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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Litter - face masks
- Brian Cranston-Moran (11th Jan 2022 - 13:19:46)

Adding to the litter around the village, we can now see face masks discarded. WHY ? is it too hard to put it in your pocket until you find a bin.

Having said that often the bins are full, I noticed this morning the bin at the entrance to Midhurst Road car park full, with paper over the path, and this is opposite the council office.

Re: Litter - face masks
- Caroline (11th Jan 2022 - 13:36:54)

Hi Brian,

I'm glad someone else shares my concerns on litter (I've added many posts and comments about this topic.) Whilst it shouldn't be necessary to a) have to remind people to use bins and b) have to pick up after people, I do recommend going out litter picking occasionally. I have my own litter grabber and often go out for a walk around Liphook and/or Radford Park to give it a bit of a clean. It's exercise, fresh air and doing good for the planet. I'm directing this recommendation widely - not just at you! It would be great to have a few more 'Liphookers' doing this and helping to keep our lovely village clean.
Anyone else out there who already does this?

Re: Litter - face masks
- Rachel Rabbit (11th Jan 2022 - 16:07:33)

Yes, I periodically take a bag out and pick up litter and dog poo bags discarded around our village.
I do wish more people would use fabric, washable and long term sustainable face masks as it would help the environment no end. The disposable ones have a place I suppose but cause considerable waste and yet more landfill :-(

Re: Litter - face masks
- Caroline (11th Jan 2022 - 16:41:46)

Completely agree Rachel. Thank you for also being a litter hero! :-)

Re: Litter - face masks
- Debbie Plumridge (11th Jan 2022 - 17:01:00)

@Caroline et al
You may be interested in our community litter pick page on Instagram #shopnoplastic_litterpick. Please feel free to tag your pics.

There will be another community pick in late Feb/early March so keep an eye out on Liphook Talkback and Facebook Liphook Community for further details.


Re: Litter - face mask
- Clare (11th Jan 2022 - 17:42:10)

Hi Brian,
I’m a fellow litter picker , I do “ 5 a day” on my dog walks.
If everyone just picked up 5 pieces of litter a day the problem would reduce substantially .

Re: Litter - face masks
- Caroline (11th Jan 2022 - 19:25:10)

Thanks Debbie. Now following.

Thanks Clare for picking up litter!

Re: Litter - face masks
- Brian Cranston-Moran (12th Jan 2022 - 13:26:24)

I admire and take my hat off to all you guys that go out picking. What really gets to me is these Inconsiderate people with a dont care attitude know someone else will do it. Bit like the government that leaves things for charities to deal with,and thank goodness we do. Makes me wonder how they live with it.

Re: Litter - face masks
- Danny (12th Jan 2022 - 15:28:15)

Have you ever considered that these may have fallen out of people's pockets? I have lost numerous masks without even knowing!!!!!!!!!!!!! Unbelievable I would say!

Re: Litter - face masks
- Caroline (12th Jan 2022 - 16:43:52)

Hi Danny, some may have fallen out certainly. But sadly there's a lot of litter which is clearly knowingly discarded. I've been litter picking for many years and you get to know the 'grot spots'

Re: Litter - face masks
- Dave (13th Jan 2022 - 10:02:44)

I draw the line though at picking up discarded and full dog poo bags! This seems to be a growing problem around Liphook. There are a significant minority of poorly trained dog owners in the area that seem to think that filled dog poo bags are okay to leave on the pavements or hanging in bushes and trees.

Re: Litter - face masks
- Caroline (13th Jan 2022 - 11:29:50)

Agree Dave. I've also reported the overflowing bins to East Hants District Council as many of these are overflowing with dog poo bags,

Re: Litter - face masks
- Joe (13th Jan 2022 - 11:59:16)

I do not think it is dog owners who hang it in trees I have seen non dog owners do this because they want to make a weird point. No point in bagging it at all unless you are going to dispose it properly in a bin.

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