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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Time to Celebrate
- AF (5th Jul 2021 17:58:04)

Yes July 19 is freedom day.

NO MORE MASKS. No more social distancing. No more limited numbers in shops. Festivals can go ahead. Nightclubs can re-open. Theaters can fully open. You can order a pint of beer at the bar.

It should have happened sooner but at least it's here now.

Time to start living again.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- WENDY MARTIN (6th Jul 2021 10:05:11)

Too many things are happening too soon, I just hope we wont all be back to square 1 by the winter.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- AF (6th Jul 2021 15:22:23)


Too soon it been 18 months.

Remember it's not about number of infections, it's about deaths and although infections are rising rapidly and will continue to do so deaths are very low in comparison, less than 20 per day, due to a very good uptake in the vaccines, particularly among the vulnerable.

And before anyone says 20 is alot, each day in this country around 1,700 people die of a myriad of other causes.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Wendy (6th Jul 2021 16:12:08)

Another lockdown Xmas I reckon. Masks and social distancing should carry on until everyone has had their two vaccines.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Sam (6th Jul 2021 22:44:50)

Every single decision so far made by the Government has been either too late or too early. Another lockdown by January I reckon.

Some people will never return to the pubs/clubs/trains etc, the scar of this pandemic will live for many years to come and pre 2020 normality is a very very long way off.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Ian (7th Jul 2021 08:13:59)

When Boris suggested self discipline and common sense will still need to be exercised by the public he obviously hasn’t taken people like AF into consideration!!

Re: Time to Celebrate
- passfield resident (7th Jul 2021 10:36:06)

It won't be time to start living again for the people all over the world that will still die from this disease. AF's ignorant whining is insulting to people who have suffered over the past year and a half. I'm guessing you are a man-why not start acting like one.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Sam (7th Jul 2021 14:11:36)

To be fair to AF’s views he/she probably has greater priorities than the rest of us, ie going to the pub and or is employed in something affected by the pandemic therefore his/her wallet hurts more than consideration for others illnesses etc.

It’s the same for everyone whom wants to stop social distancing, they are basically saying “get back out and spend your money on my business as I want the money again”

What is perfectly clear given the responses on here most people won’t be returning to normal, most won’t ever go to a pub again or at least less so than before. Businesses affected by lack of customers due to the pandemic will remain so for many years.

The UK economy is a service economy, some idiots sold off or destroyed all the manufacturing years ago and we are just a self reflecting bubble of spending in shops going around in circles…. Well that is over now, most people will just get what they need and the extras are over.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- AF (7th Jul 2021 23:31:38)


You are wrong I'm not wanting lockdown measure to end due to financial reasons, in fact since the pandemic I've have become better off financially, less going out and more overtime = increased money.

The fact is I hate all the measures and the sooner they end the better and are now unnecessary. People need to understand COVID is not as deadly as the media say, if you catch it you will almost certainly recover. Although the cases are increasing and will continue to do so, the hospitalizations and deaths are still low.

The only reason for the lockdown was because hospitals were overloaded with patients(although most did recover). This is clearly not the case due to the vaccines, which most people have had.

I am confident that people will return to the pubs, cinema and theater, and trains will start to get packed out as people will be forced to return to their offices. I for one will only wear a mask if the trains pass a byelaw to make it compulsory.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Don (8th Jul 2021 09:18:27)

Af, over 100,000 people have died in England!!!

The fact is that allowing the virus to run rife will create a situation where mutations that might be resistant to current vaccines develop. Whilst I think the easing of lockdown is needed, numpty's that think we can just return to pre Covid instantly on the 19th are just intellectually deficient and extremely selfish.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- passfield resident (8th Jul 2021 12:17:01)

Don-couldn't have put it better myself. Well said.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Joe (8th Jul 2021 14:34:48)

AF I think you are being disrespectful to the relatives of those people who did die from it, and also the NHS. Unless you have been personally affected by it then you are taking a very selfish attitude. The symptoms of long COVID are also nasty and need ongoing treatment. Certainly it may not be that you die but the impact on daily life is massive. As the previous posters have pointed out, a mutation of the virus means we are not safe, despite being vaccinated.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Sam (8th Jul 2021 22:58:03)

AF you claim a lot of things but not one other post on here yet agrees with you. Your entitled to your views but your in a clear minority here… not 1 agreement and saying “what people need to understand” is rude and arrogant, we don’t NEED to accept your view at all. There are people on here talking about death and suffering and your best reply to that is no acknowledgment and a “I won’t be wearing any mask unless it’s law” you probably rarely wash your hands as well ?

Best you switch to another fake name and make yourself up some support in a counter post.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Pete (9th Jul 2021 08:07:00)

Ian- Asking a population that voted for such an incompetent self serving liar to exercise common sense and best judgement seems like a recipe for disaster.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Ian (9th Jul 2021 08:56:49)

Pete - exactly! That was a point I was making although they say a population gets the politicians they deserve! Unfortunately this Pandemic has shown both the best and worse sides of our national character. I also don’t think any of the other political sides would have done a better job, at least the current idiot had the stroke of luck to get vaccine roll out.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- JR (12th Jul 2021 19:17:44)

I with AF the restriction should be lifting and people who want them to continue are selfish

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Joe (12th Jul 2021 20:41:36)

One true current story from me - my brother is currently in hospital having massive doses of chemotherapy. All visits to his ward have been cancelled due to one visitor bringing covid
with them. He is now at risk of catching COVID there which could have drastic consequences for him and I will not be able to visit either. So am I selfish for thinking we are ditching regulations too early?

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Sam (13th Jul 2021 00:50:39)

AF's one supporter JR opens with "I with AF" oddly that persons fake name is similarly two letters and capitals.

Q. JR in your employment do you need lots of people to cram into a small places like AF's job? as AF claims Covid restrictions has been great for business yet oddly wants it all to end even though AF is seemingly now utterly rinsing it.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- rita (13th Jul 2021 07:04:17)

My partner is still recovering from cancer so i will not be removing my mask in a hurry as i work in retail.
Every body is entitled to their opinion but i would like my personal space to be respected and will continue to be cautious.
And if AF does not like that or does not agree i dont give a 🤬.

Perhaps if He / she has lost someone to covid they would be a little more considerate to other peoples feelings.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Caroline (13th Jul 2021 08:54:36)

Regardless of the views, seems an odd thing to post about on this Liphook community board which I understood to be about local issues and services!

Re: Time to Celebrate
- D (13th Jul 2021 08:57:39)

I agree with AF, and I have lost a relative to covid and am also affected by cancer. Those in favour of masks will carry on wearing them, and those belligerents incapable of obeying simple instructions probably haven't been wearing them anyway.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Ian (13th Jul 2021 09:35:44)

It’s a statistical fact that the non compliance areas and areas of significant infections are in areas where education is poor. Ethnic and cultural considerations are also an issue but locally a lot comes down to social attitudes and ignorance. Some people are incapable of being educated.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Penny Williamson (13th Jul 2021 11:20:37)

I think that the Government should mandate the wearing of masks in all places where people have to go such as shops and public transport. Masks lower the risk of infection and being infected. With regard to other venues, such as pubs, restaurants etc where people have the choice as to whether they want to visit, the wearing of masks should be the decision of the people who own the establishments and if they are happy with people not wearing masks then the individual can decide for themselves

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Wendy (13th Jul 2021 13:16:40)

Penny, I totally agree with you.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Ian (13th Jul 2021 17:23:42)

I understand most of the pubs and restaurants in the local area are going to require proof of double vaccination before serving. This is likely to come into force imminently

Re: Time to Celebrate
- D (13th Jul 2021 17:45:49)

Caroline, seems odd you don't think covid is a local issue. Look at the line at the top of the page.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- C (14th Jul 2021 10:06:45)

There are 11 Covid cases in Liphook, as at 8 July, with a rate of 117.8 per 100,000.

It is madness to relax basic precautions such as masks and social distancing now. This is how potentially vaccine resistant mutations develop.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Caroline (14th Jul 2021 10:32:23)

Covid is a global issue 'D' And the post is totally irrelevant for this board!

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Heather Rimington (14th Jul 2021 12:35:02)

Well AF tell that to the poor woman who's fifty two year old (fairly local)
Husband is in hospital in an induced coma on a ventilator. OK when it isn't you.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Ian (14th Jul 2021 12:45:08)

Caroline, you are just bonkers, Covid is a global, national and local issue and it is completely relevant to be discussed here!

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Wendy (14th Jul 2021 13:34:08)

AF is a complete nutter along with Caroline.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- M (14th Jul 2021 13:49:48)

Covid is primarily an issue to people over 50 who are male, over weight or with underlying health issues (note the the term primarily as there is always an exception to any rule).
Our overall death rate at the moment is lower than average and although any death is sad and hard on friends and family (which I know from recent experience) life does have to move on.
18 months of restrictions are having a devistating affect on everyone and our economy. We can't go on like this forever so I for one feel society needs to open up, accept the affects that will happen and move forward and live with the virus, just as we do with the Flu and other disease's.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Caroline (14th Jul 2021 14:41:32)

Shame that some people are using this board for abuse.

As for Wendy's comment that I'm a 'nutter' and that Ian's that ' I'm bonkers' :-D My reaction is that I'm a local resident who picks up litter regularly, cares for her neighbours and involves myself in the local community. I care deeply about the health and wellbeing of others. If that makes me a nutter or bonkers, I'm perfectly at peace with that!

If you can be anything in this world, be kind!

Re: Time to Celebrate
- AF (14th Jul 2021 15:30:31)

I know that my views are can be controversial but some people are now agreeing that we have to open up and learn to live with this virus.

As M says we have to move on. The effects of these restrictive measures and lockdowns are causing more harm than the virus. This virus has a very low mortality rate well under 0.5% of people who catch it will die, so to put it another way over 99.5% who catch it will be fine, despite being over 50 I caught it and am one of the 99.5% of people who survived, I'll agree it was no picnic and I've rarely if ever felt this ill, but I pulled through after a couple of weeks.

We live in a world with lots of dangers and we have to assess and take risks as we go though life, and from the 19 July we will be able to assess the danger for ourselves and decide what to do. If we see a packed out pub or restaurant we can decide whether to go in or not, we assess the risk, it's our decision. With the vaccine that most of us have had that risk is very low and in my opinion worth taking.

I don't often agree with Donald Trump but he did make a couple of good points, he said "We have to be careful the the cure is not worse than the virus" and "I'm not scared". I agree with both of these statements.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Ian (14th Jul 2021 18:41:54)

AF, I wouldn’t call your views controversial, just ignorant. For well over a year you have been belittling all the restrictions and guidelines, looking at things just from your own small minded perspective and completely insensitive to the tens of thousands of deaths caused by Covid.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- D (14th Jul 2021 19:59:11)

I find it incredible that someone who claims to care deeply for the health and well being of their neighbours and others is whining about whether covid is a local issue or not.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Trev (15th Jul 2021 09:56:42)

What I don't understand is, if you have had both clotshots then you are protected and you don't have to have to force others to wear masks, social distance and take the clotshots. Of course if the clotshots don't work then why are you forcing others to take them. None of this makes any sense when you sit and think logically.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Penny Williamson (15th Jul 2021 11:57:13)

I agree with AF when he/she says that at some point we have to open and up and learn to live with this virus. Where we differ is on the question of how this should happen. As I have said before I think the Government is making a big mistake by stipulating that after 19 July there will no legal requirement to wear masks, thereby placing the choice in the hands of the general public and responsibility in the hands owners of shops and supermarkets. For example Sadiq Khan is ordering that masks should be worn on London Transport thereby be placing responsibility of implementing this on the shoulders of the staff. This will be very divisive and I am sure will lead to disruptive behaviour. The Government should make it mandatory to wear masks in places where people cannot avoid frequenting. Supermarkets including all shops, doctors’ surgeries, hospitals, all public transport, care homes. These are places where people at some point or another have to visit. The thing that would be the most damaging is another Lockdown and rest assured that this will happen, whatever Boris Johnson says, if the National Health is overrun and in danger of collapsing. AF’s statement that 0.5% of people who catch Covid die is irrelevant as it is not about the number of people dying. Sadly it is about the length of time some people take to die and in many cases die a horrible and drawn out death. Those who are lucky enough to recover can also be in ICU for weeks and months and the last Lockdown was implemented because the National Health could not cope. I would add just one other point. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion but I think that we all need to treat each other with consideration and respect.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Pete (15th Jul 2021 13:01:14)

Referencing comment above- Not once has any authority said you are fully protected even after both jabs as no current covid vacine can offer this. What it will do is stop some from getting it, lessen the symptoms for those that do still get it and make it less transmissable.

If people kept themselves fully informed from various sources rather than only paying attention to hearsay roumour and a singular news source we may have a way out of this. Sadly many people still do not seem to be able to understand how this virus spreads, what it can do and how to lessen its impact.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Trev (16th Jul 2021 08:44:41)

Pete, keeping myself informed from government figures it seems that the people who have taken the clotshot are now dying at a higher rate than the people who didn't take the clotshots. This is the headline from the Guardian from 27th June: 'Why most people who now die with Covid in England have had a vaccination'

Re: Time to Celebrate
- M (16th Jul 2021 08:59:34)

Using the term "Clotshot" just shows, I'm afraid, your total ignorance and stupidity with regard to the Covid situation, and why many people will disregard your comments.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- C (16th Jul 2021 09:52:15)

Did you actually read the Guardian article you mentioned? There is a very good explanation for the headline you quoted showing that the vaccine is clearly working, although it only gives 95% protection and hence there are still some deaths among those who have been vaccinated, mainly the elderly and vulnerable.

Of course any death is very sad for their families and friends but it does NOT mean we should not all become vaccinated. Remember there are some people who cannot be vaccinated for other health reasons and we still need to protect them. We also need to minimise the risk of mutations, which could become vaccine-resistant.

The Guardian article is here for anyone who would be interested.

I will have no sympathy for Trev if he declines the vaccine, catches Covid and requires the help of our wonderful NHS, potentially for many months if he develops long Covid.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Resident (16th Jul 2021 10:36:46)

Just wondering i see an article about liphook health centre don’t no were that is. We have village surgery and liphook and Liss surgery. They say that they have face to face appointments . Liphook and Liss seem not to have this the surgery is deserted. Is it time the surgeries got back to normal because patients are clogging up A and E because they cannot see a Doctor . If you can go to a pub or restaurant shopping ect surely you can see a doctor with the correct protocol. We must get back to some normality people must go back to work get the country up and running again.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Pete (16th Jul 2021 11:17:22)

Sorry Trev you have just backed up my post perfectly by singling out one article from one paper.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Joe (16th Jul 2021 11:35:20)

Unfortunately those who refuse the vaccine will prolong the spread of COVID. I suspect he is also a Q anon follower, and believe in all the weird conspiracies.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- JR (16th Jul 2021 16:53:29)

Nearly Monday
No more mask
No more social distance
Night club reopened

Happy days

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Ian (16th Jul 2021 21:16:14)

@JR, for a few weeks until those prats that don’t show restraint and common sense ruin it for everyone and then we will be back in FULL lockdown in October. We will certainly be able to rely on the idiots being idiots!

Re: Time to Celebrate
- D (16th Jul 2021 22:35:14)

I don't think there will ever be a lockdown again, reason being they don't seem to work. After seven months of continuous lockdown infections are soaring. If we are going to blame anyone surely it should be the government for allowing infections to increase by allowing the big money sports events to take place. Trial events? My a**e!

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Dev (17th Jul 2021 09:07:39)

There are about 1000 (yes 1000) adults living in Bramshott and Liphook alone who have yet to have a first dose.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Alan (17th Jul 2021 09:15:54)

My son is one of them. Now deeply regretting his decision as he tested positive on Thursday night and is suffering badly.

Pretty sure he picked it up at The Shed in Bordon on Sunday watching the football. If you know anyone who attended please ask them to test themselves or get tested.

Luckily my wife and I are double jabbed and our antigen tests this morning were still negative.

Stay safe and get jabbed if you can - it really makes sense.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Alison (17th Jul 2021 09:20:17)

Yes and I'm 1 of those 1,000

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Phil (17th Jul 2021 09:57:13)

Alison. What’s your plan when you catch covid? Presume you won’t want to use our NHS and cost us thousands in preserving your life when you’ve refused a jab that costs us next to nothing? Seen the case numbers? I’d be pretty worried if I hadn’t had a jab. Hope you don’t have kids.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Mandy (17th Jul 2021 10:25:38)

I'm with alot of people, also not had my covid 19 vaccination. But, even if I do not receive it, I work full time and pay alot in national insurance, therefore I am entitled to receive NHS treatment.I will not be taking any vaccine that has only taken 9 months trial to get it up and running. It's peoples choice and I will not be bullied or blackmailed into taking it.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Rob (17th Jul 2021 10:49:58)

If there is a so called pandemic on, do you seriously think the Wembley match would of had 60,000 fans in there, plus wills and Kate? Plus all the venues up and down the country watching it? All with no masks?

Re: Time to Celebrate
- passfield resident (17th Jul 2021 11:19:24)

What's your point Rob?-you seem to be saying there isn't a pandemic.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- D (17th Jul 2021 11:34:57)

Rob, it is since these events took place the numbers have shot up. Did you not see all the footy fans on telly groping each other in the pub? BBC News channel reported that Wembley led to a further 2,000 infections.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Ben (17th Jul 2021 11:40:20)

Hi Alan.

Sorry to hear that. I hope you and your wife stay safe and well.

I imagine if you both hadn’t had your vaccinations your post would be somewhat more upsetting.

Please encourage your adult children to get the jab. They aren’t just really protecting themselves, but everyone around them too.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Resident (17th Jul 2021 12:51:42)

Just cannot understand anybody young or old not having the jab . My 23 year old daughter had both hers at the beginning of the year because she works on charter boats . There is absolutely no reason for anyone not to have the vaccine there are loads of places to get it. Even mobile units. Any person refusing to have it should be exempt from the NHS and isolated.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Sara (17th Jul 2021 13:16:43)

This vaccination programme is dividing people, just what the government want. If people refuse the vaccine, it's their choice. No one else's, leave them alone if they haven't had it, you are all so awful.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Roger h (17th Jul 2021 13:51:00)

@resident, why do you say that, we all work and Contribute with ni, we are entitled to have NHS treatment. That's like saying people on benefits don't deserve NHS because they don't work and don't contribute.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- passfield resident (17th Jul 2021 14:02:33)

Why does the government want to divide people?

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Alison (17th Jul 2021 15:05:40)

Phil. Many thanks for your concern, my children are all grown up adults. Before you jump the gun and assume I'm refusing the vaccine, I am exempt as I have allergic reactions otherwise known as anaphylaxis and my gp has advised me against it, due to components In the mrna. Have a good day.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- D (17th Jul 2021 16:32:26)

"The vaccination programme is dividing people"? On the contrary, now the Indian variant (now renamed Delta by the World Health Organisation for reasons of political correctness) is affecting younger people more than previous variants those formally opposed to the vaccine are now taking it up.

There will, of course, always be people who WANT the populous to be divided.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Mark (17th Jul 2021 17:34:31)

Well I won't be having no poison, I've just come back from a day at the beach, it was pretty packed, no social distancing there either, people need to calm down, vaccine or not, you can still get it. The government's keep pushing the vaccine, which is not normal. And now I see mobile vans where you can walk in and get a jab. Well, these vans have no access to your medical records, I'd be extremely wary of taking the vaccine, and I don't care what vaccinated people say, you will suffer 1 day.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Anon (17th Jul 2021 18:50:16)

Nice use of double negatives there!

Re: Time to Celebrate
- D (17th Jul 2021 19:41:20)

I agree with Ian's earlier post concerning social attitudes and ignorance.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- passfield resident (17th Jul 2021 19:46:08)

Mark-your views can't be taken seriously because you don't make any rational arguments. Liphook Rants on Facebook would be a better place to air them

Re: Time to Celebrate
- joe (17th Jul 2021 22:58:15)

heard a report on the radio saying the government say another lockdown in the autumn is likely. Our health service is at breaking point now, the amount we pay in National insurance does not begin to cover the cost, for goodness sake do not be scared of the injection, the side effects are minimal compared to covid! Passing on the virus to someone who may suffer more than you is selfish.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- er (18th Jul 2021 11:59:39)

Is this really over?

I read today that the Beta variant is now even more of a concern than the Delta we are experiencing now, and is likely to spread here imminently.

Sadly, a study in South Africa this year in conjunction with Oxford University '...demonstrated reduced efficacy of the Oxford–AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine (AZD1222) against the Beta variant. The study found that in a sample size of 2,000 the AZD1222 vaccine afforded only "minimal protection" in all but the most severe cases of COVID-19.[37] ' Wikipedia- SARS-CoV-2 Beta variant

It is for that reason visitors from France are being asked to quarantine as it's now rampant there and according to the BBC today:

'...there is concern over the level of Beta variant in the country as it may evade vaccine protection'

(this doesn't mean you get it less badly, I read this as it evades the vaccine)

In South Africa they've now stopped using the Astra Zeneca AZD1222 (now named something else... Vaxrevia or Covishield) although Pfizer claims theirs still offers high protection.

And then there's the California variant...

Re: Time to Celebrate
- D (18th Jul 2021 19:23:36)

I know Delta is the Indian variant, what's Beta?

Re: Time to Celebrate
- liz (18th Jul 2021 22:16:14)

Beta is the South African variant. Common decency tomorrow to continue to wear masks and keep 1m distance at least in places such as shops and pubs - to protect others if not yourself.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Trev (19th Jul 2021 08:28:25)

Sajid Javid the Health Secretary gets two clotshots, catches covid and then says this proves the clotshots work. Straight out of 1984: 2+2=5. Amazing.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Penny Williamson (19th Jul 2021 10:24:11)

Trev - Savid Javid said

"I'm grateful that I've had two jabs of the vaccine and so far my symptoms are very mild."

He also encourages people to get vaccinated. Nowhere has it been written and no-one has ever said that vaccination gives 100% protection, but in the majority of cases, if a person has been vaccinated, their symptons are mild and they do not require hospitalisation.

That is why even though infections are continuing to rise the National Health can just about cope. If people listened to you and no-one was vaccinated we would still be in full Lockdown.

While it is up to each individual to chose whether or not they have the vaccination and I know there are people who cannot be vaccinated for health reasons, I think we should give a very big thank you to all who have chosen to be vaccinated which is enabling us to get back to some semblance of normality.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Jack (19th Jul 2021 11:48:43)

Why should people have this vaccine??? Because the government say we should?? You are all sheep following 1 another, the long term effects are not known, a few years from now, you could all get some disease that the vaccine has triggered off. 1 year to get a vaccine that hasn't been approved only for emergency use. You people that have taken it are all Guinea pigs. I certainly am not having it and nor are my kids, who are in their early 20s,its YOUR BODY, YOUR CHOICE, and when you all get this backlash a few years time, you won't be able to sue, so good luck.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Ben (19th Jul 2021 12:46:34)

Just looked at the data. Cases sure are skyrocketing aren’t they.

Looks like most people will probably get exposed to it at some point in the next couple of weeks. I’d be pretty nervous if I hadn’t had 2 vaccines.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- D (19th Jul 2021 13:34:57)

We are out of lockdown and the lefty know-it-all anti vaccers are STILL whining. Gives them a break from environmental protests and pulling statues down I suppose.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Robert (19th Jul 2021 14:15:54)

My mother is in hospital, quite ill with this flu, she HAS had both Pfizer vaccines in March, so this surely must tell you that having both vaccines, can not be guaranteed. She is 68,not too old and no under lying health conditions.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Pete (19th Jul 2021 15:01:02)

D - What sort of simple world do you live that makes you think anyone anti-vax / anti racist or cares about the environment is left wing. And out of curiosity what would be your definition of someone that is left wing. Surely the right wing is all about personal choice and personal responsibility without state intervention sounds like anti vaxers to me.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- passfield resident (19th Jul 2021 17:58:31)

Jack-your post is insulting (as well as not making sense). The internet is full of people talking the kind of rubbish they wouldn't say face to face with people. If you wouldn't say it in person, don't say it.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- D (19th Jul 2021 19:01:56)

Pete, where did I say anything about "anti racism"?

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Pete (20th Jul 2021 09:11:57)

D- When you wrote about pulling down statues or did you not know what those protests were about.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- D (20th Jul 2021 10:39:10)

Pete, the only thing I saw was an easily led mob of questionable intelligence/intellect committing an act of wanton vandalism.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- David (20th Jul 2021 11:53:02)

Hopefully two vaccines will become a requirement of going anywhere like a restaurant, cinema and the pub.

Food shops and other essentials of course would be exempt to cater for anyone who doesn't want the vaccine, but I would feel much more comfortable knowing everyone around me had been vaccinated in non-essential venues.

Yes it's still possible to get covid if you are vaccinated, but the data is showing that you are much much less likely to then pass it on to others if you are vaccinated, which is actually the main intent of a vaccine. The aim is herd immunity, not necessarily individual immunity.

Anyway, it seems that vaccine passports will be utilised widely in the future, both at home and abroad. I, for one, am all for it.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Pete (20th Jul 2021 15:08:52)

D- None so blind as those who will not see.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Colin b (20th Jul 2021 19:44:40)

What about people who have an exemption card for the cov jab, will they be allowed in nightclubs and Cinemas, thankyou

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Penny Williamson (21st Jul 2021 10:46:05)

David I think that people who are double jabbed can still carry and pass on the much more transmissable Delta variant. The real benefit of having two vaccines is that in the vast majority of cases double vaccinated people, if they are do catch Covid, do not become desparately ill and therefore do not have to be hospitalised.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- David (21st Jul 2021 12:46:37)

Penny you are right that the disease is far milder in vaccinated people, if it is even caught at all (compare the case rates on the gov dashboard for people catching COVID above and below 60 years of age since the vaccination drive, that’s not a happy accident).

But it is in fact also true that vaccinated persons are less infectious to others than their unvaccinated counterparts, due to a decreased viral load found in the nose and throat.

See the BMJ research here

In every sense the vaccine is a good thing.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Penny Williamson (21st Jul 2021 13:47:45)

David I agree that if a person has been double vaccinated he/she is less likely to pass on the virus. By how much depends on what you read and to whom you listen. Data and figures change all the time. I have 3 friends all double jabbed who have caught the virus from friends who have also been double jabbed. Luckily all 3 have very mild symptons. The point I was making was that the vast majority of people who have been double jabbed, if they are unlucky enough to contract Covid, will in all probability only feel mildly unwell, thereby protecting the NHS and freeing it up to enable the treatment for all those millions of people on waiting lists. Also I think it is very unwise to assume that the chance of you passing on the virus are low if you have been double jabbed. It is less likely but we all still need to be careful.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Annie (21st Jul 2021 16:39:03)

Hi, I've had covid, I refused the vaccination and will continue to do so. I only had a mild cold and a sore throat for 2 days, please do not fear it, if people watch the media, it will scare alot of people. I was around my husband and 2 children, who are in their 20s,none of them caught it.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- James (21st Jul 2021 19:07:22)

In New York they were digging mass graves because they couldn’t bury people fast enough.

In India, they were burning bodies in the street as the crematoriums were overloaded.

In the UK, we were storing corpses in refrigerated lorries designed for food transport.

Annie, I find your post quite insensitive. Many of us have lost people close to us to this virus. People are dying from this, and before the vaccine, they were dying in large numbers.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Annie (21st Jul 2021 20:17:24)

@james,im not bothered if you find it offensive, it's my choice. We all have a choice.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Anon (21st Jul 2021 20:53:24)

He said insensitive not offensive.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- joe (21st Jul 2021 21:49:20)

By asserting your choice, Annie, you could pass the virus on to someone who will suffer badly from catching the virus. Just because you feel safe from it does not mean other people are, through you.
It is a very selfish choice. Do you believe in getting the jabs you need to go to certain countries for a holiday? are you happy to have those inoculations?

Re: Time to Celebrate
- D (21st Jul 2021 22:33:09)

The symptoms Anne describes sounds more like a mild cold.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- The Other James (21st Jul 2021 23:22:35)


Your post is ludicrous. People have had extreme reactions to COVID, this is shown in the death figure.

I had a reaction to my covid jab but I still got the second one because I know that it will protect other people who will suffer a lot more.

When did we all stop caring? Can we not all look after each other?! Is that so hard to do.

Let's start caring for each other, check on your neighbours, your friends and of course family.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- D (22nd Jul 2021 07:06:40)

We've been here before. Some forty years ago some parents refused to have their children innoculated against meningitis. Some of these parents had to watch their teenage children die years later when they contracted meningitis at college and university. I really feel for those parents now having to live with that terrible sense of guilt every day.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Penny Williamson (22nd Jul 2021 12:19:27)

Annie I have just heard that a close friend of mine who has been in intensive care for several weeks has deteriorated to the point where her husband was called by the hospital late last night to go in immediately to say goodbye. Her kidneys had failed and the rest of her organs are breaking down due to Covid. My friend is/was in her late 40's with no apparent underlying health problems so I would heartily concur with James your post is at best insensitive and at worst downright stupid. Yes it is your choice to say or write what you think regardless of how it might upset people so I hope you can live with that thought. However it not acceptable for you to trivialise the dangers of contracting Covid. I also agree with D. Your symptons do not sound like Covid. Did you have a PCR test or take a Lateral Flow test yourself? If you did and the tests were positive count yourself as very lucky and spare a kind thought for all those people who have not been quite so lucky.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Don (22nd Jul 2021 16:05:53)

Oh Annie, you sound like a right angel

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Mae (22nd Jul 2021 18:20:35)

Out of all the vaccines I have had in my life....tetanus, small pox, measles, polio, meningitis, TB, etc...

I have never seen so much wishy washi-ness over a vaccine that says I have to wear a mask and socially distance even when fully vaccinated. That I could still contract or spread the virus even when fully vaccinated, never been bribed by establishments to take the vaccine in order to be able to travel freely or go to a night club.

I was never judged if I didn't take it. I was never discriminated for travel or other regular services. The vaccines I listed above never told me I was a bad person for not taking it.....or taking it for that matter.

I have never seen a vaccine that threatened the relationship between a family member and/or a close friend. Never seen it used for political gain. Never seen it used to persuade kids in favor of free ice cream.

I have never seen a vaccine that I had to worry about mix and matching and yet told it's ok to do it one day and then told the next day to not do it...then on and off, on and off again and again.

I have never seen a vaccine that threaten someone's livelihood, job, school etc. If your a career and not vaccinated you will loose your job that is not freedom.

I have never seen a vaccine that allows a 12 year old's consent supersede his/her parent's consent (that one alone blows me away). Apparently vaccinating children will protect them against long COVID. The ex deputy head of Pfizer has said the vaccine is 55 times more dangerous to children than the virus itself!

So, after all I have said can someone tell me how on God's green earth I am a conspiracy theorist, uneducated, non researched, not following the “science” for not willing to take this vaccine UNTIL the clinical trials are over at least two years from now??

Finally, after all the vaccines (shots) I listed above, I have never seen a vaccine like this one that discriminates, divides and judges a society such as this one.

This is one powerful vaccine. It does all these things that I mentioned and yet, It doesn't do what all the other vaccines (shots) that I mentioned earlier were designed to do (and successfully achieved I might add) which is…..fight off CoFlu that you have an extremely high chance (99.8%) of recovery from. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

Get a grip! This is Tyranny!

It’s not about your health or the safety of others. It’s about control and money. Always was always will be. Oh and somehow the flu doesn’t exist anymore 🤔

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Geoff (22nd Jul 2021 19:13:39)

“So, after all I have said can someone tell me how on God's green earth I am a conspiracy theorist”

“It’s not about your health or the safety of others. It’s about control and money”


Re: Time to Celebrate
- passfield resident (22nd Jul 2021 19:56:19)

Important to remember when reading this thread that it's not an accurate reflection of the views of the majority of people. Internet forums bring out the worst in people and are often a platform for daft views that nobody would see or hear in other contexts. The vast majority of people know how awful Covid is and know that the vaccine is the only realistic way to manage it at the moment. It isn't perfect, but most medical treatments have associated risks. Some of the contributors here remind me of people who won't have blood transfusions for religious reasons-totally barmy, but not much point in arguing with them because they aren't reasonable people.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Zita (22nd Jul 2021 20:38:48)

Well said mae, finally some 1 with common sense. This will just go on and on. Today I went out to gun wharf shopping and was so relieved to see hardly any 1 wearing these awful face masks, we have to live with this flu virus, so let's all get on with our lives. Some of these people on here, obviously dont have 1.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Joe (22nd Jul 2021 22:08:58)

Mae the vaccine has to be strong because the virus is so contagious, the other illnesses are not so contagious, and why did you feel it perfectly safe to have all these other inoculations, probably just as strong, and not the COVID one? I think you have just cut and pasted a Facebook post. Astra Zeneca are producing the vaccine on a not for profit basis to benefit the poorer countries.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Rob (22nd Jul 2021 22:24:37)

Where's AF, he started all this lolololol, its very interesting reading when your bored.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- D (22nd Jul 2021 22:40:47)

Bribes? Political gain? Free ice cream? ALL I GOT WAS A STICKER!!!

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Context (22nd Jul 2021 23:07:30)

For context regarding those other vaccines.

Tetanus, largely contracted from soil, rusted metals etc. So unless there's an pandemic of nails on the floor, and people accidentally stepping on them, probably not a huge rush to get thousands of people vaccinated to stop it spreading.

Additionally, the tetanus vaccine isn't all that effective, typically you need to have 5 during childhood and if you are exposed, or tetanus is detected, a top up vaccination is delivered. Covid-19 currently requires two with a potential third top up on the way.

Smallpox vaccinations are actually one of the earliest (if not the earliest) form of immunisation developed and originally based on exposure to cowpox, a far less serious condition, which when contracted provides immunity to smallpox, in the 19th century, smallpox was endemic and killing around 400,000 Europeans every year, vaccination didn't become widespread until the the late 19th century and wasn't completely eradicated until 1970, in short, it took well over 2 centuries to get a deadly disease under control. But not by choice, but because vaccinations and public health more broadly was less effective. People were literally dying in droves and something was better than nothing.

MMR, the vaccine for Measles (that also covers mumps and rubella) is actually shrouded in a lot of flawed conspiracy theory around their safety, particularly given a flawed study linking them to autism. I would highly recommend reading the original study, because even a 14 year old who hates science classes could tell you some of the fundamental flaws, not least of all that the sample size of the original cohort was 12 children.

To bring it back to the point. You're saying you've never seen anything like this, girl, you ain't never seen a pandemic before because none of us have. That's called privilege. You want to know what had to happen previously to prevent stuff like covid 19 happening. Try googling Ebola, or Zika, or SARS or MERS. The reason doctors fly out of the UK and the US and a bunch of other countries to fight a disease that ain't affecting us is because if they don't, it floods across the world, and kills, maims and ruins lives.

This time, it did flood out, and it is killing, and it is leaving people with debilitating symptoms. You can sit here and pretend your an expert on vaccines all you want, but these same people you're doubting, are the same people that put the lid on the pandora's boxes that were Ebola and Zika and MERS and if they say "hey this'll help" you best believe the smartest thing you can do is play your part.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Mae (22nd Jul 2021 23:50:21)

Some of you should read George Stanton's 1996/2012 paper 'The 10 stages of Genocide' I already see several stages in people's attitudes!!!

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Colin (23rd Jul 2021 06:23:55)

Mae🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️some know it all here, hahahahaha still I won't have the vaccine. What u lot are forgetting is ITS STILL ON TRIAL, you wait till the longterm effects Kick in, you'll all be sorry then. Your Guinea pigs and can't see it jeez, have a good day folks.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- Al (23rd Jul 2021 07:25:22)

It's a trial I agree Colin, people are brain washed Into believing the vaccine will save them from may help them in an early grave. Whether you have the jab or not, your going to die eventually. People fear death, they don't talk about it, I am not scared of death, it happens, that's life. Most people recover from this. My daughter was having an operation in the rsch last year and she asked what the so called covid wards were like, the nurse replied, oh its nothing like what you see on the TV.,they dramatise it go ahead, get your jabs, but I certainly wont take it.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- AF (23rd Jul 2021 07:50:54)

It is amusing how a simple comment that we should be happy and celebrate the removal of the draconian measures put in place for a flu virus which despite the hype has a very low mortality rate, has morphed into a discussion about the vaccine.
I have to say to get on point i have been around liphook this week without a mask, co-op, Sainsbury's and SW Trains are all fine with no masks, i will admit in the shops i am in the minority, but on the trains the majority are now mask less. In fact the only place with an issue was Lloyds Bank who have a member of staff whose sole job seems to tell people to put on masks. Can't say it was busy including me and the member of staff on mask patrol there were only 3 people in the customer side of the Bank, and the staff were behind the screens.

Re: Time to Celebrate
- D (23rd Jul 2021 08:23:05)

When I read the expert opinions on this website I'm reminded of that incident in Paulsgrove twenty years ago when a small group of local residents were so thick they didn't know the difference between a paedophile and a paedatrician, and hounded one of the country's best doctors from her house.

That aside, posts like Mae's and Zita's have me in stitches.

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