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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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loudness in Gunns farm
- c.Black (24th Jul 2022 - 18:36:57)

Why does that bloke on the corner always have to be so blooming noisy? Sick of it. Does he not think of anyone else?

Re: loudness in Gunns farm
- Anne (24th Jul 2022 - 20:31:46)

Which corner?

Re: loudness in Gunns farm
- Jo (24th Jul 2022 - 20:36:54)

On the same line, where does the blasted orange motorbike - with its number plates obscured - come from? Every morning soon after 6 with the loudest exhaust you can hear from one side of the village all through. What a selfish person. Completely unnecessary

Re: Loudness in Gunns farm
- paul (24th Jul 2022 - 21:38:41)

You can report noise abuse in the area to E.H.D.C., who will come out to investigate the decibels with equipment.

Presumably this is an offender at an early time of the morning causing loud disturbance.
Can the employer be informed of the behaviour of the local employee?.

Re: loudness in Gunns farm
- Joe (25th Jul 2022 - 12:07:24)

Gunns Farm is a purely residential area Paul.

Re: loudness in Gunns farm
- Sarah (25th Jul 2022 - 12:48:55)

Assuming it is the same extremely loud motorbike, it comes and goes past us in Passfield many mornings and nights too, either going or coming from the Whitfield/Lindford/Bordon direction or beyond. Either early morning or late at night. The noise echoes round for a good minute after it has gone past, so it must be heard everywhere. Louder than any normal loud motorbike for anyone who thinks we are moaning about motorbikes - this is out of the ordinary.

Re: loudness in Gunns farm
- Me (25th Jul 2022 - 14:06:04)

Whitefield?? . Think you mean Whitehill bordon. Sara .

Re: loudness in Gunns farm
- Ann (25th Jul 2022 - 16:19:51)

Probably the same dipstick who rides his bike in Admers Crescent, so noisy and fast. Accident waiting to happen 🫢😬

Re: loudness in Gunns farm
- Rob (30th Jul 2022 - 11:20:51),what corner are you on about? I live in gunns farm, I think it's the best place in liphook to live. OK, sometimes dogs bark quite alot, and there's a few families with noisy children, some always screaming, but I just shut the door and put my headphones in. Can't say I've heard the motorbike though?

Re: loudness in Gunns farm
- Robin (30th Jul 2022 - 18:19:32)

I live in Admers Crescent and it has certainly got more noisy. I’m not a kill joy, but there are a few motorbike owners in my road, who insist on revving their bikes at all hours. A few doors down have dogs that constantly bark. I can take the noise in small doses, but after a long day at work and on my days off, I would quite like some peace and quiet. My irritation also extends to early morning gardeners and builders.

Re: loudness in Gunns farm
- Dave (31st Jul 2022 - 09:09:05)

I'm afraid it's every where you go. I moved from London, to gunns farm and for me it's very peaceful.

Re: loudness in Gunns farm
- paul (31st Jul 2022 - 16:37:51)

In todays age anyone living anywhere on an housing estate will experience ever increasing noise due to the area's way of life.
Unfortunately respecting one's neighbour in an area, has long gone by most occupants.

The benefits of a peaceful life is on your doorstep in our village.
Go to our local woodland and forest's, and experience beautiful birdsong, and other mother nature sounds, for free.

One may not get peace at home living, but we can love natural nature.

Good for the mind-fullness as well.

Re: loudness in Gunns farm
- H (2nd Aug 2022 - 08:11:40)

If it’s before 11pm then you have nothing to complain about. You lot really need to find a hobby, instead of complaining about everything little thing that goes on in this village. It’s quite pathetic really.

Re: loudness in Gunns farm
- Ann (2nd Aug 2022 - 10:20:18)

Are you the `H` that lives on the corner!!

Re: loudness in Gunns farm
- C.B (3rd Aug 2022 - 20:30:27)

Here he goes again! Omfg, hes so selfish.

Re: loudness in Gunns farm
- paul (5th Aug 2022 - 20:12:58)


Whatever is causing noise nuisance is not going to post here.

Living in England in close communities and estates, making
unnecessary noise even by transport needs of individuals.

What has gone wrong is respect one's neighbours, and everyone that we come in contact with.

Manners, politeness to others, is a wonderful thing, and will be reciprocated from others.

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