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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Lloyds Pharmacy
- Chris (6th Jun 2022 - 12:46:58)

Is the pharmacy open today? Tried calling all morning and just keeps ringing, and don't want to make the trip in if it is not.

Re: Lloyds Pharmacy
- Jo Herridge (6th Jun 2022 - 16:30:24)

I'm sure they are open. Last few times I have called them over last few weeks it just rings and rings with no answer

Re: Lloyds Pharmacy
- BD (6th Jun 2022 - 17:38:09)

Staff cannot be answering the phone and serving customers. They are in a no win situation.

Re: Lloyds Pharmacy
- Chris (6th Jun 2022 - 17:51:11)

Well answering the phone is serving customers. Ended up gong there and its quite a mess as they have hardly any staff. You not allowed inside and its a 3 hour wait for prescriptions. So if you go after 2 you need to wait till next day plus they not going to supply any non urgent medications - not sure what determines that.

Re: Lloyds Pharmacy
- The Cat (6th Jun 2022 - 18:00:09)

May be it is about time another pharmacy came to Liphook.

The state of not answering phones and delays getting prescriptions is not acceptable

Re: Lloyds Pharmacy
- Re (6th Jun 2022 - 18:22:01)

Surly a business like a chemist should have someone to answer the phone all day. It’s a must for people to be able to check their medications. Looks as though it needs a make over. Possibly poor management.

Re: Lloyds Pharmacy
- John (6th Jun 2022 - 19:13:38)

So by this logic, every business on planet earth would surely fail?

Re: Lloyds Pharmacy
- John (6th Jun 2022 - 20:40:34)

Drive past it, if you see queue around the block longer than pandemic time then it's open, take a folding seat and a packed lunch if you join the queue as even purchasing something off the shelve and not prescription will take an hour these days

Re: Lloyds Pharmacy
- k (7th Jun 2022 - 09:45:17)

If you don't like the service Lloyds are able to offer you go elsewhere ! Another sign of the overload on local services - don't necessarily blame the Pharmacy for your prescription not being with them - the fault may lie elsewhere.

Re: Lloyds Pharmacy
- dave (7th Jun 2022 - 11:52:32)

Sign of the times! Combined with the problems locally in getting a GP or NHS dental appointment it is clear the health service and supporting/related infrastructure in England is struggling.

Probably not the front line workers fault, they are under tremendous pressure; unrealistic business models set by remote senior management and probably poor moral taking its toll on the staff as well which leads to increased sick leave by some members of staff which adds to the pressures on those needing and those providing the services.

None of the political parties seem to be able to get their head around this. Tories are in denial and Labour/LibDems just want to throw money at it. Complex problem to fix, probably beyond the capacity or our current political classes who I suspect all have private health cover etc

Re: Lloyds Pharmacy
- Impatient patients (7th Jun 2022 - 11:57:03)

We always used to queue for some things, why do you think the British were renounced for their patient queuing when everywhere else people would get annoyed or angry, because we had civic pride and respect and were brought up well, nowadays we don't want to pay people more so we just say bring in more poor people to do it cheaper, because we have no patience, we used to stand and chat and get to know the other villagers, there are also plus sides to having a declining population which is good for the environment, so next time your queuing think of the less crowded roads and how your wait will be good for nature, every person queuing is one less person rushing about consuming😀

Re: Lloyds Pharmacy
- The Cat (7th Jun 2022 - 17:38:27)

Just found out they have disconnected the phones

Shame on them vulnerable people who are housebound rely on the phone to communicate

There is no excuse for them doing this totally uncaring disgusting that vulnerable people should suffer this way!

It just proves that another pharmacy with reputable staff is urgently needed in Liphook!

Re: Lloyds Pharmacy
- paul (7th Jun 2022 - 21:43:09)

Disgraceful comments against Lloyds pharmacy staff Liphook.
Maybe being patient in a queue is a virtue, the British were famed for it.
Vocal communication of telephone etc, may not be possible when resources are all needed for controlled drugs dispensing.

They all worked very hard during the Pandemic. The staff put their families at risk whilst working in an environment of Coronavirus.
Also they possibly took home the disease to their families to suffer.

Did not remember any weekly street clapping for them?
They continue to work hard at our only pharmacy, many villages do not have one.

Good luck at Liphook Lloyds Pharmacy, and wish every staff member Congratulations, and every success for the future.

Re: Lloyds Pharmacy
- D (7th Jun 2022 - 22:34:40)

Couldn't agree more, Paul. What short memories people have. All this whining could easily backfire and we could end up with no pharmacy at all and not all it's customers are able to drive to Haslemere or Petersfield. Think on.

Re: Lloyds Pharmacy
- Sam (8th Jun 2022 - 08:24:35)

North Koreans are famed for being patient, not so sure they are as proud of it as some British are, stiff upper lip is just a cover up for a poorly run country

Re: Lloyds Pharmacy
- Pete (8th Jun 2022 - 09:40:00)

Well said Sam, hit the nail on the head.

Re: Lloyds Pharmacy
- Gill (8th Jun 2022 - 11:26:04)

I've just been to Liss. I was the only person in the pharmacy. A handy Tesco next door. Plenty of free parking. Same scenario in Bordon.

If you are fortunate enough to have a car, consider driving to these localities to relieve some of the pressure on Liphook's pharmacy - either will take you less than 10 minutes. Of course it isn't ideal, but we can all do a little bit to help those who have no other option than to use village amenities.

Re: Lloyds Pharmacy
- M (8th Jun 2022 - 12:23:16)

I get my prescription delivered by Gees of Borden very efficient. I don’t think the problem with our chemists is new . It’s been going on for a very long time the staff do their best. It seems to be very understaffed. Lloyds seem to be like liphook all over the country. We have relatives in Manchester and they say the same. As liphook is growing at a alarming rate we desperately need more shops including a chemist.

Re: Lloyds Pharmacy
- Sam (8th Jun 2022 - 13:06:38)

Just google "lloyds chemist brexit"

We have all been told the B subject got done... yet its still contributing to many of the things that annoy all of us...

Keep Calm and Carry on tho.. good old British bulldog sprit... wont be long before we are back on the corned beef as its all we will have..

Re: Lloyds Pharmacy
- Richard (8th Jun 2022 - 17:48:59)

Just gone to Lloyds to get a prescription...and closed at 5pm, despite advertising being open until 7pm...Rubbish service!

Re: Lloyds Pharmacy
- Dave (8th Jun 2022 - 20:19:12)

By the sounds of it Lloyds Pharmacy is having a negative effect on Liphook residents health.

Re: Lloyds Pharmacy
- Paul (9th Jun 2022 - 14:33:24)

Thursday 9th June - pharmacy closed again, this time from 1pm. No explanation on the door, no 'sorry' or any other details.

Lights are on, but no-one's home.

Re: Lloyds Pharmacy
- Rob (9th Jun 2022 - 19:17:35)

Jeez, give them a break, what would you all do if it shut altogether?

Re: Lloyds Pharmacy
- Sam (9th Jun 2022 - 20:37:31)


No one is singling out individuals or insulting any staff at this chemist here, its a total given they are struggling etc, everyone else is voicing their opinion as not long ago the situation at this very chemist was nothing like it now is day after day. Something serious has occurred to the structure of this company and its ability to provide the service it once did.

And yes no one wants it to close, not even sure why you would suggest that but its not going to be unhappy paying customers queuing around the block or voicing their opinions on the drop in service that will close it.

You on the other hand are contributing nothing here... "give them a break" stay off air mate if you cant produce something a little more valid than that, for that is exactly the sort of grin and bear it stuff no one needs anymore, its not 1942 anymore.

This company rinses in millions, the least they could do is maintain the speed of service they had 3 years ago, it not like its a chippy we could all not miss, there are frail and sick people needing meds now standing in queues for hours and or not receiving the doses of whatever keeps them healthy, many of them cant make to alternatives sites that easily.

More of us need to be asking "Why has it gone so far downhill" in the last few years? I have my ideas, its staff related.... WHY?

Re: Lloyds Pharmacy
- Rob (10th Jun 2022 - 04:40:40)

Oooh have I hit a raw nerve😂calm down and thankyou for that comment, enjoy your day😆🤦‍♀️

Re: Lloyds Pharmacy
- Penny Williamson (10th Jun 2022 - 13:55:05)

Totally agree with Sam's post and yes Rob you have hit several raw nerves. As Sam rightly says no one is naming or criticising any one individual just the management of Lloyds Pharmacy and its shortcomings which are legion. Lloyds Pharmacy in Grayshott are having the same problems, so somewhere there is something seriously wrong. Rob you may not agree or even be aware that there are very many old and vulnerable people who need regular medication, the lack of which could be life threatening, to say nothing of all the relatively healthy people who from time to time need medication. Some of these older more vulnerable people may not be able to order on line so that is not an option for them and it is not a question of giving anyone "a break". The situation is serious and needs to be addressed urgently. It cannot and should not be ignored. Suggest people speak to their relevant doctors' surgeries which is what I have done and/or lodge a formal complaint with Lloyds Pharmacy.

Re: Lloyds Pharmacy
- Ali (10th Jun 2022 - 13:55:53)

Agree with ya there Rob, tbh humans are quite a whiny species. So what, they were closed. It would be alot more helpful if people had their medication delivered, it would ease the pressure of the staff, but I suppose they will continue to moan none the less.

Re: Lloyds Pharmacy
- Joe (10th Jun 2022 - 14:28:36)

I think the doctors surgery can arrange for an elderly persons medications to be delivered to the house from their own system? I do not think the elderly have to do the ordering online it is the surgery. There should be no need for them to queue in a chemists. I know a lot of elderly and disabled whose medication is delivered and they have not touched a computer.

Re: Lloyds Pharmacy
- Fed up (10th Jun 2022 - 18:19:06)

Thursday lunchtime I queued for an hour for a prescription requested 10 days previously to be told it was not ready. Offered a further 20 minute wait but choose to return today. On leaving on Thursday I found my car a black Ford Fiesta parked in the Peak Centre car park had been damaged and surprise the driver responsible had not seen fit to leave any apology.

I e mailed Lloyds not to complain about staff but to point out the pharmacy is in need of help but received an automated response saying they were too busy to deal with anything other than an emergency.

Re: Lloyds Pharmacy
- D (11th Jun 2022 - 06:50:21)

Ali, you are showing your ignorance (and, possibly, very young age). Without these medications, the recipients of them would die. Do you now understand why it's such a big deal? Your turn will come.

Re: Lloyds Pharmacy
- S (11th Jun 2022 - 13:13:50)

As someone who relies on a lot of medication, I can understand the frustration of long queues, delays, and difficulties in getting prescriptions.
It can be really frightening when you run out or are close to running out of an important medication and the threat that this poses to your health or even your life.

However, I’ve also worked for pharmacies and I don’t think it’s always appreciated how extremely stressful the work is.
Liphook Lloyds deals with a huge number of patients that the people served in the pharmacy may not always appreciate. They have to do all the medications for the care homes and home deliveries as well as customers in the shop. They're extremely short staffed and under a lot of pressure from head office.
Sometimes there are issues with prescriptions that are simply out of our hands. For example, if a doctor has made an error on a script or if they haven’t sent it to the pharmacy (or they’ve sent it to the wrong pharmacy) then there is nothing Lloyds can do and it needs to go back to the GP to be resolved. If a delivery hasn’t come in then there’s not much that can be done there and then. Pharmacists aren’t magicians who can magic your pills up out of thin air.
Yes it’s not right, it’s unfair and frustrating but it is not the fault of the front line staff. The NHS underfunded and over stretched more than ever right now but taking it out on the staff only makes the problem worse. Whining on here won’t change anything, if you don’t like it, take it to your MP.

Of course, Lloyds is a private company making money from the NHS. I would recommend people who can, move to online services to take pressure off of the pharmacy itself and making it easier for those who can't go online.

The online services are not perfect, but generally problems get easily sorted by email.

Re: Lloyds Pharmacy
- Paul (12th Jun 2022 - 13:36:34)

Some interesting comments on here!

As the Ed has said, Lloyds is a private company owned by McKesson who reported revenues of 21 billion Euro in 2019. So expecting a local service to at least be able to support the town they are drawing revenue from isn’t too much to expect, is it? And as for the NHS, most pharmacies make more relative profit off non-NHS prescriptions so the argument of this being an NHS over-demand problem doesn’t stack up.

While I have sympathy (and thanks) for the local staff, its not acceptable for the manager and Lloyds HQ to have people unsure if they can obtain medications - let alone watching older / frail customer having to literally queue around the block.

On my travels I’ve not noticed this scale of problem in other pharmacies. So there is something different with Lloyds Liphook, for some reason (shortage of staff?). Either way, its not acceptable and I would be looking to the managers (not an MP) to fix a problem with a private company. And to fix it fast.

Definitely order prescriptions on-line if you can, and maybe it’s time for another pharmacy to open up (Sainsburys?) to give Lloyds some healthy competition..

I’ll stand by to be flamed for these comments, but sorry to disappoint in advance I probably won’t reply or get too bothered!

Re: Lloyds Pharmacy
- Penny Williamson (13th Jun 2022 - 10:17:21)

Paul Some very good points and just to confirm that it is not just Lloyds Pharmacy at Liphook that has problems, Lloyds in Grayshott is just as bad - rather points to owners/management, doesn't it?

Re: Lloyds Pharmacy
- Mary W (13th Jun 2022 - 13:53:14)

Lloyds was taken over by McKesson in 2014 and in 2018 Toby Anderson from Superdrug was installed as head - he stepped down suddenly on 11th May this year after McKesson sold out to the Aurelius Group late summer last year.

There is obviously turmoil in the sector and I suppose all the uncertainties could be something to do with the difficulties in our area.

Perhaps another group will take over some of the local pharmacies - maybe we shall get a Boots? With such a profitable local branch, with a monopoly in this part of Hampshire, we won’t be abandoned. But I expect it will all take time.

Meanwhile, try complaining to top management of Lloyds and email:

Re: Lloyds Pharmacy
- Jen (13th Jun 2022 - 14:00:26)

These problems are definitely not limited to the Liphook branch. Of the five pages of reviews for Lloyds Pharmacy on the NHS website, all but a tiny handful are negative, most of them giving the minimum one-star rating and most of the reviewers having had very similar problems to those experienced in Liphook.

Re: Lloyds Pharmacy
- Rachel Rabbit (14th Jun 2022 - 17:40:48)

I wasn't going to add to this debate but here I am!
I am a transplant patient , as such I need anti rejection medication to stay alive!
Last week, the situation at Lloyds was so severe, I ended up having a bit of a break down :-(
I have now asked my GP to send all my prescriptions to Petersfield.
As someone who does not have a car or any relatives with a car, I now must get on the train once a week despite my poor health.
I feel very upset and let down by the only chemist in Liphook.
Last week, my heart broke to see a mother with a very sick newborn, queuing in Lloyds car park, not knowing when or if she would get the medication her baby needed.
Something has got to change!
I feel no ill will towards the poor staff, they are compleatly snowed under. It is the top of the chain where the problem lies, not our local girls trying their best.

Re: Lloyds Pharmacy
- Jo (15th Jun 2022 - 20:19:53)

Lloyds pharmacy in Cosham is shut on a Saturday and reduced hrs in the week due to staff shortages.
I also recieved a reply to my complaint but made it quite clear that the staff were doing the best they could but something needs to change.

Dear Joanne
Thank you for your email dated 6th of June 2022, detailed below, regarding your experience with our pharmacy at 4 Haslemere Road, Liphook, UK, GU30 7AL.

Please accept my sincere apologies for the disappointing service and waiting times you have experienced. This is not the standard we expect for our patients and customers. I understand the frustration and can certainly appreciate your feelings on this matter.

Our Regional Manager has been informed of this and will discuss this matter in detail with the pharmacy team as an efficient, accurate and courteous service must always be our priority. I hope that the Regional Manager will reflect on this matter and make the appropriate changes to their professional practices.

I would like to assure you that we are very grateful to you for bringing this matter to our attention. As a valued customer, what you think is important to us.

Joanne, I can assure you we hold providing excellent customer experience as a paramount. Although I am aware that on this occasion we clearly fell short of the high standards expected, I do hope your faith in LloydsPharmacy can be restored in the future.

If I can offer any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for contacting LloydsPharmacy Customer Care Team.

Yours sincerely,

Harinder Sandhu
Customer Care Team
McKesson UK

Re: Lloyds Pharmacy
- k (20th Jun 2022 - 09:28:22)

I think we should count ourselves lucky we still have a Pharmacy - lets hope Lloyds decide not to pull out - then you will have something to complain about! - I see Lloyds closed their Haslemere branch - but at least they have got Boots. As per comments above what short memories people have - about the sterling work during lockdown.

Re: Lloyds Pharmacy
- paul (23rd Jun 2022 - 11:44:13)

Pharmacy closed this morning (Thursday) may open at 2p.m.
Reason, no pharmacist at the Liphook branch, and therefore cannot open...great if one is waiting on important drugs.

Re: Lloyds Pharmacy
- Chris (23rd Jun 2022 - 13:53:52)

I just signed up to Pharmacy2u and took me 2 minutes. I am testing it on 1 subscription. Put order in on Thursday last week and I have seen it has been approved by doctor on the Tuesday (sends you a notification) so hopefully get it tomorrow. All free so hopefully it works better - also costs NHS less

Re: Lloyds Pharmacy
- Simon (23rd Jun 2022 - 15:30:11)

Wow that is bad.
I've been using Lloyds Direct for over six months now, it's spot on. Reminder sent via email and app when to top-up, usually delivered four or five days later.

Re: Lloyds Pharmacy
- Sara (23rd Jun 2022 - 18:35:09)

Aren't you also forgetting there's so many houses been built over the years as well, this adds more pressure. Maybe it's time sainsburys got a pharmacy.

Re: Lloyds Pharmacy
- paul (23rd Jun 2022 - 23:12:09)

Went there twice today and served by helpful, cheerful, and smiling staff, well done.
As telephone contact at the branch does not get answered, there is an alternative.
As I like to help our community always, the email address is

Good luck.

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