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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Opening times waiting times
- Irene (6th Jun 2022 - 17:43:14)

I walked up to lloyds chemist after checking times of opening on line only to find it closed at 5pm not 7pm as stated
Also a notice to saying waiting time is 3hrs. I understand they are short of staff. With such a growing population I think we definitely need another chemist. This is the second time I have been there today
Went there about 12ish to find the queue was so long it was difficult to get into the chemist. Think we need to protest more

Re: Opening times waiting times
- PW (21st Jun 2022 - 23:41:52)

With regards to prescriptions.
You can request a paper prescription from your surgery which you can then collect from the surgery and take it to any chemist. For instance I collected my paper prescription from Liphook surgery and took it to Boots in Petersfield, where there was no queue and only a 5 min wait. ( I was already making a trip to Petersfield)
Sorry not very helpful for people with mobility/ transport issues.

Re: Opening times waiting times
- Georgina (22nd Jun 2022 - 10:02:55)

That’s strange, because after all the discussions on here and Facebook I thought I would call the surgery and ask that Lloyds pharmacy be removed from my records as the place to automatically send prescriptions to and in future collect paper copies so I could choose where was convenient to collect from. I was told that paper prescriptions were no longer available as it was all done electronically.

Re: Opening times waiting times
- D (22nd Jun 2022 - 12:48:11)

Georgina, ditto.

Re: Opening times waiting times
- Oliver (22nd Jun 2022 - 14:10:26)

I order my prescriptions via the NHS app and have it delivered (for free) by Lloydsdirect (I had to create an account and link it to my NHS account)

Re: Opening times waiting times
- Russ (22nd Jun 2022 - 15:11:08)

I was removed from Lloyds by the surgery in the station. Transferred to GEES of Bordon delivered to my door within days . Fantastic service they keep all my prescription records and I can ring them if there’s a problem. Which I have not had.

Re: Opening times waiting times
- Rachel Rabbit (22nd Jun 2022 - 17:59:04)

I too have asked for paper prescriptions, but was told that they no longer issue them and it is all done on the computer now.
I have asked that all my prescriptions be sent to Day Lewis in Petersfield going forward.. It is a bind having to catch the train each time, however this is a much more preferable option than waiting for Lloyds in the village.

Re: Opening times waiting times
- Sam (22nd Jun 2022 - 18:45:27)

Speaking of closing times I drove into the Sainburys petrol station a few weeks back, there was only one other customer on the forecourt and no customers in the shop. It was 7:32PM when I asked the cashier for standard car wash and I was told they have just switched it off as they are closing... They close at 8PM! 28 whole minutes prior to closing they removed the service I suspect entirely off there own ideas so they can get away bang on 8...... I get it if I turned up at 7:55 or 7:50 even still get it at 7:45 but I would have been through the wash by 7:38 at the latest.


Same with the post office in Co-Op.... opening time is 9am, they will sit there doing nothing behind the glass for 20 mins looking at their watch until its 9:00:01 before even speaking to you.

This is a very British style of customer service, its like the employees are duty bound to make sure they don't work a single second before starting time or after closing time. British employees tend to look utterly annoyed they have to serve an employer or customers likes its a massive hassle in their days.

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