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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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- John W (27th Aug 2022 - 15:18:55)

Can anyone recommend a seamstress in Liphook who can cut two inches from the legs of a new pair of jogging trousers for me ?

Thank you,John..

Re: Seamstress
- M (7th Sep 2022 - 00:01:10)

I have a machine and can have a go if you like. I’ve been sewing for a long time and have done alterations and mending recently for friends.

Re: Seamstress
- John W (7th Sep 2022 - 12:58:09)

Thanks M but I have now found somebody..

Best wishes John ..

Re: Seamstress
- PR (7th Sep 2022 - 15:13:03)

I have exactly the same problem, any suggestions most welcome with contact and cost details ~ thank you

Re: Seamstress
- paul (7th Sep 2022 - 15:50:31)

Do recommend for alterations locally Jean Maunders.
Phone 07561058805. Good work, and a quick turnaround.

Re: Seamstress
- John W (7th Sep 2022 - 16:53:20)

Hi PR,

I am going to use Janet Maunders as below but if she can't help you then try M who so kindly offered to help.

Good luck all,John ..

Re: Seamstress
- boris (22nd Sep 2022 - 15:29:01)

John W.
Which seamstress did you eventually use?
And satisfaction??
I have similar trouser leg problems so would be good to get a recommendation.

Re: Seamstress
- John W (22nd Sep 2022 - 16:33:49)

Hi boris,

I used Janet Maunders and she did a good job on my joggers and
also did some work on other trousers.

She lives In Headley and her phone number is on this page.

Good Luck,John W

Re: Seamstress
- PR (23rd Sep 2022 - 07:42:49)

Hi John

Would you be willing to say how much your joggers cost to alter ?


Re: Seamstress
- John W (23rd Sep 2022 - 12:45:58)

No PR,sorry but you won't do any better anywhere else that's for sure. Cheers John ..

Re: Seamstress
- PR (23rd Sep 2022 - 16:43:02)

Thanks John, very helpful

Re: Seamstress
- boris (26th Sep 2022 - 14:44:49)

Anybody out there with hemming tape experience on trouser legs?
My first attempt ended up melted onto the iron!!
Some tape has a peel off layer. Mine does not. Not sure if it is the right stuff.

Re: Seamstress
- Janet Maunders (26th Sep 2022 - 16:33:56)

I am willing to do any alterations considered please call or text I am more likely to pick up seem to miss emails.

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