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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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Grass verges are just messy!
- James (2nd Jun 2021 07:58:43)

Enough is enough Liphook council, please cut the grass verges in Liphook. I understand a desire to cultivate the wild flowers, but it just looks a mess now and like village that is totally unloved. I feel sorry for the Liphook in bloom team that have been working hard to make the village look beautiful.

Re: Grass verges are just messy!
- George (2nd Jun 2021 09:55:18)

Please don't cut the verges!!! Unless growth is dangerously obstructing the sight line at junctions, it is so important to leave these areas as wildlife corridors. Invertebrates are under huge pressure with our ever-increasing desire to manicure any green area. Without them, the whole food chain comes under pressure.

Re: Grass verges are just messy!
- L (2nd Jun 2021 10:38:46)

Fully agree with George. We have let our lawns go wild in Chiltlee Manor - masses of wild flowers and, consequently, insects.

Verges, and lawns, will be cut soon enough. Give nature a chance.

Humans do enough damage.


Re: Grass verges are just messy!
- Jen (2nd Jun 2021 10:47:15)

I agree with George! The verges should not be cut unless absolutely necessary for reasons of public safety.

It's sad that people cannot see beauty in the natural world and view nature as "a mess". It's true that natural verges are not neat and tidy and that's what makes them so beneficial to wildlife. When verges are cut, like a lawn, it discourages biodiversity and grass predominates. The grass monoculture thus created does not support all the various butterflies, moths, bees and other insects that depend on the the wild flowers for their existence.

By all means cut the grass in your own garden, if you must, but please leave the natural areas as they are.

Re: Grass verges are just messy!
- er (2nd Jun 2021 11:54:07)

Question please for any gardeners:

Wildflower meadows and verges sound great. My question is, if you leave a grassy area alone, or even seed it with pretty flowers, ultimately would you end up with a beautiful wildflower area populated by pretty butterflies etc or a weedy bit of scrubland populated by nettles and dandelions etc?

Is the alternative to lawn and flowering borders, more akin to something were used to seeing at the sides of motorways, full of giant hogweeds or whatever they are?

It's interesting point, because I'm all for wildflower meadows in theory, just saying it sounds great!

Re: Grass verges are just messy!
- Penny Williamson (2nd Jun 2021 13:30:20)

Totally agree, George

Re: Grass verges are just messy!
- Ian (2nd Jun 2021 13:52:58)

James, do you not read the news or look at the Internet? The bee populations in the UK are on the verge of crisis? It is essential that we should reduce our management of open grass areas, verges etc to encourage flowers to bloom so our bees can thrive.

Re: Grass verges are just messy!
- Spenc (2nd Jun 2021 15:51:38)

Hi there

For someone that actually works for Bramshott and liphook parish council in the grounds maintenance team, we do not cut the grass verges because they provide a perfect habitat for small invertebrates and insects and because the verges are maintained by contractors they are contracted to maintain the verges by the council. These contractors can take as long as they like to cut the verges and what to do with them. The councils ground team have nothing to do with the maintenance towards the verges. Liphook and bloom spend a lot of time and effort working on there allocated verges and they look very smart once it’s the right time of year.

If you have any problems James please come to the millennium hall where I’m sure we can consider your issues.

Re: Grass verges are just messy!
- sarah (2nd Jun 2021 21:42:42)

Just for info…
Nettles are the larval foodplant for commas, small tortoiseshell and red admiral butterflies-therefore vital.
Dandelions are one of the earliest flowering plants so are vital for early pollinators, and there are over 400 species of fauna that are associated with scrub, many of which are threatened.
Any scrubland, wildflower meadow etc will need some form of management to prevent it from taking over but the more variety we can provide the better-and that includes borders, grasses and hogweed (not giant hogweed-that’s non native).

Re: Grass verges are just messy!
- Claire (3rd Jun 2021 07:33:04)

The grassy verges are lovely!! All we need to do is each pick up and bin 5 pieces of litter a day. Make it the new “Liphook 5 a day” :)

Re: Grass verges are just messy!
- Sam (3rd Jun 2021 08:39:40)

This human obsession with tidiness is killing off nature, nature does not require tidiness, nature does nature perfectly by itself.

This even extends to cut trees, you shouldn’t clear all cut trees as nature does not clear it either, those dead logs form a vital dead wood habitat that would exist naturally with fallen trees so cutting and removing everything is stupid human behaviour.

James am afraid your hugely wide of the correct mark here, and it’s views like your own that are causing unnecessary harm to the environment, am very glad so many others chipped in and stood up for nature on this post.

Re: Grass verges are just messy!
- Mary (3rd Jun 2021 09:01:26)

That’s a great idea Claire. I know some people pick up a lot of litter for the benefit of the community but it would be so much better (and fairer) if everyone did a little bit every day - better still of course if it wasn’t dropped in the first place!
And I LOVE the natural state of the verges at the moment. Chiltlee Manor looks beautiful!

Re: Grass verges are just messy!
- liz (3rd Jun 2021 19:06:02)

Very well put, Sam.

Re: Grass verges are just messy!
- Justin Case (11th Jun 2021 15:02:34)

L - Chiltlee Manor looked great when in full bloom and I can now see that patches have been left to flower after. Bravo!

Out of interest, did your neighbours make a conscious decision to allow the green to grow? If so, did you get unanimous support or did you have some who preferred for it to be mown over? How did you convince those who weren't in favour to not get their mowers out?

Sam: Well put indeed. Do you have any suggestions on how to convince those of an older generation that have always mown their lawns that it is perhaps not such a good idea?

Asking as my son tried to encourage their neighbours to do no mow may on their village green but without any success as everyone preferred it neat and tidy.

Re: Grass verges are just messy!
- Penny Williamson (11th Jun 2021 17:01:38)

I think that the reason for keeping areas such as village greens and play areas mowed is because long grasses harbour ticks. I was in South Harting yesterday at the green and the lawn mowers were out, but when I saw the number of children playing there I think this is sensible. The areas round the lakes were left though. The English have always had an obsession with immaculate lawns and they do look great. However I have compromised and have created a wildflower meadow on what was the old vegetable patch (not used for many years and grassed over).. The first couple of years were disappointing but this year the wildflowers are in evidence and hopefully will increase in future years. I agree verges on roadsides should certainly be left. The areas round Chiltlee Manor look great as well.

Re: Grass verges are just messy!
- Jen (11th Jun 2021 17:40:45)

@Justin Case - I don't think it's an "age thing", it's more down to the individual's personality and preferences.

There are plenty of younger people who prefer things rather too neat and tidy for my liking! I'm an older person (I'm in my 60s) and like a higgledy piggledy garden. Half of the "lawn" (I use that term somewhat loosely!) is not mown until the end of the summer. Actually, most of the garden is a bit wild. My flower borders are now wildflowers only. I've always liked wild gardens but have grown to like them more as I've got older and more aware of the need to maintain biodiversity in nature.

Re: Grass verges are just messy!
- Rob (11th Jun 2021 20:51:37)

I agree with James, it's looking worse than bordon

Re: Grass verges are just messy!
- L (13th Jun 2021 12:54:42)

Justin Case - good question!

I’m a director of the Chiltlee Manor Residents Association and took the decision together with my co-directors. We then discussed it with the Estate gardening contractors and agreed what should be cut, and when.

We’ll tidy it up a bit on their next visit, but will leave the largest clumps of daisies for as long as we can.


Re: Grass verges are just messy!
- Jane (13th Jun 2021 22:27:02)

As long as the council get their way, that’s all that really matters.

Re: Grass verges are just messy!
- joe (14th Jun 2021 08:52:50)

There is a nationwide local authority policy of 'no mow May' so the areas belonging to ehdc and hampshire highways have been unmown in the same way. I think nature needs some help these days and that is one small way we can help our planet.

Re: Grass verges are just messy!
- er (14th Jun 2021 09:18:29)

I think it's one thing to let the verges go to weed, some of which are quite pretty and who knows, if it helps save Earth all well and good, but I think they should at least maintain the roads, the grass is getting quite high on some, filling in the cracks right across the middle, especially in the lesser used roads. As the roots dig in it will make these cracks bigger, come winter the rain will fill in, the ice will open them up into potholes, so I think it will either cost the councils dear in the long run or the residents will have to live with potholed roads.

I understand this may please those who believe humanity has outlived its usefulness on this planet and we should all live in tents growing dandelions and nettles for tea, but in my experience they are often the same people whose parents have made millions selling their gardens for housing and are planning to jet off to the sun as soon as possible with their mates, or as we call them, millennials😁

Re: Grass verges are just messy!
- raymond (14th Jun 2021 21:07:22)

I have just returned from a week in Somerset and have driven though some beautifully kept villages. On returning to Liphook our village looks sad and neglected, the white gates on the approach to Liphook in London road are a disgrace never been cleaned since the day they were installed. Wake up Liphook show some pride.
Is there a date when the grass verges are to be cut.?

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