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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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- Peter (1st May 2021 16:50:54)

How thick can people be? Tractors working flat out in the fields to the south of the village, drilling the new crop and fertilising yet you still think it is alright to trespass and walk all over?

Get out and stay out. There's plenty of footpaths

- gareth j rees (2nd May 2021 10:14:09)

Whay an intolerant, rotten, nasty little post.

It works both ways you know?

We all put up with the faint smell of poo all across the village when farmers spray manure all over the fields.

Now we're not allowed to walk on the side of the field with the kids.

You need to have a look at yourself Peter.

- James (2nd May 2021 11:42:01)

Gareth, there is nothing wrong with what Peter says.

People trespassing on farm land can damage the crops. Something which costs the farmer a lot of money.

- Richard Robertson (2nd May 2021 12:03:30)


Government website states the following:

Excepted land

On access land some areas remain private (‘excepted land’). You do not have the right to access these areas, even if they appear on a map of open access land.

Excepted land includes:

houses, buildings and the land they’re on (such as courtyards)
land used to grow crops
building sites and land that’s being developed
parks and gardens
golf courses and racecourses
railways and tramways
working quarries

Use public rights of way to cross excepted land.

I think you will find that 'Land used to grow crops' is not public access land therefore you need to keep out.

The original poster is within his rights to say get out.

So get out.

- Daisy (2nd May 2021 12:04:20)

I would have thought that it is fairly obvious not to walk in the fields when the farmers are working, regardless of walking on the edge of the field.

But unfortunately there are some very selfish people about that just think they can walk around and do what they want to.

Lost count of how many posts i have seen of people damaging crops while walking through field's. Also dogs chasing livestock are a big problem.

- Penny Williamson (2nd May 2021 12:09:05)

Absolutely agree with James. Trespassing anyway is unacceptable anywhere, anytime, particularly where there are crops growing which will end up being food for humans and animals. How would you feel Gareth if someone tramped across your garden? Not happy I suspect. There are plenty of places to walk in our beautiful countryside on legal and designated footpaths and if you don't like to smell of manure which puts back into the ground what we humans take out of it, move to a town.

- gareth j rees (2nd May 2021 13:53:06)

trespassing is not a crime

if the farmer feels that the walker is trespassing then he should prosecute

aggravated trespass is a crime and that is for people holding raves etc

no one is excusing trampling on crops or interfering with farm work - that's just dumb

it's arguable in law whether walking on the side of a field is trespass at all

it's just some people walking??

feel that there could be a little more live in let live in the village

like i say

we all put up with manure going onto the fields

- D (2nd May 2021 13:55:58)

Gareth Jrees, as you think it is acceptable behaviour to trample recently worked fields you won't mind giving Martin a roll of turf from your lawn. Will you?

- gareth j rees (2nd May 2021 14:27:47)

D: it's not ok to trample over crops

as i said above

but i'd be delighted to give martin a roll of turf

infact i'd like to give him a lot more than that

you know where i am

- Carole (2nd May 2021 16:37:45)

Private land means private it is not a free for all to access, Unless there is a signed footpath crossing it. There is a public footpath between those fields so please use it.

- Penny Williamson (2nd May 2021 18:56:00)

Agree with all the posters except Gareth J Rees. All I would say to him is that to me it does not matter whether trespass is or is not classed as a criminal offence. It is morally indefensible to enter private property or land even more if said property is farmland that has been sown with crops. We have some wonderful footpath walks in Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire for everyone to enjoy so why would anyone knowingly trespass. Gareth J Rees said that the OP's post was intolerant, rotten and nasty. It wasn't - all the OP said was that the newly planted crop was being walked over and the perpetrators should get out and stay out of the field - nothing about people walking round the edge of the field. I know from previous Threads that Gareth J Rees has children. What sort of example is he setting them? It is not Peter who should be taking a look at himself - it is you Gareth J Rees.

- Claire (2nd May 2021 18:57:36)

Why would people think they have the right to walk on the field edge unless there is a footpath, permissive path or open access. Maybe peter should just decide to go and park his tractor on the driveway of those people who believe they are entitled.
On occasions we will ask a landowner if we can access for an hour or twos bird watching but would not assume I could just do it.
We have so much fantastic legitimate walking access surrounding us that we can enjoy.

- D (2nd May 2021 19:04:24)

It is a sad indictment of our times that it is necessary to explain to grown adults why one should not trespass on a farmer's field. Very sad indeed.

- Joe (2nd May 2021 20:33:33)

I find all of Gareth J’s (do not forget the J ! ) postings really intolerant and sometimes idiotic. Glad I have no contact with him in real life.

- Jen (3rd May 2021 13:43:35)

I'm in complete agreement with Peter on this issue.

There are numerous public rights of way around Liphook. Walkers should use these legitimate paths and not stray into crop fields.

One would have thought that it was pretty obvious that people shouldn't walk through crops. It's unfortunate that there are some people nowadays who seem to lack the common sense and courtesy for which we Brits were once renowned.

- D (3rd May 2021 21:58:50)

How about -

If you don’t like the smell of manure in a country village then live in a city with no working fields around - seriously “we have to put up with the smell” - have a word - you live in the countryside.

Trespassing - I’d there is a public footpath though the farmers field, then I doubt the farmer would plant crops on there. Use that. Be respectful. If your trampling all over their livelihood then they have every right to tell you to get out.

Finally to the original poster. Well said. Completely agree, use the paths provided (of which there are many) if you can’t then walk somewhere else and get out.

- k (5th May 2021 14:56:34)

If you think it's alright to trespass on Private land - how would you like it if I came walking round your garden - I think you would see that VERY differently. No that is not different from what you think is alright elsewhere! Trespassing on other peoples property is not acceptable.

- gareth j rees (5th May 2021 18:47:31)

ludicrous to compare a farmers field to someones house and back garden

it's a commercial property

and it's not the same

if liphook talkback was a pub

no one would go inside

- D (5th May 2021 19:22:06)

Gareth, if Liphook TalkBack were a pub, everyone would bugger off as soon as you turned up.

- Richard Robertson (5th May 2021 20:29:34)


As has already been explained to you, gardens and fields used in production of crops are designated under Excepted Land

So it is completely accurate to compare the two.

If in doubt as to what Excepted land is read the earlier post or click on this link:

- T (7th May 2021 17:05:18)

Could you not just put fences across the paths that people are using to access the field? The path from Gunns farm past the mini playground seems a legit path. Maybe if you blocked it off you wouldn’t have as many problems?

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