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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Glass collection
- Kris (16th Aug 2022 - 15:23:01)

Looks like no glass collection with bins this week either. Below is from hants website:

Glass collection update - week commencing Monday 15 August 2022
Kerbside glass collections remain problematic for our service provider, and the decision has been made to suspend collections for the next month. We apologise for the inconvenience caused

Re: Glass collection
- Susie (16th Aug 2022 - 23:16:33)

Well I’m sure we’ll all be getting a rebate shortly from them,as we’re not getting the service we paid for.

Whether it’s glass collection,garden waste or recycling they are not providing a regular service ,and our money is not being managed properly.

Driving to a recycling depot incurs extra cost and so we end up paying twice ,and suffer inconvenience.

A rubbish authority which needs to be challenged.
I don’t want an apology or explanation as I can’t spend that.
Just a competent reliable vfm service as I can’t go and ‘ switch ‘providers ,am stuck with this one!

Re: Glass collection
- Ian (17th Aug 2022 - 07:31:40)

Here, here. Very well said. If you try to contact EHDC you cannot speak to anybody, as you say a rubbish service.No doubt all the glass boxes will be out on the pavement for another month.

Re: Glass collection
- Al (17th Aug 2022 - 07:46:19)

No guarantee that glass will be collected next time either as no date set. I wouldn't have known about this if I hadn't looked on here . EHDC should have better communication, also let people know where the nearest bottle banks are!

Re: Glass collection
- Polly (17th Aug 2022 - 07:59:55)

I agree with the previous comment. If we had bought a product in a shop which didn’t work properly or wasn’t as described, we would be entitled to a refund 🤷🏼‍♀️ In addition the large glass recycling bin at Sainsbury’s was overflowing on Saturday night when I went, to the point that glass was falling out and smashing on the ground. So the only options to get rid of the glass is to either drive further afield to find another recycling centre if able, let it build up, put it in your green wheelie bin- definitely not advisable OR deliver it to EHDC offices as a protest!

Re: Glass collection
- Tm (17th Aug 2022 - 11:58:12)

I doubt there's much chance of any refund as council tax is a communal tax on property value, not a payment for services offered, dissatisfaction is reserved for election time.

Re: Glass collection
- PR (17th Aug 2022 - 12:52:04)

I live in Headley, our collection day is Wednesday. Today was Household and Garden Refuse. The garden recycling was collected first, followed by Household. About an hour later, Another Refuse Lorry is doing the same route to collect Household waste, which, if you are still with me, has already been collected. They look confused !!

What a complete waste of time resources and our money.

Re: Glass collection
- Russ (17th Aug 2022 - 12:56:53)

Just taken my bottles to sainsburys bottle bank. Nearly empty container but people just dumping their bottles in trolleys around the container to lazy to put them in the skip . A sainsburys employee was having to put them in he said he has to do it everyday. If the collection service carries on like this sainsburys should bill the council for his wages.

Re: Glass collection
- Oliver (17th Aug 2022 - 15:04:24)

Surprisingly, the Direct Debit is always collected on time from my account .....

Re: Glass collection
- M (17th Aug 2022 - 16:34:34)

Totally agree EHDC need to sort this issue of bin collections out. Would be good if people let everyone else (neighbours?) know so that boxes of uncollected glass wasn't just left on the roadside.

There is one very easy way of keeping abreast of this type of info by signing up to EHDC's email alert.
Just enter your email address via this link and you will receive an email when ever EHDC has a notification about any service. Far easier than having to look for info, they actually tell you!

Re: Glass collection
- Shauna (17th Aug 2022 - 17:07:29)

I am emailing the Chief Executive at EHDC to ascertain if "due diligence" was done before the current providers were given the very lucrative contract. Is there a penalty clause for not complying with the scheduled collections? If EHDC do not have to pay the providers as they have not "provided " can EHDC give us a breakdown of what proportion of our Council Tax we do not have to pay. Think these are fair questions.

Re: Glass collection
- Ginny Stacpoole (17th Aug 2022 - 23:26:13)

Well thought through. Do let us know the outcome or should we write as well by way of support?
I'm inclined to leave your obviously good approach to create the precedent.

Re: Glass collection
- Shauna (20th Aug 2022 - 09:32:28)

I would hope that the more people voice these concerns the more seriously they will take it.

Re: Glass collection
- Al (3rd Sep 2022 - 20:02:04)

Apparently there is no glass collection for September now either, EHDC notified yesterday 2nd Sept.

Re: Glass collection
- Nicky (4th Sep 2022 - 09:14:16)

From EHDC Website:
Kerbside glass collection update: please continue to bear with us
Friday, 2 September, 2022
We wanted to let you know as soon as possible that we've decided not to reinstate the kerbside glass collection service just yet - but that this will be the last time that it's suspended.
We initially took the decision to suspend it for a month because we wanted to prioritise collecting your waste, recycling and garden waste during the ongoing national driver shortage. But despite a recruitment campaign for drivers and loaders, Norse SE needs more time to get its teams up to full capacity.
To help Norse SE further we have today instructed them to increase driver pay once again (the second time in just over a month) - so it will be £16 an hour and loader pay will now be £12.50 an hour - which shows that we are pulling out all the stops to ensure this service gets back on track as soon as possible.
Although we're planning to suspend the service for another month (from 10 September) - if Norse SE can recruit to the roles (because of this increased pay incentive) then we will reinstate kerbside glass collections as soon as possible.
We are really sorry for the inconvenience this is causing and thank you so much for your ongoing patience - we really are doing everything we possibly can to help Norse SE recruit.

If you know anyone who would be interested in one of the jobs then please share this link -

Re: Glass collection
- Al (5th Sep 2022 - 10:09:48)

The Liphook Sainsbury's bottle bank is more or less empty atm for anybody who needs to get rid of their empties.

Re: Glass collection
- RE (5th Sep 2022 - 12:31:42)

How times have changed over 600 a week for driving a lorry and no takers . But I suppose with the train drivers on strike for more money and already earning over 60 thousand a year what is it all coming to .

Re: Glass collection
- Scott (5th Sep 2022 - 13:53:55)

Not surprised at no takers....Get up at 5am every morning to start for maybe 6ish....Get out on the road and be prepared to be shouted at and abused by general public and other roadusers on a regular basis whilst collecting all of the lovely detritis that stinks, take it to a transfer station or landfill that would turn most peoples stomach and all for employers that want to push to go faster and keep margins in the positive then the second you drop the ball or have an accident whilst pushing on in whichever branded employer hgv you are in you're hauled over the coals or worse a court...And you should have known better or seen it coming because you are a Professional Driver....For 600 quid a week....No thanks.

Re: Glass collection
- Dick Roberts (5th Sep 2022 - 17:42:57)

Don’t do what I did yesterday,I took my glass box to the tip at Borden only to be told that they no longer took glass,

Re: Glass collection
- Oliver (29th Sep 2022 - 14:16:39)

Update - just received this from the EHDC mailer

Household glass collections begin again on 3 October
Our service provider, Norse South East (NSE), has confirmed that they are able to reinstate household glass collections from next Monday (3 October).

Ahead of the service restarting on Monday, crews have been out clearing excess glass from bottle bank sites around the district.

The reinstatement of services is the result of a successful recruitment drive over the last two months, supported by EHDC. NSE now has enough directly employed drivers and loaders to reduce its reliance on agency staff and provide a more resilient service.

The service will be reintroduced following existing glass collection patterns.

Re: Glass collection
- Scott (29th Sep 2022 - 16:12:36)

Excellent news to hear this...Lets all remember to be patient and courteous when these guys are out on their rounds and equally to all the Hgv drivers delivering us with everything we consume on a daily basis.
Glass collection seems a simple thing but we all miss it when its not done!

Re: Glass collection
- C (29th Sep 2022 - 16:32:57)

Thanks for the update Oliver. Fingers crossed this actually goes ahead as stated!

Re: Glass collection
- PR (4th Oct 2022 - 14:21:00)

So much for the resumption of glass collection in Headley, bottles and jars spilled on the road, despite receptacles not being full, and the emptied crates being kicked or thrown back into driveways ~ great for wildlife, dog walkers, and the environment in general ~ not

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