16:19:30)

Gareth-you are talking absolute drivel. You know nothing about the schools you are talking about.

Re: Liphook Infant School
- Richard (9th Sep 2022 - 17:33:50)

Liphook Junior and Infants Schools do both report to the same Executive Head teacher.

Re: Liphook Infant School
- PR (9th Sep 2022 - 17:44:54)

What has big houses and income got to do with schools ?

Re: Liphook Infant School
- gareth j rees (10th Sep 2022 - 13:02:49)

bohunt serves the same area and has a bigger catchment area and has been an outstanding school for over a decade

why has a similar school liphook infant and juniors in the area been twice rated inadequete?

is it the kids fault?

or is it the leadership?

Re: Liphook Infant School
- Urrrm (10th Sep 2022 - 16:40:19)

Both schools did not fail on safeguarding, only one.
Both schools have not been deemed inadequate twice. One school and once.
And I believe if you read the newest inspection report, leadership comes out very highly. In fact, without great leadership you couldn’t turn an inspection around like that in only 6 months. Or actually, when reading the original report, by the time the inspector left the first ‘inadequate’ inspection, so in 2 days.
Be proud of the schools in your area! They’re all outstanding! Pretty incredible.

Re: Liphook Infant School
- gareth j rees (10th Sep 2022 - 17:40:07)

@passfield resident
i have two children who attended liphook infants and juniors

one of which is still a pupil

statistically there are less social issues from middle class kids to deal with rather than areas with large social housing

hackney, southwark, leigh park etc

imo new executive head required and new goveners at liphook federation

Re: Liphook Infant School
- gareth j rees (11th Sep 2022 - 00:27:28)

defensive and frosty reply i thought..

there were two ofsted inspections in 2018 at liphook juniors. the first inspection by ofsted found a 'serious failure in safeguarding' at the school

the school then asked for a follow up inspection that was graded good later that year

if you're not to defensive (and frosty) i'd be happy to e mail you the letter from the school that i still have on my outlook

my hope is that the leadership at the federation really get the importance of safeguarding and what that actually means

and they're not just paying lip service to ofsted inspectors

i run a small training provider and was struck by how much more thorough and robust our safeguarding was for adult learners compared to the federations with children

as i say, imo, time for a new broom

Re: Liphook Infant School
- Amy (11th Sep 2022 - 07:37:08)

Gareth, could you provide the information regarding the serious safeguarding concern in 2018? It’s not on OFSTEDs website which would suggest your wires are crossed with the information you have. Obviously if you have the report I’d be very interested to read it. It feels like you may have an issue with the executive head as you mention several times about the schools needing a new one. If you were aware of how OFSTED grade, you’d understand that achieving ‘outstanding’ is very hard for a school. Whilst Liphook is a lovely area, it’s no more affluent than surrounding areas, many of which do not have outstanding schools.

Re: Liphook Infant School
- passfield resident (11th Sep 2022 - 08:06:23)

More rubbish Gareth. How exactly is the other poster's contribution"frosty" ? It seems reasonable and well-argued to me. Do you have any idea of how school inspections work? A school could be brilliant at looking after its pupils but be rated inadequete because their paperwork isn't quite how Ofsted like it. The Executive Head at the schools is brilliant and Liphook is lucky to have her. People like you are just looking for something to moan about or else you have another agenda.

Re: Liphook Infant School
- gareth j rees (11th Sep 2022 - 08:24:37)

if you e mail the editor they can give you my e mail and i'll e mail you the letter from 2018 regarding the serious safeguarding concern

my opinion is nothing personal

in every education setting in england if a provider had been rated inadaquete the leadership would have taken responsibility and quit or would have been removed

imo the leadership is good at ploitics

bad at safeguarding

Re: Liphook Infant School
- AB (11th Sep 2022 - 20:35:46)

@amy what did you find out from the email? I’d be interested to know! As it won’t be shared on here I assume it’s important.

Re: Liphook Infant School
- gareth j rees (12th Sep 2022 - 11:04:00)

Teaching imo has always been good or outstanding at liphook federation

But in 2022 that is only half the picture

With respect I don’t think people realise what an inadequate safeguarding grade is from ofsted

Schools are in a unique position to ensure childrens wellbeing and happiness

Statistically a child is being abused at home in every school in England

Education providers should:

Keep a log of every safeguarding incident physical and psychological from bullying and abuse right down to little jimmy fell over and scrazed his knee
That should then be reviewed by a teacher, logged and resolved
Then the log should be reviewed a by a dedicated safeguarding officer
Then follow up should happen, speak to the child, ring home

Where did that bruise come from? Why are you not playing with anyone at lunchtime? Why are you walking around by yourself? Why are you not contributing in class?

If that is not happening then the school is not only failing the child but failing society

The first job of the school is to keep the child safe

It was catastrophic that this did not happen in the case of Arthur Labinjo or Daniel Pelka. Both of them died as a result of being abused by parents

Liphook federation CANNOT be allowed to slip to another fail on safeguarding

It's just too important

Re: Liphook Infant School
- passfield resident (12th Sep 2022 - 15:09:13)

Gareth-what you are saying is false, misleading and verging on slanderous-you are implying the schools aren't looking after their pupils properly. Have you even spoken to the school before making such serious criticisms online?

Re: Liphook Infant School
- Claire Findlay (12th Sep 2022 - 18:45:04)

Good evening. Anyone is able to view reports from Ofsted via the Ofsted website. These cover school, nursery, childcare settings.
The website shows most recent and previous reports so you are able to read these if you should wish.

Re: Liphook Infant School
- If it helps… (12th Sep 2022 - 19:38:04)

Re: Liphook Infant School
- gareth j rees (12th Sep 2022 - 20:25:10)

@passfield resident
i didn't grade liphook infant school inadaquete in december 2021 - ofsted did

there are 4 grades:
requires inprovement

liphook infanrt school was inadaquete on safeguarding

if that can happen on the leaderships teams watch

then they've lost my confidence

Re: Liphook Infant School
- passfield resident (12th Sep 2022 - 20:45:50)

Gareth-I don't think losing your confidence will bother them at all-you don't understand why Ofsted acted as it did. You don't seem able to understand that any issues with the school's policies have now been put right to Ofsted's satisfaction-if Ofsted are now happy with the school's procedures, why aren't you?You can't have it both ways.

Re: Liphook Infant School
- Penny Williamson (13th Sep 2022 - 14:46:20)

@Gareth J Rees After reading your many posts not only on this Thread but on STAYOUT, Half-term Covid Restraint and Tobogganing on Roads it appears to me that you are a very angry man. A great deal of pent-up emotion in these posts which IMO equals “very large chip on shoulder.” In addition you do not always get your facts right. You ask the question in this recent Thread Liphook Infant School “why has a similar school liphook infant and juniors in the area been twice rated inadequete?” posted 10 September? Incidentally inadequate has 2 a’s and 2 e’s and not 3 e’s and why do you never use capital letters? However back to the point both schools did not fail on safeguarding, only one and that school only failed once. In December 2021 it is true Liphook Infant School’s Safeguarding was deemed inadequate but nowhere could I see the sentence “'serious failure in safeguarding'. In June 2022 the school’s Safeguarding was deemed to be Outstanding so what is your problem? Matters have now been addressed. What more do you want? You seem to be pursuing a vendetta against the Head and the School Governors.

Re: Liphook Infant School
- Jaa (17th Sep 2022 - 22:30:00)

@gareth if you are unhappy with safeguarding at the school surely you wouldn't have children being taught there !!

Re: Liphook Infant School
- gareth j rees (20th Sep 2022 - 15:12:21)

as a parent of a liphook junior school child the schools leadership team decided that i didn't need to know that liphook infant school was now rated inadadquete by ofsted

no e mails

no letters

if i had known i would have raised my concerns

The first many liphook junior school parents knew of the inadaquete rating by ofsted was when the local press said that the infant school had gone from inadaquete to outstanding in 6 months

i'm also not that surprised that the usual suspects on here are defending the leadeship team as if they were more important than the children

bottom line:
liphook juniors and infants cannot fail again and the federation need new leadership

Re: Liphook Infant School
- Tracy (20th Sep 2022 - 23:12:09)

Oh Gareth what an absolute t**t you are!
Had you had a child in the school that was rated inadequate then you definitely would have been informed by the school but as you don’t have one in the infants you weren't informed. Why would the school need to contact all the junior parents to let them know that the infants was rated inadequate?
If you are that concerned about the leadership of the schools move schools! It’s that simple! I wouldn’t send my children to a school where I thought the leadership wasn’t up to scratch.
Looking through the comments it seems you are a very bitter man who has clearly had issues with said head teacher. Instead of attempting to slate her on social media why don’t you book an appointment and have a chat with her? She’s very approachable and accommodating.
She has every child’s best interest at heart and will go above and beyond to help.
I think you need to stop now Gareth because you’ve made a big enough fool of yourself!

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