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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Bookings for the recycling centre
- Caz (7th Oct 2021 10:09:10)

Tried 3 times to book an an appointment at the Bordon Recyling Centre and every time the booking was not accepted. Phoned EHDC to be told that their computer system is not compatible to iPads or iPhones. So unless you have a computer is not worth trying. Thought this was 2021 not the 1900s.

Re: Bookings for the recycling centre
- AF (7th Oct 2021 13:58:57)

I hope they go back to the old system, no bookings. The system may have been needed during pandemic but not needed now.

Re: Bookings for the recycling centre
- Russ (7th Oct 2021 14:20:16)

I’m not computer literate but I normally book a slot on my iPad.Never had a problem much better than the huge queues in and out in no time.

Re: Bookings for the recycling centre
- Penny Williamson (7th Oct 2021 14:21:29)

I have never had a problem with booking a slot and very much hope that they keep the booking system in place as stops people having to queue.

Re: Bookings for the recycling centre
- Gr (7th Oct 2021 14:32:23)

We just phone and book so much easier

Re: Bookings for the recycling centre
- Jen (8th Oct 2021 10:22:47)

I hope that they retain the booking system too. It makes for a very much more pleasant experience and is far more fuel efficient, in that it eliminates the queues.

Re: Bookings for the recycling centre
- Caroline (8th Oct 2021 11:11:21)

Love the booking system. So much better than sitting in a queue. Especially when some of us have to go in a lunch break and can’t take longer than an hour.

Re: Bookings for the recycling centre
- AF (8th Oct 2021 20:00:29)

I will be the voice in the wilderness. The booking system should go.
I could accept a booking system for the weekends and bank holidays when it is busy, but in the week it was rarely busy lets just get on with life, the pandemic is OVER and we need to get on with life.

Re: Bookings for the recycling centre
- Cajun Ken (8th Oct 2021 21:35:28)

Wow! When did the pandemic end? I must have missed the news that day.

Re: Bookings for the recycling centre
- Penny Williamson (9th Oct 2021 11:42:36)

AF I am very interested to know what your objection is to booking a slot at the tip. We have to book for a great many things - nothing to do with the restrictions imposed because of the Pandemic - doctors, dentists, hairdressers, beauticians, massages, health treatments, I could go on. Most restaurants and some pubs serving food require bookings as well. The Pandemic is absolutely not over - Covid 19 is something we will have to live with for the forseeable future as we do with seasonal flu and if we behave sensibly ie continue to wear masks in shops and on public transport etc this will reduce the risk of infection not only of Covid and flu, but coughs and colds as well. You say we need to get on with life. I think the majority of people are doing that - I know I am.

Re: Bookings for the recycling centre
- Ian (9th Oct 2021 14:40:52)

Please ignore AF who has been spouting nonsense about Covid since March 2020. The pandemic is less deadly but is still rampant and there is a risk of a vaccine resistant variant establishing itself if the current high level of new (if not deadly) infections are not bought down

Re: Bookings for the recycling centre
- Ian (9th Oct 2021 14:46:20)

Penny, whilst I agree that the Pandemic is far from over I do not agree with you about masks. We are going to have to live with Covid as we do with colds and flu which have been with us forever! Are you saying we should hide behind masks forever? No way, a world without smiles is not for me!

Re: Bookings for the recycling centre
- Penny Williamson (10th Oct 2021 13:34:56)

Ian, I was not suggesting that the wearing of masks is mandatory in all situations and that we all should be "hiding behind masks 100% of the time." I am suggesting that it should be mandatory in enclosed spaces such as shops, public transport, banks etc where people have to go. At the moment the wearing of masks is mandatory in hospitals, doctors’ surgeries and dentists. I am not suggesting that the wearing of masks should be mandatory in other venues such as pubs, restaurants, theatres etc because people have a choice as to whether or not they want to frequent them. There are still a great many vulnerable people out there who have to go shopping etc so please have a thought for them.

Re: Bookings for the recycling centre
- lorac (13th Oct 2021 10:05:39)

I agree with all those who like the booking system for the recycling centre. It is a much better system, you know there will be a space, there is no waiting in queues which is helpful for those who live along the road to the dump centre. I hope the system stays for good and all.

Re: Bookings for the recycling centre
- Penny Williamson (13th Oct 2021 14:20:37)

Here, here lorac. AF still hasn't responded to my question which was "what are the his/her objection/s to booking a slot at the tip?" I really am genuinely interested.

Re: Bookings for the recycling centre
- KM (13th Oct 2021 14:46:50)

The booking system really works well but would like to be able to book more than one per week occasionally.

Re: Bookings for the recycling centre
- Anon (13th Oct 2021 15:00:20)

Penny - I'm fairly sure that 'AF' just enjoys stirring up reactions for no reason. Odd - but then again some people just sadly seem to enjoy arguments.

Re: Bookings for the recycling centre
- Penny Williamson (13th Oct 2021 15:42:25)

Hello Anon, sadly I think you are right.

Re: Bookings for the recycling centre
- Sue Dravnieks (13th Oct 2021 19:51:46)

Replying to KM: Having visited the Bordon tip on Sunday I asked the question of a member of the team and was informed you can now book as many trips to the tip as you wish, every day if you require!

I too believe the booking system is much better for everyone, far more efficient. If you are unable to access the booking system on line you can book by phone.

Re: Bookings for the recycling centre
- AF (14th Oct 2021 18:58:25)

The answer is at weekdays you could drive in and there was no hanging around and you could just pop in and your stuff.
There is simply no need to have a booking system, weekends you may need it.
As for other things you mentioned the last haircut and restaurant meal I had were both done without booking.

Re: Bookings for the recycling centre
- Penny Williamson (15th Oct 2021 13:58:50)

AF It would appear that you are one of these people who, when they decide they want something, they want it NOW! Immediate gratification. Life is not about instantly satisfying demands - it is one the things I tried to instill in my chiIdren when they were growing up. In answer to your last sentence I said SOME restaurants and pubs need a prior bookings, not all. With regard to hairdressers maybe it is different for a man. I have always had to make an appointment at a hairdressers.

Re: Bookings for the recycling centre
- AF (16th Oct 2021 08:11:38)


The booking system was brought in because the center was limiting numbers coming onto the site and there was increased demand to lots of people at home on furlough, and people spending more time on DIY as no holidays were available. The waiting times for those willing to wait was horrendous and yes we did need a booking system.

However the circumstances have changed and we simply don't need the booking system.

It's not about instant gratification it about need. For your hairdressers it probably take alot longer to do than mine and you like to have the same person each time and therefore booking is needed. It's not needed for the recycling center. But i did say the weekend may be different as it is busy then and therefore may be needed.

Re: Bookings for the recycling centre
- Penny Williamson (16th Oct 2021 09:45:30)

AF I love the "we". What you mean is that "you" don't need a booking system at the tip. However it would seem that the majority of people posting on this Thread do think the booking system works very well and should be kept in place. Yes the system was brought in because of Covid, but it has worked brilliantly and there is no reason to change it, particularly now that there is no restriction on how many times a week one can go to the tip.

Re: Bookings for the recycling centre
- Jon (16th Oct 2021 11:19:00)

I'm totally for the booking system, my Renault Clio was written off after waiting in a queue, which tailed outside the recycling centre onto station road. The driver obviously unobservant of the impending queue, hit my car, shunting the car in front of me, causing damage to three cars. This was pre-covid lockdown, during the week, not at the weekend.

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