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Local Talkback
Talkback is for the residents and businesses in Liphook to voice their views and opinions about local issues and events.

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White dove trapped in top floor of 'cinema'
- A (7th Apr 2021 17:00:39)

Please can someone free the white dove that is trapped upstairs in the 'cinema'. It was desperately trying to escape at 4.45pm this afternoon.

Something obviously needs to be done about securing the building as birds keep getting in there and getting trapped.

Thank you.

Re: White dove trapped in top floor of 'cinema'
- Helen (9th Apr 2021 09:19:18)

Dove still there.
I’m not especially impressed with how the Living Room Cinema people are choosing to endear themselves with Liphook residents.

Re: White dove trapped in top floor of 'cinema'
- Anon (9th Apr 2021 10:57:29)

How do you know it’s trapped?

Re: White dove trapped in top floor of 'cinema'
- rolli (9th Apr 2021 11:41:40)

Bit presumptuous of you Helen to think you represent the views of Liphook residents? You certainly don't speak for me or many others in the village

Re: White dove trapped in top floor of 'cinema'
- James (9th Apr 2021 14:23:49)

I agree with Helen.

Re: White dove trapped in top floor of 'cinema'
- liz (9th Apr 2021 14:30:08)

Me too.

Re: White dove trapped in top floor of 'cinema'
- Al (9th Apr 2021 18:44:46)

I agree with Helen too, it's a damn eyesore!!! And the poor dove too!

Re: White dove trapped in top floor of 'cinema'
- rita (9th Apr 2021 23:33:28)

That building cannot be safe. Its half demolished and its a bloody eyesore.

Re: White dove trapped in top floor of 'cinema'
- Fab (10th Apr 2021 21:32:53)

Also with Helen here.

However I think there have been birds ‘trapped’ in there before. Turns out they aren’t trapped, they can get in and out through one of the many holes in the dilapidated roof.....

Re: White dove trapped in top floor of 'cinema'
- WENDY MARTIN (11th Apr 2021 09:48:15)

Dont know if there is any connection? but we had a white dove feeding from our bird table yesterday

Re: White dove trapped in top floor of 'cinema'
- David (11th Apr 2021 11:46:55)

I agree too.

Building works must stop if there are nesting birds.

Unfortunately the nesting birds clearly weren't taken in consideration when the empty shops opposite the Dragon were demolished, probably why the demolition happened during the COVID lockdown!!!

Re: White dove trapped in top floor of 'cinema'
- Anon (11th Apr 2021 13:26:17)

These are white pigeons and breed all year round, most likely classed as vermin.

Re: White dove trapped in top floor of 'cinema'
- D (11th Apr 2021 13:31:55)

I'm confused about the "conservation square." The words suggest the whole square is a conservation area, but is it actually only certain buildings? The ones opposite the Dragon obviously weren't.

Re: White dove trapped in top floor of 'cinema'
- Joe (11th Apr 2021 14:18:39)

Yes the whole square is a conservation area but there are 2 levels of conservation for buildings and the grade 2 listing applicable to the square means that new building can take place if it is considered an improvement. Certain buildings have individual listings too which means tougher restrictions on that building. The conservation listing was given in the 70s to protect more of the older buildings from being demolished.

Re: White dove trapped in top floor of 'cinema'
- David (11th Apr 2021 17:27:26)


All bird nests are protected by law and its illegal to intentionally destroy or disturb them, though I don't want a to get into "P£$%ing" competition as I don't care about pigeons and the footys on.

Re: White dove trapped in top floor of 'cinema'
- er (11th Apr 2021 18:13:35)

Caring only about certain birds is kinda discriminatory ha ha! In fact so much carp about the cinema, it's a wonder the owners don't just say 'get lost pal' and put in an application for flats!

Personally, I live in hope they can make it work, if they can hold things together in these weird times maybe it will come good, just in time for the good times, we live in hope!

Stop knocking the good ideas, a building site is a building site (that's deep wisdom)!

I saw Peckham in the 70's, you lot don't know you're born:)

Re: White dove trapped in top floor of 'cinema'
- Anon (11th Apr 2021 19:33:27)

Quite right David, all bird nests are protected hence breeding all year round potentially being a real problem, prevention is key. Personally I’m all for the cinema, it could be an excellent and valuable business for Liphook. What project doesn’t have frustrating delays and setbacks? Changing from lease to ownership would clearly send the solicitors into overtime. I’m sure the local young lady behind this has probably put her heart and soul into the project and I will lend my support.

Re: White dove trapped in top floor of 'cinema'
- joe (12th Apr 2021 13:52:03)

I agree it is in theory a good idea but I cannot see that most people in Liphook will pay such a premium price eg over 15 pounds a ticket to watch independent British and arthouse style films in this age of Netflix and Sky. Also have limited parking there.

Re: White dove trapped in top floor of 'cinema'
- Kev (13th Apr 2021 00:51:24)

I can’t see how people buy a Ferrari in this age of Fords and Fiats, but people do....

Re: White dove trapped in top floor of 'cinema'
- AF (13th Apr 2021 08:56:35)


Lets give this new venture a chance. You mention parking well the Midhurst Road Car park is nearby I think most people could walk the 50 meters from there to the cinema. As for cost of £15.00 is that expensive, the multiplexes charge £9-10 per ticket and then you have to add on transport to get there and possible parking charges. And other entertainment options such as gigs, theatre or sporting events are far more than £15. As for Netflix and sky they are good at what they do but there is a world of difference between watching a film at home and the whole cinema experience.
I just hope it's not only British and Arthouse films as for me are a turnoff.

Re: White dove trapped in top floor of 'cinema'
- joe (13th Apr 2021 09:57:32)

I am only guessing at the price it could be a lot more than that. As to type of film, the Hollywood style of blockbuster these days only works with 3d and surroundsound special effects etc, which the Liphook cinema, a one screen small cinema will not have. The plans show that houses are also planned for the site so that sort of noise would not be acceptable to the neighbours. Also, the Hollywood distributors have agreements with the UCI, Odeon chains etc that their films are shown first in London, then they go out into the provinces like Guildford etc, then if the smaller cinemas book the film it is distributed in a different 2d format. At the planning meeting the cinema as being like the Everyman in Islington. If you go onto the website you will see the difference. The owner is also trying to promote the yearly membership idea. Have a look at the website AF.

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