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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Flu Jabs
- Angela Moss (9th Sep 2021 10:06:52)

We would like to praise our brilliant Liphook Village Surgery for the efficiency, kindness and good humour they all showed at the 'Walk in Flu jab' this morning. Aren't we so fortunate? Thank you

Re: Flu Jabs
- Caroline (9th Sep 2021 10:51:23)

Ah! Love seeing positive posts like this! Yes, we are lucky!

Re: Flu Jabs
- er (9th Sep 2021 11:52:52)

Obviously that's nice, but what do we really expect them all to do, scowl at us? The NHS, it's a service we pay our government to provide, isn't it, I've never understood why, when we go into Sainsburys and they smile and say good afternoon, we think that's a bit put on, but as soon as we walk into a hospital or doctors surgery and they don't shout and chase us down the corridoor and out the door we want to nominate them for a CBE:)

PS tongue in cheek before you go crazy folks, I use and appreciate our NHS too!

Re: Flu Jabs
- Sue (9th Sep 2021 13:00:41)

I don’t know why one Surgery can get the flu jabs, but Liphook
And Liss have had to cancel their up coming flu clinic as
they can’t get their supply.!,

Re: Flu Jabs
- Don (9th Sep 2021 15:21:35)

Sue - different supplier? Why can Tesco's get Yazoo's in when Sainsburys can't!

Re: Flu Jabs
- Helen (10th Sep 2021 09:22:16)

The ridiculous thing about it is I was sent a text to book the flu jab from Liphook and liss surgery. The text said book online. No link on text and no link on surgery website. I then rang the surgery to be rudely told, cancelled yesterday. I asked then why send me a text re the clinic to my phone the day after you knew it was cancelled? There was no apology just rudeness.

Re: Flu Jabs
- Sandra (10th Sep 2021 12:46:45)

Flu jabs aren't the main money spinner for the Swan Medical Group anymore.....I'm looking forward to my 3rd covid jab and a 4th by Christmas!

Re: Flu Jabs
- Helen (10th Sep 2021 13:56:55)

Apparently the covid booster jabs will not be offered to everyone only certain groups including being over 70.

Re: Flu Jabs
- Ian (10th Sep 2021 15:57:00)

Perhaps Helen they are under intense pressure! As they have been for the last year and a half. I’m not sure you come across as the most understanding or compassionate of people

Re: Flu Jabs
- Helen (10th Sep 2021 16:42:16)

The surgery will not yet see most patients face to face so I disagree re their workload. I was only asking a question of the receptionist, on the phone and not being rude at all.

Re: Flu Jabs
- paul (10th Sep 2021 20:28:40)

Had my Flu jab today at Ship House Surgery. Well organized, and took little time.
Last year was a low Flu season of U.K. deaths, therefore because of low built-up immunity it could be a high season of infections this year. A low season is around 20,000 fatalities, high can be 100,000 people .This is an annual event so be warned.

Re: Flu Jabs
- Linda (12th Sep 2021 13:02:12)

Is Liphook Village Surgery only offering walk in flu jabs for certain age groups or can anyone over 70 just turn up?

Re: Flu Jabs
- Sal (15th Sep 2021 22:13:12)

I see it is now a flu jab and a third covid jab for the over 50s - one in each arm?

Re: Flu Jabs
- Gr (15th Sep 2021 23:57:13)

Flu jab today at swan surgery in and out in less than 5 minutes
Thank you

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