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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Mr Hinds
- James (11th Jan 2022 - 17:56:38)

What a surprise, Hinds voted against a bill to remove VAT on energy bills which would save ordinary people between £200-£600 on energy bills.

The Conservatives are failing us.

Re: Mr Hinds
- Paul Robinson (11th Jan 2022 - 18:56:35)

Correct me, but is this the same Damian Hinds that sprang to the defence of Owen Patterson when Boris Johnson gave his support. to the practice of taking money for lobbying for commercial companies?

Paul Robinson

Re: Mr Hinds
- passfield resident (11th Jan 2022 - 21:56:52)

The government does need to raise taxes to pay for education, health service, social care and everything else. VAT on energy costs at least has a green bias to it. I despise the current cheating, lying government but it would be better for poorer people to be given help with fuel costs rather than cutting taxes for everybody.I wonder how much proper taxes on Amazon would raise?

Re: Mr Hinds
- Pete (12th Jan 2022 - 09:05:04)

I have come to the conclusion that the top priority for Mr Hinds is to keep his head below the parapet to protect his own job and interests. How anyone in their right mind could still support this proven duplicitous liar is a mystery. I have questioned Mr Hinds several times on his support for (or lack of condemnation for) his parties upper echelons when they are clearly a bunch of self serving, lying hypocrites who are clearly not up to the job. I am well aware that politicians lie and always have done but never to this degree or so blatantly with the final insult being that even when they are caught out the just double down on the lies.

Re: Mr Hinds
- StephenS (12th Jan 2022 - 11:33:46)

I stopped voting Conservative several elections ago but judging by the results of the last local election, there are still plenty of people who think Mr Hinds and the Conservatives are doing a grand job.

Re: Mr Hinds
- I (12th Jan 2022 - 13:39:38)

I expect most of us that voted conservative last time voted for the lesser of two evils. To be honest, the last general election felt like having to choose between gonorrhoea or syphilis!

Re: Mr Hinds
- Leo (14th Jan 2022 - 23:35:15)

Mr Hinds has lost my Vote !. After 25 years as a Conservative voter I'm not supporting Liberal democrats! How Mr Hinds can still offer support for the clown of a prime minsters we have is unjustifiable. My mother died of Covid and couldn't even hold her hand and say goodbye. Meanwhile parties throughout government.

Re: Mr Hinds
- Mary (16th Jan 2022 - 21:02:38)

We all know Boris is a rule breaker!.
But we elected him with the fact he is a selfish liar!.
I voted BORIS to get brexit done
But with rising prices
I'm voting Lib dem next time

Re: Mr Hinds
- Jess (17th Jan 2022 - 13:45:19)

LIBERAL DEMOCRATS!. Wish but East Hampshire will always vote Conservatives sadly.

Re: Mr Hinds
- I (17th Jan 2022 - 14:00:26)

LIBERAL DEMOCRATS- just vegan socialists! Don’t waste your vote!

Re: Mr Hinds
- Helen (17th Jan 2022 - 17:24:30)

I did warn a lot of people that brexit would lead to a lot of price increases which are going to get worse still. Of course this is not all down to brexit but a lot of staff shortages and problems are due to brexit.

Re: Mr Hinds
- Dave (17th Jan 2022 - 19:39:33)

Damian Hinds has defended the indefensible!. He didn't talk for the people he represents but instead tries saving Boris's arse!. I worked for the ambulance service on the first wave and the government simply was unprepared. Guildlines on PPE changed 5 times a day depending on shortages. Lack of clarity on testing. While I was out saving lives Downing Street partying!. An NHS colleague of mine called out Damian Hinds and look at us in the eye and try to defend his Boss. He was ignored. I will vote for whatever political party kicks Damian Hinds out of power. Because he defended that vile man while I get flashbacks with the heartbreak I saw. #LockupBoris #ToireslostmyVote

Re: Mr Hinds
- Donna (17th Jan 2022 - 19:51:58)

We should support Boris and downing Street team. Alcohol addiction is serious health condition. Force them out of Goverment and offer Rehab. Now I know why we have largest death toll in Europe as Britians been ran by Alcoholics.

Re: Mr Hinds
- I (18th Jan 2022 - 08:16:27)

Dave, you’re mixing two separate issues. I quite agree that government parties an absolute disgrace and there should be meaningful repercussions for all that broke the rules.

However with regard to the lack of preparation and chaos when the pandemic first broke out of course there was a lack of readiness. Not just in government but across society, business and even the medical establishment. No one foresaw the health crisis and actually, despite the chaos most furlough ensured that many did not suffer financially. I’m pretty sure all political parties would have struggled in March 2020

Re: Mr Hinds
- passfield resident (18th Jan 2022 - 11:36:42)

The government conducted a preparedness excercise/study in recent years which made recommendations for stockpiling PPE (for example) for this kind of situation. The government also knew that large parts of it's PPE stock were past their use-by dates. It chose to ignore both . Now the government has decided to announce right wing initiaves on taking the BBC license fee away and using the armed forces to tackle illegal immigration. Both these announcements have been made now to distract attention from the awful publicity from Boris Johnson's latest bout of lying (which isn't new-he was known to be untrustworthy-even for a politician-when he was a journalist and when he was Mayor of London)

Re: Mr Hinds
- er (18th Jan 2022 - 12:53:11)

If the Tories have done for themselves over a Gin and Tonic, they will only have themselves to blame, time will tell.

But bear in mind that in politics, I have come to believe (with my great age) that you have a choice between one lot of greedy narcissistic buffoons or another lot of the greedy narcissistic buffoons, the tune is different but they are leading us on the same merry dance.

I think this Tory lot are generally a bit tactless, but they handled an impossible crisis as well as or better than most other governments (our economy is thriving, we kept our place, just, among the top 5 (or maybe 6th now) Rich Nations-- cue shouts of shame from the left!). Wages are rising, house prices are stable, we have full employment. These are all plusses. The drinks thing is plain stupid and a real let down, a gift to the gleeful but otherwise floundering left, who can now pull shocked, agonised facial expressions (which lefties do so well) on TV whilst being thankful it's not them being idiots for once!

Right now left or even far left ideology can sound enticing, but don't forget the 70s, The Winter of Discontent and Baron James Callaghan "Crisis, What Crisis?", or strikes, freezing cold winters, no heating or power for week after week, no lights, bins unemptied FOR MONTHS, streets piled high with rubbish you couldn't drive down anymore (it just creeps up on you, and up and up!).

Remember Arthur Scargill, Foot, Kinnock, 15% interest rates on mortgages (£300 per week interest 35 years ago on a £100k mortgage when average salaries were around £200 or less. Or Tony Blair's 'New Labour' government (weapon of mass deception?), Gordon Brown, Corbyn etc, political correctness, 'positive discrimination', which somehow led to our reading about claims of anti Jewish prejudice in the socialist left, how does everything somehow lead in circles with different players, unless ideology is actually just a temporary narrative to control the political moment?. Perhaps less mentioned, but happening now, controversial Critical Race Theory taught to students in Universities in the US and now apparently being taught here too, (white students, do you symbolise the guilt of your allotted race, vote socialism to cleanse yourself. Anyone who has actually done the course kindly feel free to correct my ignorance, hopefully!)

Mind you much of this may actually be happening on the Tory watch, politics has become so ideologically fluid, ultimately they all talk the same inspiring, happy, equal, wealthy but not too rich, green global future for all of those young enough not to remember much before.

So we all move left or right again on the swaying boat and hope for a better outcome, or maybe just something different from those old folk over 50 or is it 40 who know nothing, but who were just the same as us once!

Support who you want, I'll stick with the Tories for now, the economy is bigger than a very foolish garden meeting.

PS all the above are just the opinions of an old person who still laughs at some pre 2000 jokes, and realises many, if not all of us have suffered a lot in this outbreak, my apologies!

Re: Mr Hinds
- Jay (18th Jan 2022 - 18:46:49)

With the increase in energy prices, its also worth noting that the energy companies are also increasing our Daily Standing Charge.

Maybe the Government should tell them to leave it as is, rather than burden consumers with this double whammy increase?

To give an example, British Gas have increased our daily standing charges as follows;

- Electricity Standing Charge from 16.36p to 23.56p (+ 44%)
- Gas Standing Charge from 13.228p to 17.083p (+29%)


Re: Mr Hinds
- M (19th Jan 2022 - 08:07:29)

ER.......what a great refreshing and totally correct post!

Fully agree with your points and you're right that I don't think anyone else could have done a better compromise job over the last 2 years regarding covid, NHS and the economy.

Government drinks in Downing Street (organised by civil servants and not ministers) pale into insiginficance compared to the overall loss in all aspects to society. It shouldn't of happened but how many other people got together with others over the last 2 years when they shouldn't of?

Let's not also forget that Sir Kier Starmer has been pictured with a drink in hand and no mask at an indoor event at the same time, but the media and "chip on his sholder" Dominic Cummings are brushing that under the carpet.

Sometimes it's "better the devil you know"!!!

Re: Mr Hinds
- Bernard (19th Jan 2022 - 11:50:38)

A report on the news is that inflation is the worst it has been for 30 years at 5.5%. Remarks about pay being good- it will not be long before higher utility bills kick in and people will really struggle. Also a lot of vacancies are not being filled despite there being plenty of unemployed people around.

Re: Mr Hinds
- D (19th Jan 2022 - 15:19:24)

Getting back to James' issue of the proposed removal of VAT on energy bills. I believe it is 5% and based on James' figures (£600 in vat) there are "ordinary people" paying £12,000 per year for their gas and leccy. Wow!

Re: Mr Hinds
- Peter (19th Jan 2022 - 19:55:13)

After watching PMQs today only way I will vote Conservative again if led by David Davies!. Only one on the blue side with a backbone that talks for the people of United Kingdom. Resign Boris !

Re: Mr Hinds
- Dave (19th Jan 2022 - 20:17:59)

The Conservative Party are a group of privileged cowards with no honesty or integrity and an embarrassment to the UK.

Re: Mr Hinds
- Paul Robinson (20th Jan 2022 - 10:17:13)

I recall that when he was our Brexit Negotiator, the Right Honourable David Davies once pitched up for meeting with Michel Barnier having forgotten to bring his notes and had to borrow pen!

He was once described by the Dis-honourable Dominic Cummings as "thick as mince, as lazy as a toad and as vain as Narcissus".

Paul Robinson

Re: Mr Hinds
- James (21st Jan 2022 - 18:35:29)


I refer you to the hansard: "Our plan would save households £200 from their bills, and up to £600 in total for those who need it most."

Re: Mr Hinds
- D (21st Jan 2022 - 19:58:37)

James, I refer you to simple mathematics, you stated that £600 is the amount some people pay a year in vat on their gas/electric. Vat on energy is 5%, so if someone is paying £600 a year in vat on their gas/electric then their total bill per annum is £12,000. Hard to believe.

Re: Mr Hinds
- Ethan (22nd Jan 2022 - 00:19:24)

I worked with Boris when he was Mayor of London!. When I was working alongside a think-tank. Boris has no Interest in regular folk and purley a career polician. He lacks compassion and understanding of lower classes within society. His family has always had money to fall back on. When I was working with him he lacked knowledge and most definitely did not do his research that should of been expected by the role he was conducting. He cannot accept criticism and will use others to take responsibility for his actions. Doesn't seem to had changed much. I do wonder why anyone voted for this man!. We all know he's corrupt , exactly how we knew he wasn't fit to lead London.

Re: Mr Hinds
- Joe (22nd Jan 2022 - 06:44:00)

D, nowhere does James say “ per year”. It is maybe over 10 years, but there is no specific time mentioned. Perhaps the bills will go up that much who knows?

Re: Mr Hinds
- D (22nd Jan 2022 - 08:15:52)

Joe, such things are usually calculated per annum. A £600 saving over ten years you say? I make that about 16 pence a day. As one of James' "ordinary people" I think I can manage without that.

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