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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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French Turkeys
- Amused (12th Oct 2021 10:36:42)

I see Bells stores Haslemere are selling fresh game looks fantastic.

So who needs french turkeys. Anyone else going to stop buying french goods if they want to play silly b? Ok we can play that game.

Their fishermen are only getting their just desserts for what they did to our fishing industry. I’d rather sit in the dark with just a candle no heating with bread and scrape (old saying) than bow down to the EU .

Re: French Turkeys
- Don (12th Oct 2021 11:13:41)

That's right amused, you go down with the sinking ship! Lovely mentality

Re: French Turkeys
- Amused (12th Oct 2021 12:35:52)

Don the ship is far from sinking its sailing very nicely that’s what the EU hates. Great Britain is forging ahead I think it’s coming true they need us more than we need them and they don’t like it. We as a nation have survived everything that has been thrown at us and came out the other side. The French among others tried to capture us but failed and they have never got over it. We are far better on our own making our own decisions good or bad at least we are not under the EU jack boot. The EU is falling apart Poland out next. One rule doesn’t fit all.

Re: French Turkeys
- Don (12th Oct 2021 14:51:11)

Just realised you're on a wind up "amused" - or completely delusional! As it happens I think the EU is flawed but this "Splendid Isolation" mentality that some ill advised members of Britain think serves the national interest is just bizarre.

Re: French Turkeys
- A.R (12th Oct 2021 15:35:32)

Don, are you always on the wrong side of an argument ? Best thing we ever did and I'd vote the same way a million times over.

Re: French Turkeys
- Don (12th Oct 2021 16:10:40)

AR, where have I said i don't support Brexit? Just because I don't find rampant nationalism appealing and want to live without conflict with our Europe does not mean I supported the EU institution. I am afraid your one dimensional argument is typical of close minded, die hard nationalists

Re: French Turkeys
- Helen (12th Oct 2021 16:22:03)

Speak for yourself Alison I hope you only buy local produce from local farm shops, even there most things are imported.

Re: French Turkeys
- Amused (12th Oct 2021 18:23:23)

Who the h??is Alison . Yes I buy British as much as possible. Grow my own veg and if I was able would go and help our farmers in the fields. Where has all the British fight gone we seem to have a generation of snow flakes. Let’s fly the flag again.

Re: French Turkeys
- helen (12th Oct 2021 19:10:14)

I was replying to A R? I am pleased that you do buy British as much as possible, if you think hard though you will see just how much we do import, not only fresh food, technology, furniture, cars, toys, plastic goods etc. These items are just a few things I can think of. Foreign Holidays? Face Masks? I could go on. Everything will go up when the cost of power goes up, even British Goods!

Re: French Turkeys
- Amused (12th Oct 2021 20:53:58)

Yes Helen we import far to much we must start manufacturing much of the goods that we import. We have some of the best engineers and designers in the world we can if we put our minds to it. The country needs to tighten its belt stop expecting the government to bail us out. Go back to work and produce things to export. Another thing why is it that all these displaced people coming across Europe don’t want to stay in Europe they come through free country’s but won’t stay. They won’t stay in France they pay thousands and risk their life’s to come to Great Britain I think that says it all.

Re: French Turkeys
- L.M. Ao (13th Oct 2021 08:15:47)

Having the best designers and engineers doesn't really have anything to do with manufacturing does it?

Like you don't need a PhD in electronic engineering to build why would you build it here? Surely the point is to design it here, have it built somewhere for a fraction of the cost you could build it here and then sell it around the world.

Global Britain and all that right?

Re: French Turkeys
- Karl (13th Oct 2021 09:09:47)

What we need to do is close the borders and focus on a return to the basics. We do not need the intelligentsia and urban elites.

Lets get back into the fields and factories and feed and cloth ourselves. Who needs johnny foreigner with their globalisation?

WE'RE BRITISH, we ruled the world once, we don't need anyone do we? WE'RE BRITISH, we can do anything, LAND OF HOPE AND GLORY! Actually we don't even need the Scots or Welsh either, because WE'RE ENGLISH!

Re: French Turkeys
- Barbara Helen Easton (13th Oct 2021 11:15:46)

We as a country do not produce enough power of our own, we are dependent until enough nuclear or hydrogen and wind power is sourced here, both of these major infastructure projects are not funded by the Uk the funding has come from China and Europe. Why
has manufacturing died? Because we priced ourselves out of the market by the 70s, strikes etc, now we are reliant on cheap imports and fine beans grown in Kenya etc. You cannot turn back the clock to the days when there was no choice in the shops, we cannot expect young people to live like we did in the 50s,when they have known mass consumerism. Also most young women are out at work all day they do not have time to shop locally. Many shop after work and do a big weekly shop once a week, at a supermarket where there are other essentials, not at the farm shop which closes at 5. We have to realise it is not practical.

Re: French Turkeys
- Amused (13th Oct 2021 13:54:08)

Well my turkeys have thrown up some very interesting comments. It seems we do have some entrepreneurs willing to have a go.

As for we can’t manufacture anything how come France Germany Italy ect manufacture cars and loads of other stuff. We used to do the same and were very good at it. Nothing has changed it’s just this generation have been brainwashed to thinking we are no good. We can do it if we roll up our sleeves and work.

When we left school at 15 / 16 and went straight to work the country was booming. Now they go to University to study useless degrees leave in there 20s and can’t get a job or don’t want to. The whole work ethic must change this country needs to get back to WORK.

The unions need to be suppressed again they are causing no end of problems for us going forward they are still living in the past. Yes we need to trade with the world and the EU but fairly not the way the EU wants to do it.

Re: French Turkeys
- Penny Williamson (13th Oct 2021 14:16:48)

Interestingly neither Helen or anyone else has responded to Amused's post: "Another thing why is it that all these displaced people coming across Europe don’t want to stay in Europe they come through free country’s but won’t stay. They won’t stay in France they pay thousands and risk their life’s to come to Great Britain I think that says it all." Perhaps the UK is not such a bad place after all.

Re: French Turkeys
- Pete (13th Oct 2021 16:34:34)

Amused: It is our capitalist ideals that have promoted the move to a higher educated workforce, therefore spending longer in learning, not the unions. If you want to go backwards then surely you are the one living in the past. You use France and Germany as examples of manufacturers of "loads of stuff", interestingly both these countries have a greater attendance in further education than we do (GER 93% FRA 94.5% UK 86.5%).
As it happens we are still very good at manufacturing in this country just in the more specialised markets. Maybe there does need to be a change in work ethic but getting rid of unions, who in most cases represent the poorest in society's workforce who cannot afford to stick up for themselves, is not the way to do it. Try looking at the top and the ridiculous amounts execs get for a couple of hours work a month or the expenses of MPs that top up their already healthy salaries or the fact that inflation has outpaced wage rises consistently for the reasoning behind the malaise in Britain.
As for the EU it is not them that are trying to change the deal that we drafted, signed, agreed to and trumpeted as a great deal. If it was that great as our so called glorious leader said at the time, why are we not abiding by it.

Re: French Turkeys
- Amused (13th Oct 2021 18:02:03)

I’m glad Pete you agree whith a couple of my points. As for higher education totally agree we must have very educated people but not all are suitable that’s my point Mr BLAIR was the culprit and he has admitted it . Yes we do manufacture a great deal and our expertise is way up with the rest of the world. F1 for instance based in England. We actually should be just as good as France and Germany at building cars and the like .Apprenticeships must be the best way to train our young people for trades that are crying out for staff. But as you agree work ethic has to change. As for the EU we are sticking to our agreement they are the ones that ar messing about making it more difficult with red tape and quite unnecessary paperwork they just don’t like us making headway sorry but until they realise we are a NATION in our own right and we are as good as them there will be friction. Unions don’t go there DVLA 6000 not at work because the Unions says no to going back to the office TOTALLY disgusting. Unions banning workers from going to work just like the DARK DAYS.

Re: French Turkeys
- John (13th Oct 2021 20:19:25)


Vast amounts of migrants travel to and do stay in France, Germany etc, those that target the UK don’t do it because as you say it the best, they do it as there 2nd language is English and or they have family//friends/connections in the UK. For example all the Africans from French colony African countries aren’t one bit interested in coming to the UK, they want to get to France as they can already speak the language.

If you think the UK is the only country they are coming too and or that the UK gets more than most other countries your delusional.

Brexit had ruined this country and made us a weak laughing stock and it’s going downhill.

Not everyone whom voted for Brexit is a racist but every racist voted for Brexit

Re: French Turkeys
- B. Jo (13th Oct 2021 20:20:31)

In fairness, it was this government that introduced tuition fees and completely removed the cap on higher education places.

Perhaps rather than treating technical and higher education like some free market which will just meet demand at the snap of the finger, we should... I don't know... Create funds to sponsor the pursuit of critical STEM, Medical and technical skills?

Re: French Turkeys
- Pete (14th Oct 2021 07:59:52)

Amused - Sorry dont know where you get your info but it is us who are trying to change the "oven ready deal" not the EU.

Re: French Turkeys
- Penny Williamson (14th Oct 2021 10:31:52)

John I only made a comment and yet this seems to have provoked a semi-angry response from you ie calling me delusional. I did not say that the UK was the best place in the world – I said it cannot be such a bad place if immigrants are willing to risk their lives to get here. Nor did I say that every displaced person/asylum seeker wants to come the UK. Obviously you, as did many others, wanted to remain in the EU – I understand that – but what I find disturbing is that a proportion of remainers still appear not to have accepted what was a democratic decision - ie Leave the EU. Some remainers are still even now often very aggressive and insulting to those who voted to leave. With regard to your last sentence “not everyone who voted for Brexit is a racist, but every racist voted for Brexit” the veracity of this statement would depend on your version of racist. If you think a person who wants controlled immigration is a racist then you are probably right. However that would not be my version. I wanted to see the UK having control over its borders and laws and not be part of the “gravy train” in Brussels. Of course the UK welcomes people from all over the world to come and live and work here, but we are a Sovereign State and must be allowed to have control over this. When we were part of the EU we did not have this control.

Re: French Turkeys
- Ian (14th Oct 2021 11:24:47)

@ Penny. In hindsight the referendum was an abuse of democracy. I voted leave but I now I can see I was lied to by the Brexit mob. The referendum was ill organised and has created division that will last for at least a generation. I have seen far more aggression from diehard Brexiteers who know they have hoodwinked the rest of the population. They are definitely in the minority now but of course will never acknowledge this and will generally retort with extreme nationalistic anti foreign tirades such as seen on this post.

Re: French Turkeys
- Caroline (14th Oct 2021 12:51:42)

Thank you Ian for your very honest post. Much appreciated.

Re: French Turkeys
- john (14th Oct 2021 13:15:13)

The Uk yes, welcomes people from all over the world but not now from the EU. We are short of skilled workers, employers will not pay more salary unless they put their prices up which means higher bills for all of us. Boris thinks that English people will come off benefits to take the job vacancies, but that will not happen until the benefit system is completely reformed. Realistically a low paid job is not worth giving up benefits for.

Re: French Turkeys
- Amused (14th Oct 2021 13:56:35)

Well as the original poster I think it’s been quite a debate. But as usual it’s gone off subject a bit . The remainers against the leavers . Such a shame people can’t except we are out of the EU . I have some very good friends in France the husband was my sons best man at his wedding. They are completely shocked at the way their government are treating the UK by putting unnecessary restrictions in place just to annoy trade and make it a nightmare for us to export and on the other hand wanting to carry on trading to us with no restrictions. They say they president should go because he has such a vendetta against the UK . As for us being out of the EU I think we made the right decision they cannot carry on as they are so many countries very unhappy with the way they control everything with a heavy hand one rule doesn’t fit all..I’m very happy with our country I think we will forge ahead when the dust settles. I think perhaps this thread has run its course.

Re: French Turkeys
- Jane (15th Oct 2021 14:00:19)

We are free to choose to boycott French goods but doing so will neither hit them or hurt them. They have free access to markets multiple times the size of the UK and if anything probably prefer those markets to us now that it’s more complicated to sell to us.

The EU barely require us let alone need us, we are just one country and yes whilst the UK was a bigger player it was never the economic might that is say Germany etc, when you add the other 26 and all the deals the EU already put in place over the last 40 years they couldn’t really give a toss about us.

They are just toying with us and laughing about it now, we do something bad they hit us back and laugh.

We must get rid of this superiority idea we have about ourselves, co operation is what works in a global economy, and we just gave up a big seat at a very important table yet still sneer that we are great.

We have the blue passports, nothing else yet

Re: French Turkeys
- Donald (15th Oct 2021 16:28:48)

Who needs trade when you have a Great British Blue Passport!!! Don't forget your imperial weights and measures as well!

Re: French Turkeys
- Ian (16th Oct 2021 11:51:36)

Unfortunately, throughout history poor decisions by national governments have been blindly supported by those declaring themselves patriotic, despite the overwhelming evidence of the damage being done to the country!

Re: French Turkeys
- Tom (16th Oct 2021 17:26:11)

Exports from France to the UK (Them selling to us) represented just 1% of the whole French economy before Brexit and it’s dropped away significantly. To suggest the French are that bothered about our now difficult market is silly.

In fact the trade deficit between the two countries has always over the last few years been remarkably close but always about 500-1000 million per year in the French’s favour.

Ie… The UK in terms of trade NEED France more than France needs the UK.

It was Farage whom started the term, “They need us more than we need them” and it’s an utter falsehood, much like the Boris £350 a week to the NHS… we were lied to, taken for mugs and now those unwilling to wake up a smell the coffee on our mistake with our neighbours are all doubling down with comments like, “it’s time to get on with it” “let’s show some grit and be great”

It’s mindlessly funny how people can ruin the country, set it back many years and then blame other countries for our own stupid choice.

Re: French Turkeys
- er (16th Oct 2021 22:06:45)

I just think we should know the facts:

'As of July 2021, the United Kingdom has concluded three new trade agreements: with Japan; with its biggest trading partner, the EU; and with Australia. In addition, it has agreed 35 'trade continuity agreements' (that replicate their pre-existing agreements with the EU) covering 67 nations by June 2021. In addition, it has begun other negotiations, notably to join the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership' Wikipedia

It is worth noting that Russia continues to be keen to trade and send us gas (if the EU and the US will allow us to recieve it!), China wishes to trade despite our diplomatic hostility to them and America still considers us it's number 1 partner (after anyone else who does it's bidding!).

We have gone from a minimum wage, zero hours empoyment nation to full employment.

One or two people have had to pay their staff more. The Remainers in particular feeling that!

And as for Brexiteers being racist, oh dear, we are now employing more Asians than Europeans, much to the chagrin of the Remainers!

Not all Remainers were Racist, but all Racists were Remainers ha ha John, touche!

Re: French Turkeys
- John (17th Oct 2021 00:18:12)

Full employment you say?
And Facts you say?

There were approximately 1.51 million unemployed people in the United Kingdom in the three months to August 2021, is that full employment?

The uk hasn’t replicated its trade deals with the EU which itself is one of the 3 biggest economies in the world.

The Australia deal is bad for the UK and will undercut our industries, it was rushed over the line to convince the stupid something good has happened. .

We are going down, not up

Re: French Turkeys
- Amused (17th Oct 2021 11:44:24)

Back to the original post I’ve ordered my venison for Christmas just in case I can’t get a ENGLISH TURKEY. .

Re: French Turkeys
- Intrigued (17th Oct 2021 18:19:05)

Amused, what ‘English’ made device are you posting all this ‘drivel’ with?

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