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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Signs of Normality
- AF (11th Oct 2021 04:19:20)

It's good to see the country is starting to return to some sense of normality after the media led hysteria over COVID19 or as i prefer the Chinese Virus.
I stopped mask wearing as soon as the laws were cancelled, and now most people seem to be following suit. The trains are getting busier, not upto pre covid times but we are getting there. I have gone to the theatre and cinema and will soon be making more trips all without masks of course.
I hope these silly trolley cleaning stations will go soon as well, it was always confusing to me how you catch a respiratory disease from holding a trolley.
I sincerely hope any remaining measures will soon be abandoned.

Re: Signs of Normality
- Anon (11th Oct 2021 07:45:09)

Just ignore this everyone. AF just wants a reaction and to start an argument for some inexplicable reason.

Re: Signs of Normality
- Don (11th Oct 2021 09:50:35)

I have lost a relative and a close friend to Covid, both in their 50's and apparently healthy before contracting Covid. My relative had been double vacinated!

AF, you are a twerp

Re: Signs of Normality
- Nellie (11th Oct 2021 11:29:15)

Oh how I wish you were right AF.
Double vaccinated, mask wearing, don’t go into shops, very limited socialising and somehow husband laid up with Covid.
It’s still out there and appears to be virulent even after taking precautions.
You carry on your crusade …..

Re: Signs of Normality
- A.R (11th Oct 2021 11:37:58)

Well said AF, this virus was taken completely out of context, and I hope in time there will be prison sentences for certain people.
I too ditched the face rag as soon as was allowed.
The propaganda machine well and truly worked for so many people and still is.
And yes we had it in our household, so we were told, and no it wasn't that bad. I have had worst bouts of flu. Other than that I haven't come across anyone else who has had it. Those that unfortunately died probably suffered from lung issues, which like flu does affect alot of people.
Surprisingly I noticed it was the older generation that were going mask less first, maybe more common sense. God knows what will happen if we get a pandemic that will literally wipe us out.

Re: Signs of Normality
- Caroline (11th Oct 2021 14:43:45)

Rise above point trying to reason with ignorance.
For those continuing to keep others safe with mask wearing etc, thank you!

Re: Signs of Normality
- Village idiot (13th Oct 2021 09:36:42)




I need a good laugh thank you

Re: Signs of Normality
- helen (13th Oct 2021 11:22:29)

Alison, I agree about prison sentences, for those who profiteered in the early days of the pandemic by ripping people off with the price of selling face masks and sanitiser, and those who cleared the shops of loo rolls and other goods, then sold in small amounts for a huge profit. Yes some local people did that.
We did not go into lockdown soon enough so there were needless deaths. Those dying of covid are normally healthy people, one in six seriously ill in hospital are unvaccinated pregnant young women, no lung issues. Stop listening to Trump.

Re: Signs of Normality
- D (14th Oct 2021 08:33:43)

Given how a healthy fifteen year old Portsmouth girl died of covid recently I find AFs' and ARs' posts utterly repugnant. I hope the girls' parents don't read them.

Re: Signs of Normality
- A.R (14th Oct 2021 10:30:31)

At -D
And I find your statement repugnant too. Yes it is very sad a young girl has died, but what of those other youngsters who have commited suicide and have died of other illnesses due to lockdowns. Or is only covid worth ones sadness ? Those that called for lockdowns will go down on the wrong side of history. This virus and the solution to it was to protect those in society that were more vunerable , not lock up healthy people and ruin the world economies which in the long term will hasten the destruction of the NHS and other important industries.
I feel for the family of this girl, it is not just you that has the monopoly for feelings. I lost my twenty four year old son to suicide just before all this happened, and know the grief and destruction this does to the family. I do not want anyone to go through what I am going through so getting back to normal is highly important, to the mental health of the human race.

Re: Signs of Normality
- Anon (14th Oct 2021 12:55:39)

A.R. Very sorry to hear about your son - that must have been an awful thing to go through.

For me that highlights the very point of us all needing to be kinder and more respectful to each other on forums such as these. I'm talking generally here. We don't all need to agree with each other but we need to be less ready to jump down each others' throats and just take a moment to consider each others' point of view. Everyone seems so angry these days and so many of the Talkback threads just descend into arguments.

Words can be spoken/written in an instant but can last a lifetime. Let's all be kind - you never know what a difference it could make to someone.

Re: Signs of Normality
- D (14th Oct 2021 18:16:41)

AR, I am sorry for your loss. My point is that the young girl who died did not have lung issues as you mention.

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