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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Covid 19 worldwide Epidemic
- paul (12th Oct 2021  19:07:37)

Am I missing something in the U.K. during this biggest health event in 100 years?
Now not reported daily like before.Today we had over 38,000 new cases reported, 181 deaths, and 766 people admitted to hospital.
This is appalling, and not statics from other illness.
Double jabbed (or booster) is not enough, the virus is still a killer.
A lot of people have become complacent, I can also understand one's life needs to carry-on, but if we have a future, and families from this pandemic.
The next one that will happen in our lifetimes, so we need to know how to survive and live together.

Re: Covid 19 worldwide Epidemic
- AF (15th Oct 2021  11:52:29)


Let me help you. Since the last lockdown ended we are running at about 40,000 infections per day and around 150 deaths per day. These figures change daily but these are about right.

Just think about it for a minute, now I know deaths lag infections and by that I mean people whom die will pass away a week or two after infection is detected.

However this rate of infection has been holding steady so therefore the death rate for this virus is around 0.4% or to reverse it the survival rate is 99.6%. However even these figures are an exaggeration as a number of people who catch it have little or no symptoms and so would not have a test and not be included in the number of infections which means the mortality rate of 0.4% will be a lot lower.

So Paul the virus is not as dangerous as the media is making out, sure people have died but it's not that many.

In addition the amount of deaths they announce are NOT people who died of Covid only those who died after a positive test and may well have died of something else. If I had a positive Covid test and the next day got run over by a bus I would be listed as a Covid death.

Also bear in mind that the normal death rate in this country is around 1,600 people every day.

This is why i'm not scared, this is why I never wear masks, I use public transport several times a week, I never clean shopping trolleys and go to cinema, theatre and restaurants whenever I want.

I hope I have helped you, and removed your blinkers.

Re: Covid 19 worldwide Epidemic
- anon (15th Oct 2021  12:16:08)

Great to see you took the “be kind to others” message on board…..

Re: Covid 19 worldwide Epidemic
- paul (15th Oct 2021  18:55:29)

Hi AF,
Thank you for your reply.

I do not wear blinkers, unless they are recommended for use against the Covid 19 virus.

There have been 1 million cases now reported, the highest since last January.
5468 hospitalizations, 827 the daily figure, and increasing.
You may not be bothered about this still declared Pandemic, but for many vulnerable people it is still a concern.

Re: Covid 19 worldwide Epidemic
- passfield resident (15th Oct 2021  20:45:16)

AF- why do you think anyone would be impressed by your saying " I'm not scared" repeatedly and boasting about not wearing a mask? I'm not scared of being run over by a bus, but I still cross roads carefully. My father has severe COPD and could well die from covid if he caught it, in spite of being double vaccinated. If you are in Sainsburys proudly not wearing your mask , keep your distance from me please or I'll ask less politely

Re: Covid 19 worldwide Epidemic
- Ian (15th Oct 2021  22:18:04)

Stop feeding the Troll! If you look at all of AF posts it’s clear she/he is attention seeking and looking to provoke! Treat ANYTHING he/she says with a large degree of scepticism

Re: Covid 19 worldwide Epidemic
- Ann (16th Oct 2021  07:43:15)

Well said Ian, AF is a right plonker. Ignore him/hereveryone.

Re: Covid 19 worldwide Epidemic
- A.R (16th Oct 2021  12:30:18)

God, we have some saps in Liphook. Well said AF but I fear you are wasting your breath on them. Only time will open some of their eyes.
unfortunately not all. Propaganda in this instance has been far too demonstative and damaging. I will await the oncoming critics but will be glad to debate this a couple of years down the line and to see how minds will have to accept that this virus will always be amongst us.
At Anne, My first sentence may be astounding but none so more than your use of the word " plonker "

Re: Covid 19 worldwide Epidemic
- Helen (16th Oct 2021  13:17:48)

Alison, just because you and yours were lucky enough to get through having caught covid, does not mean you will not catch it again. Perhaps you should spare a thought for the more vulnerable and the NHS staff you put at risk by spreading the virus around when you caught it.

Re: Covid 19 worldwide Epidemic
- AF (16th Oct 2021  15:19:42)

Just a quick fact that you may decide to ignore.

With all the Hype the media keeps promoting you would think that COVID is the leading cause of death.

It is not, in fact in the list of causes of death Covid is way down in 9th position, in fact the leading cause of death is Altziemers/Dementia which at the moment has five times the amount of deaths than Covid. Other conditions that are ahead are various cancers, heart issues and influenza/pneumonia. The media doesn't seem worried by them, and with all the paranoia about Covid people with some of these conditions have suffered and possibly died, when with treatment could have survived,

Re: Covid 19 worldwide Epidemic
- passfield resident (16th Oct 2021  18:03:43)

AR-if you are calling me a sap, meet me and do it face to face, or else belt up

Re: Covid 19 worldwide Epidemic
- Penny Williamson (17th Oct 2021  10:30:40)

AF You cannot catch cancer, Altziemers or Dementia. You can catch flu and Covid. Covid can cause heart problems, pneumonia and organ breakdown leading to death. Flu if it turns to pneumonia which it does in some cases, can cause death. If the hospitals become overrun and I hope they will not, with seriously ill Covid patients this winter then it is the people with cancer, heart conditions and other medical problems who will suffer because there will not be enough beds available or doctors and nurses who will be dealing with Covid patients to cope. Hence the backlog we have at present, which is worse than in normal times due to this Pandemic. So whatever you think or say I shall continue to wear a mask in shops and on public transport because I do not want to catch or pass on Covid or flu or for that matter anything else including the common cold as these diseases are transmitted in droplets through the air by selfish people who may well be asymptomatic breathing their germs over people, some who are vulnerable, or worse still coughing and sneezing. As for A.R's post on 14 October on the Thread "Signs of Normality" and I quote "This virus and the solution to it was to protect those in society that were more vulnerable, not lock up healthy people", How on earth does she/he think that would work? Lock up all the vulnerable for as long as Covid is out there which could be a very, very long time - ban them from shops, public transport, hospitals, doctors' surgeries. etc etc. Many of them did have to shield at the height of the crisis, but that cannot go on forever. To wear a mask for a relative short time while shopping or travelling is not such a big ask. Our nurses, doctors and dentists have to wear them all day!

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